Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure (Williams, 1993)

Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure

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Game design: 8.387

Artwork: 8.466

Sounds/Music: 8.331

Other Aspects: 8.532

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There are 324 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 day ago

The theme is excellent, the game is a ton of fun ! I relaly enjoyed this one, I need to play this again ! I was enjoying the game play , it gave me everything i needed in a machine !

17 days ago

Not a fan of the theme or artwork. Gameplay is good though. Defo top 20 pin though

26 days ago

One of the best. In my all time top 3....

1 month ago

This is one of my all time favorite games. I play it anytime I see it. Lots of challenge in this one. A top game for sure.

1 month ago

Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure is a really fun game. My first runs through were not great despite making some shots and saves - just couldn't hit what I wanted. So, I started with a fairly low appraisal of the game. However, I've played IJ:TPA at several locations now and I think my first game was on a machine that wasn't properly leveled (or something).

I like the raised playfield on the left - good luck getting that extra ball! The ramps are well placed and the modes were not only interesting but also stuck with the theme well. I prefer metal habitrails and ramp returns over plastic, so IJ:TPA gets extra points for that too. And, who can resist a widebody?

Since the game turned out not to be the sluggish drain monster I thought it was, I would recommend this game to anyone interested in the theme or just some fun pinball. It's on my wishlist, but would probably lose out to several other games on the list before I'd own it. Still, a great game.

EDIT: Every time I play IJ:TPA, I like it more and more. Bumped up my rating a little to reflect that "over time" score.

1 month ago

I just wish they could make more pins that would be as good as IJ.

You can feel the effort Eddy and his team put in it.

A masterpiece and a great players pin.

2 months ago

Playd it first in 2014 at nwps and didnt like it. Since had the oportunity to restore and tune one with a friend and changed my mind. Great music and sound, perfect theme, deep rules and to top it off its just plain fun.

2 months ago

I bought this game without ever playing it before, and I'm glad I did. The shots are numerous and fun, the Path of Adventure is neat and challenging, and the sounds/callouts are amazing! The game is challenging enough to keep an experienced player coming back again and again, but it will also be fun for the uninitiated player. And above all, the Indiana Jones theme is great!

2 months ago

My favorite pinball during my college days. This one and Star Wars probably fanned my pinball flames up until today. I vividly remember the giddiness when first confronted with the six-multiball mode "Well of Souls". Had to play it again and again, just to experience that some more. Love the films and their atmosphere, and this is present also in the table with the music, artwork and quotes from the movies. The Path of Adventure (PoA) minifield was a nice innovation at it's time (not really sure if something like that was done before) and makes for a real challenge. Also used nicely in multiple modes. I think it compares very favourably for instance with the Path of the Dead in LOTR which you can't steer and is only used to collect Souls. There is lots of different things to do, go for modes, build up multiball or loop the ramps for points. It's rulesheet is not as deep as say a LOTR but it's still very hard to reach the Eternal Life endgame, so this makes for a good home game. It's also an excellent pinball to practice all kinds of flipper techniques. I love the little things like locking a ball with a ricochet shot (missing the targets), the table recognizes this and has a well-known funny call-out for it from the movies "You cheat Dr. Jones!". One thing has to be said: it has to be very well maintained or it will spoil your experience. Weak flippers prevent shooting the right ramp, also barring you from the PoA, and a lot of flow to the game comes from clean orbit shots. Things like Narrow Escape have to work properly and a broken or otherwise faulty mode saucer is the worst case scenario for this pin. I know this from first-hand experience because the Indy at our clubhouse is more often broken than not. I hope to have a different experience with the one that's on my way for my home collection. I had it cleaned and fully restored by Paul's 50's in Germany, which already proved themselves with my almost "as new" LOTR that I got a few weeks back. Check them out if you live anywhere near! All in all a great Williams table with a nicely integrated license/theme.

3 months ago

This is a great machine. lots of shots, lots of modes. 6 ball Multiball!!

3 months ago

What a fun game. There is a lot to shoot for and there is a clear progression through the game. Simply put, the shots feel good. The right out-lane save is ingenious and should have been incorporated into more machines.

Note: In order to really appreciate this pin, it MUST be well maintained. After playing so-so machines at different locations, I finally played a well maintained version and it makes all the difference in the world. If the flippers are weak or bulbs are out, it really takes away from the experience.

3 months ago

Phaeno, Wolfsburg, Germany. Ausgeflippt exhibition in cooperation with the Pacific Pinball Museum. 1st Play.

3 months ago

Not much of a wide body fan but this is a solid game. The ramps are fun and the multi-ball/ball lock start is really cool. The upper playfield is unique and extremely hard. I think the artwork on the playfield sucks, the faces looks terrible in my opinion. I'm also not a big fan of the video modes on this game. Still a fun game though and may be worth owing if you are a big Indy fan.

4 months ago

A great-looking, great-sounding game, but lacking in the gameplay department.

The mode start shot is too hard, particularly for a shot that rejects so frequently (really a design flaw,) and scoring ultimately boils down to multiball all day long. Couple that with a decent-but-unremarkable layout, and you've got a widebody game with less to actually shoot for than most normal body games.

A fun game to play around with on occasion, but not one I'll ever feel the need to own.

4 months ago

Indiana Jones has it all. I wanted to complete all aspects of the game before rating it. There is a lot of variety for game play on this widebody. Overall, a fairly easy game once shots are mastered. The DMD scenes are fantastic! The main theme song gets old quick, but there is a variety of other music scores pertaining to each "mission". I really enjoy the video modes. "Choose wisely" is neat but too easy. The bar shootout is fun. The mine cart is challenging.

4 months ago

An enjoyable game that is a definite must-have for any Indiana Jones freaks out there!


- the jungle-decorated plastics are a personal favourite, which I felt needed their own pro

- the pin really brings out the movie franchise during gameplay

- wonderful artwork (aftorementioned plastics plus the stunning playfield)

- widebody pin (you just seem to get a bit extra, right?)

- lots of modding potential

- innovative shooter lane solution

- easy targets, simple shots


- personally, I always found the multiball mode harder to get than in most games I've played

- cabinet artwork matches the theme in the franchise (font, colours, etc.) but just seems a bit unfullfilling for a pinball game

- translite artwork is a definite nope from me

- the gun plunger is quite a strange addition to the game seeing how Indiana Jones mostly engaged in hand-to-hand combat or used his whip, but fair enough

4 months ago

Theme is okay and it is fun game, but Indy doesn't do a huge lot for me. Able to look past the theme however and enjoy the game for what it is which is a great pinball!

4 months ago

I have to admit, I've had to remove my original review of this Pin and revise my thoughts on it! I've played 3 of these, the 3rd I bought and own. The first two didn't leave a very good impression with me. They were poorly lit, the flippers were spongey and it made the ramp shot nearly impossible to hit. The mini playfield didn't work, the sound was horrible, crackling and odd sounding.

Honestly, I thought the world was crazy for adoring this game so much, especially compared to the Stern Indy (which I also own and love).

Then, I found a decent specimen and I guess that is the trick.. Even a fantastic pin can suck if you can't play it for the maintenance inadequacies.

Now that I own a decent-quality working example and after a couple hundred plays I have to say, this is quickly becoming my favorite pin. I thought the elephant noise of the idol ball feed would get on my nerves but it really doesn't.

The audible movie quotes are great, not sampled to the highest quality output but they do evoke a general nostalgia for watching the movies for the first time. The soundtrack is midi-based and a little dated but not so much to detract from game play.. In fact some parts of the music score are quite good, others are just okay.

The ramps are what make this game for me. They are challenging and flow-y. The targets require a decent amount of skill the on the right out lane bump-in gate is the coolest thing ever created in human history.

I won't provide any fodder for the Stern Indy v Williams Indy debate here other than to say I own them both and I love them both. They are each different games and great homage to the Indy franchise and pinball at large.

5 months ago

You cheat Dr. Jones

93 WMS Indiana Jones - The Pinball Adventure

this is a widebody pin with the DCS sound system (1st)

plunge that ball... wait where's the plunger ?? - all I see is a Gun !! -OK then, Pull that Trigger :-)

it has 3 tiers of modes, 1 tier per movie - each tier has 1 Video Mode

Gun Fight in Bar / Choose Wisely / Mine Cart Tunnel

The Path of Adventure is a Mini Upper PF that has exit holes

there are targets all over the field and 3 center drops that protect a cellar hole and a target

there are Super Jets that when you meet your switch count ups the value to rack up some huge points

there are INDY friends at the top rollovers that add a center "friend" from all 3 original films

also ADDING to the bonus X

there is a lot to say to IJ but if you enjoy the movies and John Williams your half way there

real callouts from the actual movies sound clips - game had details and all were checked off

I have owned 3 IJ and enjoyed them all

try one out - you wont be disappointed

See you tomorrow Indiana Jones.....

6 months ago

Six ball multiball.

6 months ago

Williams IJ is better than the Stern IJ, on most days. Williams IJ Pinball Adventure is an excellent machine and will never intentionally leave my collection while I am living on earth. It is a keeper. The gameplay and everything about the pinball machine save the backglass is perfect. Still haven't figured what the Super Ball button is for, but I am sure I will one day....

7 months ago

Very deep game, lots of modes and a great theme.

7 months ago

A great game that has good replay aspects.

7 months ago

Fun game with a bunch of stuff to do. Ramps, drop targets, easy multi ball. The game is pretty easy which allows you to accomplish most game objectives. I played on it for a few hours without getting bored and I get bored easily.

The artwork is so-so, not really my thing but the fun factor makes up for all that and then some.

7 months ago

I enjoy this game, a lot of people think it is too gimmicky, others dont like the video modes.

Still a fan.

There are 324 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 13.

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