Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure (Williams, 1993)

Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure

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Game design: 8.464

Artwork: 8.557

Sounds/Music: 8.362

Other Aspects: 8.621

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There are 407 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 day ago
Near perfect, very fun, very deep. Very special to play, a lot to do, difficult but always fun.
3 days ago
One of my best pinball, good variety, a good choice if you have just one pinball, always fun to play, a keeper for me.
12 days ago
One of my favorite games and a game that really does an amazing of integrating its theme in all aspects of design. A true classic.
30 days ago
The lastability is just not there for me. The last machine to come into my house and probably the first to go. Don't like how the ball gets lost by the pop bumpers. Too start/stop ish of game play. I don't feel that flow.
44 days ago
I anticipated playing this game for some time after it's extensive high rating over various sites. Recognizing I'm out of the majority I just did not find this title captured me despite loving the IJ franchise. Perhaps it was all the hype leading me to expect more. The playfield, although decent, didn't blow me away. Nor did the toys/features. Voice overs and callouts were great. Perhaps if I have a lot more time to sink into it I'll appreciate it better.
46 days ago
I actually like MM and TZ more, but this one will get a higher numeric score from me, because I didn't really have anything I could ding it on. I gave TZ and MM minor dings because the animations aren't as good as other machines, like this one. It really is a great machine and the theme works well too. I'm glad it came out after The Last Crusade and before Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
50 days ago
Theme integration is perfect. Call outs and music are big budget as they're taken straight from the movies. A truely immersive game. Modes are diverse and the game really shifts gears during them. The playfield layout does take some getting used to however and I wish the left ramp played a bigger part in the game. Video modes are a fun component as well. This one never leaves my collection.
57 days ago
One of my all-time favs, maybe my fav playfield layout ever. Cool modes, fun tilting ball toy thingy, fun shots, simply sublime!
60 days ago
I just recently bought this pin and love it. Great theme, great sound and call outs, fun modes and nice playfield layout. This pin has it all! If you are a fan of Indiana Jones, this pin will not disappoint. Only thing bad is that the price keeps going up. This is a pin that probably won’t get remade due to licensing, the value is only rising. Pick one up now while you can, you won’t be disappointed.
61 days ago
Indiana Jones is one of the best pins of all time. It’s a widebody game but it plays fast. Lots of modes to play through and they are all fun to play. The sound effects are great and who doesn’t like Indiana Jones? Overall an amazing pinball experience.
87 days ago
Great machine - elements on the playfield are beautiful to look at and it's very fun to play. DMD animations and sound are great. I haven't had too many issues with the POA, airballs or the mode start hole but I do wish the pop bumpers did a bit more to randomise the ball play and were a bit more snappy (might be just my machine).
88 days ago
Great pin. Awesome sound and animations, huge replayability, lots of fun. Only downside is that there is not enough light in the center of the playfield.
Lots of missions, 3 video modes, path of adventure, and 6 ball multiball are giving unforgetable moments :)
highly recommended - one of the GOATs :)
89 days ago
I am usually pretty critical of “golden age” pins in th 80s and 90s — especially those made by Williams. I feel many of the games are generally rated far too high simply because of nostalgia and groupthink bias. The exception? Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure.

I have never owned this pin, but I have played it and I want to own one very badly. Everything from the themeing, artwork, music, callouts, and sound are superb. But it is the gameplay and playfield layout that really make this game stand out. The multiple drop targets and the hidden targets and gems (including the subway ball lock in the golden idol) really make this game stellar. The upper playfield has a real purpose. The shots are highly satisfying.

All in all, a great pin. This is one of the best ever made actually. One of the few examples where nostalgia actually does note overstate how good of a game this is and was.
3 months ago
don't know why, but I'm not the hugest fan of this one. It is ambitious and has stood the test of time, so I suppose I should give it another shot.
3 months ago
Indiana Jones is an awesome looking Game it has many cool features but I don't like the game because i feel it's too easy and I end up just going for multiball over and over and some modes.
3 months ago
pitty the cabinets all fade, and are so expensive, awesome machine to play, the second play-field is great
4 months ago
I loved this pin since I first played it at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Vegas last year. I knew I had to get my own after just a few plays.

I grew up with IJ movies so part of that may be the nostalgia factor but it really is a fun machine with that one more play factor that keeps you coming back. Everything from the music, call outs, movie quotes, multiple video modes, and quality is fun, top notch, and very nostalgic. I have always loved the IJ theme music and don't think I'll ever tire of it even having it in my home.

As a wide body, it has a lot of toys like the idol that spits out pinballs for multi ball and the path of adventure. As many that have played or own this machine can attest, the POA can be challenging to keep 100% dialed in but this pin is so cool and fun, it makes any maintenance issues worth it.

There is a reason this is a top 10 pin of all time and the price keeps going up. I would guess it would be next in line for a Chicago Gaming remake except they likely won't fork out the $$ to renew the license so prices will only continue to rise over time.
5 months ago
Fun game but very difficult to hit shots consistently
I want to love it but the flow is poor. Not sure why it's so highly rated. I love the wide body but design is very clustered up front near flippers. Definitely not a Williams favorite.

I wish the play field was more open considering the awesome theme.

Overall could be excellent but for the clustered play field.
5 months ago
After 40 years of playing all kind of different pins, I finally found THE GAME to purchase and enjoy after a long laborious day ...
This machine has it all and talk about challenging , the ramps are tough and the 12 challenges take a while to archive, adding the videos modes...Never get bored of this game.
5 months ago
A true adventure pinball game. Plenty of shots to make and some are difficult. Ramps shots have to be spot on. Lots of modes to complete and fun to do. Some times playfield seems a little close and crowded tho and the centre shot is used a lot for multi all and some modes.overall a very good game. Flippers do seem a little week or not enough flipped angle on them at times. Maybe just the machine I used. Fun to play and can be frustrating at times. Would love to own one but not as an only machine.
5 months ago
This is one of the best licensed games I've ever owned. If you are in Indiana Jones fan it has to go in your collection, if you are a pinball fan you should strongly consider finding one buyying it. The cabinet artwork itself I don't think it's too great, however all of the playfield and everything for the time it was made is pretty spectacular. One of the funniest things about today's pinball is that all the pinball Machines from the 80s and 90s especially the widebodies seem to operate slow compared to current games. I have adjusted the pitch on my Indiana Jones so it plays really fast, also makes it hard to keep multi-ball on the table, with that so the machine I will always keep
6 months ago
Feature packed game with plenty of modes to play through. Most competitive players will multiball all day which ruins the machine a little.
6 months ago
This was my dream pin and it doesn't disappoint. The theme and sounds tie in great. Make sure you machine is level! My mode start hole can be tricky from the right flipper so I am still playing around with the best combo to allow the shot not to bounce out. Backhand from the left flipper to the start mode is good when the machine is level. Now should I redecall the cabinet fade or not... Hmmmmm.
6 months ago
"Indiana Jones", I love you so. You're easily Top Ten material, yet you sometimes make things so hard for us. Ramps are incredibly hard to hit every single time I've played you. But, sometimes, all goes well and I can hit ramps like magic. Your playfield is rough around the edges but so colorful and the toys...the little biplane, the Aztec monument, the "Path to Adventure"...yes, you leave clutter where you've been but DAMMIT, if it isn't clever. The "gun" plunger is REALLY cool. And I love the Adventureland/Disneyland version of you with your modified wood cabinet which fits right into the theme of the shop and land you're in. It's a shame not every single cabinet was made that way but you are what you are and you're still a joy to play. I love to play you...see you tomorrow, Indiana Jones...
6 months ago
This game is hands down my favorite pinball. I am a huge Indiana Jones fan, this was also the first pinball I ever played and vowed to get one. I think it is packed with shots, it is a challenging pinball and the theme is a fan boys dream. The music is iconic and loaded with movie sound bytes. Family friendly theme, even the people who claim they do not like the Indiana Jones Movies love playing this table. The good news they made a lot of these machines so if you want one you will be able to find them, the bad news they do seem to cost a quite a bit.
There are 407 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 17.

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