Family Guy (Stern, 2007)

Family Guy

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Found 181 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 181 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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47 days ago
Great game!
71 days ago
This game is going to go up in value. Here's the deal: the theme is awesome. If you like the show, the game is a riot. The Ipacac mode is just as funny as it was on the show!! Love it.

Unfortunately, I just don't think it's all that much fun to play. The layout is weird, and just doesn't feel right. Hitting the beer can is completely unsatisfying and it's ridiculously hard to make your way into the Clam. Stewie pinball, while cool, takes up a lot of real estate and unlike TZ (another Lawlor pin), feels like it's eating up a lot of good space (this is a standard size game unlike TZ being a wide-body). Then again, I hate decks that have 2 levels (Black Knight, Solar Fire, BK2K, Lightning, etc...).

The callouts are absolutely hilarious (fart humor never gets lost on me), the animations are great, the art is arguably one of the best from the early Stern-era (due to not being overly Photoshopped), but it just feels a bit cheap and rushed. It's no mystery that Lawlor did not enjoy his time at Stern, and I feel like it shows a bit on this game. Maybe I need to give it more time, but what should have been a homerun for me felt more like a double.
78 days ago
When I heard Family Guy was coming from STERN I had Simpsons Pinball Party levels of greatness in mind, unfortunately FG misses the areas of excellence TSPP managed to hit in nearly all areas. Stewie pinball is more frustrating than fun and the other shots & playfield toys are lacklustre at best. However FG makes up for it by entertaining you with the shows humour and wit and makes the experience far more enjoyable than the playfield itself.
3 months ago
The game is ok to play on location a couple of times. The Stewie mini pinball is a neat gimmick, but not that great. the "lastability" is low for me. It's not that I hate it, just does not hold my interest and is not too exciting.
3 months ago
Pretty fun game. Layout is different. You have to like the upper playfield.
6 months ago
I played this pinball a few times on different locations, and I wasn't expecting much about it. It's quite an average game, even if it has some interesting ideas (thanks Pat Lawlor). Also, the "Fart Multiball" can be quite embarrassing in some circumstances, as if you're playing near a bunch of hot girls you want to impress. Believe me, you will not look that "cool" when they'll hear this.
8 months ago
Stewie Pinball is a super feature.
8 months ago
dont really know the show or care for cartoons in general but this game is still fun. its well coded to its layout and has good sound.
9 months ago
Funny game.
I really like the mini playfield, one of the best for sure.
Original layout but Not enough flow for me.
I hope to update later about gameplay
10 months ago
I have played this game extensively on site at a local pool hall. (100+ plays due to replay value being low, can drop 2$ a play for 2+ hours)
The thing I like the best about this game is probably the theme. I love the TV show, and this machine has some funny call outs and DMD displays that are recoqnizable from early episodes in the series. I am, however, not a big fan of the gameplay and some of the rules. The huge elephant in the room is the miniplayfield. It is tedious, not much fun, and you end up spending a large chunk of your gameplay time on it. The second thing i dislike is the death shield. It lasts a LOOOOOOOONG time and isnt that hard to activate. Finally, if you do poorly on your first two balls the game offers you up a pity multiball on your third. While the first two dislikes I described can be adjusted for tournament play, as far as I am aware the pity Lard multiball cannot be turned off which basically breaks this game for competitive play. This game is overatted by the pinside community.
11 months ago
Excellent Pat Lawler game. Have one that is HUO and love it. So beautiful. Kids love it too. Keeper.
1 year ago
I wanted to love this game since I love Family Guy, but in the end I really didn't like the mini pinball machine and felt it takes a lot away from the rest of the game.
1 year ago
This doesn't do it for me the flow isn't right for me and the upper play field doesn't work well.
1 year ago
jus pretty good ,i dnt care for the small upper playfield,every time i play one on location it jus dosnt seem to fun to me,if there was one f.g to play on location close to me i would pass on it. south park and sherk are the others... if there wer only those three to play id probly play family guy.not a keeper
1 year ago
It's been along time since I've reviewed a pin.
But I have to say something about this game.
Besides the first time I brought a pin home 5 years ago (space shuttle)
This game Has everybody in the house going crazy lovin it !
I just got a MMR last week and all I got from everybody was "that looks cool" :(
I bring home Family Guy and the wife and kids are texting/emailing posting pictures to all there friends that we have a Family Guy!
That was just the beginning after we started playing it the laughs just kept coming.
Realizing there's actually a lot of game modes makes this game a nobrainer keeper for me.
1 year ago
Fairly fun pinball with good call outs and plenty of toys. the layout is not the best which limits flow. The right side is a bit cluttered. The mini playfield seems like a good idea but gets old pretty quick. fun in an arcade but due to limited lastability nothing I would want to own. I know some people absolutely love this game but it just wasn't my thing.
1 year ago
This is the only Pinball that has caused me to lose a ball numerous times from laughter. Lots of adult humor and innuendo. Being a fan of Family Guy is not a prerequisite to truly appreciate this machine, although I am. The game is fun to play and ball control gets a little crazy. If you do not appreciate the commentary and the ridiculousness of Family Guy it could diminish some of the fun factor. If you are offended this game is definitely not for you. There is not a whole lot of strategy to completing this game just making shots. Shooting the Lois loop to light the TV gets repetitive. A real challenge to play the Stewie pinball multiball on both playfields. I have more fun playing Family Guy than any other table in my collection. It is a real challenge to get to TV Wizard and even harder to get to sperm Attack. There are a lot of underlying objectives to complete.
1 year ago
I loved this game while I had it. I miss it probably will get another one someday
1 year ago
A decently fun to shoot game with okay rules. The modes are typically low value, and some are time-out-able, however others are worth playing and can be worth big points when stacked with something. Between Stewie Pinball, Crazy Chris, and TV modes, the game does a decent job of requiring the player to shoot around the playfield, however it does start to feel a bit repetitive and grindy.
1 year ago
Just plain fun
Good sounds (though I feel they'd get old in home use)
Stewie pinball is kinda fun
Looks good, and well-lit

Feels like it doesn't have as many shots as a Lawlor game should
Upper flipper isn't terribly useful
I find the theme a bit obnoxious, but that's all personal preference
1 year ago
Oh the amount of VO on this machine is unreal. It's neverending one liners.
1 year ago
Fun game. Just not great. Price vs fun. Its kinda cheap looking.
1 year ago
Family guy is a fun game the mini playfield is really fun but I find the game to easy and simple.
1 year ago
I'm surprised this is a Lawlor game. I'm a Pat Lawlor fanboy, I thought he could do no wrong...until I got some time on Family Guy. The game plays like an exercise in style over substance, showcasing the theme above any sort of meaningful gameplay experience. While the Stewie mini-pinball is a novel idea, but I think it cuts the game off at the knees: there is a lot going on beneath and around that area that is blocked from view making for a very frustrating experience. In sum, there are a couple of neat modes, clip-art FG artwork you've come to expect from FG branded merchandise and the overall Stern build-quality cheapness of the era...kind of a shame Lawlor has this one in his oeuvre.
1 year ago
The problem I have with this machine is in the balance: the left part of the pinball is kind of empty, where the right part is full, giving me that sense of unbalance in the playfield that somehow annoys me.

Other than that it's a very funny game with a very good ruleset.
There are 181 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 8.

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