Iron Man (Stern, 2010)

Iron Man

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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Iron Man". The group itself ranks #24 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game design: 8.208

Artwork: 7.775

Sounds/Music: 7.924

Other Aspects: 8.414

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There are 277 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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16 days ago
Iron Man is a fun, fast, decent game. But personally I'm at a loss for why it ranks as highly as it does. The challenge and difficulty of the game is (in my opinion) in its speed and layout - lots of drain risk, tough to maintain long ball times and game times. Those aspects are good and they make the game fun and engaging for serious players. Great. But my feeling is that the sounds, callouts, display graphics, cabinet, backglass, and playfield creativity are generally below average and even poor in some respects (esp. callouts, video, and sound). So to me the game is far short of a complete package. I like the game well enough to play it but frankly think it gets a lot more hype than it earns.
49 days ago
Iron Man to me feels like the only Pinball that fights back. And Because of that I Love it! Really fun and challenging game!
60 days ago
fun, difficult game, can recommend it but i don't think it will last you in a home enviorment with only a few games
78 days ago
I've considering adding IM to my collection which obviously means I like it. I'm not sure if some of the gameplay would get too repetitive or not in a home environment. The rules are on the simpler side and the Monger toy feels like he's popping up constantly -- you actually start trying to avoid having him pop up which means you are trying to avoid some of the easiest shots. There is no denying that the game is a fun, fun, fun adrenaline rush. Others have said its a game that is better in a larger collection and that does ring true with me. That said, you could do a lot worse than to cycle this game through your smaller collection for a while and you'll probably miss it when its gone. For sure, play it on location if you have one near you.
85 days ago
Not really my cup of tea but I still play every once in a while.
3 months ago
I was way too hard on this pin in my last rating so I decided to update it. It does have some very fun and fast shots, I'm looking at you war machine.
5 months ago
IM is a very quick and brutal game. The amount of cheap drains straight down the outlanes can be very frustrating.
IM is a very simple machine with not a whole going on for me. It can be a fun game and very easy to get the Iron Monger multiball though.
6 months ago
This game plays very fast, which makes it exciting. Game times are typically short. Great theme, fun and intense.
7 months ago
Overall a fun game, but fairly simple. Perfect for casual play. Limited rule set. Interesting toys. Great lighting and theme.
7 months ago
Super fun pin, fast in all the right ways. I think IM has tremendous value, and desire to play one more time. Enjoy the ramps in particular, the speed of the machine rocks. Would love to add to my collection someday. Not overdone, doesn't need to be.
8 months ago
When I played the operator had turned down the sound, so I didn't get a much out of it as I could have.
8 months ago
One of the best games Stern has put out, I am now on my 2nd NIB original release and this one wont be going anywhere!
9 months ago
One of the greatest machines when considering how well it achieves what it sets out to do. It is pretty much the same gameplay every time, but it does that type of game better than anything else. Brilliant in a medium to large collection! Sound is amazing.
10 months ago
Very fast, challenging and fun game that will keep you coming back. Games can be very short as missed shots will come back at you and drain very quickly. Great magnetized Iron Monger that rises from below the play field. Very cool loops and combos.
10 months ago
Cool theme, love the magnet and the toys. There was too many drains for me to get into it.
11 months ago
Not a fan of the theme, and not a fan of the machine. The modes are ok, the shots are ok, but nothing epic going on. The Monger toy is ok but the only toy in the machine.
1 year ago
My first pin I bought new-in-box. I still have it, I like the not too complicated artwork, especially the simple backglass. First I was angry about doing all the stuff with every ball again and again, but with the time I realised that just this is very catching...
1 year ago
I decided to add this game to my collection after playing about 2 dozen games on location. Like many have mentioned, this game can be very brutal. From the second the start button is pushed until the moment the final ball is drained, this game offers a very intense and heart pounding experience. It's one of the fastest games I've played and the ball times can be ridiculously short. The "just one more game" factor is higher on Iron Man than any other machine I've played.

The rules are easy to understand and relatively simple. While not extremely deep, the rules fit the fast nature of the game very well and there are enough strategies and ways to play this game to keep things interesting. The artwork on the cab and translite are great and hard to find any fault with, especially if you're a comic or Iron Man fan. The playfield artwork is decent, but it's the weakest part of the art package since it has that "photoshop" feel. The playfield layout is great and there are tons of satisfying and challenging shots to hit. The music is some of the best in pinball and it couldn't fit the action better. A handful of actors from the various movies do the call out's and all of them are pretty good. However, the ones done by Robert Downey Jr, are fantastic and it seems like I hear a new one almost every time I play.

All in all, this is one of the most intense and satisfying pinball machines out there. Due to the fast speeds, short ball times, and overall brutal nature of the game, it's not going to be for everybody. However, I've found that this machine is hard to beat for sheer intensity, challenge, and fun factor. I find myself playing 10 games in a row every time I turn on this machine, which usually doesn't take as much time as 2-3 games on most other machines. Iron Man a perfect compliment to my collection and it holds its own against some of the more complex and longer playing pins.
1 year ago
Thought I was really gonna like this game. Forced myself to play it a few times. Just wasn't fun.
1 year ago
Not a deep rule set but perfect for this brutal game. Fun to play whether its a quick game or a long one, but really satisfying when you do get it right and rack up the points
1 year ago
I keep coming back for more. Addicting gameplay. Not one of the all-time greats, but it has staying power in a way that most of the Stern titles do not.
1 year ago
Very fun and challenging game. Great music. Game times can be short, but you will want to push the start button again. Game has a sparse layout, but you never lose the bad.
1 year ago
Fast and furious. Game can be brutal but that's what I love about it. Has that one more game feel to it.
1 year ago
Simply put. Ironman is fast and furious, challenging and adrenaline pumping. keeps Ya coming back for more.
1 year ago
If speed is your thing then this is your game. Tricky ramps, hard to hit crucial shots, and toys that will drain you if you're not careful. The gameplay fits the theme perfectly. The playfield art is very simple and photo-shoppy. However, the game is fun to play and has that one more game feel. If you get a high score on Iron Man you have earned it (and definitely have advanced nudging skills). Great game for a medium to large collection.
There are 277 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 12.

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