Family Guy (Stern, 2007)

Family Guy

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Game design: 7.862

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Sounds/Music: 7.896

Other Aspects: 7.94

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Found 181 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 181 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 years ago
Great game, I was really surprised at how much I liked this one. The toys are fun and the mini playfield is on of the very best. Not a huge fan of the show but overall the game is fun, fast and the callouts are hilarious. Great game!
3 years ago
the brother or sister machine to Shrek. Family guy is really fun with the r rated chip! Keep it away from the little ones though! lets see..Sopranos had r stuff too!
3 years ago
If you love Family Guy as I do, you'll find this hilarious. For a family game, you need to set it to it's "G: rating (if it has that option) like South Park. You wouldn't want the little ones to hear everything that's said. Just like the show, it can be a bit crude.

I think the flow of this game is good and I loved the mini "Stewie" PF. I know it's a Shrek copy but it's cool.

This is a fun collector machine for sure.

3 years ago
Great game with great call outs. I find myself waiting to plunge the ball just to here what's being said.

Not much in the way of flow for this game but plenty to keep me coming back.

Love the top left flipper. Can be a danger to use but needed to get that elusive extra ball. Stewie Pinball is a great toy! Love the modes! Death save is a nice addition as my current line up hasn't one.

Looks great next to my TSPP!!
3 years ago
I have been playing this game on location for the last week. I got about 5 hours on the table so far. I am not a fan of the show as I have never watched the show. The gameplay is fun although the shots seem repetitive. The stewie multi ball is excellent. The callouts are great if you have watched the show and enjoy it. All the fart talk becomes repetitive and boring. The overall gameplay is very good (fun to stack multi balls) but the theme does not do it for me. If you are a fan of the show then this would be a great pin. For me, I will always play it on location but I would not own it.
3 years ago
Re-rated after I've owned and played ALOT more.....really like the machine...hilarious callouts, theme is spot on and just a great, fun game to play Stewie Multiball is a blast. Still figuring out big scoring, but that's the fun.....
3 years ago
Pretty average game and theme for me, layout is uninspired since its the exact same as Shrek but also a plus as you can swap out game code.
3 years ago
If you are a fan of the show. You will love this game! A Pat Lawlor Classic! A laugh riot for the whole family!
3 years ago
Stupidly fun game. TV wizard mode best single-ball wiz mode ever.
3 years ago
Family guy is repetitive and a bit bland. It could have a lot more features. The mini Stewie pinball is fun but more features would have done this machine good.
3 years ago
Great game with many modes that keeps you coming back for more. I enjoy playing FG on a daily basis and I'm not even a fan of the show. I used to think it looked cheesy with all the toys on the PF, until I played one at a friends house and got hooked. Now I own one and it's not going anywhere , if you can find at a good price buy it, you won't regret it :)
3 years ago
Pat Lawlor's penultimate machine, and possibly one of his best of all time. The three multi balls in this game are awesome, particularly Stewie Multiball- I love that Super Jackpot and how tough it is to get! I also like the fact that Sperm Attack is kept a complete secret unless you view it in the Status Report. Of course, the humor is awesome, the innuendos are fantastic - it's like you're in an episode of the show in how it does that. One final thing: if you're looking for good stacks, stack one of the 3 more lucrative modes, or Crazy Chris (CC), or *BOTH!!!* with Stewie Multiball (SMB) and watch your points go through the roof! ...of course, you need to have a good multiball while all this is going down ;-) Keep on playin'!
3 years ago
I'[m not the biggest fan of the show so perhaps that affects my rating of the pin, especially in the theme section. The mini pf can be pretty fun at first, but you are just wildy hitting the flippers and barely aiming, thus making it get old fairly quickly.

The audio call outs can get pretty annoying and old after a while as well. Seems to have less audio flow and more "shock callouts". Meaning, just random sayings from the show to be humorous, but many are out of context and cool to hear at first because you relate to them from the show, however they get old from a pinball perspective.

Overall, wouldn't own this at home, but would drop some quarters in it if only a pin or two in the place I'm at. Personally would prefer the shrek.
3 years ago
Usually mini playfields are not done well, this one is great, doesn't take away from the playfield and is actually fun! Sound and voice work is perfect, matches up with shows humor great. Modes galore and you need to do something different for each one. Backglass is lame, so much to do with it and its just the main cast with a one color background. Seems shots to the left aren't worth going for at all...
3 years ago
I own this machine. I love the theme, so that I guess as many of you would probably agree, counts for a lot. I would never consider buying a Shrek, let's put it this way. (The same machine just another scheme)
I love the graphics the toys are nicely done the whole machine appeals to me a lot. I bought this Pin, without having seen it ever before in real life.
I like the shots, I love the call outs and I love just playing it over and over again.
It will be interesting to see whether I think like that after I owned it for a few months.
I keep you posted.

OK, I had to nodge my rating up on this Pin.
I love it. It's what I thought it would be and more.
This pin will stay for good. :)
3 years ago
it looks like a toys r us playfield with a bunch of crappy toys thrown all over it. to kid like
3 years ago
A great theme for a pin. The call outs are funny, as you would expect and will make you snicker every once and a while. The main toy on the upper right side of the game is the mini table called Stewie Pinball. It is a lot of fun and a clever addition to the game. If you play many games on this table it will start to become repetitive and you will want to get out of it to play the normal sized game.

A three flipper game that utilizes an upper left baby flipper for hit a couple of different shots.

I like spinners....and this game relies on the right spinner to progress through the mode starts, what a wonderful rule set idea. Only five main modes, but having to get more and more spins on the spinner to start each mode proves to be a tall task as you get to the fourth and fifth mode.

A game that fits well in a small collection, I just wish they were easier to find and at a lower price point as nice versions are in the ball park of a brand new Stern.
3 years ago
Not sure how this is rated 50 spots higher than Shrek. It's the same game with a different theme but not a top title.
3 years ago
This game should be in Top 20,Great gameplay,great callout and funny,Very nice playfield and Cabinet with great colors!
3 years ago
Nice to have a newer Stern with a variant layout. Lots of fun modes, and Video Wizard is a great challenge. Sound gets a little old after awhile, and the game itself gets a bit repetitive as well.
3 years ago
I really like this game. The Stewie pinball machine is my favorite toy from any pin. The part that makes it a keeper in my collection is that it is instantly accessible to new players while also being deep enough to keep experienced players coming back for a challenge.

Non pin players are drawn to Family Guy first out of all of my pins. Most people enjoy the theme while others are caught by the mini pinball machine. Playing the pin brings a smirk to anyone that plays due to the many humorous and numerous call-outs with the newest code. A new player can just flip the ball aimlessly and still have a good time with the pin and usually make it to Stewie pinball at least once.

Now, the advanced player who understands the rules will get an entirely different experience from this machine, all while still smirking from time to time by the call-outs. The TV mode is obtained by a certain number of spinner rotations that progressively advance for each new mode. I believe this is a step up from TSPP's hit the spinner once to re-light TV. Now while TV modes can't be stacked with each other, they can individually be stacked with the various multiball modes and other scoring events (Evil Monkey, Happy Hour, etc.). Stacking the right events with each can lead to HUGE scoring.

Some do not like the death post save. However, this is another part that seperates new plays from advanced. A new player will just see the death post as a way of keeping the ball in play a bit longer. However, the advanced player knows that letting the ball drop and settle to the left or right of the post will allow for a guaranteed Louis or Chris shot.

As for the Stewie playfield, I really enjoy it. You can post pass and backhand shots, while certain shots are more dangerous than others. Not everything is perfect, though. The Louis ramp can rarely be made from the left flipper due to power issues, you can't bounce pass, and sometimes a made Louis ramp shot will bounce the ball off the pf and into the drain.

I do have several dislikes on the game, mainly being the beer can modes. It'd be nice to somehow choose which mode you were about to be awarded. Too often do I get Happy Hour and Beer Scoring at times when it won't amount to much. My next complaint is Stewie Pinball turns up too often, which will kill the TV mode start when lit. Award me both! Although, I do like that you can remove one ball and the rubber post between the two Newton balls, allowing for the loose ball to roll back and forth from the two shot paths. Unfortunately, doing this will keep beginner players from frequently obtaining much Stewie Pinball time.

Anyways, the game is funny, has plenty to do once you know what to do, has pretty tough wizard modes, a very hard to obtain final wizard mode, is funny, and, most importantly, fun.
3 years ago
Game has a family mode which is a must for a family sitting. I bought this game due to the incredible shots and mini pinball. I'm glad the family setting makes it playable without the vulgarity.
3 years ago
My husband wanted to add this game and I had to say no based on the call outs. Absolute fun to play, but call outs not for ones with young children in the house. Was a bad call on Stern's part to release this game to which they quickly tried to convert to Shrek (not as good), but still a very good game.
3 years ago
A fine table, but i like the Shrek version more.
3 years ago
Love the show, so I love the theme. Fun game to play . Great call outs.
There are 181 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 8.

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