Devil Riders (Zaccaria, 1984)

Devil Riders

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Game design: 7.55

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Other Aspects: 7.473

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There are 12 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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34 days ago
This is a really cool game with two neat gimmicks in the upper playfield and the backbox. The only unfortunate thing is how symmetrical it is! Why does Zaccaria always do this? They have a fun game, with a cool gimmick, and then it's entirely boringly symmetrical. I also hate the bonus ball feature on all of these games.
11 months ago
Surprisingly fun game. Not a deep game, but fun to play. Give it a go if you can find one.
1 year ago
I love the Devil Riders pin. I've owned a few pins and I found it hard to stop playing.
It's such a challenge to get that motorcycle to do a loop I just can't give up, then when I do it I have to try again lol.
2 years ago
In my opinion, Zaccaria's greatest title in terms of design.
Solid two level playfield layout with multiball.
Who does not like blasting drop targets so they can shoot a ball up ramps?
A special nod goes to using a clear upper playfield to see the pop bumpers and the ball while is it returning to the player, which is not as common as people may realize.
Great artwork.
Integrated animated backglass.
Well thought out sound calls and basic music.
Light show is average in a dark room.
Good depth of ruleset for its age.
2 years ago
Devil Riders is my first Zaccaria pin. As far as Zacs go, it’s probably the easiest to find, but in terms of overall pinball; it’s not that easily located. The game play is quite simple: hit the drop targets to drop the ramps, get to the upper playfield, rinse and repeat. Artwork is what makes Zaccaria’s awesome! Also, the sounds are very weird compared to any other American made pin. I like to think of them as Bally’s foreign cousin. I always tell people that come over, “just to see one is rare, to see one for sale is almost impossible”. So, if one of these ever comes to a pinball show, you should play it while you can.
2 years ago
This game has great art. Sound is lacking, and gameplay is decent.
4 years ago
I was looking around for an early 80‘s solid state machine to go along with my 2 system 11‘s and one wpc95 machine. At one point a Devil Riders was for sale on our forum, and being relatively new to the pinball scene i haven't even heard of Zaccaria before, let alone know Devil Riders.

I did a little research and pretty much blindly bought the machine. The person selling it was well known so i trusted him when he said the machine played very well and was in very good condition. Boy, was i in for a treat. I really like this pin, a lot!

First of all there's the exceptional build quality, you can easily tell this machine was produced in an era where quality was very important. A few examples. The playfield, it lacks mylar. But still, this cabinet has the nicest playfield in my collection. The colors are very vivid, and i don't what they used to protect it, but it has some sort of very thin coating (no clearcoat though) on it that makes it very resistant against wear. You can also see the build quality inside of the cabinet. The woofer is protected by a box, and so is the tranfo. Never seen that before. And the coilsleeves are made of some kind of metal (brass?) instead of plastic. Don't know if that is standard, but i assume so.
The only flaw i seemed to notice is on the flippers itself. They come in two pieces, a bottom piece and a top piece. So they are very easy to detach but the upper part of the flipper fails to stay clicked in after you reinstall them. Sure you can use a few drops of glue. But chances are that they will break the next time you need to unmount them. So for now i just use a little clear tape to hold the cap on the flipper.

The game itself. I was stunned by the deep rules for a game this age. At first sight there is not much to do. However, once you get to know the pin, there's tons of stuff to do! The main goal is getting the ramps down by hitting those targets underneath. That alone is a cool concept. Once on the upper playfield you can score extra points (20,000 points) , advance the red special (spelling d.e.v.i.l.r.i.d.e.r.s.) or hit the orange special when lit. You can lit the orange special by clearing 3 drop target banks in one play. Both the red special and orange special awards can be adjusted and vary from extra points to an extra ball or a free game.

Than there's the bonus multiplier. 5x, 10x and 20x. You can increase these by hitting the outer lanes. There are 3 switches in each lane that you need to hit to light the “advance multiplier” hit them again to advance. This is a good way for scoring big points. It's a relatively safe shot and the ball ends up in the popbumpers where it can lower droptargets without the need for actually hitting them.

Another cool extra feature is the react flipper. Each of the outlanes is equipped with a vertically positioned flipper. When the ball enters the lane it activates a switch giving you one shot at flipping (actually scooping is a better word here) the ball back into play. You can relight the react flippers by knocking down a drop target bank.

One more thing i would like to mention is the backglass. This pin has by far the nicest looking backglass i ever had in my modest collection. The neon in the backglass is near impossible to replace i think, but mine still works and it really makes the backglass and the plastic mouldings inside stand out.

All in all, a very nice addition to any collection really. Especially for those who are looking for an older pin to go with their wpc's.
5 years ago
Very beautiful Flipper, double plan of game and motion that it turns in the backglass his/her peculiar characteristics, without doubt one of the best flippers of the years 80.
5 years ago
Flipper surprising, perhaps the most beautiful product gone out of Caldarara of Rhine.Excellent!
5 years ago
Devil Riders is not an easy game to play... This game is a skills game that requires your full attention at all times, Keep your attention on point around the outlanes.

The Pros:
The PF is simple and an effective design. Getting the ball to the upper pf is always a challenge. Keeping it up there is tough! The italians love their artwork and the style of the game is unlike any american table you will see. The Drop targets holding up the ramp is an idea that I am surprised I have never seen on any other game before.

The Cons:
Until you get the "feel" of a game like this, it will eat you alive. Scoring opportunities are not always immediately apparent. I need more time with this game...

The Takeaway:
Play this game and get used ot it. Once you get a handle on it, you will really enjoy it. Make that bike spin!
5 years ago
Game is meh ... but it has a cool looping motorcycle. Would get old quickly in a small collection.
6 years ago
Love the Zaccyies. Cool dropping ramp. wish I could find one!
There are 12 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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