The Getaway: High Speed II (Williams, 1992)

The Getaway: High Speed II

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This game got 688 approved ratings and currently scores 7.966 out of 10 points.

This ranks the game #45 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.


Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 8.149

Artwork: 7.497

Sounds/Music: 7.694

Other Aspects: 8.167

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There are 240 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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13 days ago
Recently got HS2 on a trade. Perfect game to re-theme into a Disney Cars pin. Add a pinsound card, reprogram the sounds and add some Cars mods and its great! The original HS2 if fun, but the sounds/music get old after while. The game play is great! Simple to play hard to master!
32 days ago
Like many have said. A great game to get a quick pinball fix. Simple rule set, fast action. It's a great Classic with a good soundtrack and great sound effects.
40 days ago
Great one to stop and go. Not very deep. Quick game, cool fun factor. Just not cool enough to have in my living room. The story doesnt go deep enough for me. Plays smooth and overall ' one more'
50 days ago
FUN! One more game please!
69 days ago
Great game, once you learn the rules and know the shots...and if it is in well maintained condition . A great game for all ages and fun for all the family.
70 days ago
Great fun pin for all to play.
Looks good, sounds great.
73 days ago
When you want to bash it round fast, this is your game. Not the deepest of rules, but whatever you do, do it fast!
3 months ago
Annoying song by ZZ Top gets stuck in your head. It's fun hitting the supercharger, but for the price range, there are better options.
3 months ago
I like this "need for speed" type of theme. The game looks, plays and feels great. One of my favourites.
3 months ago
Not the best loooking machine, but very fun and addictive game. Ideal for the visit.
3 months ago
Well, it's another Steve Ritchie classic. So, the big question is... Which is better, High Speed or The Getaway? The answer is, it depends. High Speed infuriates me when I play it, the adrenaline flows. It's simple in that you know what you need to do, but much more challenging to actually do it. The hand/eye coordination is a must. High Speed really started a new era in pinball and it deserves its place in history as one of the finest. The Getaway however does have a deeper story, great sound, great animations, great flow and great gimmicks, but it just doesn't pump the adrenaline as much as High Speed. That's good. If The Getaway gave you a quick adrenaline fix like High Speed, then there would be no reason to have both. However, you really need to have both in your collection because although the playfields are very similar, these are very different games when it comes to play. Most will say that the '90s game is better because of the software/DMD and I agree. I like eye candy and a deeper story too. However, I just can't part with the High Speed because it definitely is a brutal classic that will always get you fired up in a hurry. If you need a quick pinball fix to make it through your day, then High Speed can't be beat. If you've got a bit more time to play, the Getaway does just that... it takes you away to an imaginary police chase under glass without all of the vehicle damage and jail time. And that ZZ Top La Grange soundtrack, how could you possibly sneer at that???
4 months ago
If you want stop and go, this is not the pin for you. If your looking for kick ass flow and Steve Ritchie flow then this is the machine you want. Going up in price everyday so go get one now !!
4 months ago
Is one of my prefered pins but it could be a little better, is fast and enjoyable...but a few details could make it be even better, like a better multiball system.
4 months ago
Just fun to play. Love the supercharger
5 months ago
I have owned this game for about two months and wanted to wait before ranking it.

Positives: plays fast, supercharger is awesome, great music, fun theme, cool artwork, great lighting, nice siren topper, favorite game for visitors in my collection. Also, even though I have only got the redline mania mode once, it was one of the best special modes that I have seen in any game.

Negatives: sometimes it is too fast and if you have a bad game, it is over too quickly; the jackpot shot is almost impossible.
5 months ago
I'm not a ZZ Top fan, but the music is oddly appropriate. Very much a Ritchie design with the middle shot from upper flipper. Hard shots all around that you can't be a little off on. I'd trade mine for something with a theme I prefer!
6 months ago
Love this machine. I'm a big fan of car themed machines and this is the best one available. The flashing police light and the urgency that the music and sounds provides, keeps me coming back for me. This is a machine I can never just play one game on. Once I start I have to play until I get the police chase at least once. The super charger is a great toy that works very well for this game.
7 months ago
Overall fun game with an excellent theme implementation.
7 months ago
Oh Steve! I love that Getaway is easy to explain to people. Even pinball newbs tend to like it. Yes, the rules are shallow... But it is so darn much fun that I don't care. Light the lights, and run from the cops! The entire balance of the game is just great.
7 months ago
Classic Steve Ritchie design. Gets fast at times. Supercharger is neat but just a spectator once ball is in it. Animated driver look like Hank Hill. Fun game in Pinball era when points still meant more than modes in pinball.
7 months ago
The Supercharger track is great!
7 months ago
Very fun, fast and adictive game.
Sound and music are incredible.
Supercharger is unique.
Artwork is comic style and I love it.
Cars, Cop out, fast and fun game, with an excelent toy, great lights... I really dont understand why is not not ten.
8 months ago
Fun, but range of shots is limited and ruleset is shallow. Doesn't take long to see all the game's features. A good game for introducing new players to pinball.
9 months ago
Was going to buy one that was in great shape at a decent price even though I never played it just from reviews luckily I didn't. I finally got to play several games on it but it just doesn't keep my interest. Seems like an older game from 87 or something. I have an F14 and that's a way better game. The flow just wasn't there for me. I didn't like the shots, a lot of air balls banging all over the place. Game just didn't do it for me, good for a few plays when ever you see it but I wouldn't want to own it.
10 months ago
Seriously fun game for a short blast. Shallow rule set but that always leaves you wanting just one more game like Iron Man and similar pins. It probably wouldn't make a great single pin to own but in a larger collection it really shines. The flashing beacon and multiball call outs are still among the best in pinball added with the awesome ZZ Top makes this a top 90's game.
There are 240 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 10.

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