Firepower (Williams, 1980)


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Game design: 7.829

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Other Aspects: 7.816

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There are 86 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 months ago
Yes, good fun, because all pinball is fun. :) Strikes me as a poor man's Centaur.
7 months ago
the game is older now but the home version grew as well..i like it
7 months ago
Classic Williams title!
9 months ago
This is a classic and a must have ! What a great machine i love it. another i would take back in my collection anytime. If you get a chance to get this machine grab it. Rules of play are fun and fast. Multi ball makes it even more fun. I miss this machine.
1 year ago
All time great. A must for every collection.
1 year ago
A good friend owns this game and I enjoy playing it while visiting. Really like the sound effects as it brings back memories of playing plenty of vintage Williams arcade games. You hear Joust, Robotron etc... Good game!
1 year ago
Fun Multiball game. I like the rules and sequence. It can be frustrating drain-wise (for me, anyway) so you really have to earn multiball. A players table.
1 year ago
One of my favorite games, the play field is fast and the multi-ball can get very crazy at times, not hard to understand, shots require some skill, one of the best from the 80's.
1 year ago
I always come back to this machine. The rule set is perfect for the time. Easy to learn, and tough to master. I love the lights and countdown for getting multiball, and the voice is the greatest. I love hearing that last ball drain and then "Firepower defeated.........YOU!". I am so glad I managed to find this machine. Definitely a keeper.
1 year ago
Pinball bad, horrible design
1 year ago
I don't like absolutly
1 year ago
One of those oldies but goodies. Keeps you coming back for more.
1 year ago
I just can't get into this game, the play field is so wide open and empty, I have no idea what does what or what purpose anything int he game has or does. Half the time the ball just drops down in the side lanes into the drain or right down the middle with no chance to recover.

The voice feature may have been innovative at the time but now it just is an annoyance and adds nothign to the game itself. It's not a bad game it's just to open and dull. there's nothign to get you excited about how your doing. There's a bunch of numbers but nothing to tell you what they do other than count up.

Overall it's just to open and to likely to go down the side lanes to the drain right away with no chance to play the ball.
1 year ago
one of my first favorite multi ball games b.k is the other ,but i didnt know then (1980)what i know now is that steve richey is one bad ass desighner ,he did a great job on this one,classic machine,very simple fun play!!...i jus remember playin to achieve multi ball and play with three balls as long as i could ,i dnt recall a jackpot but i didnt know then that it was about getting a jackpot it was about getting the most points and a replay ofcourse,many games played on this in my youth i would love to play one again....three,two,one,fire!!!
1 year ago
This is my current favorite game. My game plays fast. The shots are not boring. I love the multiball and the clear objectives. I put some mild LEDs in my machine. Not too bright, but enough to bring out some more color. Excellent design from a master.
1 year ago
I like this game but to bad there is nothing to do during multiball
1 year ago
Easily in my top 5
1 year ago
Firepower is a pretty good game thats pretty tough it has decent rules and a pretty good theme.
1 year ago
Design and Rules: This game flows well, and has a great variety of shots to make. While the rules for this game are relatively shallow, it's simplicity makes it easily tangible for new players. The playfield and scoring is balanced, never unfair, and brutally fast for a game of this era. the spinner shot to the upper playfield kickout hole is infinitely satisfying. One flaw, is that once multiball is attained, there's nothing to do other than bat around the balls. It would've been nice of the designers to light a difficult to hit target only during multiball for a satisfying reward.

Art: Interesting. The artist was definitely attempting to capitalize from the success of Star Wars on this one, and it works. I like it. Early '80s at its finest. The cabinet artwork is confusing though, and doesn't relate all to well with the rest of the game.

Sounds: Hard to beat. Typical sounds from William's at the time, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Overall: This is a great pinball machine, and a surefire crowd pleaser, just as long as the game is set up properly.
1 year ago
Probably the best early 80s game... I love the sound.
2 years ago
I've played several on-location versions of Firepower and it just doesn't do anything for me. As an early solid state, it seems to hang on to so many EM type shots and features (and, as several early SS's, it has no ramps), but it seems like it could have been so much better. That is, I've played comparable EM's that blow Firepower away.

No fun, not even for free play. Also, if you are fan of Robotron 2084, you'll hear some familiar sounds... they couldn't even make an original sound board? Just falls flat...
2 years ago
Great, classic pin!
2 years ago
Another game that I find is over rated. The art and theme aren't great, and I don't see a lot of variation
2 years ago
Firepower offers an entertaining and challenging pinball experience for casual play, though it is lacking in features or viability in competitive settings.

The space theme is well integrated and the backglass and playfield look good. Cabinet is basic and pretty boring. I think the table suffers a bit in lighting, especially in the lower middle playfield, though this can easily be addressed by converting to LEDs (I'd at least double the brightness from incandescent if you want to play this in the dark). Sounds do lack variation and the audio quality is low by today's standards but was pretty exciting for the time. The voicing suits the game and the background music helps with immersion and offers a decent 80s experience.

Firepower lacks the flow Steve Ritchie ultimately gets known for, but it plays pretty well. The playfield is pretty spartan (there are no toys to major devices to interact with), but I find the three kick-out holes (which serve as the ball locks) to be interactive and interesting. The spinner of course is fun, especially to hear it when lit, and the game does require precision to hit the center targets and nudging skills to deal with those dangerous slings.

In a casual setting, there's really a lot you can do here. The multiball is not easy, especially since you need to fully clear the center bank of shots twice to enable all the locks. Going for F-I-R-E and/or P-O-W-E-R is another option to explore, especially if you want to try to build score via the high center stand-up target.

Firepower is not a very good competitive game, however. The best scoring strategy is clearly to light the spinner and then just attack it repeatedly. There is absolutely no points bonus for being in multiball, so its only benefit is giving you insurance against draining, but since lock stealing is an aspect of this game it isn't worth the risk to lock balls and go for it. I think Firepower can work in tournaments where the players aren't great (the shots ARE hard, and it tends to have short ball times), but learning how to master this game competitively does not take much to figure out.

Nonetheless, I find this game a lot of fun. It is my favorite from the early 80s.
2 years ago
It's pretty "whatever." Apparently this is the first pinball machine to introduce multi-ball, so it has that going for it. It's just a machine that has a very "been there, done that" sort of vibe. In many ways it reminds me of Centaur, but it's less memorable. On this table you want to do what you should do on many tables from around this time period -- build your multiplier, and hit the flashing/lit targets to increase your score and set yourself up for a multiball. This is a fast playing table that has a familiar feel to it. It plays quite well and is reasonably fun, but I can't help but compare it to Centaur and feel like it pales in comparison. Most definitely worth a few plays, and it's quite fun, but it isn't particularly "craveable."
There are 86 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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