The Getaway: High Speed II (Williams, 1992)

The Getaway: High Speed II

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Game design: 8.22

Artwork: 7.542

Sounds/Music: 7.784

Other Aspects: 8.228

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Found 261 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 261 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 days ago
Let me start off by saying I am a car guy. So the theme is right up my alley.
I had a HS and the only way that game left my home was for a HS2. Whats not to like with this game. Simple ruleset. Difficult shoots. Awesome light show. Just simple fun pinball.
19 days ago
Game is not hard to figure out.....but what a great game to play. Supercharger is a great feature. I love locking balls. The dots, sounds, and shots make this game a classic. Great in a larger or smaller collection
51 days ago
Shift Gear!
sound quality is a little too low for my taste. Other than that - plays great.
52 days ago
Pros - a fast game with a well integrated theme. Good overall sound package although the music is just ok, The gear shift is fun and the supercharger is a cool feature - especially when you get more than one ball whirling around. The siren topper caps it off very nicely. Good rules overall and good objectives. A fun game that gets the blood pumping!
56 days ago
A Steve Ritchie favorite.
69 days ago
Really fun game that gets a lot of attention in our collection. The ramps are really cool. The backglass artwork is mediocre but overall this is a top tier game.
87 days ago
Played a machine on location that was in dire need of maintenance. The mis-matched flippers were weak, the upper flipper would stick, the jet bumpers were under-sensitive, and it kept losing track of the third ball during multiball. But somehow it was still fun! Repeating the upper loop is satisfying, and sending the ball through the big outer loop gets the play going fast. It's relatively simple especially compared to the latest games, but that's not a criticism. Hoping to find and play one that's in in better condition.
3 months ago
I honestly don't get the high rating for this game. Theme is mediocre and game play is mediocre, My only explanation for its high rating is some rate it that way because they remember playing it growing up.

Very overrated pinball machine.
4 months ago
Played the hell out of this game for years in a little burger joint in California. I love the "scoop" loop and the shifting gears. Great music and sound effects. Video mode! Easy rule set and a fun play. I may add this to my wishlist for sentimental reasons.. Dananana....SHIFT GEARS...
4 months ago
Fun Game.
4 months ago
What a fun fast game. deep enough for any pinballer, absolutely killer with LED'S, as with any pinball must be operating 100% to get full satisfaction. such a great game, people rant about games in the top ten, but in my opinion this game is right up there with the best of them. Ball on the flippers action is fast and relentless, the kickback is awesome and very much needed in my case :). the only thing that slows the game down is the supercharger, but, imho i need that break from the action. The animation mode is fairly simple but pretty damn cool, this game is the complete package and i think deserves its place in the top 20 and never any lower, if not even the top 10 i like it better than say 'wh20'FH'IJ'CFTBL' really you will be surprised at how much this game is geared :) towards the player of pure pinball.
4 months ago
I definitely DO NOT see the appeal of High Speed II over the original...
I played it and it was an alright game, but the shots didn't seem any fun and it was a little boring in my opinion.
Maybe I just didn't understand the game but it just didn't do it for me.
The shifter shooter was a neat gimmick and it was sorta cool how shifting played into the game. Still just didn't seem to have shots I really liked at all. I almost got a replay 3 times in a row, only a million off. So I was playing it pretty well it seems.
4 months ago
Oddly enough, when highly ranked players come to my arcade, 9 times out of 10 they head straight for Getaway. Its a classic, fast flowing shots and easy to follow rules.
5 months ago
For a sequel game, I think this one is great. Takes the great elements of HighSpeed and bumps it up several notches with a WPC system -- better rules, sounds, etc. For a Steve Ritchie game, this is one of his best. Three flippers, great flowing loops, and a wonderful toy with the super charger.
5 months ago
It's ok!
6 months ago
Simple rule set, super fun to play. Awesome theme, perfect design and execution on this.
6 months ago
This game is basically a remake of it's 80's counterpart. The rule set is too basic. The game play is fast and fun. Not a very deep game. Definitely an operators game, not so much for home use.
6 months ago
This game is just pure fun. Fast, brutal, simple and addictive.
One of the best for multiplayer games. Jackpot and Super Jackpot are very rewarding. It's a must have in a collection, a true Ritchie classic.
Make sure the flippers are strong and the up/down ramp is well tuned.
7 months ago
FUN fun fun, the favorite for the guest, always fun to play.
7 months ago
One Of my absolute favorites! Soon i Will have my own hopefully!
9 months ago
Amazing pinball
9 months ago
This is 1 addictive game and one of steve's finest player pins !! Fast and furious and keeps me coming back for more
9 months ago
This is a nice game with a fun video mode and nifty flashing lights. This would be a fun game to own. I don't get the shifter thing..Maybe the location I am playing isn't working properly.
10 months ago
This is my first pinball, I love it, I am biased big car and racing fan! With LED kit and some blue LED spots on the play field this game looks very current. The weight and feel of the 90s Williams/Bally games are special! From the video mode, supercharger, 3rd flipper, gear shifter/shifting in game play, cops chasing with red flasher and the ZZ Top sound Track this is a car lovers dream machine. I would highly recommend The Getaway to anyone who loves cars and pinball! The only downside is finding a great working machine because of its age but they are out there.
I have the pinball bug now and looking at another already very addicting hobby but in a good way!
10 months ago
I made this a fun pinball but dropped a few numbers because of the similar designs used yet again..the spring launcher is cool though
There are 261 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 11.

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