Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure (Williams, 1993)

Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure

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Game design: 8.448

Artwork: 8.571

Sounds/Music: 8.345

Other Aspects: 8.607

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Found 386 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 386 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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12 days ago
Finally in my collection, and will not let this one go..
Love everything about it, just awesome fun.
38 days ago
IJ is an awesome machine. Unlike other machines with simpler rule sets, this one just doesn't become boring and keeps you playing it over and over. The theme and modes are just great.
I'm not a big fan of widebody pins but this one is well worth the extra playfield size and very well used.
46 days ago
Usually don't like widebody but the theme, memories, and challenging modes make this a big winner. Just a beautiful, well put together experience once you find one that is well taken care of.
53 days ago
Great game. Very challenging. One of my favorites!
58 days ago
One of the best pins ever- if you grew up watching Indiana Jones. For everybody else, probably limited appeal. Great creativity and there is the definite feel of an adventure. Game experience depends largely on mode start success- skill and willingness of ball to stay in. Great quotes, music, and missions.
63 days ago
Love this Game! I tested/played a lot of pins before deciding to make acquiring this machine a priority. Saved up and spent quite a few pennies but I do not regret it one bit; each game is different and keeps you coming back for more. After a couple weeks I am already getting better at placing my shots -- good aim is helpful for a good score. Loved the movies in my younger days and each mode brings those memories/moments in the film back clear as day. If you are an Indiana Jones fan you will love this game!
66 days ago
One of the games that I play almost daily, but rarely more than 3 or 4 games at a time. Indiana Jones IMO has the best sounds and music of any of the games that I have played. MM has way more humor - and TZ has more variety - but for me all of the sounds in IJ makes me think of adventure. All of the aspects of IJ really work together and it is the closest I have to come to playing a pinball machine that is more *game* and less *pinball* - if that makes any sense.

The game has a couple of minor flaws. The game can be a bit slow, and at times the video modes can take you off of your game rhythm. However, it offers great variety and some very fun multiballs. It is a keeper.
71 days ago
I find this playfield too closed in... I like long shots. This feels to me like if you can get it off the flipper, you're gonna hit something. Theme is spot on. Artwork is great.
80 days ago
This is great game! My #9. I loved playing it! I have to think about my rating on this - since it was really noisy in the arcade. Subject to change. I could hardly get near it in 4 different arcades, and finally got to play it 3 years later.
3 months ago
another old school cabinet but fun..the animations are a big plus
3 months ago
Kind of sluggish game like a TZ and just about as many toys /gimmicks . loads of video modes and very deep rules / Never mastered the game before I sold it for something better
3 months ago
Probably the game that gets the most plays in the house. Great theme, layout and rule set make this a classic. A must have in any collection.
4 months ago
This machine has it all. Great artwork, lots of modes, great sound bites, fun playfield layout. The replay animation with the wip crack is brilliant. I can go on and on. It never gets old!
4 months ago
One of the greats, every pinhead should have at some point owned this game, it has it all and is one of the most fun games ever. The artwork inside and out is perfect for the era it was made and the theme and simply gorgeous to look at, DMD animations are superb and some of the best to ever come out of willaims and then there is the shots, each shot is joy to hit oh and an upper playfield that doesn't completely suck!

Just like the original films in the franchise this pin is the definitive Indiana Jones pinball experience.
5 months ago
Have owned this machine since 1999 and will keep it great fun and lots of modes
5 months ago
I owned this for a while, but could not get drawn to it. That's probably not a very helpful review, and I'm sure it's probably because I didn't explore it deeply enough, but it felt like do this, then do that, then do this again sort of progression. I guess a lot of pinball is like that, but I expected more engagement, and couldn't find it.
5 months ago
Wow this game is loaded! Lots of modes and features. Even though I was never a huge fan of the IJ movies, this pin really lives up to the theme it's based on. Tough shots for me, but it's still very fun to play, and I actually prefer it over the other top 10 pins.
5 months ago
my favorite Williams pinball
6 months ago
Not a big fan of Indiana Jones movies. Glad I got a chance to play this game. ?To me its really overrated for the prices they go for. There are a lot funner games for less money.
6 months ago
I love the theme integration, video modes/mini games, and music. It always feels like you're on an adventure while playing it.
7 months ago
Great lastability!
7 months ago
The modes were good, but lacked some polished theatrics - the sound, music, visuals, & light shows could have been better. Maybe that is the best technology back then. (???) The game was fun to play and that is important to me, but some of the other ratings bring it back down. Maybe some mods would help spruce it up a bit.
7 months ago
Mark Ritchie created an awesome superpin
POA was ahead of its time,pure pinball genius
8 months ago
I really wanted to like playing this pin since Indiana Jones is one of my favorite movie characters. Unfortunately, I just don't feel it (played at Pinball Hall of Fame in Vegas and Pacific Pinball Museum in SF). I just couldn't get into any flow and just couldn't connect with the table at all. Maybe I just need to play even more.
8 months ago
Great game. I think that is one of the best Pinball machine ever made by the King of Pinball manufacturer, Williams.
There are 386 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 16.

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