Dirty Harry (Williams, 1995)

Dirty Harry

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Game design: 7.695

Artwork: 7.38

Sounds/Music: 7.485

Other Aspects: 7.894

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Found 95 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 95 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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10 days ago
The side ramp shot is a thrill to hit... the challenge of getting multiple super jackpots always brings me back for more... have only reached Crime Wave once... which also adds to lastability.
33 days ago
Fun game. Shooting the targets with the gun is a pretty neat gimmick. The voices are pretty killer. I had some trouble hitting some of the shots. It feels like maybe there's a learning curve on this one that I just didn't have time for. There is also a center curve ramp that creates a bump in the play field. Adjusting for the ball on that takes some getting used too. Interesting game. As a punk, I wasn't feeling lucky but it was still fun.
68 days ago
I really want to like this game more. It is a great theme, fun to look at, and kinda fun to play. Honestly I find it a little too difficult, maybe I'm not that good a player, but that is how I feel. This is one I should have played more before I bought it. Ramps are HARD, and some of the shots get repetitive. I like that there are lots of modes and fun interaction, just not one I play very often anymore.
3 months ago
Very challenging game at first but once you get in the groove and make things happen is when the magic happens. Tons of modes. Great animations with some of the best dmd work I've seen. Clints call outs and variation really add a nice touch. The playfield art isn't something you love or Hate. The gun on this is so much fun cause there's so much to shoot at. Your not limited to a target bank like on T2. Yes the ramps are steep but when you get the timing they are rewarding. I'm blown away by all the modes and the killer wizard mode. I also really enjoy that it has midnight madness. If your not familiar look it up. The starting skill shot and choices in rewards adds to the depth. I don't understand how this game is rated at bottom of top 100 unless. Lots to shoot at as well. This game to me has it all as far as nostalgia and gameplay. There's a reason this sees alot of PAPA play.
3 months ago
Excellent machine, very underrated! Gameplay is very good, full of difficult ramp shots that require power. Especially the top right flipper requires mastering. Plenty of fun modes, hurry-ups and things to do. Nice balance of flow, some times you make those ramps all day long and sometimes you're stuck in a post-apocalyptic (pun intended) bounce. The outlanes are brutal and this machine needs a skilled player able to control the ball.

Some dislike the PF art. I love it, it feels like a cheesy 80s intro. Kind of like a comic book almost. The colours are nice and well balanced but the lighting makes it look kind of washed out and brown. This game really shines with brighter LEDs even if they're only white.

I'm a fan of deadpan humour. Some like shouty callouts and things to be "exciting", but I think Clint's low key style and cold hard voice is perfect. You feel like you're really out for the bad guys here. Music is meh, but fits the theme.

All in all a machine that really should be at least in the top 50!
3 months ago
I recently picked up Dirty Harry for a great price. I wasn't looking for this game specifically, but I'm very happy to have one now. There's a lot of game for the money here. Much deeper than I ever expected. The call outs are great if you are familiar with the movie. It kind of feels like a cross between T2 and ST. I love the top loop shot with the upper flipper and the ricochet award. The artwork is nice and the gameplay keeps me interested. I think this would be a perfect starter pin for someone looking for a dmd machine, deep ruleset, nice pace, and can be purchased fairly inexpensively. DH should be rated higher in my opinion.
5 months ago
Very great game, very underrated.
Deep and difficult but a lot of fun, deserves a place at least in the top 50
A mix between BSD (Oursler touch) and STTNG (right upper flipper and left side ramp, gun/canon) with a badass theme
I like it more than many in the top 20
6 months ago
Just like Harry himself, this game is tough. The shots are tight, and the ramps are steep. Make sure your flippers are up to par on this one.

Love the artwork and callouts, having Eastwood come back for the pin is great. Multiball start is great, and the DMD animations are nice. Really enjoy this one.
7 months ago
I finally got the game that got me through the laundromat in college. This game was made, in my opinion, during the golden years of pinball. Great quality and an awesome theme for Eastwood fans. Great modes and tough shots make this table satisfying when you hit them. Love the flow of this game and selective skill shot. No idea why this game is rated where it is, under appreciated in my opinion.
10 months ago
when you can make the shots its a great game. it's very very "posty" though. that being said. it's dirty harry. who doesnt love dirty harry? I bought the entire dvd set and play it in the background when we play. totally worth the 11 bucks!
10 months ago
This machine is a lot harder to play than it appears. Shots are tight, and ramps need to be hit hard. Upper left ramp made from the upper flipper is a very tricky shot, and your upper flipper needs to be spot on rebuilt and adjusted. The modes are a little boring all in all, but there are a lot of extras.

Many complain of the mode start hole, but I don't find this hard to hit, and I like the ransom award building, and being achievable if you make the shot from the right inlane, kills two birds. There is a more strategy than meets the eye with this game, and the outlanes are deadly, which is good, since it's not an uber deep game. The gun rotates from the front, not the rear like Ritchie machines, so it's faster and harder to aim.

There are some issues with the game: the gun has a known problem with a ball rolling out of it when loaded (solved by a flipper pawl rubber grommet being inserted in the wireform at the end), and the VUK kick ou at the back is insanely slow (solved in the same manner the WH20 VUK is, two post rubbers on the left side of the lower wireform ring of the VUK, and one on the right).

The design is a boring typical layout done too many times, and with not a lot to call it's own. The art package is mid 90s trying to do mid 80s, just ugly, although I do like the cab side art.

Despite all this, and what I'm sure will be a low rating from my numbers, I enjoyed this game while I had it, and would have kept it if the space factor hadn't been front and center when I bought it. It's hard enough to stick around. There's just nothing innovative about this game, and it lacks any cool stuff.
10 months ago
Dirty Harry reminded me a watered-down version of a mix of T2 and Cactus Canyon. The art isn't superb, but the awkward shots at the center targets (under the buildings, etc.) are what really threw me off. The game produced this weird effect where I couldn't tell if I was really enjoying it or just playing it to figure it out. I did play multiple games on location, and I don't think there was anything horrible about the table, it just seemed off on an intuitive level - like something was missing or not quite in the right place. Still, it kept my attention (which many games don't do well), so I'm rating it decent on account of it's apparent lastability (empirical method to the rescue!).

It's pretty far down on the list, but I'd eventually buy a DH after several other conquests. Definitely worth a quarter or two to see for yourself how it is strangely fun and lame at the same time.
11 months ago
Great pin, rules are top notch and gameplay is damn fun, cool theme.
11 months ago
Highly enjoyable game, and underrated too should be top 50. Great rules, lots of modes, achievable wizard mode but not too difficult that you never see it, one of Wiliams' better games.
11 months ago
A total sleeper of a game and is a lot better than a good many of the games rated above it. TFTC had been my personal most underrated pin, but this one is an even better game. I initially blew DH off as I was unimpressed with the artwork--even though I am a huge fan of Clint. Once you get past that neo-modern-Stern-looking playfield art and actually play DH, first impressions change quickly. A good balance between makable and more difficult shots, very tough ramps and loops to hit consistently (even though they look easy), multiple cool modes of varying difficulty, several different multi-balls (even one outlane drain multi-ball), super set of rules and rewards, tough wizard mode, great custom callouts and lively music make this pin a winner. Even the playfield art starts to make sense after awhile--you kinda get a feel for what O'Connor was going for. Add in the challenging but fun to use pinball-shooting .44 mag and you have the whole hotdog--something that Inspector Callahan likes--a lot! How DH has stayed under the radar for so long is mind bending--I'm sure Oursler himself has wondered how probably the best game he ever designed is not better regarded. Do yourself a favor, if you find this somewhere step up and make your day, this pin is good!
1 year ago
I first got to play DH over a year ago. It was a routed game that left me with a bad impression. Recently, I played one in much better condition. Great ball flow. It's easy to understand what to shoot for. I love the variety of shots, even if some of them are difficult Oursler style shots. I love the Eastwood callouts in this game. The art work, backglass, and cabinet are very cool. I wish it had better lighting, but then again, it kinda looks gritty without all the lights, like the DH movies. As of this review, I own this game next to BSD and I think it compliments it very well. Right now, this is one of the best bang for your buck pins out there.
1 year ago
Dirty Harry is a tough game that requires tight shots and grows on you the more you play it. Like BSD and Shadow, Dirty Harry is not very approachable for new players. But give it time and you will see how awesome it is. The main shotgun modes are fun and require you to make the different shots on the playfield. The added strategy of when to start the magazine awards is fun to set up. The magnum bullets sound effects are great. Safe house awards also are fun, but would have been nice to randomize them. The main multi-ball is challenging as is making arrests in Crime Wave. Jackpot shots in Dirty Harry are very satisfying. Custom speech from Clint Eastwood is great as you would expect it to be. Dot matrix animation is also very well done...especially the Crime Wave intro.
*Sample drop target makes it a much better game and should have been kept in production games. It speeds up the game keeping the ball in play, and adds randomness to the gameplay.
Dirty Harry is hugely underrated, and Barry Oursler's best game.
1 year ago
I've liked this pin for a long time.I've always thought it was a bit overlooked but people are starting to see it!if you grew up watching Clint you'll love this pin.I finally got my hands on a nice example and it will be staying for a long while I imagine.
1 year ago
My first and for more than 13 years my only pinball machine. The DH plays fast and direct, just like what the theme is all about. Cool Eastwood comments all over the game. Never got bored, however the rules are not so deep. The gun shooter is a nice feature and keeps the game diversified. Playfield remains quite dark but IMO - together with the cold flashlights - this matches perfectly with the dull ambience. I will definetly keep this one in my collection.
1 year ago
Have a Clint Eastwood fan, this in addition to being one of my favorite pinball certainly the cabinet most beautiful ever seen in my life! Great pinball, fast and very funny, beautiful colors.
1 year ago
Had this machine for a year and really enjoyed it. Sold it to buy Sterns Kiss and that was a mistake. If your a fan of Clint you cant miss with this machine. Very fun to play.
1 year ago
Great pinball, the top for the Inspector Callaghan fans, very well done game plan, TransLite fits perfectly, chest of beautiful colors, play with a lot of variation and velocissimo.Poi the gun to the right is a must!
1 year ago
I think Dirty Harry is an underrated machine. There is a decent amount of depth in the rules which gives you different things to focus on when playing and helps give it some lastability. If only going for the high scores, multiball tends to be the route to go. The shots are satisfying to make - especially the left ramp, modes are not unreasonably hard to start, and multiball is enjoyable.

One complaint I have is that it isn't possible to make subsequent multiballs incrementally more diffcult to start, but this is more of an issue in the home environment than on location.
1 year ago
i realy cant get why this game isnt in the top 100!
i think it even plays better than a jd.
give it a try on a machine thats well maintain,and you will realize its fast and fun.
1 year ago
I would love to spend more time on this. The theme is one of my favorites but I didn't feel it was well implemented. It wasn't bad but I didn't come away from it thinking of the movies. The art on the playfield is a little wonky but still alright. I love the cabinet art with the sunset and side profile of Eastwood. The call outs were pretty good. Overall the gameplay was slightly forgettable but at least I would like to give it another try.
There are 95 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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