Full Throttle (Heighway Pinball, 2015)

Full Throttle

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Found 32 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 32 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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41 days ago
Recently purchased this game without first playing it. As others have said, it's fast...real fast...and that's good.

The workmanship on this cabinet, playfield, electronics and artwork is top-notch. For the money it's hard to put out the money for a new Stern with this one priced right in between the Pro and Premium and being so much nicer. The bling factor on this is right up their with Jersey Jack's lineup. The BackBox looks a little out of place in a lineup of traditional pins but I haven't seen very many collections without some games looking out of place.

The rules are not overly deep but with shorter ball times, the game doesn't have to be. I like the ability to stack your 2 ball MB's by completing the Ramps, Orbits, Center Shots or by hitting the Bike 5X. If you start one of the MB's, you might find yourself starting 2 more MB's and have 6 balls raining down on you quickly...great fun!

The other major part of the game is the Bike Challenges and is activated by hitting the center scoop once you've lit RACE. I like how the targets turn red (ramps, orbits and center lane) and keep changing as the race goes on. You advance by hitting the lit lane as long as it's red...don't hit the blue or your opponent over takes you.

You also have a Full Throttle MB to achieve by locking the balls. And did I mention hitting the pop bumpers a number of times multiplies your playfield points by 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X and 6X. You can collect the extra Gears and apply it by hitting the Launch/Plunger button when you think it will pay off best. I believe this is only applied for a period of 10secs but I'm pretty sure that can be extended in your features if you feel it isn't enough.

The Fast Lap Orbit is a gas. First time hitting it was a blast with it quickly...and I mean super quickly, wrapping around to the left flipper. Every now and then I get lucky and hit that shot 2 or 3 times in a row...what a blast!

This is a great game of high adrenaline with relatively short ball times (most under 3 minutes). It's a game where you can play multi players and not sit around forever while a buddy puts in a 10 minute marathon ball.

Did I mention short ball times. This can be frustrating at times. New players tend to play a couple of games and quit. This is for a player with quick reflexes and who appreciates quick drains when shots aren't made well or missed all together.

The code is a little immature for the potential of this game. I would like the ability to customize the game to my liking regarding save times on the MB's and Races. You will find yourself wondering why they don't have more call-outs, bigger selection of music and more entertaining videos. I have the 27" screen on the backbox and it seems very underutilized. There's rumor that once they've caught up with their Alien orders, Heighway will spend more time on updating the code for FT...fingers crossed.

The acrylic habitrail is a big part of this game. It makes me nervous that there is so much potential for this thing breaking in the future. If one becomes unavailable like history has proven with other manufacturers, this game is pretty much useless. Would have instead liked to have seen a chromed habitrail to better fit with a racing theme along with having the longevity to match the rest of the games build.

Be prepared to take your game apart and adjust the odd thing. Some orbits are too tight and rattle out far too often. I needed to widen my left Orbit so I could make that shot a bit more reliably. Unfortunately, it seems to have made the Skill Shot around the left Orbit go straight down the middle...needs a bit more tweaking...Grrr.

I feel that the flipper action needs to be tweaked as well before getting your full entertainment value. Heighway has given plenty of settings for changing your flipper power and performance such as strength, delay and hold times. I personally removed the Orange Super Bands on the flippers and posts and replaced this with less-thick red rubbers. The game still looks great but is far less bouncy. With the Default Super Bands, you have very little chance of ever catching the ball on an already very difficult game to do so.

Shots generally need to be made on the fly. It's not easy to control the ball as it is usually flying around at ridiculous speeds and as I've said; catching the ball is very difficult. You need to put in several games before you have a chance of hitting shots on the fly. This game is all flow and not intended to stop and go like many Bally/Williams games so if that's your style, you may not like this game.

Generally, many shots feeding the flippers are too fast to hit the ramps with accuracy and therefor rattle and fall out...this can get frustrating. The right Orbit is a good example of a very difficult shot to hit on the fly as the flipper doesn't have the power to hit it accurately due to it being at the start of the flipper stroke. But when things are working, hitting the SWEET SPOT on the ramps and orbits is very rewarding...especially during a Race.

Great fun if you like a challenge. Don't drink too many beer and think you're going to do well on this game, you won't! The sound coming out of this Pin with the upgraded bass speaker along with a built in Lepai Amp, is fantastic for being stock. The game is fast and with music and sound that rumbles in your hands, it adds to the theme nicely. When you make your shots, this can be one of the most rewarding and exhilarating games you'll ever play.
71 days ago
The fastest wide body game in history. The right ramp is poorly designed, and makes it difficult to hit consistently without constant tweaking. The theme is weak. Overall, it's fast and chaotic. Definitely worth giving it a shot.
5 months ago
Played the LE at EAG 2017. The more I understand the rules, the more I realise what a good game it is!
5 months ago
Fast and fun! Takes a while to get used to the screen in the playfield, but once you do it is a great feature. Playfield is enormous and there is an amazing amount of shots. Build quality is first class.
6 months ago
I played an early version of this machine. Bad flow ball got stuck many times. The figure kept falling apart. I hope they play better now. Liked the dual displays a bit confusing though. Kinda had a cheap look and feel, bad flow. Game is not for me.
6 months ago
Great game, exited to follow this developer in the future. Ofcourse the pins will have a place in my collection.
6 months ago
Fast flowing (the fastest?) wide body game with great shots, challenging rules and pure fun! Great party game as well. Highly recommended!!
7 months ago
A very good pin... Has nice art, (Although not as good as Ghostbusters), and pretty good callouts!
The layout and rules are what i really like about this pin.. You really must think about how to play the challenges.. ( Both the races and the challenges are pretty fun to play...)

A very good first pin for a new company!
8 months ago
im alittle biased since i like the theme. i havent played it much but what i did id consider owning one if it was around $4k
9 months ago
The game is quite good, by the under playfield build quality is poor.
10 months ago
Super fun game , still early on code , that will improve with time . Fast , flows well , ramps are hard to hit , so when you can hit them repeatedly it's very satisfying . Love the lcd screens , and the backlit side art . Swappable playfields will be awesome and more games come out . Very happy with this game . i constantly read that the theme sucks, but I've played and loved a lot of pins over the years where the theme means nothing to me .
10 months ago
The fastest wide body I've played, excellent game.
11 months ago
Played extensively at PAGG a few months back. For being Heighway's first pin, they really did a great job! This game is a blast to play

Others have posted more in-depth reviews, so I'll be brief here. Simply put, it's the fasting playing wide body I've ever seen. Just like a racing themed game should be, there are tons of fast flowing shots. The game is just flat out FUN to play!

Heighway also has tech that no other company is doing. Playfield LCD, LED standup targets, induction switches, & swappable playfields. The ability to add upgrades (like 27" backbox LCD, chrome trim options, fiber optic lighting, etc) at the time of manufacture. Lots of forward thinking here from Heighway. And I have not seen one owner who is unhappy with their FT purchase.

Anyone giving this game a low rating is just being spiteful, or didn't give it a fair chance. It's a solid 8 for sure, based on the fun gameplay alone. If you see one in the wild, make sure you drop in some quarters and BRAP IT UP!
11 months ago
Initially, I was not drawn to the motorcycle racing theme at all. However, once I played my first game on it, Full Throttle drew me right in. The theme is well executed and builds excitement right from the start. This is one of those games that is greater than the sum of its parts. It is beautiful to look at, the lighting is incredible and you had better be paying attention every second, because the flow is amazing - after your shot that ball is rocketing back to the flippers so you'd better be ready! The "fun factor" on this pin is amazing. My wife, daughter and I played this pin more than any other at the 2016 Texas Pinball Festival. Given the competition at that great show, it says a lot about Full Throttle!
1 year ago
Superb first game by Heighway. Great flow and beautiful fiber optic ramp lighting. Theme holds this title back a little bit.
1 year ago
Fast, Fun and Unique game.
1 year ago
Very overrated game. It brings some unique things to the table, and was a great first effort for a new manufacturer, but it's not a superb game.
1 year ago
I'm sorry, I really tried to like this machine but I couldn't even finish my game. Walked away on ball 2 during the 2016 Allentown show. Maybe it was setup poor, it just seemed very slow and boring. I had trouble getting up the ramps at times due to pitch or lack of flipper power. But it just didn't get ripping too fast or seem very exciting to me. In spite of this, I still want to congratulate Heighway for making the effort and bringing something tangible to the market. And I'll give it another try next time I see it, and probably followup on my review.
1 year ago
This is a very enjoyable game with great flow. It caries the moto theme very well. Music is limited, but high energy. It's been out about a year and feels like it needs some more extras. The game code is fine, but it could use some more animations and graphics etc. Back glass and cabinet art marks are not high in my rating, but it did not influence to like the game. I purchased it an am loving it!
1 year ago
Firstly it's great to see a successful UK manufacturer making brand new pinball machines. I have played this game whilst under development and now finally out on location in London.
Not too keen on the general theme, and I'm especially not a fan of the skill shot and the revving noise it makes. The game is a widebody, but plays fast like a normal sized game, almost too fast, as there is a tendency for airballs and consequent stuck balls which the machine struggles to cope with unfortunately. I like the way how you earn multiballs by completing five of the same loops or shots, and then can add a ball by completing another series of loops or shots. If skillful enough you can keep a multiball going for quite a while. The game feels much better with the full sized screen in the backbox in addition to the one in the playfield. Game is nicely lit with bright LEDs too.
I like the novel playfield glass arrangement that just lifts off rather than slides out.
I wish Andrew and his team all the best in making this and future games a great success.
1 year ago
I really like Full Throttle, and got to play it over its development right up until it was released - Heighway have done a really good job with their first release and hopefully this is indicative of things to come from them. Loads to shoot for, plenty of modes and their screen design is just fantastic. Stern could learn a thing or two from this company. Biking is not my thing but I make an exception for this game, if you see one - play it!
1 year ago
I am glad you can get rid of that horrible backglass with a TV screen. Game has lots of flow, good callouts and was quite fun. The lockdown bar still hurts my hands but since there is no field for that, it didn't affect my scores. Good all around pin and I love the new tech under the hood.
1 year ago
Had a chance to play one quite a bit. Did not like the feel of the table. The theme does nothing for me and the sounds get annoying and repetitive quick. It is a solid game and I can see people really liking it but it's just not for me
1 year ago
Put some decent time in on this one and had an absolute blast playing it. It's super fun when you're "on" and completely brutal when you're "off". I've never seen such speed and flow from a widebody. It feels even bigger that other widebody pins. Fantastic layout and just a ton of great shots.
1 year ago
I've owned this pin for one week to the day, so the honeymoon is still on & I will update my rating/review with time.
Initial reaction:

I've never played a pin like it! It is cutting edge everywhere! The cab, the lighting, the playfield LCD, the 27" LCD in the back box, heck even the back box it's self! This pin is dripping with Innovation & more importantly Quality, it's "solid". It's really hard to believe that this is the 1st pin from a new company, "Heighway Pinball".

The playfield design is so different from anything I have Ever played that it took about 8 games to start stringing together shots. It's equal parts fun, fast, flowing, & brutally difficult. If your making shots, it's a blast to play. If you are bricking shots, it's a very frustrating experience.

Game Design:

The playfield layout is pure genius! It's fast & it's a flow monster! No Bash Toys on this deck, none needed! The inner right orbit is one of the most unique shots & rewarding shots I've played in pinball. Combine that with the super bike sound FX that's it's screaming past you, & it's pinball satisfaction at it's best. The bike wheels that are in the playfield spinning at times, are small & look ineffective but they are covered with some super tacky rubber that flings the ball all over, it's a super cool & effective gimmick. The crisscross ramp is neat looking, it's smooth, & it is fun to shoot.
The rules are simple & easy to learn. Please don't confuse that with "shallow"! The rules are very clever & deep! The stacking of the modes/races is very rewarding, yet hard to do. You can stack up to 5 modes which equals 6 balls in play! Multipliers are earned through the pop bumpers(hits build RPMs, redline shifts to next gear/multiplier) & the super skill shot. You can try to build your multiplier to 6x(6th gear) & you activate it when you want by pushing the Launch button. If you "drain" before you use it, you loose it. :(


The playfield is All hand drawn & it fits the theme perfectly. Is it Metallic? No. But looks great, & I'm so glad it isn't a "Photoshop" job. The cab is beautiful! The back lit panels on the side is stunning in person, it gets tons of comments. The backglass is all 27" LCD TV, & what's not to love about that?!

Sounds & Music:

The music on this pin kicks A@#! It's a Super Bike racing themed pin, but it has a Rock & Roll sound track from the band "Redline". I've never heard of them before, but they are rock'n out the Game Room Daily! They are a killer band!
The sound system on this pin is crazy good! I had our pinball league over the other day, & they were looking under the playfield, they couldn't believe that was the stock components. They thought I add a sub woofer & an amp, nope it comes with one of each! The sound FX of the bikes are very good. I do think they need to add more sounds & variations. The Dirt Bike sounds are Horrible. I use to race motocross so I'm a little picky of the sound FX of motocross bikes. ;)


The game lighting is unique & different just like the rest of this pin. It has what Heighway Pinball calls a "Supernova" RGB LED system. All I know is that that equals colors that No other pinball manufacturer can duplicate. The colors are amazing. The G.I. & the Inserts are All the same "Supernova" RGB LED system, not just the inserts, like the "other" guys.

I couldn't be happier with pin! This is just a great pin with tons of innovation everywhere! It's not perfect, but it's damn close! I can't wait to see this company grow. It's a good day for pinball fans everywhere!

Update: 4 months later & I'm still loving this deck! Simple rules to learn, but great strategy involved to maximize your scoring. It reminds me a Lot of AFM! This pin is just a blast to play!
There are 32 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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