Demolition Man (Williams, 1994)

Demolition Man

Demolition Man

Demolition Man is a Williams pinball machine released in February 1994 and designed by game designer Dennis Nordman. The game is based on the motion picture of the same name. It is part of WMS' SuperPin line of widebody games.

Gameplay is centered around 4 multiballs, named Fortress Multiball, Museum Multiball, Wasteland Multiball, and Cryoprison Multiball. Completing all multiballs lights the Demolition Jackpot (the total of all jackpots scored in all mutiballs).

The main playfield toy is the Cryo Claw, a mechanical device that captures the ball from a right ramp shot (via a magnet) and is then user-controlled to drop the ball onto one of 5 possible awards: Start AcMag, Lock Freeze, Prison Break, Super Jets and Capture Simon. Completing the 5 awards lights "Demolition Time" a wizard mode starting at 3 balls and with a maximum of 5 balls multiball.

Demolition Man runs on Williams' WPC system with DCS sound. Custom speech was recorded by actors Sylvester Stallone and Wesley Snipes under direction of the game's sound designer Jon Hey.

Demolition Man had a production run of 7019 games.

Williams Electronic Games, Inc.
February 1994
7,019 produced

$2130 - $2470
Wide body
Dot Matrix

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Marketing slogan

"The Pinball that will Blow You Away!"

Design team

Game Design: Dennis Nordman Artwork: Doug Watson Linda Deal Animation: Scott Slomiany Software: Bill Grupp Ted Estes Sound: Jon Hey Music: Jon Hey

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$2,100 Demolition Man ----Green Bay, WI----

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HUO Demolition Man... trade for ?

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1994 Williams Demolition Man-$2500.00

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2015-04-09 (12 days ago)
CAD 75

Demolition Man Gun Handle

2015-04-08 (13 days ago)

Demolition Man No-Ghost prg ROM

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2015-03-29 (22 days ago)
USD 2,200

wts demolition man

2015-03-24 (28 days ago)

in San Diego: Bang-for-buck DMD Pins $2k-$2.5k

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Replacement Parts
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Williams Demolition man pinball kicker assembly m

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