Freefall (Stern, 1981)


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57 days ago
Freefall is one of the only Stern widebodies I can play for long. Landing that rear-facing center shot is fun and builds to a multiball (takes some skills). Aside from the widebody and the center kicker, there is a lot of unused shooting space on the playfield and if the flippers aren't shooting clean, the game crawls and stutters. Also, watch out for the double flippers on the left - no traps allowed, gotta shoot on the fly or pass from those suckers.

And above average (but barely) early SS, worth picking up if you can find one for a decent price.
2 years ago
Considering the time period this game is alot of fun. Very hard to spell "Sky Diver"

I find the left flipper to pretty much be "dead". Not too much to shoot for from that least from the few times I played it, it seemed all the points came off the right one.

Backglass is awesome, the rest of the art is ok.

Not the best early stern out there but it poses a challenge if you want a high score. No cheap points on this need to earn them.
6 years ago
A nice game, The art work is superb, I love the mountains on the play-field and fantasy back glass. If you want something nice to look at and don't mind slower games it's worth searching out but there are plenty of better playing Sterns from the 80's in my opinion.
There are 3 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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