Dialed In (Jersey Jack Pinball, 2016)

Dialed In

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Game design: 8.798

Artwork: 8.028

Sounds/Music: 7.861

Other Aspects: 8.234

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There are 23 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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12 days ago
I've played Dialed In many times since it was unveiled at Expo. I was hooked the first time I played it!
25 days ago
OK, let's admit that this is an unusual theme; but haven't we all been begging for an original theme and not another rock band or superhero pin? Well, Pat Lawlor has done a great job with a really different pin. Get out and play this one - it shoots like a dream, is fast and is just plain fun! That is where this game excels - it is gobs of fun and has that "one more game" quality. Dare to be different - try it!
26 days ago
I played dialed in at free gold watch for hours couldn't stop playing best pin by jj imo
32 days ago
This is a game where my rating is going to go up and down over time as it evolves through code updates, but I've put in enough time at this point to get an initial rating down and to post some thoughts.

Dialed In, like many Pat Lawlor games, is packed with shots. Unlike many games with a high shot density, however, Dialed In remains smooth and keeps a good flow going. I don't know how Pat Lawlor does it, but he never wastes an inch of playfield space.

The theme has been polarizing, but once you realize it's a disaster game, not a game about a cell phone, it's easy to settle in and start enjoying what is going on with the game's theme. Natural disasters, aliens, shady corporations, and yeah, cell phones all make for a pretty fun theme.

Where the game truly shines is in its gameplay. Combos, modes, multiballs, and hurry ups are all well thought out and are a blast to shoot for. Of all of Pat Lawlor's games, Dialed In will most likely be pointed to as his best shooter, and if the code is up to snuff, we're looking at a game that will be held up as a winner for many years to come.

As they've done with The Hobbit and Wizard of Oz, JJP has done a great job generating nice art assets and animations for the LCD screens. Information is presented in a much cleaner way than the other previous two titles, which makes it easier to learn the game and get pulled into the story progression.

Music and sound effects are nice, and they're rich in variety. Some of the music is a little cheesy, but it's got a classic feel to it that feels like it belongs in a pinball machine. The voice work is campy and fun, and again feels very much at home in pinball. I'm sure the audio package will still evolve a bit over time.

Now, the game is quite expensive, even at the base model. At the price point, the game simply won't be for everybody in a home environment, but it should be a winner on locations as well. If this game is any indication of what Pat Lawlor is going to do in his return to pinball, I'm beyond excited to see what he does next.
43 days ago
Full disclosure I love JJP machines and was predisposed to like this one. I didn't, though, the first two times I played it in Connecticut at a Christmas showing, though I agreed with others playing it at the time that it recalls Ripleys and Addams family. Spent 3-4 hours on it in Chicago on free play at HQ, where there's a line for it at all times. It is a tank. The build quality is of great. The machine takes a huge beating on route and just didn't care. It's beautiful. Lighting, integration of LCD and phone toy and bob all perfect. Shots feel exactly right. It is shocking this code is so incomplete because it already is coherent and engrossing. I don't know why anyone would pay $12.5k for an LE because the pro I played is perfect in terms of how it looks, though the backboard and topper must be a huge pain in the ass to move around. This is the machine that will bring a new generation to pinball and a great one to teach skills. The selfie cam should be moved to the top because hello old people don't want to watch their double chins haha. The theater works well, much better than the same tech implemented in WoZ. It's a great game
43 days ago
Finally a pin with an original theme (not just a band or movie theme)!!!!
Whether you like the theme or not, it required much more creativity and work than Stern's copy-paste pins with franchise or band themes and this is reflected in my rating.
Original artwork, music and videos.
54 days ago
Played it at Louisville. Fantastic game. Overall control was fantastic--it didn't feel like I was being cheated out of my turn by cheaply designed ramp returns or unfair ball guides/posts that punish good shots. Great sights and sounds, and the ramps flow incredibly well. Once I get a chance to actually watch what is happening on the giant LCD screen I know I'll just like the game more.

It feels (in spirit) like Whirlwind 3000--not just a funnel cloud coming, but several natural disasters. The game (LE version) will make its way into my lineup around summertime, according to Jack. Over a thousand people ahead of me in line!
55 days ago
Not my cup of tea for a theme
57 days ago
Another masterpiece from JJP
Needs more realistic animations,I assume this will come in time
58 days ago
I found the game to be entertaining and look forward to seeing where it goes with updated code
58 days ago
The theme does nothing for me. Beyond that, it plays great, has a lot of flow, but I got bored with some really long ball times. Overall, its just not a game I want to keep flipping on.
69 days ago
Pat Lawlor with JJP/Williams quality and feel meet 2017! Quantum City is under attack! Asteroids, UFO's, earthquakes, tornado's, nuclear attack...all depicted in a city on the screen. Animations/music/characters all original theme. Great shots and gameplay - light shows - innovations including camera and phone app. JJP continues to raise the bar. Must have in any collection!
70 days ago
So much going on in this game! I was lucky enough to be the second person to play one of the three machines at the unveiling at Expo 2016. Kind of nerve-racking playing it with 50 dudes all hawk-eyeing me, but I held my own (only tilted TWICE!)

I get that the theme isn't for everyone, but it's Pat Lawlor! Pretty sure everyone wasn't doing backflips for a game about road construction, but Road Show is a great game! There is so much to do in this game, you just have to try it for yourself. I have since put a ton of time into it at Level 257 in Schaumburg, Illinois (they have a prototype), so this isn't just some fanboy review. I just wish I had $9000 sitting around d so I could order one!
71 days ago
Great Flow - Great Shoots - a fantastic Prototype - only the sound Needs a improvement
4 months ago
Very fun to shoot the coding of the game and hopefully they ad a lot more animations and it could be great
4 months ago
Got to play about 20 games on Dialed In. Really nice flow and very playable. Level 257 in Schaumburg, IL has WOZ, GB, Hobbit, Kiss and some older titles too. Nobody was there so we kept playing. There's a lot of great ramps and long ball play, my friend would go through a game on GB while waiting for his turn on this one. I like playing this game, if I had a boat load if cash I would buy it, but I don't, so I'll keep playing in at 257. Best new title I've played in a very long time.
4 months ago
First got to say game does shoot good but I absolutly HATE the sounds this pin makes which really bring my rating down overall. I dont like the bells and old style sounds what so ever and theme isnt appealing, art is good except that damn jeans dude, gameplay was good though. Its really to early to rate since code isnt finished yet but if i have to its not good in its present form and probably will never appeal to me. I dont like Lawlor designs that are similar to DI like Whirlwind and Earthshaker so its not surprising i dont like DI much. Best thing about game is the right orbit into ramp shot rest has been done better by Stern or previous JJP games recently. Immersion of a great theme is very important to me and DI just doesnt have that in my opinion. So lame theme, old style sounds, stupid jeans guy on playfield, dumb toys that look like bobs big boy all lead me to my rating. Heres to JJP #4 being great!

Rating score is based on early code so is subject to change when i play a finished coded version.
4 months ago
Rated based on code as of 10 Dec 16 and will re-rate later. All in all I am excited for what the game already offers.

BY FAR the best layout and shooter from JJP to date and you can tell Pat L spend countless years of his life planning this one out. Shear genius Pat!

As I go through each category I have really no choice but to rate it excellent, even at the early code stage. I can understand that many seem to have gotten hung up on the haters and inverse hype at Expo, and all I can say is go play it and then judge. The theme is NOT simcity 2.0, it is Whirlwind and Earthshaker meet the ULTIMATE disaster scenario.

Theme means very little for me anyway, but I really dig it. The best unlicensed theme since the 90s!

What really matters it eh game plays like a dream and the immersion already is on track to supplant you back to your youth and into the world of disaster where you are fighting it out. Few if any games really capture this X factor like DI already has.

Looking forward to more time on this ASAP!
4 months ago
I played Dialed In! for the first time today. This game looks amazing in person. The color scheme of the artwork is really eye catching, the light show sparkles and the toys look really well made. There are a ton of little details on the playfield that I didn't notice when looking at the photos. The graphics on the LCD looked really polished. One thing I didn't realize is that the various playfield elements are all a part of the cityscape which appears on the LCD. The pop bumpers are the tops of three buildings, the Einstein theater is on one of the streets and the electricity mascot is part of a sign on another building, it's really clever. The whole game just looks next level, more modern and polished than any other game I have seen. The things that people have been complaining about (the name, the guy with the phone and the phone toy itself) are not a huge part of the game and it all works really well together when you actually see and play it in person.
5 months ago
This game has it all basically. Great flowing ramps, challenging ramp, challenging combo shots, magnets, fun modes and is a genuinely unique original game!
5 months ago
I was fortunate enough to get 3 games in at a recent pinball expo and watched other people play. The layout is fantastic and makes for excellent flow. Good shots from all 3 flippers. It is not a drain monster like GB. Lots of toys and gimmicks to interact with. It is almost perfect in any way. You can tell it is very well thought out. The flippers are a bit weak to make the left ramp shot. Even perfect shots dead center barely make it (gameplay 4/6). At least that was the case on the machine I played.
The backglass animations are very entertaining for the audience. It takes so-so quality pictures of you while playing and displays them on the backglass/screen. This is one of the best or maybe the best machine made in the last few years. Too bad it is $9K. Maybe one day, but today is not that day.
5 months ago
Got a chance to play this at the Release Party at Pinball Gallery. Really surprised how well it played even in its incomplete state, lots of good shot chains, the animations and speech are excellent, plenty of goals to shoot for. Regardless of what you feel about the theme or the name it plays very well and I am looking forward to playing it when it is released.
5 months ago
I'm sure my rating will change as the code is only at 20% but this is a great game. I've spent a lot of time on WOZ and Hobbit and they're each equally awesome but this game has a bit more flow and is a lot faster than both of those. It's a well done package and no reviews, feedback or videos can do it proper justice, it really needs played and experienced first hand.
There are 23 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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