Johnny Mnemonic (Williams, 1995)

Johnny Mnemonic

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Other Aspects: 7.873

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There are 121 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
Just as good as any of the top 10, underrated for sure. Great game
1 year ago
Very cool pin, although it seems that reliability is a bit low. Love the theme (and the movie) and think it works well as a pin.
1 year ago
Johnny is one fast game. The ball zings around the playfield like crazy if it's dialed in correctly.
The modes are cool and the ability to get to a "powerdown" mode that slowly shuts down the pin if you don't make certain shots is genius. Some criticize the slow down of the hand in moving a ball into the matrix, but I don't think it's too bad.
I don't like the way the ball comes out of the pop bumper area. Seems like a design flaw.
All in all, I love the pin.
1 year ago
What a sleeper. I have permanent keepers in my collection and some that I buy to play for a while and sell. JM is quickly crossing into the keeper category. Super fast and a lot to do. Lousy movie great pin. I have not seen such an underrated title since RS or Wh20. Clearly a better playing pin than either of those and those are also keepers.
1 year ago
I have never seen the movie, so maybe I have a hard time understanding the ruleset, since I don't know what is SUPPOSED to be going on! In all seriousness, I had never seen "Bram Stoker's Dracula" until having played the machine about 500 times. Once I saw the movie, my play on it got noticeably better since I knew what things meant. Would like to spend more time with this game (even though I threw up a "lucky two billion plus" on it during a recent tournament!
1 year ago
Love the layout on this one. So much flow and nice and fast. Theme doesn't bother me, but I know nothing of the movie so just treat it as an unlicensed game anyway.
1 year ago
Fun Theme not so much
1 year ago
Themed perfectly, movie is really brought through in the gameplay. Wicked fast!
1 year ago
I love how fast this game plays, but the shots feel off and I couldn't get into the theme.
1 year ago
Super fast. Great flow. Hand does nothing for me, just slows it all down. I used to like it more than I do now as it feels quite dated now.
1 year ago
I knew I'd eventually have one of these in my collection. It's an underrated & undervalued Williams game from 1995, & now I have one. No doubt it has that WMS quality feel to it, just a sturdy & strong game that plays fast. I like the depth of the rules because there is just enough there to have depth but also keep the game somewhat simple to understand & grasp.

The layout is pretty killer. Lots to shoot for & the combo's you can put together are satisfying. Lots of flow to the game which makes gameplay & shots more satisfying. As everybody else says, a clean & well maintained JM can be pretty damn fast. You also have different options at all times as far as how to score & progress in the game. So you don't have to play the same strategy all the time.

Crazy Bob's can slow the game down a bit but it doesn't have to since you can pop the ball back out hitting both flippers. I had concerns that the glove would slow things down but it really isn't too bad. Maybe my opinion will change on this over time but for now it isn't a bad break in the action & its fun to set the line of balls in different ways to get different shots set up for multiball & of course the mini game where you try to win the better prizes. Like I'm always looking for where that light extra ball is hiding.

People say this pin didn't do as well because the movie was a flop. But honestly this is 2014 as I write this. How many people even remember this movie? At this point it could almost be considered an original theme because the movie was so long ago & wasn't well known. I almost view the game in this way & it still has loads of cool hand drawn artwork.
What you are left with is just a cool sci-fi theme that works well with the game. Being a bit of a sci-fi & computer geek I'm into the theme regardless of the movie. Sounds & music seem pretty solid, no real complaints. & with this being a pin with DCS sound, the quality is great & the variation is more than games from a few years earlier.
2 years ago
Yes quick game. You need to slow it down some as,a player. Not always easy to do. Good games not great. I'm sure led would help.
2 years ago
I think this is a good game. I love the glove in this. It's a fast player too. Fun and worth adding to a medium sized home collection.
2 years ago
Fun and fast. Theme is what if you never saw the movie or did and think it sucked? It's a "cyber" themed game and presents it well. One of the faster games I've played. Wicked fast orbits and quick return ramps are awesome. Glove and matrix toys are awesome. Powerdown wiz mode is awesome. Rules are fine. They make sense and lead to enjoyable objectives. Nothing special like an LOTR, but as good as most games out there. Music, sound fx and callouts are very good...callouts are predictable but not annoying. And they can be funny. Dots are cool too. All in all a very solid game. Underrated for sure and excellent bang for the buck.
2 years ago
This is a great game! Needs to be up a little on the rankings. I think being based off a movie that wasn't too popular hurts this one. What's funny is that this game makes me think positively of the movie without ever seeing it. From what I've heard, I'm not going to see the movie so it doesn't negatively affect my impressions of this machine ;)

Very enjoyable and entertaining, great comprehensive shots and an all around excellent sci-fi package. Love the cheesy quotes, has driving and memorable music, modes and visuals are great and always excited to get touch tone and three in a row multiball on the grid! Data glove mechanism slows things down a bit but I'd rather have it than not. Very cool and unique that way. Video mode is a trip and that's always challenging; especially for a novice!

Whoa. This pin is totally excellent!
2 years ago
I like this pin. It is fast and while some people complain about the glove slowing the game down, I think it provides a slight break. The only thing about the game that I don't like is the mini pac-man game. The controls are not at all intuitive. It isn't hard but it is tricky for the wrong reasons. As others have said too, the spinner is not balanced.
2 years ago
When set up properly this game is fast and furious and loads of fun! I've played on some terrible Johnny's, and I'm glad to finally have been able to play on some you can really get going on. That being said there are several shots in the game that also halt the action giving you a chance to think about what's going on and plan your next move. Many of the shots bring the ball back to the flippers very quickly so when you get some combos going it's amazingly satisfying and sometimes blindingly fast.

With the ability to milk the spinner millions for mega-high scores the game can seem unbalanced, but it's still no easy task and the game has much more to offer in terms of game play and strategy. The power-down wizard mode is a reward worth the effort of completing the modes, and there is good incentive to actually beat the modes vs timing them out.

I'm more interested in how a game plays than how it looks so the artwork is not that big of a deal to me, and the theme is fine when you understand the world and time the story takes place in.

This is a fun game that can in one moment make a player feel like a hero and in the next moment completely chew you up and spit you out without mercy - I'm a fan!
2 years ago
one of my speedest pinball !!!
2 years ago
Still loving it! The gameplay is blazingly fast with an excellent flow - if you do hit the lanes. If not it can be really frustrating with the ball bouncing around the posts for minutes before finally draining. Very similar to No Fear in that regard.
The glove and matrix are real eye catchers and a really unique toy. They are the one thing beside the scoop giving you a break when you are on a run :)
Apart from that the game features 5 rather easy modes requiring arming and activation each before enabling the powerdown wizard mode.
The sound is scifi-y and driving matching the pace of the game, the art is consistent, well done and nice to look at.
I love the irony with which the game mocks the horrible movie it is based on. Like the dramatic music at the kinda ridiculous "get-through-the-crowd"-mode, the common fast-food references and the animations of the comic-hero-mode (a falling pinball machine labeled "Johnny" smashing bad guys with a "pinball can be dangerous" quote).

Having two awesome location nearby and having played lots and lots of machines the JM still is my favorite of the affordable ones and highly recommended!
2 years ago
The movie leaves a lot to be desired but Gomez did a fantastic job making the most of it and designing a great machine. I like the glove and matrix design. It does slow down the game but it's a welcome break and isn't that different than the lock timing in some other top games. I'm a new player but it does seem like the throwing spike awards of spinner millions and hold bonus along with getting to power down are the keys to a high score. But you have to work for all of them. The multiball is fun but typically doesn't put up big points for me. I've played a number of higher rated games and for me this is the top bang for the buck pin so far. I wouldn't put one in my living room but the game play and cool cyberpunk theme far out way looking at Keanu.
2 years ago
I got a chance to play this not too long ago, and there is a lot, and I mean a LOT, of flow in this game! I always keep comboing the ramps and loops at least five times each time! The glove is pretty cool as well, I don't really care that it slows gameplay down at that point. The buttons, though, which directions they move the glove, or in video mode, simply don't register in my mind. I have to look down at the apron each time to remember. The computer voice also annoys me quite a bit, because you hear those callouts pretty frequently. Still though, pretty good game.
2 years ago
Fast, Fast , fast. I have it next to Tron and both are just fast. Maybe my all time favorite bang for the buck game. The glove does slow down the game. I will probably adjust the software so it does not come into play as much.
2 years ago
Own this pin and enjoy all aspects including glove and matrix. Really pops with LED , lightning fast pin which is a super challenge to beat / reach Power Down mode.
2 years ago
You want fast? You want turbo charged? This game is for you :-) JM is a speed demon beyond any reason, the layout is top notch, the ramps and loops are beautiful. Re-themed this would be a top 20 pin, as it stands we have a great pin themed on a weird movie.
2 years ago
Johnny Mnemonic is very original. It plays super fast and keeps you coming back for more. I really like the strategy of the matrix. You want to lock the ball on a good reward, yet place it somewhere you can make the shot easy in MB that is set to that matrix location. On top of that if you get 3 balls in a row you get 3X jackpots. They took a great idea from STTNG by having you collect items at Crazy Bob's after completing missions. The "Power Down" wizard mode is awesome with the different sections of the playfield going out GI and all. Awesome game and a mystery to me why it is not in more demand. IMO George Gomez's best game.
There are 121 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 2 of 5.

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