Elvira and the Party Monsters (Bally, 1989)

Elvira and the Party Monsters

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This game got 331 approved ratings and currently scores 7.917 out of 10 points.

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Game design: 7.746

Artwork: 8.256

Sounds/Music: 7.438

Other Aspects: 7.995

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There are 119 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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17 days ago
great late 80's game,i dnt think it would be as good of a game if it didnt have elvira...wen starting a game i get tierd of hearing her say "lets party" other than all of the rest of the sound bites are cool and i love the organ, very fun game sweet multi ball..not much flow but still very playable to me...keeper in a bigger collection if i could only have one game i would pass on this and do s.s! if i get rid of tftc i would buy one ,only because s.s is so expensive(rather have s.s) all in all e.a.t.p.m is a good game
23 days ago
I get bored of this one pretty quick, thin gameplay.
1 month ago
Great game. Good solid System-11 play. Best light and sound show when Multi-ball starts.
1 month ago
Not much going on. Nothing like scared stiff.
3 months ago
Its overrated, overpriced. Toys kinda cheep, jumping frogs. Machine plays well, for what is is it was fun.
4 months ago
A game I've loved since a kid. From the theme (huge Elvira and horror fan) to the art (best backglass ever) this one is a winner. And as far as sound goes, this one is tough to beat. Funhouse and Phantom of the Opera are the only ones that come close. Maybe it's the era in which they came out, maybe it's just that I love awesome synth driving bass lines in a game.

Sure, the game only has a few real challenges, but I'll tell ya right now that those challenges are not as easy as they appear. Actually hitting a jackpot on multiball is quite a feat. And keeping the ball in play on it's own is pretty darn difficult! Fast!!! Drainer!! You gotta be precise...

I remember being so in love with this machine that when I heard it was coming out on Lynx, I purchased that system just to get it (and the game is really pretty bad on that platform, haha!), and once I downloaded it for Pinball Arcade the love returned. I now am a proud owner, and couldn't be happier! Bloodshed Deathbath Arcade is almost near perfection at this point with this inclusion :)
5 months ago
I love this Pin! It's just lots of fun, pretty simple rule set but it doesn't get boring. Colorful playfield, excellent back glass and cabinet artwork is great. Can be a slight drain monster if you brick shots but I suppose that's par for the course. This one won't be leaving my small collection.
5 months ago
Fun game, great system 11 game. Much prefer Scared Stiff. Great theme though. Want it in my collection someday
5 months ago
Everybody loves Elvira. The game is just fun to play. People seem to really like to play it at pinball parties. My only complaint is that sometimes it is a drain monster for some people and they get frustrated and stop playing it.
5 months ago
Fast and fairly brutal, i was never particularly good at it but it had everything to keep me coming back and i played this for several years.

Beefed up Elvira's theme after you score the 3 million shot is just one of, if not the coolest single piece of music in all of pinball to me. At least it allways made me feel like a boss.

Shame it's so expensive, the money it goes for can get me at least two lesser regarded titles or even a full fledged dmd pin.
6 months ago
This is a somewhat difficult table for a couple reasons. One being that the ball seems to like to slip out of play quite easily, and that it takes awhile to build a nice score on it. What you really want to do to score big points is to light up "ELVIRA", and of course, trigger multiballs. Consistently hitting the loops is probably the most effective way of racking up a high score on this table. Probably my favorite thing about Elvira and the Party Monsters is the look of the table and the sound -- one of the more memorable tables to play in the first Season Pass. I like this table because it not only appeals to amateurs, but more hardcore pinballers as well, which probably explains its ranking well within the Top 50 on Pinside.com (currently #43). Elvira is a "funstrating" game, meaning that even though it'll frustrate you time-to-time, it's a blast to play. I had no previous interest in Elvira or anything like that, but I wound up really enjoying this table.
6 months ago
I own both EATPM and Scared Stiff they are both great games that never get old. I was surprised at how much I enjoy playing EATPM. The Theme, layout, sounds and simple rules make this a game room favorite.
6 months ago
Bounce to an outlane. Bounce to an outlane. Bounce to an outlane. I'm done. Really, this game could be more fun if it wasn't so frustrating. It's one thing for a game to challenging, but I can't stand drain monsters. And the game is rather unforgiving too - no ball save in sight even though 2/3's of my plunges are doomed.

I like the campy theme, and the game is fairly easy to play if the ball can live for a few flips. The barbeque kickout is amusing and I think the boogie monsters are funny. The ramps are decent, but I've never been amazed by any games I've played of Party Monsters. It's not on my wishlist and I would only own one if I got it for a steal.

EDIT: The more I hold EATPM up to other games that are rated very highly, the more I realize that it really is a decent game. Still unforgiving at times, but plays better than many other games that get too much credit.
7 months ago
Great theme and design. Great atmosphere too, it's that why i like this pin even if ruleset is shallow.
7 months ago
Not my cup of tea. Strange layout with almost zero flow. Theme is great, art and music not so much.
8 months ago
all has been said already, one of the best sys11 ever created :)
8 months ago
This a decent playing machine that benefits from a great theme. The artwork is top notch on the playfield, cabinet, and backglass. The music is good, but a tad repetitive. The call outs are clever and entertaining, but they also can get a little repetitive. I have to give this machine props for some very clever humor and call outs. However, the "nice organ" joke was only funny the first 20 times I heard it. A little more variety in the call outs would've really helped.

As for gameplay, this is one of the better playing System 11 machines. The rules certainly aren't deep and most of the scoring relies on the ramp shots. The ball times can be really short and this machine can be brutal, which gives it a high "just one more game" factor. The scoring is a little unbalanced and the rules are little on the shallow side. Overall, I think this is a fun machine that has a perfectly executed theme that greatly brings the whole package several notches.
9 months ago
Elvira is just an OK game in my mind. The shots get repetitive, and the scoring isn't clever enough to make up for that. The art is OK, and sound is pretty decent. There's nothing in the overall package that makes it particularly fun for me.

I have a feeling this game's popularity has to do more with Elvira herself and the cheesecake theme than the actual game.
10 months ago
A pin that everyone will enjoy. One of only two alphanumeric pins that I enjoy.

- nice toys
- spooky theme represented well
- obviously a good pin if it got its sequel pin
- few larger free spaces provide additional modding potential
- easy play, simple rules

- sound quality, albeit still not bad considering release date
- tough maintenance
- alphanumeric display
10 months ago
Found a super nice Elvira. Love the gameplay. One of Nordman's better pins, second behind Wh20 in my book. Wish it had a full orbit shot though.
The artwork on this backglass and pf is second to none. Just amazing. Love the theme and goofy factor involved. Not a huge fan of the boogy men. They look cheap and do nothing.. besides make me laugh, which is good I guess. Maybe something else could've been used in that part of the pf?
Overall a top system 11, if not the top. Up there with Taxi and Pinbot.

EDIT: been playing this thing a ton lately, moreso than my other pins. Just fun. I love going for the jackpot, which is easy to reach, but hard to make. Love the colors on this thing. THIS will not leave anytime soon.
10 months ago
11 months ago
I think the artwork, backglass and overall look of the game is better then Scared Stiff. Both are fun to play, but EATPM gets the nod for me. If the game is dialed in, it's a very challenging game. I hope to do a complete restore on my game some day.
11 months ago
Picked up an EATPM a couple of months ago, shopped it out, can't stop playing it! I love the theme, the artwork, sounds, light show. Great pin! MY only complaint is the Boogie men. Cute and funny the first few times, then you just want it to be over. But even that only takes a few seconds to finish. Had a small party with about 6 pinheads the other day, 6 pins to play and all we wanted to do was keep playing Elvira. Overall, a fantastic design.
11 months ago
I like it! It's on my want list.
1 year ago
simple rules,but good game with a lot of fun
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