Ghostbusters (Premium/LE) (Stern, 2016)

Ghostbusters (Premium/LE)

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This game got 220 approved ratings and currently scores 8.205 out of 10 points.

This ranks the game #27 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.


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Game design: 7.908

Artwork: 8.53

Sounds/Music: 8.001

Other Aspects: 8.275

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Ghostbusters (Premium/LE)". The other version is: Ghostbusters (Pro) (regular version)

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Found 94 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 94 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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13 days ago
only the magna slings are great
19 days ago
good game
22 days ago
I absolutely love playing GB Prem. It's difficult and challenging. The lights and sounds are top notch! This game does require some tinkering to get it running perfectly, but it really is a fantastic pin!
26 days ago
This is a super fast and fun game with great effects on play-field and audio. It is so much fun!
29 days ago
This game can be so hard but it is so much fun to play over and over again!
31 days ago
Disappointed with my Ghostbusters. I love the theme and I like the art package. The playfield LOOKS cool. I've had the game a while and I've tried my best to dial it in, but it's just a clunker. Always malfunctioning, balls jumping, mechs going bad.. and the game code is just very poorly done. Feels rushed/unfinished. I love the topper though!
35 days ago
I'm not a fan. The outlanes and wide flipper gap make this game almost unplayable. Look at that gap! And not in a good way. I think this machine is very overrated. The theme and art package are great, but the playability greatly diminishes that. I really wanted to like it, even after several plays, but just can't get into the GB love that so many other people have.
35 days ago
Ghostbusters is a classic in the making- if and when the quality control can be locked down.

I'm not savvy with pin repairs- I just wanted to take it out of the box and play.
Unfortunately, with GB, I just couldn't do that.

Needed mods. Needed cliffys. Needed special coil power tuning. It goes on and on- even with the playfield ghosting issues basically resolved.

In the end, the game play was just too brutal for my collection- ended up trading it for a Hobbit which is more to my taste.
40 days ago
Ghostbusters LE is the most difficult game I have in my collection. Art work, sounds and dots are second to none. Playfield has a nice layout. When you have a good ball going, the game is a blast to play. There's other times, where the ball just seems destined to go straight down the middle every time, making the game very aggravating to play.

My biggest complaint with the game is all the protectors that are needed. Air ball protector for the standup targets at the left ramp (I designed my own that works perfectly), hooked on pinball protector for the echo goggles, mezel mods sling shot extended protector to stop the ball from jumping the lanes, and mylar around the pop up targets. The right ramp needs to be lowered to make the shot smoother.

I would not recommend this game in a small collection. In a collection of 7 or more, then it would fit. The brutality of the game makes it seem unfair at times, but when you have a long ball time, it really gets the heart pumping. Definitely keep the tilt very loose on this game.
42 days ago
This game is a masterpiece. The artwork is amazing, fresh, and unique. The rules compliment the layout nicely and are well integrated into the theme. Some people have bashed the layout because of "cheap drains" and being too difficult, but it's the same story as when TWD first came out. After a handful of plays you learn how to anticipate most of that and the cheap drains go from being frustrating to rewarding as you make the saves. Music is top notch, every time i start spook central I get into the groove. Top 10 pin by Trudeau with amazing Zombie Yeti artwork.
44 days ago
Amazing theme, as others say. "Dreame theme". This could have been the next LOTR. Instead the playfield is cluttered, the shots are too tight and airballs are crazy. Such a shame. Wish JJP would have gotten their hands on this license.... it could have been amazeballs.
51 days ago
love the magna slings, hate all of the airballs. I don't think i've ever played a pinball machine ever that has so many airballs, and i've played maybe 5 different machines. Starting same modes as ladder style each game gets old fast. premium/le plays much better than the pro model. artwork and sound is great, too bad it doesn't play as great as it looks.
55 days ago
One of Sterns best. The artwork is excellent (especially on the playfield). There is plenty to do with a wide variety of shots. The audio it terrific with great music, good sound effects, and plenty of call outs. The bad, the game plays poorly it is less refined and clunkier than a Data East. Airballs galore, the ramp feeds to the inlanes are inconsistent and don't flow well. I don't know how one can screw up an orbit but that right orbit rejects the ball frequently with a solid shot going into it. The drop targets are more of a hindrance than a help, especialy during loopin supers. Good game, just wish it played smoother and didn't cheat you out of shots due to the crudeness of its play.
56 days ago
It is my favorite recent pinball machine. I love the theme. The game design and colors is beautiful, the led light makes it an amazing attraction. The premium is really fun with the magnetic interaction, the many multiball, the inversion of your pinball.... etc etc. It is a really good game. The only negative is the space between the 2 pinball... i held one and will not sell it. It stays in my collection.
60 days ago
I can't rain on this game too much because I see so many players who love it and seem to really thrive in what to me really seems like a pretty cheap and unrefined game. I also might just be annoyed that a game that costs so much is so thoroughly plastic-y and breaks so often. But in the end my real sense is that this game is beloved only to those who bother to learn its deep ruleset and those who need loads of seizure level LED flashing. It isn't for me. I find that it just feels boring.
63 days ago
My new Desert Island pin!!!
75 days ago
I'm giving this machine a perfect score because it's the most fun I've had playing pinball. John Trudeau did a masterful job designing the layout and shot selection. Such a wide variety of shots! I like the Newton balls in particular, as well as the subway ramp integrated with the physical ball lock, and movable Slimer bash toy. The Magnaslings are a true innovation, work perfectly, and are wonderfully suited for the ghost theme. I'm even beginning to appreciate the Trudeau gap.

I love the round inserts towards the bottom of the playfield showing how many ghosts have been collected. That gives you two things to shoot for: a high score as well as a high number of ghosts. It reminds me of something you might see on an old EM game, which I like.

Zombie Yeti did a beautiful job with the night cityscape art package with hues of rich purples, blues, and pinks. Hand drawn art is part of the heritage of pinball and this machine honors that tradition in a grand way. I think this is the best looking game out there. The light show is superb. And it sounds great as well. The theme integration is exceptionally well done. Ghostbusters is a happy title that will bring a smile to the face of almost anyone.

One criticism that seems to come up regarding this game is that it's challenging. And that's true. As with most modern Sterns the ball moves around very fast. I'm not a strong player and many of my games are short. However that makes obtaining a good score even more satisfying. This game is perfect for home use since after a quick game all you have to do is push the start button again. And again. And again. Lol.

After this masterpiece I can't wait to see what the John Trudeau/Zombie Yeti team does for an encore.
76 days ago
Could not get rid of this fast enough. Absolutely stunning to look at, but it's a sugar rush. Everything there to get you in but nothing to keep you. Why did I get the score I just got? I have no idea.
79 days ago
pinball machine too hard, after a pleasant appearance makes you initial nerves because it is poorly designed, it is exceedingly difficult and no fun; to be redone
81 days ago
I am amazed at how many people don't like this pin, I love it. I think the shots and layout are great. The games artwork is beautifully done. There is definitely that one more game feeling with this at least for me. The theme is fantastic and other than some minor tweaking that should have been dealt with at the factory the game is great. It is unfortunate about all the playfield issues stern is having as I believe this will tarnish the games overall image.
I played the pro a bunch before buying a LE and it is just so much better than the pro and am still happy with my decision. The magna slings are worth the extra alone, a real game changer, along with the other upgrades on the premium and LE. Another game I don't see going anywhere anytime soon
My only hope is they get the code more updated as time goes on as the potential to get even better is there.
84 days ago
This is a cool game I love it but there's a lot of air time with the ball when you miss your shots looks like the ball is going to break shit I would own it
85 days ago
Just like the pro it suffers from basic issues that should've been corrected in the factory...

Airballs at left ramp entrance...slimer issues...ghosting of inserts.... ball plunge careers balls into slimer or plastics at back...cant see skill shot area well. Sdtm drains from pops....and they widened the gap of flippers...did they even test this??. Balls jump rails often. The fact that its a mess out of the box and requires so much work and aftermarket purchases (plastic protector to limit airball at left ramp targets....and slingshot protectors to limit ball hopping...just as a start) is just ridiculous.

Its just a mess of a design....but hey the LE has a few extra toys etc to paper over the issues and warrant a better rating than a pro....right?. Wrong....both are disappointing pins for the same reasons.

Would never put a coin in either on location....

Ffs stern lift your game.
3 months ago
Flipper apparently beautiful but too difficult to play, definitely should be rendered more human because as it is very obnoxious and irritating; the design of backglass although improved compared to the other Stern is not yet at the level of Bally Williams 90
3 months ago
I tried both but i defintely prefer The Pro version cause It has better flow. A friend having the Premium version often complains about the ball getting stucked and about problems with Slimer.
I haven't this kind of issues on My pro.
3 months ago
The game is awesome (looks great, full of toys etc.)
BUT like all recent Sterns it feels like a prototype, I unboxed it even with rusty screws (!!!!!!).
The game is unplayable without some serious fixing:

-Left ramp; if you shoot it in 1/4 times the ball flies out the top ending up behind a plastic
-On the lanes, the ball just jumps over to the outlanes (WTF??)
-I already received 2 STERN repair kits for things that start to break under HUO use, can you imagine how well things were tested
-Droptargets occasionally dont go down when hit (full hit)
-left scoop spits out ball with a drain through the middle (they 'fixed' this by adding a ball saver). It is a another major flaw that no one saw because it's simply not ever tested before production.

And I can continue with all the things that suck on this pin.
They CAN be fixed after a lot of attention and aftermarket products, but when you pay 10K for a new pin you can expect it to at least work out of the box.

I advise anyone to not buy Stern and support the other (smaller) pinball companies that are after making a good game for their customers instead of filling their pockets as much as they can. bah
There are 94 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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