Ghostbusters (Premium/LE) (Stern, 2016)

Ghostbusters (Premium/LE)

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Game design: 7.925

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Sounds/Music: 8.136

Other Aspects: 8.336

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6 hours ago
This game is really a masterpiece. I made a few small tweaks so the right ramp is now a consistent shot. Hopefully there will be a code release soon to complete wizard modes. I really can't understand a bad review on this game unless you haven't played it enough or you're a new player.
14 days ago
I enjoyed the game play, overall a fun machine.
15 days ago
I have a feeling it's going to be a long time until we see another stern with a playfield this loaded, a original layout, and fantastic art not to mention a dream theam for most. This is a great game, I love the unusual nature of the magma slings, lots to do on this one!
23 days ago
This pin is a treasure. I love the hologram, the steep ramps, everything. Cool back-story too, with the 'Trudeau Gap' and such. I knocked off one notch on 'bash toys' due to the fact that the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man doesn't feature more prominently in this one. Hard to argue with Slimer though.

The last DMD game from Stern. Remember this one.
43 days ago
Overrated wanted to really like GB. Ball drains are often. Poor flow software not up to par.
Cheep look and feel.
48 days ago
Great Pin
52 days ago
Dream theme for many, including myself. Stern could have simply built ghostbusters on a metallica layout and this would have been a top 10 machine. Instead, they felt the need to try to get cute/fancy. Huge flipper gap, droopy flippers, right ramp that typically can't be hit, issues with Slimer, etc.
So, rate it extremely low then, right? Wrong. This is a fantastic pin once you take the time to adjust it to your personal likings. The sounds, light show, and flow are really good.
I can completely appreciate some not liking this game when playing on route. However, in a home environment, spend the time to lock it in and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as we do.
Besides, busting makes me feel good!
81 days ago
This game can be brutal to the novice player. With a little flipper and shot control it can be a really fun, fast paced game. The artwork is fantastic and the theme oozes. Fun little toys like slimer, the NYC subway, and the Scoleri brothers really deliver.
86 days ago
Very pretty machine with an AWESOME lightshow. Dots are cool and callouts are done well. Music is fine. Toys were real nice. Not a fan of the magna slings, primarily, the fact that they don't always seem to be on. Some hits to the slings will activate them, and other times, they don't. Maybe the switch wasn't gapped right. Or maybe they are not activated during a mode. Hard to tell. Ball likes to jump around a lot, sometimes right over the flippers. Right ramp is a PITA to get the ball all the way up, it seems to loose a lot of energy making that tight turn. Left orbit is real tight but make able. Left outlane was a gobbler, much worse than the right. Rules: seems like there is a lot to do but the wide flipper gap will probably keep many from seeing it.
3 months ago
The manga slings were an interesting homie, but are inferior to traditional slings. This will long term hurt this game. As with the pro, tight shots kill flow and the game feels like a brick fest. The rules still need work as of May of 2017.

On the plus side, the theme is amazing and the artwork is amazing.
3 months ago
Ok...I just got this machine but I have been playing a pro for the last few months and I have really enjoyed it. I never really felt robbed with a SDTM or outlane just challenges me to play better. It doesn't have the flow of a Richie game but it does move fast. I am still learning the game but I love to play it so there is that. I'm sure I'll update this as I play more.
4 months ago
This is my dream theme from my childhood! The art for this machine is incredible!! The audio is amazing!!'s just not fun! I have tried so hard to love this machine!! I still play it thinking, maybe this time I'll change my mind.
4 months ago
I really love this version so much better. I bought and returned a PRO version of the game after a month because i had the opportunity to play the premium playfield and immediately had buyers remorse. The varied ramps, improved playfield toys and the drop on the right side make a big difference. Dont get me wrong, the PRO version is GREAT, but the Premium / LE is another level all together. IT IS worth the difference in cost for this machine.
4 months ago
Waited so long for my GBLE and after playing it since new finally decided to sell it. Gets morning fast with the linear modes. Code is very weak and there is really nothing to do aside from start modes and chop wood. Sorry Stern you missed the mark on this much anticipated game. Selling mine for a $1000 loss and happy to be out.
4 months ago
Had the game A while now. extremely fun and addictive. Magna slings are great feature. Shots are all good and challenging. Great multiballs and hysteria is amazing. Highly recommend!!
4 months ago
I really, really wanted to like this one, but honestly I just haven't been able to get into it. I find the modes to be a bit confusing, and there seem to be way too many hyper-velocity SDTM drains. I do get the feeling that with enough practice, it will all come together, but I don't really see myself getting over that hump as long as there's something else to play nearby.

On the plus side, the sounds are absolutely amazing, and the theme is highly consistent and fun.
5 months ago
I want to like this game so bad. I love the theme but this thing is a drain monster on 4 different machines I've played in 4 different locations. I cant make sense of the rule set, and it is just frustrating every time I play it. Really unfortunate.
5 months ago
only the magna slings are great
5 months ago
good game
5 months ago
I absolutely love playing GB Prem. It's difficult and challenging. The lights and sounds are top notch! This game does require some tinkering to get it running perfectly, but it really is a fantastic pin!
5 months ago
This is a super fast and fun game with great effects on play-field and audio. It is so much fun!
6 months ago
This game can be so hard but it is so much fun to play over and over again!
6 months ago
Disappointed with my Ghostbusters. I love the theme and I like the art package. The playfield LOOKS cool. I've had the game a while and I've tried my best to dial it in, but it's just a clunker. Always malfunctioning, balls jumping, mechs going bad.. and the game code is just very poorly done. Feels rushed/unfinished. I love the topper though!
6 months ago
I'm not a fan. The outlanes and wide flipper gap make this game almost unplayable. Look at that gap! And not in a good way. I think this machine is very overrated. The theme and art package are great, but the playability greatly diminishes that. I really wanted to like it, even after several plays, but just can't get into the GB love that so many other people have.
6 months ago
Ghostbusters is a classic in the making- if and when the quality control can be locked down.

I'm not savvy with pin repairs- I just wanted to take it out of the box and play.
Unfortunately, with GB, I just couldn't do that.

Needed mods. Needed cliffys. Needed special coil power tuning. It goes on and on- even with the playfield ghosting issues basically resolved.

In the end, the game play was just too brutal for my collection- ended up trading it for a Hobbit which is more to my taste.
There are 114 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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