Demolition Man (Williams, 1994)

Demolition Man

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Game design: 8.016

Artwork: 6.731

Sounds/Music: 7.516

Other Aspects: 7.764

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There are 158 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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35 days ago
has alot of features..dated but still fun
38 days ago
I had Demolition Man for less than a year.

It's great fun, the multi ball fever and the claw are great.
Mine also had upgraded speakers and sub, so the music was pounding. Fit the theme and game play very well.

Also loved the handles. Wasn't a fan of the wide body though (I'm not in general).

I eventually got rid of it b/c I felt like there wasn't a great amount to do, and it was just clunky enough even with the simple ruleset to not make me want to play again after I had a successful game.

Anyway, get one, you won't regret it. Even if you sell/trade it later.
55 days ago
Flipper buttons or grips? Each have pros and cons, but Demolition Man can be fun to play either way. However, while there are plenty of shots, the game starts to feel flat and simple within just a few games. There are some interesting rules, but - even with the upper grip / triggers - the game is actually too easy to walk away from.
77 days ago
Possibly one of my personal favourites pins, great theme one of my favourite action movies brought to the world of pinball what more could I ask for other than Terminator (thanks Willaims) DM is full of awesome shots and boy are there a lot of them, literally every inch of the playfield is covered in a variety of unique shots, the cyro claw is a neat trick albeit the rules a little shallow around it and I love the centre jump ramp a really fun shot to hit plus the vertical triggers add a uniqueness to the way you can play the game and fit the theme perfectly.

I will add one of these to my collection again some day and add more Sly & Wesley audio via pin browser making the game even better!
3 months ago
Very fun at an arcade but after so many plays it lones all its luster. Hit ramps, more ramps, ramps then your donew. Very fun at an arcade for instant satisfaction but I lost interest quickly. Good starter pin. The handles really don't hit it with me and from a owner standpoint really just a high cost feature to keep good looking. Art on this is like the movie, not very good. Definitely not a bad game, but not a great game either
3 months ago
I like widebody games, and this one has a good layout on paper. But, I still find the gameplay and ruleset really dull. The art and sound design does nothing to help save this game.
4 months ago
We had Demoman in the house for about 7 or 8 months maybe a bit less. As with most pins it got a lot of play when I first brought it home. It's a good value for the money but it does get a bit tiresome after a while, this game is all about ramps and flow so if you like ramps and combos this is a game for you. I eventually got tired of not having anything else to shoot for and found myself playing it less and less. It does have some interesting rules and scoring but in the end it comes down to the multiballs and jackpots. The LH side of the PF pretty well gets ignored with the car crash and retina scan as they are death shots and really don't seem to be worth shooting for.

If you disable the claw this machine becomes infinitely more difficult but the claw is a cool toy so it is hard to disable it.
4 months ago
A very approachable game that is really fun with all of the combo shots whizzing around the metal and plastic ramps. I like the Cryo Claw--it gives you a quick breather as you plot which option to choose. Sure, some people like to only choose to exploit the Lock/Freeze option, but choose them all, they are mostly quick and easy shots so show some restraint and enjoy all of this great game's modes.
5 months ago
Not a bad game overall. The flow is pretty amazing until you get to the cryoclaw lock. This game is all about ramps and multiball. I loved the movie, and figure I'd love this too. Surprisingly, I didn't like as much as I thought I would. Callouts and music sound great. But after awhile it lost its appeal for me.
6 months ago
Demo Man is one of the last great values in 2016 pinball. The game-play and flow are awesome even though the rules/scoring could use a little tweaking (updates make it better). If you love ramps this game is pure heaven. I am a huge fan of Dennis Nordman and this is his 3rd best game but his 3rd would be most peoples best (WH2O and Scared Stiff are a little better). Truly from a game-play standpoint, it is a great value still holding at less than $3000 for a nice one. I don't expect the price to do anything but go up as all great pins tend to do. Also, while tough to clean, it is a super reliable pinball.
7 months ago
This is my Sci-Fi Whitewater. Love the theme, which is very well integrated. Call outs are from the real actors, which is always nice, and they are great. The claw has not given me a lot of problems and it doesn't hold up gameplay quite as much as the Johnny Mnemonic hand for me. Art package is good and a blue LED behind Wesley Snipes eye in the back glass will make it much more interesting. Some good light shows on this one as well. I love using the upright handles in lieu of the traditional flipper buttons, I would add them to every pinball I had if I could. If you are relatively tall, the upright handles will be much more comfortable for you.

You will read a lot of reviews of the movie itself here; however, a quick look at Rotten Tomatoes will show you just how high the critics and overall population of readers of that site felt about the movie, which was overwhelmingly positive.
9 months ago
Finally managed to play this at a meet. Liked using the handles for the flipper action but the theme is not for me. Playfield looks like a stretched T2. No nice artwork, theme or callouts here. Reckon it should be out of the top 100.
10 months ago
Ok pin made as a tie in to a simply terrible movie. Artwork is bland and dated-- I really don't need Sylvester Stallonbe festooned all over the backglass. Gamplay is ok, the "handles" for flipper buttons are unique and I found them interesting to play.
10 months ago
fun game with many ramp shots
1 year ago
Awesome game, with a great flow. The color on the playfield really pops,the back glass and cabinet not so much but whatever I'm looking at the playfield when I'm playing a game. I love the claw it's cool to me I won't turn mine off.
1 year ago
I like the handles for the game. That gives it a fun different feature. Love the call outs.
1 year ago
How can you go wrong with this underrated masterpiece featuring 4 main multi balls, 5 modes that need complete to reach demolition time multi ball, 3 ramps, upper flipper, combos, awards for combos, it's a wide body, the flow is great, the sound is incredible and it's just a great, fun game.
1 year ago
Nice machine, all about the combos, sound and lighting very good. Only let down as others have said is the artwork.
1 year ago
Demolition man is a great game with good flow, very fast, the handles make a great feature, and the claw is a neat toy for people to see.
1 year ago
Great game and a WPC system too which is the best williams system both for reliability and easy trouble shooting and repairs makes this a great purchase and quite possibly the biggest bang for your buck in pinball!
A fast widebody pin with a great playfield layout with plenty of flow and challenging shots, great combo's, loads of ramps and an excellent design and build quality.
An easy game to play but a hard game to master is the key to this one its addictive as hell and has that one more game feel.
With plenty to do and without being overly complicated this game is an underrated gem that is simply loads of fun to play.
Back in the day on location this game was a very good earner and the movie aint bad either and the theme ties into the game well, its a solid license with custom voice overs by Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes.
Im a fan and I highly recomend this one for your games room or pinball collection.
Worth noting as well that the public rating is about 7.8 but the pinside staff rating on this one is 8.3 confirming this is infact an underated game indeed.
1 year ago
First thing to note: Turn off the claw!

This game sucks with the claw enabled, because having the claw enabled kills the flow of the game and allows the player to just choose lock freeze and play multiball all day, without ever experiencing the great modes packed into this game.

Demoman's flow may be some of the best in all of pinball. It's such a pleasure to shoot, and the game encourages and rewards flowing combo play. The way the rules work with combos, lock freezes, and claw awards makes the player keep flow going between the center shot, left ramp, right ramp, and eventually left inner-loop. It feels incredibly fun to do, and the rules do a good job of rewarding the player for doing so.
1 year ago
"I wonder if I can play the accordion too?"

Ramps, Ramps, and more Ramps.
Good flow, but not White Water level quality.
Great machine, but not the best license usage.
The whole backglass image shenanigan between Stallone, Snipes, and Sandra was "Bullocks".
WMS squeezed pinball juice as much as they could into the game.

One of the few machines to use alternative flipper control strategies (gun handles).
I never understood why operators removed them, unless they thought they would get ripped off the machines.
Great use of the extra SUPERPIN playfield space with actions, ramps, and features.

LITTLE KNOW FACT: You score EXTRA points for use of the gun handles on modes and shots.

Probably the FUNNIEST Williams promo videos in the history of pinball.
If you do not know what I am talking about, go watch it, and then you will understand.
You are going to laugh your $%# off.

"The actress who appeared in this promotional video went on to a less humiliating career as a street $@#!@ and childrens party clown. Often combining the two for 10 memorable years."

Old Simple 2005 Review:
The "Cyro Claw" feature, gun handle flippers, and unique captive ball targets make this an entertaining game
1 year ago
"I'm a blast from the past!" "You shoulda stayed there."

Traded my Data East LAH for a DM and couldn't be happier. This table has beautiful flow and awesome multiball modes. Lock freeze is great for getting to Cryo Prison mini-wizard mode. Callouts are terrific, Stallone saying 'REPLAY' is rewarding to hear. Trigger mounts give seemingly greater control over the game, barely use the flipper buttons anymore.

The cryo claw is a ton of fun to operate, but the car crash target is a wasted feature. Hitting those ramps for combos is a hugely satisfying endeavor, and Demolition Time yields a very cool lightshow and awesome sound clips.

Only drawbacks are rather mundane cabinet artwork and yawn-worthy translite. Apart from the artwork, table is gorgeous, won't be giving my DM up for a long time!

"Send a maniac to catch a maniac......"
1 year ago
This is my first pin and I love it. Must admit I was a fan of the licence, but did a decent amount of research before buying this pin and after playing dozens of different pins this one was an easy choice. Game play has flow and is challenging for me, but my 10 year old daughter loves playing it too. I couldn't agree more with pinsiders that have said it is a great value and an underrated pin. Also audio on this machine is great. Not too repetitive, and enough callouts to make it fun. The art is not the best on the translite or the exterior of the game but I really like the playfield setup and artwork. I already said I was a fan of the movie, but Williams did a great job incorporating the movie into this game: retina scan, car chase, cryoclaw...what's not to love. Couldn't be happier with my first pin.
1 year ago
I played this game for years and it was always one of my favorites. I like the wide body games and there is a lot to do in this game. Another I would like to add to my collection someday.
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