Elvira and the Party Monsters (Bally, 1989)

Elvira and the Party Monsters

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This game got 302 approved ratings and currently scores 7.924 out of 10 points.

This ranks the game #39 in the Pinside Ranking.


Score breakdown in the 4 main categories:

Game design: 7.764

Artwork: 8.26

Sounds/Music: 7.439

Other Aspects: 8.029

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Found 96 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 96 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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“I think the artwork, backglass and overall look of the game is better then Scared Stiff. Both are fun to play, but EATPM gets the nod for me. If the game is dialed in, it's a very challenging game. I hope to do a complete restore on my game some day.”

  • MrBellMan currently owns this game.

  • “Picked up an EATPM a couple of months ago, shopped it out, can't stop playing it! I love the theme, the artwork, sounds, light show. Great pin! MY only complaint is the Boogie men. Cute and funny the first few times, then you just want it to be over. But even that only takes a few seconds to finish. Had a small party with about 6 pinheads the other day, 6 pins to play and all we wanted to do was keep playing Elvira. Overall, a fantastic design.”

  • papazit1963 currently owns this game.

  • “I like it! It's on my want list.”

  • P1n84LLW1z4rd has this game on the wishlist.

  • “Love this game!!”

  • dalispictures currently owns this game.

  • “Being an elvira fan had to own this, it's a great fun quirky pin with a nice retro look and feel sadly I didn't own for long, great pin for elvira fans”

  • scottydoesntknow has owned this game in the past.

  • “I held off on rating this after I picked one up. After a few months of playing it, I have to say it is Awesome! The artwork is gorgeous...both on the playfield and especially the translate. If you have the modesty sticker, which I did, get it off! The pervy artwork and comments from Elvira are typical of the time and era of those horror flicks back in the day. The skill shot into the skull followed by nailing both ramps before the ball your balls drain is so satisfying. The music and sound effects are awesome too, especially for 1989. Cabinet is pretty nice as well, I love the dead heads, boogie men,, and bbq bonus. I hope there is a remake of playfields because that is my only gripe, mine has a bit of wear hear and there and I want to keep this one in the collection for a while.”

  • MAJRob currently owns this game.

  • “In my humble opinion, Party Monsters takes the cake as best Elvira game, beating Scared Stiff hands down. Some will side with Stiff for the simple fact that it has a DMD, but judgements like those are not made here. Designer Dennis Nordman designed both game with quite rudimentary rule sets, with both games dependent on "riding the ramps" to score big points. Party Monsters adds quite a bit of depth by offering multiple one million/three million jackpots, achieved by shooting ramps, the skull or the BBQ saucer. Chasing these jackpots is the key to big scores, as not much else is worth mega-points--the game was released before mode-based play became the norm. Chris Granner puts together one of the most memorable sound packages in pinball history: a groovy soundtrack with lots of bottom that sets the haunted mood quite nicely. Greg Freres adds an art package that stands head and shoulders above anything else he has ever done. Insert lighting is mesmerizing however the overall lighting in the game is quite dark, which some have argued adds to the atmosphere, however, with so much packed into this playfield, it is easy to see why lighting was either squeezed out or forgotten. To make up for the general lack of light, there are flashers abound that give off a blinding blink with nearly every hit of a switch. In sum, some may be bored of the "ramps-all-day" strategy, but there are many achievements to collect and any lack of depth will quickly be erased with the sheer FUN of experiencing this game's total package.”

  • spiroagnew currently owns this game.

  • “Sweet 80's fun. Prices are awesome by today's standards. 3 games for $1!”

    “I wanted to like this game more, but I was playing on a machine that needed some work (weak flippers, etc.). Great theme, some good shots, etc; but I really need to spend some time on a decent copy of this machine to give a final rating. After falling in lust with Scared Stiff, this one probably won't compare.”

    “The board is separated down the middle with a nice balance of ramps, targets, and skill shots on both sides of the play field. The colors on the play field, the music, lights, and humor of the game, make it stand out among the crowd. It can hold my interest for years.”

  • cmcdaniel currently owns this game.

  • “I love those monsters on the playfield. Great game design. Excellent theme. This month I am going to the best pinball museum in the USA (and most likely the entire world) to play this game again!”

    “I love this game. I'm not even an Elvira fan, but this game has a lot going for it. Great layout and unique feel, rules, plenty to shoot for, fantastic artwork and theme. It nails all the areas I look for in pinball. I feel it is under-rated.”

    “a classic”

  • jimpinball currently owns this game.

  • “I like elvira right away you see a bustu elvira on the backglass. Theres a cool
    "Boogie men" toy that bounces when you make a certain shot. The multiball has you shooting the two ramps to collect the jackpot. And to get the super you spell elvira with the lane change and shoot the left orbit to collect it. A nice table by all means”

    “Good machine but it could have used just a "wee" bit of extra flair.

    - The theme. I'm sure that Elvira is as recognizable now as she was in the late 80s, so it's timeless. Nice speech and music passage too (I dare you to try and get out the multiball jackpot theme out of your head)
    - Great art package that reminds me a lot of the late Python Anghelo's art (RIP)
    - All kinds of bonuses to collect with effort required
    - Crazy, twisting ramps...

    - ...that unbalance the game. I'm sorry but I don't see much fun here. Literally all I did one game was loop the Monster Slide while collecting ELVIRA letters and the Million.
    - The game is fun if you ignore the unbalanced ramps, but just keep in mind the bonuses are much less than the potential Monster Slide / Party Punch values
    - Ball lock kickout can become weak and ruin your game

    “Another nostalgic one for me. There was an Elvira and the Party Monster's in my University Union building which I would skip class to play. Remembered the cheesy dancing rubber monsters, the groovy/sexy organ music, and of course the sultry Elvira in both drawn form and voice form.

    Cheesy, campy horror theme. I could see myself picking one of these up. It's a helluva fun pin. Plus it's liable to give ya a woody just listening to it.”

    “Ok to play for a game or two, but that's all. Playfield is alright, but it just seems to lack a special feature for me. The basic draw factor for this one is Elvira, yet you don't hear much of her witty quotes. Sound and music variety could be much better. "Let's Boogie" can get old pretty quick, especially with the loud thumping. Looks killer, but it really doesn't keep my attention for too long. There are better machines out there from the time period.”

    “I think this is a great lasting game. Fun for players and for newcommers.”

  • colorado_cabrio currently owns this game.

  • “Fun game, not quite as good as Scared Stiff it's later built sibling but still a pleasant game to play.”

    “Quirky fun”

    “I love this game! This is the first pin I ever purchased and I don't think I'll ever get rid of it. It's just so quirky and fun that it keeps me coming back again and again!”

  • mskoenen currently owns this game.

  • “Not as fun as scared stiff, but elvira just works as a pinball theme!”

    “Really liked Elvira as a kid. Great theme and a very good game.”

    “I do find the game drains a few too many balls for my liking but its the biggest hit in our house. The artwork on the playfield and backglass is great and looks amazing with led's installed. You cant agrue with this game getting the most attention/plays, its a great overall theme and very enjoyable to play. When CPR does a new playfield, even though mines 7/10 I'll be all in!”

  • Spencer currently owns this game.

  • “I have scared stiff, I had a chance years ago to get this for $1800, and it was a nice one! Been kicking myself ever since. Still looking for the right one..SS is waiting on it's sister”

    There are 96 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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