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Pinsider Score Photo Scored Location Balls Settings Outlanes Tilt Software Ranking
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
43,666,656,240 2017-03-23 home 5 factory small normal #1
“About an hour. Five balls with extras. Awesome fun. Started on Midnight Madness. Got We Came.. and We're Ready. Ghostbusters Pro or Premium are great fun games.”
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
34,692,320,150 2016-05-04 location 3 factory normal sensitive v1.00 #2
“This score was on the v1.00 code which allowed you to stack mass hysteria's. I had 8 mass hysteria's in 1 ball on this game. ”
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
18,686,079,940 2017-02-09 location 3 factory normal normal 1.13 #3
“2 extra balls , game was about 10 minutes long. 11 billion on super jackpots . 6x multiplier during containment multiball. No we came we saw , no mass hysteria. ”
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
18,196,893,020 2017-01-15 location 3 factory normal normal 1.12 #4
“Started 6x playfield and it lasted through Loopin Supers, Multiball, two modes, We Came We Saw and Mass Hysteria. ”
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
12,677,265,130 2017-01-06 home 3 factory normal loose 1.11 #5
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
11,828,602,800 2016-07-08 location 3 factory normal normal #6
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
11,646,353,050 2016-07-18 location 3 factory normal normal #7
“It was about my 10th or so game on the machine. I went specifically to the location be able to try it for the first time. Can't really explain what happened, just got in the pinball zone and juggled a multiball that seemed to last for ever. I went into what I think was Gozer Multiball with reverse flippers. BarCade's owner was solid, bought me a beer. Had to use IPJ (my full name initials) instead of my usual IAN as there was another IAN on the machine.”
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
11,615,497,440 2017-10-14 home 3 factory normal normal 1.13 #8
“Phantom Amusement”
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
10,954,750,660 2018-02-25 home 3 factory normal normal #9
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
8,739,208,790 2017-04-10 home 3 factory normal normal 1.13 #11
“A little under an hour. Got an early SF that I chained all the way into MH. I also hit the 10% total score skillshot a few times after. ”
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
8,539,798,030 2016-10-12 home 3 factory normal sensitive 1.10 #12
“only 1 good/long ball, with multi SF+PKE+multi MH+add/a/ball (too much easy now as the new missions rules, no need to finish them)”
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
7,420,498,310 2018-02-15 home 3 factory normal normal #13
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
7,279,657,330 2016-04-23 home 3 factory small normal 1.0 #14
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
6,991,428,040 2018-03-24 home 3 factory normal normal #15
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
6,890,875,630 2017-10-14 home 5 factory normal normal #16
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
6,600,000,000 2016-06-29 home 3 factory normal normal latest #17
“factory setup and settings ”
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
5,211,031,300 2017-10-18 location 3 factory normal normal #19
“Combined Storage facility with awe came we saw and mass hysteria, and while that was running I had a 3x playfield.”
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
4,806,244,110 2017-05-01 home 3 factory normal sensitive #21
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
4,194,847,490 2017-03-22 home 3 factory small loose 1.13 #23
“Made it through eight scenes. Had Mass Hysteria multiball, PKE frenzy, and Storage Facility multiball all stacked at one point. Insane game.”
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
3,775,181,630 2017-04-15 location 3 factory normal normal #24
“The Hanger In Amherst Ma”
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
3,619,237,090 2016-05-25 location 3 factory normal normal 1.04 #25
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
3,566,139,650 2016-06-05 home 3 factory normal normal V1.04 #26
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
3,339,675,160 2016-11-12 location 3 factory small normal 1.05 #27
“2 EBs, stacked Mass Hysteria with Storage Facility Multiball.”
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
3,291,886,300 2017-12-17 home 3 factory normal normal 1.13 #28
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
3,237,000,000 2017-07-17 home 3 factory normal normal 13 #29
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
3,130,617,200 2016-03-19 location 3 factory normal normal Beta TPF #30
“This score was earned during the 2016 Texas Pinball Festival. I made it to a reverse flipper "Gozer" multiball and earned over 2.8 billion during the MB. ”
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
3,063,867,850 2017-07-06 home 3 factory normal normal 1.13 #31
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
2,961,971,820 2016-09-15 location 3 factory normal normal 1.05 #33
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
2,839,520,460 2016-11-13 home 5 factory normal normal 1.10 #35
on Ghostbusters (Pro)
2,771,672,960 2017-11-01 home 3 factory normal normal #36
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