Ghostbusters (Pro) (Stern, 2016)

Ghostbusters (Pro)

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Game design: 7.431

Artwork: 8.726

Sounds/Music: 7.992

Other Aspects: 7.987

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12 days ago
I play too hard for my taste, in my humble opinion it was wrong design, the design of the ramps because it is too complicated to take and if this at first glance can be a good thing because it calls you to play after a while creates the effect otherwise it is not that the player is incapable but it is obviously a design mistake by the designer and then the player moves away and prefer to play on another.
15 days ago
Awesome Pin for many days... although he kills many balls in short time... 5 balls might be better or long flipper fingers...
20 days ago
Great looking game. I want to like it. I keep pumping in quarters to force myself to like it. I just don't like it. Too many cheap drains. Feels unfair. Hate the flipper gap and angle.
23 days ago
Fun as hell and lots of SDTM madness. If you're into pins that bite back, then this is a good one. Very challenging, even after several hours of playing, it still had elements of chaos (which means it is probably a good one to own). People complain about this aspect, but I like defensive-type games. Expect like 3-4 games with short ball times, then one that is like 15+ mins when you're in the zone.

Art looks like someone puked Fruity Pebbles all over it in photos, but is amazing in person and is enjoyable and adds to the fun factor. It really ties together in person and feels like a real tight package. Lighting is tasteful, call outs are great, sounds are great, hearing the ghostbusters theme over and over gets grating though, but I can't think of another option that would work from the movie without getting annoying in repeat.

Only gripes are that I wish it had a little bit better flow (mostly stop and go action here) and that the linear progression of the modes does add a static feeling to the game. I wouldn't care if the modes ignored the progression of the movie. Next code update should allow non-linear mode progression. LOTR doesn't follow chronologically in modes. (just realized that would probably break the game if they changed it, I guess it is what it is).
26 days ago
I initally hated this game due tue the contstant center drain. With a center post mod installed this game is a lot of fun. Lots of different modes and things to do. I still can't get used to mass hysteria multiball when flipper buttons are reversed.

Artwork on playfield is unique and absolutely beautiful.
33 days ago
Sold my Pro , to upgrade for the Premium. Did not like the right ramp.. I couldnt spend 5 grand , and be disappointed in the right ramp.
52 days ago
Cool ramp structure, deep ruleset, fun theme and feel, need multiple captive ball features, and awesome light show make this one of the best there is.
60 days ago
GB promised much, but several design flaws let it down. I'm fine with the huge flipper gap ... but not in conjunction with pops that drain SDTM. You have one or the other. I've never seen a game where the ball flies through the air so much. And jumps the inlanes to the drain. You shouldn't have to add a heap of mods to make a game playable. Should have been great.
62 days ago
It could be the location I played at, they seemed to have very little slope to the playfield. I had very long ball times and surprisingly loved the game. I don't think I scored incredibly high but I felt like I was doing incredible and it was exciting and well-paced! Several plays at different times all left me with the same great feeling of a game well played.
Call outs were excellent and music was great! Who doesn't like Ghostbusters??
73 days ago
I absolutely adore this game. I've owned Star Wars, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and now Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters is my favorite so far. The modes are varied and fun, I love the incorporation of the scoleri brothers, and the lighting and music are AMAZING!! My only real complaint with the game is that I have the older slimer mech and sometimes he is difficult to register hits. I'm not under warranty, so I'd have to buy the new mech, and I'm not in a position to do that. Luckily, there's a fix here on pinside that helped the problem enough that I'm not concerned with it any more, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

The art on this pin, no matter whether it be the DMD, Playfield, Plastics, Backboard, or Cabinet, are all amazing.

The right ramp is one of the most satisfying shots to's sooo difficult that when you do hit it you feel accomplished. When you have a good game on this pin, it's absolutely exhilarating. Stay Puft mode is great!
74 days ago
Ghostbusters takes a good theme and makes a good pinball machine out of it. The music, sound, graphics, and playfield are top notch. It really draws you in.
With Stay Puft Marshmallow Man lurking in the background, and Slimer floating around, it is like enjoying Ghostbusters all over again. The machine looks, feels, and sounds great.
This is a challenging machine! It is very fast. There seems to be more of a flipper gap than normal. This leads to some quick games. Also, the ball tends to jump off the playfield at times. Frustrating.
Overall, it is a fun game. I would play it more, but one of the more expensive ones to play. Whether you like a challenge or just wanna play a machine that is fun...this one is for you.
80 days ago
Super cool theme! Fun to play! ( Have only played it on location )
83 days ago
Can play for 3 hours straight and very hard I think.
3 months ago
So much goodness and yet it just isn't fun. Some shots feel great, while others just stink. And those damn outlane guides need to burn in hell. A lot has been said of the flipper gap, but I don't think that's what ruins it. There are just too many shots packed in at weird angles that just have no reward to them.
3 months ago
Ok to me. The game lighting can be creepy !
4 months ago
This game is so much fun, and is one of the best recent Stern games (I prefer it to Batman, Kiss, Game of Thrones etc.). The theme is perfectly integrated across all rating categories, the main music theme pops but doesn't play throughout as every mode uses different music - with lots of variety in style. The animations are decent and the layout is refreshing, and the game is beautiful. My only gripe is that the linear nature of the gameplay and the fact you have to wack Slimer to light modes does occasionally leave the player with very little to shoot for in order to progress through the game, but this usually resolves itself. Multiball is challenging to get to at times, and there's loads more to discover than just the regular modes. Overall a mostly brilliant game that is tough - in a good way - and does justice to such a classic theme. The pro also doesn't feel as stripped down as many Stern Pro games often do.
4 months ago
Ghostbusters is one of the best Stern tables I've ever played. Not without its flaws: the rules are aggravating and don't really make a whole lot of logical sense, the magna-slings make you want to scream, the coding needs some fixing, balls jump off the playfield and completely miss targets and ramps which frustrates players even more...but, by god, when this game works, it works. The music and the call-outs are amazing. I love the little touches that truly evoke the film: Tobin's spirit guide, Louis shouting "Who brought the dog?", the kick-ass containment unit shutdown effect where you get the unmistakable siren while the machine goes nuts with blinking red's truly clever...if only the gameplay was better.
4 months ago
The game does brick a lot early on, but as you play more you learn to finesse the shots and things get a lot smoother. When things get going it's like a massive party is gong on under the glass. Really exiting. If you get good at this game you can probably play anything.
4 months ago
Awesome game, and flipper gap is not as bad as some say.
5 months ago
Game is okay but tight shots kill flow and it feels a bit klunky. The rules need more work. Art package and theme is phenomenal.
5 months ago
I think Stern knocked it out of the park with the theme and art. Now if they can only polish the rules and keep QC issues down this would be a really damn good game
5 months ago
Played this one a lot on location and by for the most love/hate pin for me. I loved all the different shots - seemed like a nice change in lay out from most games. Liked the lighting a ton as well. I am not a GB fan so the music and call outs were a bit annoying.

i HATE the large flipper gap. Some shots just could not be saved. Some of the balls were just way too quick.

I probably will play some more on location but not a title I would own. However I can see why this game is so polarizing for many.
5 months ago
One of the worst modern games I've played next to Nascar. HUGE hole between flippers, and beyond hitting slimmer, not much else. Music and art are fantastic, but if I had to pay more than $.50 to play this bore, I'd never play it. Total disappointment. Give me great games like Medieval madness or Who dunnit.
5 months ago
Ghostbusters is an advanced level of difficulty. If you are new to pinball, or just dont have a very high skill level in controlling the ball and aiming shots, you will become very frustrated with this machine.
6 months ago
Overall a fun game. I wish the Ecto-1 could have been incorporated somehow in the playfield.
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