Ghostbusters (Pro) (Stern, 2016)

Ghostbusters (Pro)

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Other Aspects: 7.998

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4 days ago
Ok to me. The game lighting can be creepy !
5 days ago
This game is so much fun, and is one of the best recent Stern games (I prefer it to Batman, Kiss, Game of Thrones etc.). The theme is perfectly integrated across all rating categories, the main music theme pops but doesn't play throughout as every mode uses different music - with lots of variety in style. The animations are decent and the layout is refreshing, and the game is beautiful. My only gripe is that the linear nature of the gameplay and the fact you have to wack Slimer to light modes does occasionally leave the player with very little to shoot for in order to progress through the game, but this usually resolves itself. Multiball is challenging to get to at times, and there's loads more to discover than just the regular modes. Overall a mostly brilliant game that is tough - in a good way - and does justice to such a classic theme. The pro also doesn't feel as stripped down as many Stern Pro games often do.
5 days ago
Ghostbusters is one of the best Stern tables I've ever played. Not without its flaws: the rules are aggravating and don't really make a whole lot of logical sense, the magna-slings make you want to scream, the coding needs some fixing, balls jump off the playfield and completely miss targets and ramps which frustrates players even more...but, by god, when this game works, it works. The music and the call-outs are amazing. I love the little touches that truly evoke the film: Tobin's spirit guide, Louis shouting "Who brought the dog?", the kick-ass containment unit shutdown effect where you get the unmistakable siren while the machine goes nuts with blinking red's truly clever...if only the gameplay was better.
22 days ago
The game does brick a lot early on, but as you play more you learn to finesse the shots and things get a lot smoother. When things get going it's like a massive party is gong on under the glass. Really exiting. If you get good at this game you can probably play anything.
29 days ago
Awesome game, and flipper gap is not as bad as some say.
43 days ago
Game is okay but tight shots kill flow and it feels a bit klunky. The rules need more work. Art package and theme is phenomenal.
48 days ago
I think Stern knocked it out of the park with the theme and art. Now if they can only polish the rules and keep QC issues down this would be a really damn good game
58 days ago
Played this one a lot on location and by for the most love/hate pin for me. I loved all the different shots - seemed like a nice change in lay out from most games. Liked the lighting a ton as well. I am not a GB fan so the music and call outs were a bit annoying.

i HATE the large flipper gap. Some shots just could not be saved. Some of the balls were just way too quick.

I probably will play some more on location but not a title I would own. However I can see why this game is so polarizing for many.
60 days ago
One of the worst modern games I've played next to Nascar. HUGE hole between flippers, and beyond hitting slimmer, not much else. Music and art are fantastic, but if I had to pay more than $.50 to play this bore, I'd never play it. Total disappointment. Give me great games like Medieval madness or Who dunnit.
63 days ago
Ghostbusters is an advanced level of difficulty. If you are new to pinball, or just dont have a very high skill level in controlling the ball and aiming shots, you will become very frustrated with this machine.
69 days ago
Overall a fun game. I wish the Ecto-1 could have been incorporated somehow in the playfield.
72 days ago
My Review: Ghostbusters Pro
I have owned and enjoyed many Stern games. I am an unabashed Stern fan. I have not bought GB...yet. I played ~10 games of GB Pro at PAPA 19. Then maybe 15 games at the Press Play launch party. Another 15 games at the1Up. I watched the Dead Flip twitch stream of GBLE. OK, with my GB credentials out of the way, on to the review...
The theme is weak. Not terrible, but not great, either. I saw the movie when I was 10, liked it, but haven't thought of it since then. It's better than Gremlins, Beetlejuice or TMNT, but 80s nostalgia is wearing thin at this point.
The art is fantastic, especially on the Pro. I love the colorful cabinet, and the terror dogs look great. I don't like looking at the marshmallow burning-man on the Premium, and Slimer (not Slimmer!) on the LE looks...goofy? I hate all the lime green snot everywhere. This is the first time I can comfortably say Pro > Premium > LE (at least in terms of art.)
The playfield art is colorful and integrates the theme well. Zombie Yeti is an amazing asset for our hobby. I'm glad he was rescued from JPop hell.
This game is incredibly fun. It is packed full of tough-but-satisfying shots. The modes are clever and engaging.
It's impossible to properly judge Premium and LE before playing them, but I'll include my impressions up to this point.
Initially, the magna-slings looked lame and gimmicky. It was silly of Stern to release that video of the early slings. On the Dead Flip stream, I was shocked how normally they behaved. They were a little dead, but I was reassured that thet wouldn't ruin the game, and might actually end up being a nice touch.
I'm not excited about the Ecto-goggles. Holograms? Again? Yawn.
I'd always prefer physical to virtual ball locks. I'm also excited to see the under-the-playfield ramp. I was glad to see Stern step up and fix the Slimer mech.
It's not flawless, but overall, it's a great package. Kudos to Trudeau, ZY and Dwight. I'll be a buyer, eventually. I'm waiting to see if the Premium playfield is enough to make it worth enduring the inferior art package. It's down to Pro or Premium for me. I just can't get over the neon green goo enough to want the LE.
For those who got in on LE, congratulations. Good call. Enjoy the game or the profit. Either way, it's a win.
74 days ago
I had this game in my collection for about a year. While it was fun, and the artowrk is impressive, it got repetitive pretty quickly.
83 days ago
First time I played this game I was at TPF. I played 2 games and didn't really care much for it. (this was partially because the table wasn't level).

A couple weeks later I found a place across town that had several titles on location, GB being one of them. I played it for at least another 30 minutes and it started to grow on me. Thought they did a great job with the artwork and color usage especially. I kept going back to it over and over. The game was a blast to play after you got used to the shots and flippers being so spread apart.

A week later I broke down and ordered a premium from a distributor. I honestly had no interest in this title at first, guess it shows that you have to really kick the tires before you pass judgment.
84 days ago
Not sure how to say this / Rate this #7- This is the highest quality game ever but I had to adjust my rating so this came up where it did. Considering I broke the game 3 times..I had to stop the game when the light bulbs flew off I had to give it 1 for game lighting...literally... FUN FAST GAME to play in person. Not sure about on PS4 Stern Pinball Arcade, not released yet (coming soon).
85 days ago
Wasn't looking for a ghostbusters (was looking for a game of thrones but none seem to pop up second hand here) but found a ghostbusters for a very reasonable price and sprung for it. Well I'm glad I did. What an absolute blast to play it is.
The theme is incorporated very good and it has that one more game factor because only one ball can really blow up your score in no time.
It was a long time ago that I had this much fun on a pinball machine I didn't play before.
One of the things that really elevates this pin is the music, love it!
Storage facility multiball start is one of the best multiball starts ever.
Code is good as is but could use some extra care to polish it completely.
Things that could be improved: mass hysteria mb start is not very noticeable and should be more of a spectacle. We are ready to believe you definitly needs some more programming love and the video modes should be a seperate hole.
Other than that this will very likely be a keeper in my collection
3 months ago
hard pin for sure, need some tweaks for having fun home (center post or carrot flippers, and anti-airballs plastics)... the theme is great, as the artwork and sound/music... the layout is not usual... still waiting for a final/finished code, as a player i want more, even if its good already, with 2 video modes, midnight madness MB, and mass hysteria MB with reverse flippers... seems its a "love it or hate it" pinball... :)
3 months ago
want a challenge ? play this cabinet !
3 months ago
I play the Pro at my local pinballoreum. I am very close to buying an LE. This game is the devil. I want to punch the one at the pinball place but that would be wrong since it's not mine. So, I am going to buy one. We will see how it goes.
3 months ago
I really love this game. I know that people complain about it being hard, and that the ball drains down the middle too much, but it is just a really enjoyable experience for me. Great artwork, fun shots, excellent soundtrack, and a variety of things to do will keep this in my collection for a long time.
3 months ago
Ghostbusters is an incredibly fun game with an outstanding art/sound package, however there are some game design flaws.

My initial draw to Ghostbusters was the theme and art. I grew up with Ghostbusters and still have several of the toys I used to play with. Despite only playing 10-20 games on early code, I took the plunge and bought one on theme alone. Risky, but I'm glad I did!

Ghostbusters presents a fresh and new layout compared to the usual Borg and Steve Ritchie games Stern punches out. The flipper angle is different, flipper gap is wider, the ramp is bi-directional, and the bash toy (Slimer) is unique, and there's drop targets in the middle of the playfield. This is all great, but the new design comes with a few new issues - mainly air balls. Thankfully, they're not as bad as I read from other owners before buying the game. I did install a protector over the subway ramp entrance on day 1, but I can't tell if that area is a problem. I do not have air balls jumping over in/outlanes. My biggest problem is occasional airballs off of the Scolari Brother targets. The flipper power is so high that all the ball energy is coming right back at you from a solid hit. I'm experimenting with changing the angle of the targets, which seems to be helping. They can be disabled in software, but I'm trying to get it all working with factory settings. Overall, some airball issues but not as bad as I've been reading elsewhere. Maybe I lucked out?

As far as code, the game is very difficult but incredibly fun and rewarding when you're hitting your shots. A few very vocal people on Pinside criticize the game for being too linear, but the progression follows the movie. It doesn't make sense to choose to fight Stay Puft and then spook the librarian after that, right? I actually really like following the modes through the movie scenes! You can choose which scene set to play, so it doesn't force you. Once you get through to the final scenes, it's much more exciting than just selecting a mode like on Star Trek or song on AC/DC. You get a good sense of progression. Finally, on top of the scenes, there's ghost collection events/rewards, multi-ball, video modes, gear collection, and hurry ups. The code is solid as is!!

Gameplay is fast and can be very difficult! It's a drain monster. Seems like I get a decent game every five games and a really really good game every 10-20 games. Games are quick, so it's easy to just keep pushing the "Start" button. Flipper gap can be noticeable, but it's not a major contributor to the challenge. The ball just isn't cleanly fed to the flippers often. It's alway all over the place, so you need to be able to shoot very much "on the fly". When it does feed nice, you have to take advantage of it.

Art, dots, and music are all a 10! There's a total of 30 music tracks in the game, so you'll see lots of variety. Callouts work well. Dots are impressive for the resolution Stern's working with. It's really a shame this title didn't get the LCD.

Overall, fun and difficult game with an amazing sound and art package. Despite the design flaws, the game is great! If you can afford the Premium, get it. Otherwise, the Pro offers the same gameplay but with a couple less "wow" features.

FWIW, my game was manufactured in February 2017.

My favorite part: Theme integration.
The good: Incredible sound and art package. Fun gameplay. Solid code from Stern (v1.13).
The bad: Physical game design has some flaws. A couple flashers are uncomfortably bright.
4 months ago
I just bought this machine after playing it for an hour non stop in the store. Lots of variety, good interaction, love the quotes from the movie. I think they did an excellent job with the theme and captured some of the fun and spirit of the movies. I only wish that they could have gotten more than just Winston (Ernie Hudson) to voice it. Peter Venkman and Ray Stantz (Murray and Aykroyd) would have been incredible!

Update. I traded this version in and have purchased a premium version, as the game play and layout are just so much better. Still great, but Premium is a much better game.
4 months ago
I LOVE the theme, the music, & the artwork! I am a huge GB fan so just seeing this in person blows me away!
I have played the game several times now and several different pinball shows.
I just wish the gameplay was a little better.
Don't get me wrong, it's a GREAT pin! There are just some flaws with the gameplay.
Still though...if I come across this pin at a great price I will pick it up for sure!
4 months ago
I would love be to add this game to my collection sometime. This game keeps me coming back. I love how colorful it is and you can't go wrong with the ghostbusters theme.
4 months ago
While Ghostbusters has a great theme and an adventurously decorated playfield, the game play is just slightly above average. The shots are fine, and the Slimer toy and pop-up Scaleri Brothers drops (a la Cactus Canyon / similar to the trolls in Medieval Madness, etc.) add variety to a somewhat limited playfield design. The only way to accomplish much on this table is to fire up the multiball and rack up some decent points. Activating MB is a matter of hitting the left ramp three times, and then the scores seem to skyrocket (disproportionately, it seems). Pretty to look at and nostalgic for the right target age group, this isn't a loser from Stern - but it's not a winner in several ways either. I'd like to spend more time on this table because I feel like I'm missing something. But, for now, after 50 or so games, this machine is just slightly above average, so not worth it MIB sticker price. Also, it tends to be a bit of a drain monster, so bring a sack of quarters to get a good feel for it.

I'd recommend finding one on location and playing it for a long while before purchasing it.
There are 129 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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