FunHouse (Williams, 1990)


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Other Aspects: 8.393

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Found 322 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 322 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 day ago
One of the classics. Buy one.
21 days ago
Overall a bit lacking, but definitely a classic. The "pinmation" leaves a real impression, and the theme just works. It always feels good to smack Rudy in the mouth or force a pinball down his throat after the funhouse closes.
23 days ago
I fail to see why this is so highly regarded but the play field setup looks awesome.
28 days ago
Like this game...mostly for the nice theme and ofcourse....Rudy!
34 days ago
Disclaimer: Clowns give me the creeps. Fun Houses, Carnivals, and Circuses are not my thing. Rudy has always given me nightmares. But the Giant Pinball-Swallowing Head, complete with sound effects, combined with a really nicely balanced set of shots and play rules, makes this the acme of the early Pat Lawlor design era (pre-dot-matrix). I owned this long enough to know it was going to be a keeper (and sold it, again, due to a coastal move that required major downsizing, not because of any fault of the machine). I may not want to own it again -- see also, Clowns Give Me the Creeps -- but when I introduced my kids to it at a show they were all over it and barely noticed the more modern machines nearby. If that's not a ringing endorsement as a Classic, I don't know what is.
40 days ago
Well, you either love or hate this game.

I love it, my wife hate it :) .

Its Pat Lawlor groundbreaking game if you ask me, this game changed pin world forever. Introducing Rudy is something new and unique to pin world when came out.

He did amazing job overthere.

Game have a lot of fun and also hate factor :) , Rudy laugh wheb you lose make me break this pin haha :).Joking ofc.

Very nice playfield , game flow and also game not that easy to beat. Maybe hardest pin i played in my life . I guess if you crush this pin you can crush any other dmd machine ;).

Great callouts, a lot of fun with rudy , challenging ramps, nice multiball , nice gameflow , still as i said hard game for novice players and they maybe not like and enjoy game . Thats only downside of this pin.

Legendary and historic pin as i said.

i am just a fan of pins , i am not pro player, love this hobby (love to play pinballs) and every review is based on my personal feeling and emotion. I am in this game only for FUN and to have stress free ;).
4 months ago
I really like this game and added it to my collection to have a "pre-dmd" game and because I loved playing it when I was younger. It had then and still has that "I wanna come back and kick Rudy's ass" feeling. To me his call outs never get old - I love how his eyes and mouth move - best play field toy. I guess compared to the more modern games the rules are shallow and I really like what the DMD brings to games. However this is "my" beginning pinball experience as I am not interested in the older EM machines. I like games that have something different and having the left plunger is fun to try and hit that skill shot - similar to TZ ball launch. My game was done by a fellow pinsider and has cool lights along the back that tie into the game, nice side blades and other enhancements like color bumper caps so bring the entire game more alive.
4 months ago
How can you look at Rudy and not see equal parts adorable and terrifying? I really like this one!
4 months ago
A fan favorite for a reason. Though games of this era aren't terribly deep, I find myself drawn to FH whenever I see it in the wild and the story behind the rules is more than serviceable. Ruddy is probably the best toy ever put in a pinball machine and the shots all feel good. Overall a great pin, though I am skeptical of value for the price it seems to be commanding lately.
5 months ago
this ranks as a old school favorite anyway...
5 months ago
Such a great game. Challenging, yet rewarding. Love the lighting and build up to midnight. Great shots. And Rudy, the coolest toy in pinball. There's nothing like just missing a shot, losing your ball and being taunted and made fun of. Definitely makes you want to play again and again. Was on the fence when purchasing this game (only played on pinball arcade) but so glad I did. A family favorite.
6 months ago
Fun classic here, easily the machine that has made me laugh the most while playing. Strict ballsave make it frustrating at times, and the shot for making alot of score (the top left flipper) can be frustrating at times, otherwhise a really fun game with the funniest character I've ever seen in a pinball-machine!
6 months ago
FunHouse is a kooky, often creepy middling game that is basically a filler table for FEC's. The right scoop is annoying and the shots feel clunky and often pointless. This is a miss for Williams and a rare miss for Lawlor and DeMar - should be called DullHouse.

Put a quarter in it if you're stranded on a desert island without any coconuts to play with.
7 months ago
I have owned funhouse for several year and have no plans to part with it. Some feel the theme is creepy because of Rudy but I feel that is the best part. Many who play it at my house are very amuse by it and want to play it over and over. This is one of my favorite pins. It is collectible and makes for a nice game room pin. The colors are vibrant, the sounds and music are appropriate. The call outs are funny. Overall a great pin.
8 months ago
Great pinball, undoubtedly the best product ever made before the advent of the Dot Matrix; in my view remains the best pinball created by the genius coupled Youssy Lawler.
8 months ago
Funhouse blazed a lot of trails for things to come in pinball.

Things that make Funhouse memorable to me:
Smacking Rudy's face with the ball
The build-up to midnight when the music tempo gets faster and the light show builds your excitement.
Fast pace with rewarding shots.

It is a keeper
8 months ago
This game is just like title says a lot of fun .lots of shots good flow Rudy's really cool . Love this game lots of fun !
9 months ago
Funhouse is Fun!!! Not only is it very entertaining to watch Rudy talk, but it is extremely addicting. This is one of Pat Lawlor's grand slam machines.
10 months ago
Really nice pinball machine. Lots of fun!
10 months ago
I know what people like this game so much. It's the first for many features that were to come. My problem is that although this was the first, it's just not perfected like the later games in the generation. Play it to understand the history but go get a later pin.
10 months ago
my absolute favorite pinball.
10 months ago
I had this game in my house growing up. Really fun game.
11 months ago
My 1st Pin! Absolutely one of the best out there! Great light display,sounds, keeps you coming back for more.
1 year ago
RUDY! Best playfield toy ever IMO. I just love this game, especially Rudy taunting you as you play. Great fun and I can't wait to own this title again.
1 year ago
One of the best games from this era. Just an overall really fun game with a great theme.
There are 322 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 13.

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