Game of Thrones (Premium/LE) (Stern, 2015)

Game of Thrones (Premium/LE)

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Game design: 8.099

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35 days ago
Played it a few times and I couldn't get into it. I really tried to give it a chance compared to the Pro, but the upper play field makes little sense to me. Check out the pro!
45 days ago
I own a pro and I have played the LE. To me the LE lacks flow and the upper playfield takes away from the game because it hides where your shots go. I don't feel like it adds much to the game as much as it hinders it. Still a very good game but I think they sacrificed gameplay for gimmicks.
60 days ago
What a let down......Best damn show on TV ever.....worst Fan Shape Layout on a pinball ever.
74 days ago
GOT is one of the best modern Stern games. It's strength is in the code. Lots of interesting strategy decisions. The upper playfield is weak, but could be improved if Castle MB was given more points. I prefer the Pro at this point.
3 months ago
It's a solid game but the shots aren't satisfying for me. I'm not sure if that's poor design or a lack of skill on my part but I can never seem to get into it. I love the Game of Thrones theme song and the rules are easy to understand. Just missing that "it" factor for me.
3 months ago
Never watched the show but the game is awesome.
4 months ago
Great sounds, themes and overall connection to the show. A lot of fun
4 months ago
The video mode is terrible. Everything else is great.
4 months ago
Another Ritchie masterpiece. The depth of strategy in the game is amazing and it's a well suited pin for home players. Start modes right away, go for locks, build your playfield multiplier, how do you start? Owning the game gives you plenty of time and options to figure it out. Great shots, fun backhands, and high risk/high reward type shots gives this game a unique feel. Playfield artwork is sub-par, but the LE backglass and side art is an amazing piece of hand painted fantasticness.
4 months ago
I kept trying to play this game and just couldn't get into it. IMHO it's a drain machine but a neat idea.
5 months ago
A true modern classic! The playfield of this machine is littered a huge variety of shots to go for, wildly different strategies and many paths to a high-score. It may be overwhelming the first few runs, but once you get a fairly good grasp of the ruleset you will love this machine. Also captures the theme of the series really well, and the sound effects are quite epic!
5 months ago
Total miss on the theme. Upper playfield is a clunkfest. Pro is way better.
6 months ago
Not fun at all, I don't find any of the shots rewarding, the upper play field looks out of place, the inserts are too large, play field art is crappy looking, just not appealing to me at all. I tried to like it and can't.
6 months ago
So many different ways to play never gets old.
6 months ago
A well done Stern game

A great layout by Steve Ritchie. The miniplayfield is an amazing idea.

The game rules are good but a bit too easy.
I just played a short game on location and scored over 1 billon.

The games amount of gimmicks is good. But just because of the interactive throne.

In my opinion the sword assembly is the improved but imitated Lord of the Rings lock assembly.

The game plays excellent. The ramp shots play very well.

The playfield artwork is good, though it is a "photoshopped". The cabinet and backglass artwork is good, in contrast to the artwork of the Pro version

The sounds, music and quality is good.

The game lightning is amazing. The colorchanging LEDs are used great. All the different colors, and the lightshows in the multiball.

The game is a little repetetive, but it still is good fun.
6 months ago
Great game.
8 months ago
I've owned my LE for nearly a year now and it's my go-to game if I want a longer, more challenging game to play (that or my LOTR). The rule set allows you to approach from different angles to achieve the best score - and when you get toward the Hand of the King you can really blow the score up.

There aren't enough useful rules written yet to utilize the upper playfield to any great extent, but I hope that will eventuate soon.

Sound on the Spike system is loud and enjoyable, with enough call-outs to not be too repetitious. Music is appropriate, lighting can be blinding, but integrated well with the shaker during multiball.
8 months ago
Like both pro and premium versions. But premium wins out for me. I just think the castle adds a lot to the game play. I'm not sure why so many people bash the game. Rules are deep and the game does take a while to understand.
8 months ago
The pro is far superior, the dumb upper playfield slows things down, it doesn't add much to the game and makes it hard to see the upper lanes. I like the blue art package.
9 months ago
This game grows on you. It has seen more and more playing time in my household.
9 months ago
The thing about this one is: Study the difficult rules! Though I don't get all the exact score-rules for every house-mode, this is my favorite Stern years - but just since I know the rules. Every time I finished, I want to play again, because to get to the end, to sit finally on the iron throne is so difficult, but then the show is just awsome...!!!
9 months ago
I've owned GOT premium long enough now to rate it. This game is a blast to play! Games have gotten longer the more I've played it. It's at the point where I'll turn it on for one or two good games, then turn it off. Looong play times. That can be good or bad depending on your perspective. The one serious defect in this game right now is that the left orbit diverter arm has never been fixed by Stern. The last code update now has a menu option to disable the diverter arm. There are potential fixes out there if you're willing to partially strip down the playfield. Not uncommon to start 3-4 different multiballs during a game now - when I first got it, I only knew how to start one of them (BWMB). I have small kids (5-6). They love pinball and love the theme of GOT. However, the rules are too complicated for them. They just wanna get to a multiball, and that's difficult on this table for kids.
9 months ago
The playfield is almost boring it is so empty. The complexity of the rule set is ridiculous to the point that this game only belongs in the home. So why is this game great? Not sure but it is, and it does redeem itself after a week or so of learning to love that open playfield with so few fun gimmicks - eschewing the obvious for the feel of a board game. It rewards your patience.
10 months ago
I really enjoyed this pin. Yes the play field art is not great, but it didn't matter while playing. I like how well lit the game. It is a fan layout, but has some good toys to interact wth. The moving dragon is cool and so is the battering ram.
10 months ago
This Game is epic!

What I love:

-Long ball times
-small playfield is very well done and functional
-With the RGB leds lighting has gone to a whole new level. Others said it below as well: it can be almost too much :):) Great light show
-In combination with a shaker and the dragon there are really cool efffects
-Missions are simple but there is so much to do. Great rules!!

-Sad, sad sad animations. Just like all the other Sterns lately. Some movie clips that are rendered on dot-matrix. You can't make anything of it. Booh!!
-Orbit is kind of flawed, even if you make a solid shot if often doesn't end up in the VUK or at the diverter.
-Aweful playfield artwork like all of the Sterns (except ghostbusters and metallica). Cheap pixely prints of the plastics.

But the gameplay makes all up for this. It is great.
I've seen some complaints about the mini playfield hiding a lot of area, but I can't see why that is a problem.
There are 90 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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