The Getaway: High Speed II (Williams, 1992)

The Getaway: High Speed II

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Game design: 8.226

Artwork: 7.525

Sounds/Music: 7.771

Other Aspects: 8.23

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There are 279 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 days ago
Great game all around. Although gameplay can be a little repetitive to me it never gets old. Between the red light, speed loop and music it feels like a well balanced pin. One of my favorites and looks great with a color dmd.
9 days ago
High Speed II surprised me by how much fun it is. It's so freaking fast . . . seriously. A loop shot sends the ball SCREAMING back at the flippers. Keeps you on your toes, for sure. The supercharger is pretty cool too, and the jackpot sequence (when it counts down how many loops you need) gets your heart pumping if the volume is turned up enough. The artwork in general, though, is a bit lackluster. I was expecting a little more.

TLDR; great game except for the artwork. Would recommend.
15 days ago
Not very fun, the original High-speed is much better.
57 days ago
A real blast to play. Love the gear shifter. Really makes you feel like you are in a real car chase even more than high speed did. Seems like it could get old in a smaller collection though, but would still love to own one. Backglass looks excellent.
63 days ago
One of those machines that must be played if its in a collection. I love High Speed and this is just a little better in some respects. The Supercharger is a really cool gimmick that really draws you in. The backglass is a classic. Music and sound is excellent. Forever in the Top 100.
71 days ago
Game is a blast to play. Sold mine a couple of years ago and really miss it - I will be adding it back in the collection.
74 days ago
Although in theory this should be a better game than High Speed and I agree intellectually, that's just not how I feel in my gut. I guess in some cases less is more. That being said, The Getaway (HSII) is a solid and very enjoyable game. The art, sounds, and DMD animations all come together and there is something viscerally rewarding about hitting the supercharger. It some ways, HSII is an easier game than HS. With HS, a major strategy for high scores is to play multiball and collect the jackpots. With HSII, starting MB is made significantly easier in some ways in that you can lock balls from a trapped ball to the left orbit. Conversely, locking balls in HS is always a risky combo shot from the upper right flipper.

Considered alone, HSII is a great game that I would love to add to my game room, but for some reason it just hasn't made it to my official wish list yet.
77 days ago
I really love this game and play it whenever I see it on location. The turbo charger is an awesome mech, you have to see it to truly appreciate it. There is an inner loop and outer orbit shot that can be repeated for combos that is really satisfying. The music is ZZ Top's La Grange and is stellar! Add in the the flashing lights, police siren sounds, and the gear shift and you've got a great game.
78 days ago
ZZ Top's music is a pretty key element of this game and fits very well. It's simple, fast and easy to figure out - the perfect antidote to a JJP machine. Not better or worse, but always fun and endlessly popular with my non-pinball friends.
79 days ago
It is a constant in my collection and on location. The number of people that have played Getaway a thousand times and will still post up and put $5 in it on a regular blows me away. It has an immense presence in the pinball community and it's simplicity and perfectly laid out shots are timeless. Hard to believe you can make High Speed better but they succeeded.
80 days ago
Great party pinball. Fast gameplay and good flow that can be extremely satisfying. The beacon, gear switch and super charger add to the party flair. Always a good play on location in combination with a beer. Rather short ball times also make it fun to play in a group.It does not have a deep rule set and I doubt it would last long in a private collection unless you like to party a lot at home :)
3 months ago
One of my favorite games without question!! “I’ll be right over honey, just one more game!!” I love the layout and the rules of this games. The biggest issue regarding Getaway is the art, it needs to be redone!
3 months ago
People might argue that this one is sort of shallow and repetitive - I don't think so. It's just pure fun - sure, it's not too complex, but it's challenging anyway to get high scores. I really love the theming, everything goes together so well - it's ecstatic, wild and "loud" - it really delivers fast paced action. If you get the jackpot, red line mania, the machine freaks out. I also love the physical movement that comes from the turbocharger, it makes the game feel quite alive. For me, one of the best tables ever made. I guess I will never be able to sell it unless I'm starving.
3 months ago
Was not expecting to like this game as much as I did. End of the night, waiting on friends to leave and figured I’d try it, very happy I did. The game plays fast and with the engine sounds it is themed really well. There are limited ramps but they are easy to hit so it’s often that you’re doing laps and increasing your speed which is fun. Love the mechanism in the middle that zings the ball around the track, pretty satisfying. The lighting is themed and fits, but the green yellow red is a bit jarring to stare at if you’re having a good game.I like the music, but definitely repetitive. Good game, plan to play it again.
3 months ago
Nostalgia definitely plays a role in my feelings for this machine. That being said I find it extremely fun for players of all skill levels. Shots are pretty basic but the rules are deep enough to keep even high skilled players challenged.
4 months ago
gets old VERY quickly.
4 months ago
Let me start off by saying I am a car guy. So the theme is right up my alley.
I had a HS and the only way that game left my home was for a HS2. Whats not to like with this game. Simple ruleset. Difficult shoots. Awesome light show. Just simple fun pinball.
4 months ago
Game is not hard to figure out.....but what a great game to play. Supercharger is a great feature. I love locking balls. The dots, sounds, and shots make this game a classic. Great in a larger or smaller collection
5 months ago
Shift Gear!
sound quality is a little too low for my taste. Other than that - plays great.
5 months ago
Pros - a fast game with a well integrated theme. Good overall sound package although the music is just ok, The gear shift is fun and the supercharger is a cool feature - especially when you get more than one ball whirling around. The siren topper caps it off very nicely. Good rules overall and good objectives. A fun game that gets the blood pumping!
6 months ago
A Steve Ritchie favorite.
6 months ago
Really fun game that gets a lot of attention in our collection. The ramps are really cool. The backglass artwork is mediocre but overall this is a top tier game.
7 months ago
Played a machine on location that was in dire need of maintenance. The mis-matched flippers were weak, the upper flipper would stick, the jet bumpers were under-sensitive, and it kept losing track of the third ball during multiball. But somehow it was still fun! Repeating the upper loop is satisfying, and sending the ball through the big outer loop gets the play going fast. It's relatively simple especially compared to the latest games, but that's not a criticism. Hoping to find and play one that's in in better condition.
7 months ago
I honestly don't get the high rating for this game. Theme is mediocre and game play is mediocre, My only explanation for its high rating is some rate it that way because they remember playing it growing up.

Very overrated pinball machine.
8 months ago
Played the hell out of this game for years in a little burger joint in California. I love the "scoop" loop and the shifting gears. Great music and sound effects. Video mode! Easy rule set and a fun play. I may add this to my wishlist for sentimental reasons.. Dananana....SHIFT GEARS...
There are 279 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 12.

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