Dialed In (Jersey Jack Pinball, 2017)

Dialed In

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Found 36 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 36 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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22 hours ago
First feelings are average but decent one.
Nice and smooth shoots in general. Rules are confused, at least not intuitive enough
Need to be set up to get short ball time otherwise it could be very very long..and this is not my tastes.
Need more games into it but not a keeper in my opinion.
5 days ago
Put a bunch of games on this the other day. Game had decent flow. Seemed to be more action with the right flipper than the left due to modes. Everything seemed to be integrated well. I didn't find the phone annoying but it was loud in the room. Kept thinking of JM when it would ring, though. The theme is not bad to me, it is no different than Earthshaker or Whirlwind, but the name is dumb. However, I don't play the name and the game is fun as hell to play. I like this better than Aerosmith and GB.
5 days ago
Ok. I figured I would hate this game due to the theme. And at first, I did hate it - really hated it. But after many, many plays, I have come to admire the subtle brilliance of the shots, the ball flow, various modes and score stacking. This is a masterpiece. Definitely was not my opinion early on. The disaster theme works - just don't get fooled by the cell phone.

I hope that JJP puts their considerable talents towards a fun theme like Alien or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They may be the only serious challenger to Stern. Spooky is making a good run at Stern, but I don't think they have the resources to match Stern's depth of talent. All and all, with each release, JJP improves. If Heighway fails to deliver Alien, I hope JJP can get the rights. What a killer combo that would be! JJP's team polishing Alien. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it.
12 days ago
Dialed In is the game that Jersey Jack has been needing to make since day 1.

The Pros:
A great looking, sounding and playing game that proves once again that Pat Lawlor is the most creative pinball designer to design modern pinball. Give that guy some resources, and he is going to run with it! A players layout with lots to shoot for and even more to consider and stack up for righteous playability. The animations are in line with the theme and while a few might not "get it" at first, this is a theme that everyone can relate to. The immersive qualities of this tech are self evident when the selfie mode starts. the camera looks for the player's and other people's faces when the game starts to crank out pics on the screen. Bringing people in... that's how you do it! There are lots of modes, multiballs and the wizard mode is in there already. John Youssi brings the look and Keith Johnson at the help of the programming team means that a player's player is making this game play as it should. Just like the rules, the theme is layered as well. Natural disasters and all sorts of strange occurances are happening. How do you deal with them with the thematic tools of your celphone? I feel like this harkens to Roadshow where the game was about travelling across America and all of these interesting things happen as you go. This is all up to you and makes me believe this is a thinking man's game. With nearly 20 shots and a true skill shot on the PF, this game has got it all.

The Cons:
Some of the thoughtless knee-jerk reactions from people who haven't really considered what this game is really about. That and being able to afford it. At the same time, 8k for a game seems to be the going rate for something built as solidly as a JJP pinball game.

The Takeaway:
Is Pat Lawlor the secret sauce that needed to happen at JJP? I'm going to say yes. This game has the layout, an accessable theme for all ages and the wow factor that hasn't happened in pinball since The Addams Family. Here's to the engineering woes of the past being in the past and let's see how this game earns on the street. I for one, can't wait to really get to know it! This may be my first NIB game.
14 days ago
Of all the games I played at Northwest Pinball show this was one of the most fun, 2nd only to WOZ. Quite disapointed with many competitors new units out there. Great job Jersey Jack!
14 days ago
I was fortunate to put a lot of time on one that was on location. All I can say is that it makes every other pinball machine look bad. I can't find a flaw with it. Every shot feels great. You always have an obvious spot to shoot for. It looks beautiful. The call outs are funny. The theme is even incredible!

I have noticed many people bashing the theme. They think that it is all about a cell phone. Well that's not the whole picture. The idea of Dialed in is to save a city from numerous disasters that strike. (The third and ultimate Pat Lawlor disaster game if you must). The phone simply acts as a tool. A original theme like this is refreshing in comparison to all of the watered down licensed games we keep getting. (Now don't get me wrong I think that both Stern and Jersey Jack have been putting together great games in these last few years. Just the licenses are getting tiring). Especially with the use of lcd screens and modern pinball technology it is easy to bring a original theme to life.

What standee out most to me were the shots. They were all so smooth and perfect. Even if someone didn't understand the rules at all, they would be entertained by just shooting around. This game has the flow that we all have been looking for, for years!!!!!

After spending some time on dialed in, I will play other games that I thought were outstanding and I'm finding them less entertaining because I still remember how great Dialed In was. (Not sure if thats a good thing :)

The bottom line is that Dialed in is an outstanding pinball machine that I think is going to become a classic for years to come.
14 days ago
Played this at TPF 2017 and was surprised how much I enjoyed this game! Some really interesting features and good uses of screens without making them completely overpowering and distracting like other games I've played. At first I didn't think I'd enjoy the cellphone theme of this game, but was pretty quickly drawn in, and watching people hit the seflie mode was pretty hilarious. I definitely think this game excels as a multiplayer experience and I hope that it's success inspires more non-licensed titles in the future!
20 days ago
Jack took the time to bring this machine across the country to Pin a Go Go in Dixon California so I figured I could make the 45 minute trip to check it out. Visually, the game is stunning-- it looks state of the art, the colors are excellent, and the screen is visually impressive (as is JJP's style.) The playfield also looks like considerable time was spent planning both the flow, and the placement and quality of the toys.

I spent more time watching than playing and believe that the overall reaction was significantly positive. There was lots of chuckling at the selfies, and lots of positive reactions as folks realized the depth of play and began to notice the weaving of the disaster story from the screen animations into the playfield.

This game sets the bar, period. Guaranteed the folks at Stern are going to see Dialed In and realize that the days of the templated games are limited.
21 days ago
Most fun I've had playing a pinball machine. Rules are plenty deep but still approachable to the casual player. Playfield artwork looks great with an amazing light show. Let's talk flow. Shots are silky smooth and fast. Magnets whip the ball around and great LCD animations. Definitely JJP's best game to date but maybe Pat Lawlor's as well.
30 days ago
Unique theme and gameplay. Shots are fun and satisfying. Quality of animations and music are top notch. If there is any time I get a chance to play this machine again, trust me, I will be playing it.
33 days ago
A really fun game to play with smooth shots and a great design. I don't really care for the way it is themed ... probably should have just been called "Quantum City" or something else. I would love to own this game some day because of how fun it is and how great the game play is. I've only played this about 50 times to date at the various shows over the last year, but the various modes and plots and playing within them make this game very entertaining ... so much so that you don't really think about the theme while playing. Very entertaining to play.
42 days ago
A wonderful game. A lot of shots and things to do that I felt like I only scratched the surface of it after playing for 30 mins.
69 days ago
I've played Dialed In many times since it was unveiled at Expo. I was hooked the first time I played it!
81 days ago
Fun game but the theme ruins it.
81 days ago
OK, let's admit that this is an unusual theme; but haven't we all been begging for an original theme and not another rock band or superhero pin? Well, Pat Lawlor has done a great job with a really different pin. Get out and play this one - it shoots like a dream, is fast and is just plain fun! That is where this game excels - it is gobs of fun and has that "one more game" quality. Dare to be different - try it!
82 days ago
I played dialed in at free gold watch for hours couldn't stop playing best pin by jj imo
88 days ago
This is a game where my rating is going to go up and down over time as it evolves through code updates, but I've put in enough time at this point to get an initial rating down and to post some thoughts.

Dialed In, like many Pat Lawlor games, is packed with shots. Unlike many games with a high shot density, however, Dialed In remains smooth and keeps a good flow going. I don't know how Pat Lawlor does it, but he never wastes an inch of playfield space.

The theme has been polarizing, but once you realize it's a disaster game, not a game about a cell phone, it's easy to settle in and start enjoying what is going on with the game's theme. Natural disasters, aliens, shady corporations, and yeah, cell phones all make for a pretty fun theme.

Where the game truly shines is in its gameplay. Combos, modes, multiballs, and hurry ups are all well thought out and are a blast to shoot for. Of all of Pat Lawlor's games, Dialed In will most likely be pointed to as his best shooter, and if the code is up to snuff, we're looking at a game that will be held up as a winner for many years to come.

As they've done with The Hobbit and Wizard of Oz, JJP has done a great job generating nice art assets and animations for the LCD screens. Information is presented in a much cleaner way than the other previous two titles, which makes it easier to learn the game and get pulled into the story progression.

Music and sound effects are nice, and they're rich in variety. Some of the music is a little cheesy, but it's got a classic feel to it that feels like it belongs in a pinball machine. The voice work is campy and fun, and again feels very much at home in pinball. I'm sure the audio package will still evolve a bit over time.

Now, the game is quite expensive, even at the base model. At the price point, the game simply won't be for everybody in a home environment, but it should be a winner on locations as well. If this game is any indication of what Pat Lawlor is going to do in his return to pinball, I'm beyond excited to see what he does next.
3 months ago
Full disclosure I love JJP machines and was predisposed to like this one. I didn't, though, the first two times I played it in Connecticut at a Christmas showing, though I agreed with others playing it at the time that it recalls Ripleys and Addams family. Spent 3-4 hours on it in Chicago on free play at HQ, where there's a line for it at all times. It is a tank. The build quality is of great. The machine takes a huge beating on route and just didn't care. It's beautiful. Lighting, integration of LCD and phone toy and bob all perfect. Shots feel exactly right. It is shocking this code is so incomplete because it already is coherent and engrossing. I don't know why anyone would pay $12.5k for an LE because the pro I played is perfect in terms of how it looks, though the backboard and topper must be a huge pain in the ass to move around. This is the machine that will bring a new generation to pinball and a great one to teach skills. The selfie cam should be moved to the top because hello old people don't want to watch their double chins haha. The theater works well, much better than the same tech implemented in WoZ. It's a great game
3 months ago
Finally a pin with an original theme (not just a band or movie theme)!!!!
Whether you like the theme or not, it required much more creativity and work than Stern's copy-paste pins with franchise or band themes and this is reflected in my rating.
Original artwork, music and videos.
3 months ago
Played it at Louisville. Fantastic game. Overall control was fantastic--it didn't feel like I was being cheated out of my turn by cheaply designed ramp returns or unfair ball guides/posts that punish good shots. Great sights and sounds, and the ramps flow incredibly well. Once I get a chance to actually watch what is happening on the giant LCD screen I know I'll just like the game more.

It feels (in spirit) like Whirlwind 3000--not just a funnel cloud coming, but several natural disasters. The game (LE version) will make its way into my lineup around summertime, according to Jack. Over a thousand people ahead of me in line!
3 months ago
Not my cup of tea for a theme
3 months ago
Another masterpiece from JJP
Needs more realistic animations,I assume this will come in time
3 months ago
I found the game to be entertaining and look forward to seeing where it goes with updated code
3 months ago
The theme does nothing for me. Beyond that, it plays great, has a lot of flow, but I got bored with some really long ball times. Overall, its just not a game I want to keep flipping on.
4 months ago
Pat Lawlor with JJP/Williams quality and feel meet 2017! Quantum City is under attack! Asteroids, UFO's, earthquakes, tornado's, nuclear attack...all depicted in a city on the screen. Animations/music/characters all original theme. Great shots and gameplay - light shows - innovations including camera and phone app. JJP continues to raise the bar. Must have in any collection!
There are 36 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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