Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Pro) (Stern, 2018)

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast (Pro)

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Game design: 8.597

Artwork: 8.75

Sounds/Music: 8.212

Other Aspects: 8.513

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There are 53 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 hours ago
Not an Iron Maiden fan, but I loved the layout with the four flippers and trusted the unique design created by a world class player. My biggest concern was the music, but Iron Maiden has really grown on me and it makes fantastic pinball music that gets the blood flowing. The theme is dark and I always thought Eddie was a cool band mascot.

The game does not have any real notable toys, but the gameplay is insane. Four flippers with a ton of shots and great code. The animations are by far the best Stern has ever done in my opinion. The modes and code, even early are excellent and the game seems to escalate / build up with top notch callouts. Songs can be changed between balls and activating new modes triggers the corresponding song for a 40 second intermission.

The shots feel rewarding to hit, especially consecutively looping balls up top. Cabinet art on all trim levels is some of the best ever.
1 day ago
2 days ago
Great game. Grew on me after a few plays. I think the 4 flippers really makes the game different. Very fast and chaotic.
2 days ago
So I got some time in on the machine set up at GSPF and damn its a fun game. Creative shots, Music and sfx went well with the theme. But there is a huge butt. I suck at pinball and I played 1 ball for over 10 minutes. I had so many multi-balls it was hard to keep count. Then my buddy stepped up and played his ball, for 9 minutes (1 minus less then me, because he sucks just slightly more). So 2 terrible players lasted 19 minutes on 2 balls. We let the next guys in line take over. I am seriously hoping they had the game set to simple mode. Still interested in playing it again on a different machine, a new review might follow.
3 days ago
after 2 hours , good stern , fast , good flow , beautiful artwork , poor lcd animations , great theming , but i prefer the flow , fun and feeling of a Dialed In
better than aerosmith and guardians of galaxy
5 days ago
What a kickass game! Awesome layout, excellent rules,modes and animations. And of course some very cool tunes to flip too, even if not a huge fan of the band. A bit long playing, but that gives you more of a chance to enjoy the game and progress. That could impact lastability a bit, but it helps make it fun for all players.

Very impressive game right out of the gate!
10 days ago
I love Iron Maiden (well I really love the first 2 albums) while Bruce almost ruined it for me. With that being said I pre-ordered the LE as soon as I knew it was avail. Upon the wait for the reveal I stopped by Game Exchange a few times to give the Pro some time. I live really close by so I made sure to do it as often as I could :)...

Well... after some time I am now ready for a review of the game itself, and though I do think it's fun, and love the looping orbits, I feel something is missing here. It's a fairly barren game in all reality (I have always been a fan of a world under glass). It is Keith's first game and I must say he did some amazing work re-skinning his Archer prototype, but I think with some more time his true "gem" will come out. This one, though fast and fun, is just lacking features. Plus, though the ramps are cool for being all metal, they are really just the same as Metallica (just slightly put in new positions). Calling additional flippers, spinners and captive balls the highlights (check the flyer) is kinda meh to me. In fact, I just got a "Big Guns" machine, which has sadly been criticized through the years for being "too basic"... and if I had to compare and contrast that game rarely loved by anyone to this, then I would have to say Iron Maiden is severely lacking features. I think I got spoiled with Ghostbusters LE. That game was jam packed with cool stuff. I just feel ever since Stern released the new Star Wars table they have backed off on implementing innovative toys and layouts, and have been trying to save costs.

Don't get me wrong, I still think this game is great fun... but I think all pinball machines are in reality (thus why I rarely rate any game below an 8/10) I just don't think it's a standout, top 10 kinda game. In all reality it's probably the first NIB game I've purchased that I'm not drooling over constantly as I wait for it to arrive. Hopefully as time goes on I'll change my tune, but for now I'll leave this review as a game I dig, but not a game that has pushed me over the edge...
11 days ago
I played the pro at Allentown and loved it. Ended up getting an LE. I love everything about this game - very fun, just different then most recent stern pins. I do think they could of put more toys into this game, especially for the money these games cost.
12 days ago
I'm not a fan of Iron Maiden, I simply don't know the music and was never a heavy metal music fan. However, having spent a fair amount of time on this pin, I must say this is a very solid offering from Stern and one of their most inspired and innovative games in recent years. I agree that Stern games lately all "feel" like Stern games. There is something lighter about the machine and the materials. I'm not saying cheap, necessarily, but economical maybe? This game has great music (and I'm not a fan), fantastic art, and some seriously fun, fast and flowing ramps but especially the orbits. 2 separate orbits, an outer one and a smaller inner one, each accessible with the two upper flippers. This kind of innovation in design seems less common lately and reminds me of the kind of bold design efforts of the late 1980's and 1990's. I love pins with crazy ramps like Radical! and Demolition Man. I don't see those kinds of risks taken or quality materials devoted to making a big splash these days. It's usually 2 metal or plastic ramps, an orbit, a scoop, a magnet, an upkicker, 3-4 pops, stand-ups and drop targets and maybe a bash target. Move them around, re-theme, rinse, repeat. I know that's the reality we live in, there are only so many things you can do to a playfield, but that's the challenge. Give us something different we haven't seen. Iron Maiden isn't necessarily groundbreaking. It's kind of like Metallica with a very cool use of 2 added flippers and some unusual orbits and stand-up target placements. But the hand-drawn art is great, the sound rocks and the animation is very well done. I was skeptical because this game was SO highly regarded by everyone so quickly. I must say most of the praise is deserved. For the price, a PRO, NIB is a pretty good value. If you love Iron Maiden? Don't hesitate. This one deserves to be a hit.
13 days ago
Could this be the one? Frankly, MM should be re evaluated now by all who have played the new tables that have raised the bar a bit.
I enjoyed playing IM and went away feeling this was a knock out of the Park machine in every aspect.
13 days ago
This is the total package wat a great game just very different and unique in a great way Keith nailed it
15 days ago
I got a chance last week to spend a couple hours playing the Pro Model. In the spirit of full disclosure, I've been a giant Maiden fan since the Killers record, so the theme and music get an automatic 6 of 6, and the art quality and detail is great on this one, so there's a 3rd easy 6.

Moving to gameplay, very happy with the layout and ruleset. Lots to shoot, good rules and direction, and like the small flipper up top.

I gave it a 5/6 on lastability only cause I don't have enough trigger time on it to make a final call.

In sum, I think Stern knocked it out of the park on this one. The theme and basics will draw in the casual player, and the shots and rules will make the hardcore happy. Looking forward to seeing the Premium!
18 days ago
Great layout with some nice new shots. Nice looking art and good sound quality although Maiden not my cup of tea for music.

Fun machine and will play frequently on location!
22 days ago
This game is just plain out fun. I have not enjoyed a game this much after just playing a few games since Metallica. The music is great, animations are awesome, and the shots are challenging but fun. Plenty of multiball opportunities as well. Great game.
23 days ago
Finally a heavy metal pin for the ages

This pin is unbelievable. The upper flippers are always in play so the experience is really unique

Best stern machine ever imo
25 days ago
Keith killed it. You could absolutely hate Iron Maiden's music and still EASILY find this to be one of the best titles they've ever produced. Finally some innovative rules like Jersey Jack has done and a unique Lawlor-esque playfield with great flow and outstanding use of the 4 flippers.
26 days ago
I've owned the game for about a week now, so I may alter or amend this as I log some more time on it and get a better feel for it.
That said, I've played it everyday since we brought it in the house.

The game is a lot of fun and supper addicting.
I really love the game and definitely think its a keeper.
We've got a pretty solid line up of pins and this one is up there for me.

My biggest gripes would be about the quality of production which is probably more a gripe with new Sterns than anything else.
Im a big fan of 90s pins which seem to be a better quality build.
It just feels more flimsy than older pins.
Stern also needs to do something with the way they are finishing their play fields.
The play field started dimpling almost immediately and it will be interesting to see how it withstands the test of time.
When I asked a couple of my friends about the play field dimpling the answer I got was "thats moderns Sterns for ya".
One thing that for certain is a contributor to this is the Trooper multi ball.
It sends all the balls in a straight line heading for the flippers and when you hit the lead ball it sends the rest flying.
About 1/3 of the time it hits so hard that a ball pops up and hits the glass.
Its literally like dropping a pinball right onto the playfield.

Also, the Eddie figures on the pro model look cheap like shrinky dinks.

Love the game, just wish Stern would address whatever it is that causes the play field to dimple so much.
All BS asside, I love the game and i'm supper stoked with it.
Really glad we picked this up.
26 days ago
Fun game with great audio! Stern did a great job with this one!
26 days ago
A merging of various shots from other games at unique angles from twilight zone upper midget flippers similar orbits of swords of fury and judge dredd upper to through pops shots of Aerosmith and Addams family I’m an underground musician and the tunes here keep the play alive has made a maiden fan outta me with possibility to rip its music out and install my own tunes one day good luck finding the extra special wizard mode after taking down the beast
27 days ago
This is a great looking pin for sure. I also like the gameplay because I live the pins that I can keep a game going on. It also has a lot of multi balls, which keeps up the fun factor. I just with there was one cool big toy. Otherwise, this is a really great pin.
27 days ago
Played the Pro for a good 3 or 4 hours.....

I found the game play, variety of shots and geometry on this game to be fantastic... the ball flows consistently from ramps, lanes and orbits amazingly well.

Animations and callouts a little average.

Not a fan of the music but could grow to like it more over time.

Build quality seemed a little iffy with the game feeling very light plus think sound quality could be better.


The flow and gameplay make this a game I would buy so it's in the queue on my wish list but behind Metalica.
28 days ago
Like many have said, this game's layout is really well thought out and is flowy fun. Even if the band is not one of your faves, it's damn good pinball music.
29 days ago
I don't usually go for rock/music pins, and I'm not a huge Iron Maiden fan, but this game transcends all of that. Super fun! The design is refreshingly different, with lots of interesting shots and a different rhythm to play than what we've seen over the years.

It's almost as if one of the world's best players decided to design a game! ;)
29 days ago
I've been excited for this machine since first seeing the Archer whitewood. A little disappointed in the theme and animations, but overall it's still a very exciting release from Stern. I will update my rankings once I get in a few more plays.
31 days ago
One of the best Sterns to come out lately. Great layout and I'm a sucker for multi flipper games.
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