Guns N' Roses (Data East, 1994)

Guns N' Roses

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Game design: 7.83

Artwork: 7.839

Sounds/Music: 7.982

Other Aspects: 7.986

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There are 128 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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42 days ago
Pretty fun game will update. Played a nice example of the game.
44 days ago
For me a game is either awesome or it sucks.
This one Is AWESOME
82 days ago
I am biased. I have been hauling this around since I bought it in 1998. I played a prototype at Gala North in Carol Stream, IL back in the day. It had the 9MM gun handle and a more realistic snake.

On rating this, you have to rate it for 1994, not for today. Mine sits next to a Metallica, and the 23 years show off some evolution. For 1994, this had peak animations, layout, art, and the Rose plunger. The G and R ramps are cool.

This game is pretty simple, but doesn't get old. The sound is great. It stands the test of time. I've had some board issues, but some excellent local techs have been great. Most of all, I met some super cool people who know the ins and outs. I met Rick, Tom, Phil and Rich through this machine. That's what it's about.
5 months ago
I have a heavlly modded GnR and LOVE it.
5 months ago
Fun at first, but not a keeper.
6 months ago
Guns N' Roses is one of those games that just feels "off" to me - the layout seems skewed and confusing at times (why is one of the best shots buried in the upper left under the hokey yellow plastic ramp?). Overall, the table was challenging at times, rarely fun, and just seemed like another run-of-the-mill rock band game, but not as entertaining. And the lighting was just terrible, so all that was left to keep me at the coin door was the music and the easy multiball.
9 months ago
I've waited over a month to rate this game. I've put hundreds of games on it. I've waited so long to rate this game because I'm waiting to see if the new car smell wears off. But, it hasn't. I have to believe that this game doesn't rank higher because of the poor factory sound quality. I immediately put in pin sound, color dmd, and even alternative translite. I must say, with these additions, this game is incredible. Upgraded sound is a must. But, the game offers a lot. It's just a rush. If you like GNR music, buy this pin along with pin sound and color dmd and enjoy!!
EDIT: still have GNR and absolutely love it, but had it ranked slightly too high. However, I still believe this table with color dmd and pinsound is incredible!!
11 months ago
The sound quality on this game is terrible, which completely defeats the purpose of a band-themed pin. The layout is quite bland with little real theme integration. The gun ball shooter and rose plunger are cool, but that's about it for themed toys. The coloured plastic ramps just look cheap. Modes are fun to play, but getting to wizard mode is ridiculously easy. Backglass looks great, playfield art has some good elements and some not-so-good ones. Definitely not worth the prices they go for.
11 months ago
My best machine by far. Basically because of the theme and music.

This one takes me back to my teenage years and after a few beers I rock out with it!

The Data East build quality lets it down a little.
11 months ago
First and foremost, I own this game and have a biased opinion. That being said I feel like it gets bad review because some people are just not fans of GNR. This game gets played more than anything else in our house, especially when guest come over. The game play is very good and fast paced, multi ball is awesome, ramp shots etc. Really underrated in my opinion. A lot of thought went into the design and playability of this game and I love it.
1 year ago
Most pinball machines are average, some stick out because because they are far below average and a selected few are far above the herd. This gem clearly belongs to the latter category. Nice layout provides for good flow. Plenty of toys, ramps and a target rich environment. The machine is relatively easy but just a blast to play. It seems there are not many around as yesterday was the first time I ran into one these. I like it so much that I would buy one but first I have to throw out some furniture to make room.
On the down side, I am not much a fan of the art work but everything else is top shelf.
1 year ago
One of GnR's best kept legacies. This is so much fun, be sure to turn the music up to the Max (after the speaker upgrade), only classics from "Apetite", the music fits perfectly to a pinball machine. Love the simple and plain cabinet design. Very cool that each of GnR's band member is represented in its own guitar feature. If you are lucky enough to own it, keep it since the machine is Data East at its best!
1 year ago
Great game, G n' R, loud music, enough said.
1 year ago
Not a fan of this pin
1 year ago
I like this machine, design is gorgeous but it really needs the Pinsound upgrade. The old data east midi doesnt work in this day of age. Would want it with the sound upgrade.
1 year ago
Cool game. Strong theme.
1 year ago
I'm not a GnR fan, but I like this table. Lots of good shots and the software is very good. I need more time on this deck to rate more accurately, but it's incredibly fun. As many have said prior to me, probably one of the best DE pins out there.
1 year ago
GNR is Data East's most popular and valuable title by some distance. they're a cool rock band with an awesome guitarist who looks like a rock star should (serious hair, serious hat) and who also loves his pinball and contributed to the design of this game. never mind Axl Rose (not his real name but an anagram of oral sex) who is a bit of a douchebag but whose voice was just perfect for the Appetite For Destruction album that this game is based around.

it's a music theme, so of course the sounds are important, and this is a game that deserves to be played loud and would probably benefit from a speaker upgrade to realise its potential. the game also looks fantastic, with two plungers (a gun and a rose, natch) and lots of modes set on the neck of a guitar. there's drop targets, add a ball, a nice inner loop shot that doubles mode value, a video mode where you try to mow down jaywalkers on your motorbike, some steep but satisfying ramp shots, and several multiballs. oh, and the playfield is littered with girls in bikinis, as this is rock n roll.

take me down to the Paradise City, where the grass is green and the girls are pretty..... oh won't you please take me home? yes. yes i will.
2 years ago
GNR is a really fun game with great artwork and music and the snake Is really cool looking. The modes are also really cool and the video mode is fun and I also like the yellow and red ramp
2 years ago
Holy cow! This game....This game...
It ate more quarters and hours from me during the 90's than any other pin.
The one at my college's rec room and I seemed to have a bond...
Anyway, I love the theme (was a big G 'n' R fan, still am kinda), one of the best looking cabs ever, great music (although the sound system and midi style is very dated now) and overall really fun to play.
One more game turned into 20 more games, easy.
Really high on my wishlist.
2 years ago
Not a GNR fan, but this machine is really fun.
2 years ago
excellent game.
of the best games already played
2 years ago
Really like this game, would be one of the few Data East games I would look at owning one day. Love Guns'n'Roses so theme is fab, plenty to do on this game as well. A real challenge and lots of fun.
2 years ago
GNR is one of Data East best pins PERIOD !!

John Borg designed it, and man did he design it

its one of a few made W i d e B o d y Data East pins produced

it has many play variations if you like that

you have Modes / GUNS N ROSES Ramp Shots / Building the JAM X Value

there is a lot to do but its not impossible to achieve all in 1 game

I enjoy adding band members to the M-Ball

The Video Mode stills makes me chuckle after all these years GILBY !!

if you complete all the guitar neck modes, WIZ Mode is RIOT - where its just a ball frenzy for an allotted about of time
2 years ago
Not a very deep game, but still one of the most fun game I've played. Modes are fairly ignorable and just kind of come when they come, as the multiball is all that matters score wise, however it's extremely fun to shoot and a blast to play. Art is good and the music is terrific. The sounds greatly contribute to the overall fun factor. Who doesn't love to rock out and play pinball?
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