Game Of Thrones (Pro) (Stern, 2015)

Game Of Thrones (Pro)

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9 days ago
Simply a blast to play and it never gets old.. Challenging every time..Plays fast and nice art package..A true keeper
17 days ago
This game has extremely complex rules and a very boring layout. Which makes it both confusing, and boring. I'd probably spend more time on it if the artwork was not just photo cut outs of all the actors. I feel like some of these 'movie/tv show' themed tables just look like a big 'scrapbook' some super fan put together from magazine clippings.
22 days ago
Great Ritchie game.
Deep and strategic rules set
Beautifull utilisation of LED colorchanging
I want to play again and again and again ...
My favorite Ritchie game with star trek
34 days ago
I do not own it but play it everytime I am at the barcade. I really enjoy the play and interactive feel.
64 days ago
not a bad job for a pinball game..has a different feel
68 days ago
It's Ok but I don't think there is anything particularly interesting or original about it unfortunately. The whole machine was kind of light so I found myself tilting it a lot. I think it will age rather poorly as the build is a bit flimsy and the theme will be yesterdays news when the next big TV show comes along. Perhaps if you had it at home for a while you could really get into it but I was like others pretty confused about what was going on. On location it was pretty brutal. It just didn't have the fun factor that classic games such as Addams or White Water have. Perhaps the dark theme doesn't help.
79 days ago
I've tried several times to like this game. I want to like this game. I love the books and the series. Unfortunately the way they did the art feels childish, like someone got hold of a bunch of clip art and spammed it everywhere. The rules aren't well explained. The DMD is shamefully bad. The upper playfield is interesting, the shots are okay and the flow is fine, but I find the whole to be uninspired. I expected something more like The Hobbit or LoTR but this just doesn't come close.
87 days ago
Game of Thrones (pro) can be a bit confusing at first with the deep rule set but once I understood what was going on it made me appreciate the game at a different level. I love the many different strategies you can employ when playing this pin, I have owned the GoT for a couple months now and I am still learning new things. The only negative thing I could say is that the playfield artwork is not very creative and looks pretty bland to me. However, I love the theme, lastability and fun.
3 months ago
"You uh up?" makes us laugh. It's a fairly simple ramp game, but still worth playing. The layout would probably work without the theme.
3 months ago
I like the show but didn't think I would like the game. The game field looked kind of boring but I do like the strategy needed in this game
3 months ago
Had been looking forward to playing this machine for a while. Boy was I disappointed. I played probably 10 games on it across 2 occasions. The ball flow just felt horrible. Tons of SDTMs, clunky feel, and quite boring quickly. I so wanted to like this machine too. Enjoyed GB so much more.
3 months ago
Game of Thrones (Pro (and Premium)) has some of the most complicated rules sets that I've seen on a game in a long while. Which House should you play as? Which Houses should you go to battle with, and when? Right before Blackwater MB or save it for Hand of the King? To really squeeze all the points out of this game requires an abacus and a good memory. However, when it comes down to the actual game play, the shots are boring, flat, and not very entertaining. The Dragon kick out is surprising but usually survivable, but the Battering Ram is pure death. The only time you can really let loose and play is when the ball save is on during a multiball. Everything else is flip and pray that you don't hit a stand up or get a ramp / toy reject. I like that the rules keep this game interesting and add a sort of calculated approach to pinball that is seldom as complex as GoT. But, the kinematics are blah; the shots feel very binary - you either make the shot or die. Nothing real fun on the table either - seems like it is best for tournament play, not for casual games.

I'd like to own a GoT Pro (not a fan of the Premium) just so that I can learn to master all the ways to progress through the modes. However, I could probably have just as much fun with the game's manual and rule sheet.

Give it a shot, but hire an expert to go with you so you understand what your options are.
3 months ago
I really wanted to like this pin, but it's another recycled miss from stern. Of course I love the theme but not much else. Extremely tough. Shots aren't that great. Rule set is sightly above average and it lacks any real toys that draw you into the game. I'll play it at an arcade time to time but it's not on my wishlist for sure
4 months ago
Really cool theme. Choosing your house and completing the missions is a lot of fun. Great little features that keep you engaged. The voice callouts are great too. If you are a fan of the series you will like this pin. The game rewards fast gameplay in almost all of the modes/missions. Buying stuff with gold is great and the prize reel via the pop bumper area is enjoyable. The artwork leaves a little to be desired.I think this needs another code update because the scoring seems totally out of wack. Big points is worth one million.. should be worth 10... Individual shots/points should be worth way more. This is a high scoring game so why are certain shots and switches worth so little?
4 months ago
Love the show. Don't like the machine.
5 months ago
Had to update my rating after finally getting to play a Pro. This model is way more fun to play, it feels more like a complete game without all that other nonsense they threw on top of the Premium/LE, the shots are way more rewarding, it's faster, more exciting, and I really didn't want to stop playing it at all. I could probably play this thing 5-10 hours straight and not get bored just to get deep into it and go for a high score. I will be back for more. The Premium/LE, I tried that a good 8-10 games and just couldn't get into it. The Pro model got ahold of me right away in all the good ways. It's as fun, fast and exciting as Metallica Pro and Iron Man. Playfield artwork was nice but could have been a bit more Hi Res, but that's a Stern thing it seems and it still looks pretty good overall.
5 months ago
Simple & straightforward shots that you must make if you want to get anywhere in the game. Game gets a bad rap for looking a bit bland and being a bit light on theme integration. I'd consider owning this again one day.

It pairs well with the tough shots found on Ghostbusters Pro. I would play one machine and then do well on the other too.
5 months ago
A well done Stern game

A good and interesting layout by Steve Ritchie.

The game rules are good but a bit too easy.
I just played a short game on location and scored over 1 billon.

The game has not enough toys on it. The only things that it has are the dragon, the throne and the sword
And in my opinion the sword assembly is the improved but imitated Lord of the Rings lock assembly.

The game plays excellent. The ramp shots play very well.

The artwork on the playfield is the best part of artwork on the game, though it is "photoshopped", at least it fits to the theme. The cabinet artwork is insufficent. The backglass is ok.

The sounds, music and quality is good.

The game lightning is amazing. The colorchanging LEDs are used great. All the different colors, and the lightshows in the multiball.

The game is a little repetetive, but it still is good fun.
5 months ago
Far superior to the Premium/LE, it has much better flow and visibility to the top of the playfield. The depth in the rules and the different approaches you can take to the game via selection of house at the start mean that I am still enjoying this game greatly 12m on.
5 months ago
The game is fast fun in a box . not the greatest art package But all the elements of pinball merge into a bliss of fantastic shooting pleasure. Lights , color changing on a pro is awesome . the flow is furious. Thank goodness for the few times it slows play in the fast and furious pyramid kickback area under the Cool mechanical dragon . You choose prizes and or a video mode . If you like the show and you like pinball , the Pro is a good/great choice . I have many LE/premium models now and in past but the Pro on this one is the true champion .
6 months ago
Such an awesome game once you learn some strategy and plan your moves. The scoring on hand of the king should be turned down some (just some as it's well deserved for beating half the game) and the scoring should be turned up for iron throne and iron throne really needs to be more complete and at least have an option to end without draining.

On the other side the art is not good. Alt translite helps but that playfield will look ugly for life. The cab is ok but would benefit from a more fantasy based concept art used for the show. Licensing im sure played a role in the art and i will let it slide because the shots both fronthand and backhand make sense and flow so nicely. I love magnets in games and thought i would be sad not to see one in here but i was not. It would slow down the pace of this long player. The ball serve is fantastic on a short plunge and what you are doing changes constantly.

Excellent rules really make this a winner. It does get easy for the advanced player but iron throne is not easy. Enjoy
7 months ago
If you like Game of Thrones, I think you'll like this pin a lot. As for me, I just wasn't feeling it. I thought it was a bit hard to hit some targets and well, I never watched the show so I didn't know what I was doing.
7 months ago
Awesome game. Not sure why so many people bash it (any version of it). You have to play it a while to understand it. I think it offers a lot in game play and depth. There is a lot to do with houses, hand of the king, etc. I do have to say, the premium is a superior game in everyday. the castle, colored lights do a make a difference. Plus, the premium playfield being blue and the back glass look a lot better than the pro and limited versions.

A lot of folks write how much better the pro is. It's not. The premium has more going on and more variation. In any case, it's still a far better game than so many old school games everyone raves about that hold your attention about 5 minutes.
7 months ago
Another Stern with a great ruleset.

Once you get your head around the rules, the gameplay is addictive.

Flashers can permanently damage your retinas during Winter is Coming though. :)
8 months ago
I really like this game but I am a fan of the show too. The gameplay is really well put together with a lot of great shots. I like the freedom to choose your own modes in the beginning of the game which can really vary the outcomes. Overall I would say it's one of the best games put out by stern, with SM, Tron, LOTR, etc
There are 82 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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