Haunted House (Gottlieb, 1982)

Haunted House

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Game design: 7.496

Artwork: 8.272

Sounds/Music: 6.541

Other Aspects: 7.559

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There are 103 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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9 days ago
I find it hard to believe this game is ranked so low in the list. I mean you have three playfields on the same game!!! This game probably has my favorite back glass designs, I sometimes leave this one turned on just to see the glass, it really pops with led’s. The problem with this game is the main field doesn’t have a lot to offer but but treating all 3 fields as 1, there is more than enough to keep me interested...I like this game in attract mode more than just about any other pin I’ve owned ... it even has a susan b Anthony dollar slot!!!
54 days ago
Compared to similar games (eg Black Hole)... I like the theme on this, so my preference is skewed. Great music, great theme, good game for sure.
74 days ago
Beautiful game and draws in a crowd every time. Lastability isn't there for me. It has a lot of main playfield dead space and not a lot to shoot for. That being said. Its great for practicing with different types of flippers and angles and has some very tight long skill shots.
3 months ago
One of those pins whose aggregate is more than the sum of individual parts for me. Just a straight up fun pinball. Yes it's slow compared to modern fair, it's easy to get to all levels of the game, and at the end of the day you are really just there to rack up as many points as possible, but if you want a deep goal oriented game then you aren't looking at anything before 1991 anyway. No spinner but there are loop shots with triggered sound that yield the same satisfaction, and the basement while easy to get to is hard to complete. Pinball should be fun and this is just about the epitome of the art when looking at it from that perspective. Another 80's classic from the golden era of pinball. Since shorter ball times are starting to come back in vogue there will be a resurgence in interest of pins from this era, though this one itself has remained a classic through the changing fads.
5 months ago
All that is missing is the multi ball version and this would be one of my favorite machine
5 months ago
Haunted House is a must have for Gottlieb's collectors, nevertheless this pinball has a little taste of non completion. Indeed, voice (SC01) is missing and there is no multiballs.
It is clear that at the time, Gottlieb had already begun to seriously reduce production costs.
6 months ago
I don't understand the hype for this pin. "Black Hole" was a better game because it kept things basic. A couple years later, we got "Haunted House" from Gottlieb and, holy crap, there are THREE playfields. Multiple playfields aren't a bad thing...but with this game, it is. The lower playfield is just a rehash of "Black Hole" and it's not clear what point it has (it's called "The Basement", apparently...but it doesn't feel like it is) and the upper playfield is just a giant "no". The flippers on that particular field take some getting used to but even when you do, there's no real flow. The overall "theme" doesn't even feel like a haunted house. The playfield looks like it belongs in a circus-themed pin and there's no eerieness to be found except for the one organ tune that plays on repeat just like all of Gottlieb's early games. Could have been better.
7 months ago
What a fun game. The artwork is epic, the playfield art go with the theme so we'll and are masterfully drawn. Probably the best I've seen. The back glass is awesome too with the lightning interacting with the attract mode. The back glass art is also a work of art and fit the theme so we'll. The music is AWESOME, sure it gets a bit repetitive but as to be expected from a game made in 1982. The lighting is very good too, super bright in the basement when the ball drops down. A lot to shoot for although I can see why people would say there's wasted space. The ball does make it to the basement maybe more than needed .....but hey that's what makes this game so much fun to play. Overall a awesome game with epic artwork and music that's tons of fun to play. I think with the multiball conversion it would blow black hole into a different multiverse.
10 months ago
This Machine Ranks #3 on my List. Very fun and challenging game. Play it quite often on Pinball Arcade.
11 months ago
Very nice looking and playing machine. Backglass lightning effects are great. Three levels of fun. Its just a fun machine all around. One of the great Gottliebs.
1 year ago
Haunted House is a unique, tri-level flipperfest that doesn't have much mercy for newbies. The layout is a little off, and there are some feature placements that just don't make much sense - a lot of action in the upper PF left, not much on the right. The raised PF is okay - but the lower PF "Basement" is the most challenging. Unfortunately, there wasn't much keeping me at this table, though I wouldn't say it was a bad game.

I'd like to have an HH someday, but it is down the list. Worth a short road trip (3 hrs or less), but not worth actively hunting for.
1 year ago
It's always broken at PHOF when I am there, so have barely played a live one, not a huge fan of it, prefer Black Hole.

The flipper play in the raised area and lower area just feel very clunky to me.
1 year ago
Classic Gottlieb solid state pin. Everything that black hole was, but better.
1 year ago
The #2 tri-playfield behind Elektra. I believe this is a desirable game among beginning collectors. It's defiantly cool that the physically moves between the playfields and that it has the inverted flippers and that it has "secret" passage ways to the lower PF.
The rules are quite simple and its fun for a quite a few plays. It lasted in my collection a bit longer than I expected, probably because I had it sitting next to Black Hole and I spread my time among many other titles.
I could see the novelty wearing off quickly in a small collection.
If you ever buy one. Make sure it's been gone through! System 80 is not for the novice repair tech.
1 year ago
Fun 3 level game (only one!). Artwork is very good. Iconic backglass. Simple rules that are fun. If it had multiball and speech it would have been mind boggling fun. BH wins out for me but this game is no slouch if well maintained.
1 year ago
I have never liked the lower play field, could be just too confusing for me
1 year ago
My oldest machine, I still play it on a regular basis. One of the coolest games of that time. 3 play fields,and beautiful back glass.
1 year ago
One of the best looking and sounding classics ever. Unique playfield too. Love it.
1 year ago
Fun, challenging and perhaps the best art package from an era when hand drawn art was everywhere. A great game for a mid size collection.
2 years ago
One of the stronger Gottlieb System 80 titles from the 1980s.
Definitely the best well known, next to Black Hole, but Black Hole edges this game game out due to depth with its multiball lock system and additional challenges.

Artwork is exceptional, particularly the backglass with the hidden "lightning bolt strikes".

Playfield was revolutionary at the time due the backwards level play or lower level "spider web" playfield.
The baseline music tune of Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor will stick in your mind after you get done playing.

Relatively fast game for its size as well, especially with the kickers.
The trapdoor and center rollover targets to the basement were always a nice touch.

When the game was introduced, it was a complete $#@$@ to maintain.
Operators really hated it.
All sorts of electronic problems due to the edge board connections and lack of ground mods on coils.
Up kicker from the basement still can be an "Achilles heel" if not fixed correctly.
Overall, a solid game and nostalgia at its finest, but it is one heavy monster to move around.

Make sure you LOCK that main playfield with STRAPS or a WOODEN LOCK BOX when working on the lower playfield or you will be in for a nasty surprise!
2 years ago
I remember this machine when it first came out. What an awesome machine I thought. Since back then I wasn't as affluent as I am today it took me a while to invest into a few games on this multi-level machine.
I was robbed! While the looks and the 3 level layout are impressive the actual game play was anything but. The lower PF is a cool idea but somehow doesn't add much to the fun factor. The 2 upper fields are really only a split single field with neither providing much flow or a coherent game. The main flipper layout is a bit of a disaster, 4 flippers and no good shots.
Still an impressive looking machine, just not much fun to play on. Reminds me of Gottlieb's Genie which was another impressive looking machine that was seriously lacking on the fun factor.
2 years ago
I really dig Haunted House, but can see why other people wouldn't. This game is massive and full of stuff to shoot... just not a lot of reasons to shoot them. The rules aren't as exciting as its brother Black Hole, but I like play HH more for some reason. It's slow, the ball is on the lower playfield way too often, the ball is simply too safe on either of the secondary playfields, the EIGHT flippers is just stupid and way too many especially on the main playfield, but it has that IT factor man!

Games don't last forever but I think Black Hole's re-entry was a really smart move. Say you're on the left side of the attic, what's the worst that can really happen? You drain out the left into the basement, then you drain out the basement relatively safely onto the main playfield. The double flippers on both sides are offset which eliminates between flipper drains. All of these safety nets reduce the excitement of the game. I think this game could've used just one more way to drain.
2 years ago
i cant say why,but i keep comming back for this pin.
there is something magic about this one.i think its haunted
2 years ago
Certainly the best Gottlieb machine I've ever played... and it seems Pinside agrees. I find many Gottlieb machines to lack a certain something, but this is a wonderful machine. I like that it has three separate play areas, including one under the table. I know Gottlieb did this with Black Hole, but this table feels much more cohesive and is more fun to play than that one. The sound and music on this table is also quite good, which is nice coming from a Gottlieb pin. This is an interesting table that will grab and keep your attention thanks to its three playfields, great looking artwork, and surprisingly decent sound. If I were to ever consider buying a Gottlieb machine, this would be the one -- very good.
2 years ago
Never avoid this game! Definitly a fun game.
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