Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition) (Stern, 2014)

Iron Man (Pro Vault Edition)

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There are 43 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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42 days ago
Same old Stern! I put this in the forgettable Stern movie tie in camp, along with Transformers, Tron, Avatar, and Avengers.
74 days ago
Iron man is a simple fan layout, but it is a surprisingly fun game. It's easy to see what you need to do, very little learning is involved. The mini wizard mode is very reachable, a fun challenge. Fast, difficult, challenging, fun.
3 months ago
A real blast that keeps me coming back for that one more game.
4 months ago
This game is fast and addictive. The art is great (aluminum foil) and looks good. Sound and music are good... but not great. Flow is very fast, the magnets work great and the monger toy is good. This machine is a mod dream... so much you can do. The whole machine screams fun and has a long lastability.
Added Full score today, after playing this game a while now... its just unbelievable fast and addictive...
4 months ago
Iron Man was designed with simplicity is mind...simple art work + simple rules + simple layout + great lighting & sound package = one kick ass game!!! Once you start playing Iron Man, it's very hard to walk away from Iron Man. The simplicity of the game draws you in and the challenge of the game doesn't let you leave.

Do I recommend this game is a very small collection? Probably not. In a collection of 5 or more games? Absolutely.

My friends who are good at pinball love the game and my friends who barely play pinball love the game. This is definitely one that I can never see leaving my collection.
4 months ago
Fast, furious, brutal and really damn fun. Two things I think are lacking in Iron Man - better artwork and deeper rules. The toy (Iron Monger) is epic in how cool it is even though it's just a stupid toy coming out of the playfield. It's fun. Maybe part of why I love this game is because it's simple. Who knows. It's just fun.
5 months ago
Sweet just tried it
5 months ago
One of the greatest machines when considering how well it achieves what it sets out to do. It is pretty much the same gameplay every time, but it does that type of game better than anything else. Brilliant in a medium to large collection! Sound is amazing.
6 months ago
Super fast and brutally furious, very, very difficult to attain super high scores on but super addicting. Plenty of ways to strategize the rather simple ruleset to get maximum points. One of my favorite Stern games.
6 months ago
Iron Man Vault is a great pin!

A good game-layout by John Borg

Stern rethemed it well with the LEDs and new cabinet artwork.

I especially like the Iron Monger, that raises up on the playfield.
The War Machine-assembly and the Whiplash with the magnet is great too.

The game has amazing ramps and loops. But I don't like the loop post, because it steals a lot of the flow and on location you're going to have to live with that.

The rules aren't that much, but they're not easy to master. Lyman Sheats and Lonnie Ropp did a great job.

The animations are ok like on Transformers or Spider-man.

The music is very good too. It is similar to the original Iron Man soundtrack.

The lightning is a lot better than on the Pro version because of the LEDs

Overall the game is a lot of fun and if I would be at a location with the game I would spend some money in it.
6 months ago
I like the red LED display, changed speaker panel angle/added art to it and the other minor changes.
9 months ago
Just another poor machine, the vault edition even messed up the cabinet design.

Frustrating game-play, the toy in the middle causes you randomly to drain, there is nothing you can do about it. Avoiding it means you can not continue the game.
10 months ago
This is a good pin to balance out a pin collection with ones that have big in depth rule sets like LOTR, WOZ, TH. It is a pin that is a fast game that will make you want to play another game, then another. Sound is "ok" but reported to be a lot better with a external sub. This pin likes mods. There are some pretty good mods out there for this pin that help the appeal of the game, but are not necessary.

This pin polishes you shot skills and helps you do better on other pins as well. There's just something about it that makes you want to play it over and over again. If you like long quest type of games and those only, this one is not for you. This one does compliment those long running quest games though. This game would do well out on a location as it is a good familiar theme and is easy to understand the basics of the rules. The deeper rules aren't as easy to initially pick up on, but are more like rewards for having a good ball going.

The "stock" mono color DMD is pretty bad - especially with the movie clips. A color DMD mod (add-on) from a third party is almost a must for making it a little better. My ratings are based on the "standard stock" options from Stern. Add a +1 to it with modding it out.
10 months ago
IMVE is an excellent pin for adrenaline junkies. It plays very fast and can be brutally difficult! It will absolutely kick your ass if you're not careful. Average ball times are very short, compared to other pins, so this game provides some balance in a small collection alongside games with long ball times like LOTR and TH. Not surprisingly, this is a popular game for competitive tournaments. The Jericho wizard mode and Do or Die Jackpot are fantastic. The Do or Die Multiball is virtually impossible! %&@$!!!

Great theme, artwork, lighting, sound, and music. Unfortunately, several of the DMD animations are clips from the movies, which don't look that great on the standard red DMD, but that can be replaced with Dmod's Color DMD kit, which looks much better. The Vault Edition also provides a nice LED light show (vs. incandescent bulbs on Iron Man 2010), which is very bright and vibrant as is, but can be further improved with Herg's LED OCD kit, which provides smoother lighting transitions and eliminates ghosting and flickering.

Overall, IMVE is another jewel in John Borg's extensive design portfolio. It is definitely one of my favorite pins!
10 months ago
Got the last one NiB from Vendor.Amazing i have SM also in my Collection this Maschine is a beast. BEAUTIFUL FAST nice Playfield with LeD looks Awsome.A Top 10 Pin in my choice
10 months ago
This is one tough game. So tough I know people who have not kept it in their collection very long. But for a experienced player, it can offer lots of challenge. For a novice player, it will just piss you off. Nice callouts, nice ramps and many toys add to the game.
10 months ago
Just the same average game as the original Iron Man
10 months ago
Good game, but number one, no way.
10 months ago
I own an IMVE and I am a huge fan of the 1st movie so this pin is a dream theme to me. I love the art (both backglass and side art) and think the music and call outs are really well done. Dots are a letdown but the color DMD upgrade really adds a more 'finished' feel to the game. With a shaker, sub and volume turned up, I scare the dogs and the neighbors. The game at times (many times) is brutal, fast and unforgiving but that also seems to make a good game all that more enjoyable. You can have 5 games in 10 minutes but the machine seems to call you back for just that chance to reach greatness. Addictive and fun.
10 months ago
Not a bad game for a quick play. But a lot of better machines out there I personally don't like the vault edition look as compared to the original cabinets and back boxes.
10 months ago
Iron Man is Dope on a rope. Finally got to play one, so this is a first impression review. But man, what an awesome, fun, and brutal game! I love brutal games like this, and if they're going to be fast & defensive, ultra deep rule sets aren't want you necessarily want to see. It is straight and to the point. I agree the rules are more akin to sys11 games from what I could tell, but that is my favorite era of games, so I am biased in that regard. You didn't have to play it a bazillion times to know what to do.

Game flows really well, and the layout is great, although not unique. The only thing that seems a little rinse-repeat is the bash toy. Not overly unique. But it makes sense to have it based on the theme and it was done well here.

I'm not sure I'd want to own one, given the current price of it. But I'll definitely play it if I see it. It reminded me a little of f-14 in its speed and defensiveness, only f-14 pisses me the hell off and doesn't make me want to keep playing it to come back and kick its ass.
10 months ago
I don't like this pin at all to say the least.

Besides the fact that I generally don't like the cheap DMD animations that are taken from movieclips, this game is too much of a drainer for me.

This game is fast and brutal. The toy in the middle that comes up that you should bash has a magnet, under the playfield. So when you hit it in 2/5 times it slings it back super hard right through the middles.
It is an important part of the action, so you need to hit it many times during your game.

For me, this makes the fun disappear within 2 minutes. My tactic is trying to hit it on the side a bit but is right in the middle and close to the flippers. This makes it very hard not to hit it in the middle.

Not my cup of tea. But if you like fast and short games this one it for you.
10 months ago
Given it a lot of plays and it just seems "flat." Not impressed at all. It's not horrible, but very basic in a not good way. It has speed, so if that impresses you this is the game.
10 months ago
This is not my style of game. I prefer deep rulesets with varied shots and theme integration. I love a challenge, but I want to go on a journey when I play and be immersed, and instead this game is like walking across the street. It's is a product of the lean times at Stern. Stripped down to almost nothing and bare bones physically and rule wise. You can see the entire game in 5 minutes. Ball times are short so you find yourself repeating the same things over and over quickly game to game since there is so little variation. I would never want to own one due to price and repetitiveness and I find myself not really interested in playing it on route when there are other options. For what Stern charges for their games, I expected a lot more out of this game. Next to the Stern Indiana Jones, this is easily the most disappointing modern Stern game for me.
10 months ago
Iron Man is a challenging game that requires your attention and ability to control the ball at all times. This is not a game for the timid or the flailer.

The Pros: Standard issue fan layout and a few randomizers on the PF make this game look like it's going to be easy... Do not be fooled. This table will eat you up if you are not paying attention. Skill is required at all times as well as patience with your multiball technique. Do or Die lives up to it's name at the hardest shot on the table.

The Cons: Ball times can be incredibly short. I've seen kids run up to the machine and say "Cool, it's an Iron Man game!" They put in their quarters and their game is over in 45 seconds. After getting beat down a few times... they walk away dejected. The art on the BG is overly simple for my tastes. The rules are following the standard Stern ruleset pattern... Lyman... C'mon! Lane-change-anti-skill-shot is a letdown.

The Takeaway: A challenging game that needs to have a ball saver on location, not at tournaments. Some players that I respect LOVE this game. I'm watching them play this table and learning from them. I still don't "get it" yet and think that there are many other more creative and better playing games out there. Even from Stern... TSPP, LOTR, WPT, Spidey, Monopoly, RiBoN, WoF, Elvis, PotC... Or even better, grab a BSD or a Dr. Who to work your pin-fu. Am I making my point clear?

Game depth = System 11 (+1) era.

This game falls under the Fish Tales category of a great tourney game. It also is fantastic in a larger collection. I had the chance to trade for one and between this NIB game and TAF, I picked TAF. No regrets at all. Both games are great and still easy to find, but man... you really have to be in the right mood for dealing with this table. John Borg did a fantastic job with this deck design. While I am not so hot about the DemoMang-like BG, my eyes are usually on the PF. I also have to respect the shots on this table as missed shots are death. Fortunately, the kicker is not the BBH insta-death angle that we have seen from other designs, but still, stay on your toes. If the ball is ANYWHERE near the left outlane... bump it, nudge it, get it outta there! That side took great notes from ST:tnG/ DM and it will make you look silly on the regular. The rules on this game are not deep, and they do not need to be. Few games have the challenge/fun/frustration balance down like this game. Lastability is good, but you may also have to take a break from it before you throw it down the stairs out of sheer pin-fury. I like this game, but I don't love it. I hate this game, but I respect it. You'd better play well or Iron-mang is gonna play YOU!
There are 43 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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