Demolition Man (Williams, 1994)

Demolition Man

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Game design: 8.01

Artwork: 6.75

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Other Aspects: 7.738

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There are 170 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 days ago
I think this is a totally underrated pin!! I really love playing Demoman. It's so unique with the handles and has tons of flow! The sound package is so awesome! There is just something about the music that appeals to me. It's a great wide body pin.
22 days ago
Love the movie but the pinball experience is not quite up to par. I like ramps and this game is all about ramps and flow (except for the cryo claw). Sound and music is good with plenty of quotes from the movie. Artwork is not very fun, playfield is boring almost Gottlieb 90s quality and translite is horrible. Decent pin to have even in a smaller collection. I do like it!
35 days ago
This game is severely underrated (maybe it comes from the relatively awful backbox design - playfield doens't look too cool, either). But this machine has great flow, super-smooth shots and wicked multiball. Also a lot going on - there are 9 entrances you can possibly hit, the cryo claw is a nice toy and the overall presentation is also cool, dot matrix animations and sound are awesome. I am not a fan of wide-bodies, but this one I already liked back in 1994 - and I still like it now. I got one at a relatively good price - which made it an awesome bang for the buck!
81 days ago
DM has many playfield targets, ramps, toys and trough! Playfield is Not ‘naked’ like many new games that rely on electronics and video games. Characters Sylvester Stallone throwback LA cop John Spartan unfrozen to San Angeles future city, Sandra Bullock sexy future cop Hux, Wesley Snipes nefarious Psychco Simon Phoenix is humorous. It’s Demolition Mania. Amazing call out commentary. Tops in Fun factor. Cryo claw is awesome toy and choice of five ball modes is cool. Ramps Galore. All the play field is used up, unlike many new naked games. I like under playfield machines. Using the pistol grip gun handle with flipper and ball launch controls adds another option that I actually really enjoy. Playfield and Cab art is mancave must have. If you upgrade to led it pops big time. Some of best action movie actors, great aesthetics. Sound and Vision. Flashing lights from upgraded LEDs. Color DMD Lcd is cool. Pro speakers upgrade is worth it. Lots of explosions! This game is a top 20 funfactor. Also, rare Wide body machine and belongs in the overall top 50 ranking. Fun Game!
82 days ago
Fun games, I put swear roms in mine.
87 days ago
Demo Man is a really fun shooting game with crazy good flow. It has a huge focus on combo shots which are a blast to pull off and using the triggers to control the flippers is unique and fun. The rules are pretty basic which hold this pin down for me personally, but the flow and ramps make up for it.
4 months ago
This is a solid game, but honestly, I love the movie so it might be slanting me a little bit. This is another good multiball game with plenty of opportunities to get it. The only thing is that it's a game of mostly ramps......tons of them. I enjoy ramps, but at times, it can get repetitive. Lots of points for hitting the same one time after time. Really is one of my favorites, but I think it depends on what you really look for in a game (for me is an exciting multiball and fun sound with it).
4 months ago
Demolition Man is a good game with the claw off and it it has decent artwork except the backglass. I also like the triggers they are very unique.
5 months ago
This is my second favorite game of all time. I love the Flow of this game!. You absolutely have to disable the claw! It is really no fun if you choose lock freeze over and over.
5 months ago
Very underrated game!! I just rewatched the movie and it is really amazing how much theme integration is in this game. After rewatching the movie I picked up on so many more references in the artwork, callouts, animations, etc. The claw is obviously easy to exploit everyone knows that so sure, the code has some issues from a strategy and scoring perspective. The shots feel GREAT. Lots of great ramp shots and loops. This is easily one of the fastest playing wide body games of the SuperPin family. The sound on this game is fantastic. It feels like no expense was spared on this one. I cant believe these are still selling as cheaply as they are. My only gripes would be that they are quite a chore to shop out. So many parts on the playfield to remove!! If you can force yourself not to exploit the claw / lock freeze thing the game is really a lot of fun and can offer a really deep experience.
5 months ago
Vastly underrated game. Great theme that ties nicely to the movie. Art is great, and the bright colors really pop. THe crane is a fun element, and lots of ramps to hit
6 months ago
Game is seriously underated! At least 40 pins rated above this machine that would cave big time if placed next to it!
7 months ago
After adding the home ROMS and some LED lighting, the game is a lot more entertaining. I love the handles and all the multi ball modes. I adjusted the pitch to speed it up and now it flows a lot faster. It's an underrated widebody that keeps you coming back.
8 months ago
This game is a blast to play. It's a hit with everyone that plays it. It's a top 1 or 2 game for everyone in my family. It truly appeals to all skill levels and keeps you coming back for more play. It packs a lot into the playfield without making it feel crowded or cramped. I truly love this game in my collection.
8 months ago
Fun game.

Many ways to get multi ball
cryo arm is pretty cool and you decide where you want to put the ball. You decide the reward.
3 ramps lots to shoot for
3 flippers make the game more interested.
If you love ramps and combo's this is the game for you.
To use the chrome arm flippers is very cool, and unique. Totally changes the game play to switch it up once in a while. Also supposely you score higher. (at least rumor has it)


Well this game is new to me, and I will give an update later on.
9 months ago
Although I can never get great scores using the handles, they do make is super easy to nudge the machine. Lots of great shots and modes, the crane is a neat feature to allow you to choose your mission and it is a table that gets a lot of play during league.
10 months ago
I loved the movie and enjoy ramps so overall like this game. HATED the back glass and got the alternative and now love looking at it (before that wanted to throw a rock through it). Got the swear from and although do not hear a ton of swearing it does make the game more fun. The left side of the PF is tough - dangerous and tough shots but for HUO who really cares - you can just hit start again. I wanted to build my collection to 5-7 pins and cannot afford to spend $7k+ on every game so read through threads on good (relatively) inexpensive games and this was the best theme. Got for $2,600 from a fellow pinsider and super happy to have in the collection as a fun, wide body game.
11 months ago
This machine is a rush. I've never played a pin that returns balls from ramps in less than a second. If you get on a role hitting ramps and combos, I think Demolition Man supersedes all other machines for speed and satisfaction. It's just so fast!! That being said, the rule set keeps the ratings for this pin quite low, especially for a Williams wide body. If you force yourself to go for demolition time instead of just multi-balls, the game becomes way better.

The good:
- Fast ramps and combos in general
- Good music, especially the driving sound when multiball is lit
- Challenging shots
- Good callouts, especially Stallone's callouts for extra ball and replay
- The claw is a cool feature, and the rules to light it are actually good
- The handles are fun, but I wish there was required switching to the regular buttons. The bonus for using the handles pretty much eliminates the regular buttons.

The bad:
- Heavy weighting toward multi-balls
- Ability to keep choosing lock freeze with claw
- No motivation to hit car crash or retina scan.. Truly a shame.
- Side ramp seems to be strangely angled and is not valued highly in the game.
- Translite MUST be changed. Ug...

I'm hoping to eventually swap out the boards and mod the rules. It will be fun project where I hope to fix the rule issues and add some new fun rules.

Remember, force yourself to go for demolition time instead of the multiballs, and the game is twice as fun.
1 year ago
has alot of features..dated but still fun
1 year ago
I had Demolition Man for less than a year.

It's great fun, the multi ball fever and the claw are great.
Mine also had upgraded speakers and sub, so the music was pounding. Fit the theme and game play very well.

Also loved the handles. Wasn't a fan of the wide body though (I'm not in general).

I eventually got rid of it b/c I felt like there wasn't a great amount to do, and it was just clunky enough even with the simple ruleset to not make me want to play again after I had a successful game.

Anyway, get one, you won't regret it. Even if you sell/trade it later.
1 year ago
Flipper buttons or grips? Each have pros and cons, but Demolition Man can be fun to play either way. However, while there are plenty of shots, the game starts to feel flat and simple within just a few games. There are some interesting rules, but - even with the upper grip / triggers - the game is actually too easy to walk away from.
1 year ago
Possibly one of my personal favourites pins, great theme one of my favourite action movies brought to the world of pinball what more could I ask for other than Terminator (thanks Willaims) DM is full of awesome shots and boy are there a lot of them, literally every inch of the playfield is covered in a variety of unique shots, the cyro claw is a neat trick albeit the rules a little shallow around it and I love the centre jump ramp a really fun shot to hit plus the vertical triggers add a uniqueness to the way you can play the game and fit the theme perfectly.

I will add one of these to my collection again some day and add more Sly & Wesley audio via pin browser making the game even better!
1 year ago
Very fun at an arcade but after so many plays it lones all its luster. Hit ramps, more ramps, ramps then your donew. Very fun at an arcade for instant satisfaction but I lost interest quickly. Good starter pin. The handles really don't hit it with me and from a owner standpoint really just a high cost feature to keep good looking. Art on this is like the movie, not very good. Definitely not a bad game, but not a great game either
1 year ago
I like widebody games, and this one has a good layout on paper. But, I still find the gameplay and ruleset really dull. The art and sound design does nothing to help save this game.
1 year ago
We had Demoman in the house for about 7 or 8 months maybe a bit less. As with most pins it got a lot of play when I first brought it home. It's a good value for the money but it does get a bit tiresome after a while, this game is all about ramps and flow so if you like ramps and combos this is a game for you. I eventually got tired of not having anything else to shoot for and found myself playing it less and less. It does have some interesting rules and scoring but in the end it comes down to the multiballs and jackpots. The LH side of the PF pretty well gets ignored with the car crash and retina scan as they are death shots and really don't seem to be worth shooting for.

If you disable the claw this machine becomes infinitely more difficult but the claw is a cool toy so it is hard to disable it.
There are 170 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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