Dialed In

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Found 77 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 77 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 hours ago
Played it many times at Manchester Exp. Can't get enough of it. Will be part of my collection for sure. One day!!
3 days ago
Just picked this up and have put on about 20 games. This is my first JJP game and I love it. The layout is great, the build quality is fantastic and it speakers are really nice. The game is so much fun to play. Still trying to pick up a bit of the rules. I will update the review once I have more plays on it.
3 days ago
As modern as it gets. A little too much for my taste.
8 days ago
Jersey Jack adds to their incredible lineup of games. Dialed In has many great shots to make and a decent rule set. The shots flow very nicely together and the sound effects are great. Can't go wrong playing it.
10 days ago
A very solid effort, layout plays nice and the game looks great! Some very irritating aspects, such as selfie or emoji modes. And lets face it a theme thats as bad as WOZ. Fun game, but I think it will be more remembered like Roller Coaster Tycoon (fun, good layout, terrible theme) than Twilight Zone etc 10yrs from now.
12 days ago
Pure pinball Heaven shooting around this deck!
A masterful design that has been executed to perfection!
An absolute flow monster, with just the right amount of stop & go.
Who knew collecting SIM cards to upgrade your phone would be this much fun!? Not me.
The modes are a blast, with a real sense of urgency to complete them, to have a shot at collecting your SIM card.
Honestly, the most fun I've ever had playing pinball, hands down. Thank You JJP & PLD! I hope we see this marriage continue to grow & produce more great pinball offspring.
15 days ago
Great game, love the layout, ramps offer great combo shots and is very fast. The Disaster non licensed theme is a real nice change of pace. I like all the references to some of Pats older games, especially the Quantum theatre mini P2K feature. The hand drawn artwork really captures the theme. Job well done to the group at JJP.
16 days ago
It play like a Lawlor from the older days !! Great !!
So TH has to go .... DI will be played more ....
17 days ago
What a pin! Jack & team can be proud of this one.
This one ticks all my boxes. I especially like the flipper area; they 'feel' right.

At first I thought the 'theme' was a little off, but now I see if is really about jamming up 'Big Brother', and not about a cellphone. Fitting theme for the times we live in.

This is worth the price. Best new release since I've joined the hobby. It sounds militant to say so, but I daresay that if a person doesn't like this game, they probably don't like pinball. So fun!
17 days ago
It's a fun game, but it didn't blow me away.
It feels like a modern 90's game.
Why a plexi on top of the popbumpers ????
18 days ago
I like how you can control the flippers with your phone and a lot of other high tech stuff
24 days ago
I love this game - I keep going back to playing on location and am considering buying one. I love TZ so this is TZv2 for me. The lights take things to the next level - really like how they change color. It is also nice to have more of a general theme like disaster rather than a licensed theme as everyone can somewhat relate to that as opposed to say TH where it is an instant turn off for me as I never did or will watch those.

It is important to me my friends and family like the games even if they do not play them a lot and everyone I play this machine with loves it.
25 days ago
One of the best Pinballs ever made!
26 days ago
I was looking for my next new pin purchase, and had seen this one online and I was curious. I drove to two locations to play it, Level 257 in Chicago and Marvins in Detroit. I put about 15 games or so at each location and was happy enough with how it played to give it a chance in my collection. I have had it for a few days now and have put dozens of games in. Wow, I really like this machine.
The theme is a turn off for some, For me, I had to warm up to it. Once i started to understand the ruleset, the theme works great. There are lots of great shots that are a challenge to make. Some machines the shots are super easy and for me that gets boring. The moving guy on the playfield is a constantly changing element that adds to the challenge. My absolute favorite part about this game is the magnets. This thing can get crazy running the ball all over the playfield. EMP mode is awesome for that. The lighting is IMO the best I have ever seen. Mine is the standard version, so it lacks the ramp lights, which would probably add some to the effect.

The only thing I wish I had done would be to have upgraded to the invisaglass. I have the black plastic glare protector on it, but it is not nearly large enough for the huge display.(i LOVEthe display on this machine). I also hope someone comes up with a cool lighted mod for the sign over the theater, it is somewhat hard to see and could be better lit.

Overall the build quality is IMO far superior to the new Stern machines. This will not be my last JJ machine! I doubt this one will ever leave my collection. It keeps me coming back for more which is what I want in a pin.

Update. I have had the pin for a few weeks now, playing it every night at least a few games. I still love this pin. At first I was a bit frustrated with the scoring. It scores SUPER low for most basic things. If you just bat the ball around on the playfield without working to make the call-outs and specific shots, you get nowhere. Many of the shots are challenging to make, so this does really test your skill. It may not do well on a route for the casual player, since without knowing the rule set and understanding the shots, the scores will be low and probably turn some casual players off.
The build quality feels amazing and I have had zero issues. The one "complaint" I have is that the music gets repetitive, but it is at least not obnoxious.
28 days ago
Played this game at a show in France, a very nice machine, well balanced.
Need some minor mods to protect the playfield and mechanics, but nothing dramatic.
I especially love the animations.
32 days ago
Cool game , packed with so much stuff, I am lost to make any mods for this game. Pat Lawlor stepped up Big Time with this game.
33 days ago
Lots of gimmicks, almost too many, there are so many modes, I cant quite get it, its just ok for being brand new
35 days ago
SimCity pinball, abstract theme and rules, cheesy/low quality videos, cluttered playfield, and overhyped pinball machine.
39 days ago
Dialed-In is a fun future-retro Pat Lawlor masterpiece.
48 days ago
This has to be one of the best pinball machines I have ever played. I will give a full in-depth review in the future, but for now leave my comments short. One of the biggest arguments with this machine is the artwork(props alone), given that, it took me only 30 minutes of playing the game, to override any doubts about the art affecting my overall expierience.

Yes, there is a cell phone connection, but that doesn't have to do with any of the game unless you want it to. which I do believe after playing the game about 100 times now, that it was a good idea to add the feature, there's also a camera that records you. I don't have any skepticism on it recording me so it's not a big deal to me, with that it does incorparate into the gameplay rather well.

The reason I love this game, starting with my favorite parts. One of the downsides of not actually playing this or seeing it be played, is the overall effect of all the props. To start, the quantum Theater is spectacular. What you see on the screen multiplies up onto the back box LCD seamlessly. On top of that it is perfectly placed in the playfield to let you know what you need to do. Whereas the newer stern Star Wars, has the LCD off to the side, and it's really hard to see what you need to do as you have to see if your vision. I think Sterns as a gimmick, and jersey Jack's is perfection. The magnets on this game are mine blowing. If you played Addams family like many pinheads have, you can really appreciate those magnets. This machine is at least twice as exciting as that one as far as magnets go. The multi ball features are almost too much fun. As this playfield is packed, putting three balls on table to start, is super fast, challenging, and fun all at the same time.

Pat Lawler, obviously one of the best in the business. I don't think he left any out anything with this machine or producing one for a new company. Well done sir.

Regular body. As I have jersey jacks Wizard of Oz, I have appreciated widebodies for ever. His Wizard of Oz might be one of the best. With this being a regular size, the ball play seems to be twice as fast as Wizard of Oz, and the code isn't far off in the complexity.

Thank you jersey jack and the team for supplying a new innovative pinball that I will cherish for years, now to play it. Sorry stars wars le, you have been put to the side.
52 days ago
An exceptional game in every way. As with each JJP game, the build quality is the best in the industry and even surpasses the previous JJP releases. The layout is fast and fun with plenty of shots including ramps, loops, scoops, diverters, a hidden trap door and even a moving target. Three flippers with each having many shots available. This game can be fast and loopy and stop-and-go at the same time. An easy to learn ruleset that remains very challenging. It's a lot harder than I expected to advance through each of the modes. I haven't reached the wizard modes yet, and am glad that it's not too easy to do so. JJP has outdone themselves once again.
55 days ago
I put about 30 games on this machine. Although the theme is different (I actually commend them for that). I find the game somewhat boring, repetitive, and not very energetic (maybe why I like music themes so much). My hope is that the game will mature with new code. If it does I am sure the game will improve immensely....

round 2....played another 20+ games, and now I'm a believer...WOW....
62 days ago
Ok it is not my theme, game is good, playfield art is not my think. The toys are ok but not top class. I like the phone but the metro station is way to big and there toys are also not in relation to each other. There is a lot of going on on the playfield, looks like a busy city and looks real cool. Music looked to me a little bit repetitive, but maybe is that just because i did not get far in the game. Modes look real cool. The part that your flipper is attacked is real cool. Playing via your phone is just a gimmick no serious player will do that. Selfie mode is nice but I did not have time to look up. Also the animations are for the spectator and not for the player. Game will do great on location but in a home environment, just do not know.
66 days ago
I was one of the people who were initially skeptical about "Dialed In", with it themed around a phone. Having never read the comic book or about what this game is truly about, I passed it off until some time earlier this year. I've heard that it was a blast to play, from time to time, and it was eventually shown at Summer Games Done Quick 2017. I wasn't there, but I watched footage of it. Dialed In looked like an absolute blast to play.

Come ReplayFX 2017, Dialed In didn't disappoint. The shots felt really good, the callouts were CRAZY, and everything just seemed to come together. It's a classic Lawlor disaster-themed pinball machine. We need one in my neck of the woods; this is too good not to pass up, even if the prices seem unsettling at first.
67 days ago
I've played this game enough to feel I can rate it, but I don't feel like I can properly review it, given that I swoon with joy every time I hit the start button. I haven't gotten through full wizard mode so I can't comment on its lastability, either, but the tremendous variety of shots and multiple levels of play suggest I won't be bored with it anytime this century. Gimmicks? It has invented whole new categories of gimmicks. Playfield layout? Among the best ever. Surprises, overlapping modes, an extremely large number of permutations on how to maximize scoring, a variety of multiballs, and an array of combos. It doesn't quite incorporate the "one of everything" aspect of Wizard of Oz (which may be a good thing) and it's an incredibly busy playfield, so it's hard to call it perfect (if such a thing will ever exist), but it's clearly the best design of a generation, with only Lebowski possibly giving it a run for the money for having a superior theme and integration. (Are you the good guy or the bad guy in this pinball, with its hommage to Lawlor disasters of previous machines? Who knows? Who cares? It's only the lack of coherence in the theme that really keeps the design from pure nirvana levels).

The best.
There are 77 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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