Creature from the Black Lagoon (Bally, 1992)

Creature from the Black Lagoon

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Game design: 8.055

Artwork: 8.784

Sounds/Music: 7.808

Other Aspects: 8.241

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Found 339 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 339 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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11 days ago
Creature is a true classic from an age of pinball we will never see again. When this game is maintained well, it is super fun to play! The theme of this machine is one of the best or THE best in all of pinball. The sounds and the music are absolutely astounding on this machine, so much so that I have used it as a jukebox in my garage.

— The game is designed well with some interesting shots and relatively easy ramps.
— There isn’t much for toys aside from creative lighting on the ramps and a hologram that rarely works.
— The bowl at the end of the ramp shot is neat, but it was probably more mind-blowing in the 90s.


— Lit ramps are super cool.
— Creature letter lighting in the back box is also a plus.
— Callouts and theme are perfect 50s 60s era
— Songs are memorable songs that don’t seem to get old, even after many plays.
— This game OOOZES style. It’s classic perfection of drive-in movie era pinball.


— I like the K-I-S-S shot. It’s satisfying to quickly progress through this.
— The upper pops and letters are cool and challenging
— I like the ramps. They feel fast and smooth.
— Snack bar targets are dangerous, which is nice compared to other shots in the game.


— This game definitely suffers from pretty shallow code.
— Spelling F-I-L-M can be challenging at first, but it becomes easy to master.
— There isn’t much to do aside from getting multi ball, finding the creature and saving the girl.
— I found that I could master this game quickly and had really long ball times.
— The hologram somewhat neat when working, but it wasn’t made to last.

In the end, Creature is one of those games that is full of style and has some good substance. I will always play it on location, but after fixing one for a friend and playing it for a week straight, I would never want to own one due to the shallow rule set and easy game play. If you haven’t experienced the game, get out there and play it. It’s super fun!
23 days ago
Top 3 pin for me. Its a crowded playfield with tough shoots. Ball drains often on missed shots. Great game.
33 days ago
After I had a blast playing this game I looked up the designer and was pleasantly surprised to see it was John Trudeau. It suddenly made sense that he was involved considering how much I also like Ghostbusters. Great design, sound, and shots on this pin. I wish the creature hologram was more interesting considering how much space it takes up on the playfield. Also, if the ramps aren't perfectly clear, it gets hard to see what's going on in the upper playfield. I guess the price reflects the demand, I wish I could pick one up.
56 days ago
This is one of my all time favorite pins. I love the gameplay, the theme/artwork, and the DMD animations. I think its brilliant that its set at a drive in, and just love all the modes and stuff attached to that. Getting to spell K I S S is really fun, and who can forget MOVE YOUR CAR! Also, hitting the left ramp in this game is really rewarding. You want to hit that multiple times to bank a lot of points and then you cash that in by going up the lane(the move your car lane). I like this game as its spaced out and I think really rewards a player who can be consistent and accurate with his shots. Just love the artwork and the backglass is both scary and sexy. It's beautiful to look at and amazing to play. My one beef with this game is that there are certain parts of tha playfield that are really dark.
68 days ago
Without a doubt one of the most fun machines I’ve ever played! I love the theme. The title is a little misleading since it’s not all about the creature, that’s about half of it. Most of the game is all about 1950’s drive in culture. The artwork is great! Lots of cool ramps and shots. I’m sure a color dmd would really enhance the experience for a nice mod. I tend to favor the simpler rule set games like system 11 machines and this is somewhat complex, but it’s not swimming in deep rules. I’m amazed this is ranked so low, far better than attack from mars in my opinion!
78 days ago
I sold this game some time ago and miss it. I love the art package, the theme is great and very fun game.
79 days ago
One of the best games ever made.
82 days ago
I enjoy pins with lots of smooth shots and places to put the ball. Games like GB which has like 10 distinct shots, not counting the stand-ups and other targets. I like a lot of spinners, ramps, scoops, VUKs and variety. CBL is too limited. There are only 6 main shots. 2 ramps, which are nice and long, but they wrap around directly above the playfield and obstruct your view of the ball. The artwork and theme are good. I like the rules and goals. I just don't enjoy playing this game. The repetitive music can grow tiresome too. If you like the Creature, play Monster Bash instead.
83 days ago
This is my Grail... I have lots of great memories with this game, it plays fast and can be challenging. The theme is just beautiful. One of my all time favorites!
88 days ago
Simply put this is one fo the 5 best pinball games every made it gives you a piece of American History. The theme isn’t really Creature but more so the 50’s drive inn. The pinball takes you back in time. Amazing game.
3 months ago
I think this game is underrated. I would imagine that is due to the simplicity of the game. The theme on this one completely sells it. The classic 50s drive-in movie theme hooked me. Frustrations with this one include the lack of use of the Creature ramp, except when you start the movie. It is a large part of the playfield, and doesn't get the use. I would also say that the other ramp shots have very little value, which surprised me. On the positive side, the programmers paid attention to smaller details, such as the Snack Bar shot. If you aren't familiar, and have a chance to play it, click the flipper buttons if you get stuck with something useless like popcorn. The animated effect is priceless. The game is a must-own if you like one that has replay value, and the sounds don't ever seem to get old.
3 months ago
This game jumped off the page after I added the miked mod and a color dmd. The animation is perfect for the theme, and the music and flashers seem to go hand in hand...the only disappointment I have is the absence of a replaceable translite which I assume is due to universal studios being stubborn with the rights.. my favorite overall game of all time, took me several years to find a nice one and I will have it till I die!!!
3 months ago
I believe this game is/was the pinnacle of game design and theme integration, I love the varied ways to score, and the hard work that is put in for the biggest jackpots. The art and layout are phenomenal.
3 months ago
Theme is great, but there's only one real strategy with this game. Not for me. Sound quality is also awful, and the right ramp placement isn't great. Also the GI seems to always be too dark.
4 months ago
Creature is a pretty fun game but the rules aren’t quite deep enough for me to totally love it. The theme is awesome and the shots all feel nice. The game is quite challenging to and managing the multiball to get the jackpot and super jackpot is pretty difficult. It’s a fun classic but I feel it would get boring after prolonged play.
6 months ago
Played this pin a ton growing up. My grandpa used to have one up at his cabin. Overall, it is not a bad game I suppose. But man, I felt the game was brutal and entirely unforgiving.

Well built games should be easy to learn, but difficult to master. I felt this game was both difficult to learn and master. I can’t help but attribute that to poor design. The flow of the game I felt was very poor — so much so that I preferred all of his games over this one, including Popeye. :)

The gimmick with the playfield screen was cool back in the day, but it is entirely outdated now.

Maybe it requires a skill level far better than mine, but I never saw this as an overly fun pinball game.

High quality build overall, but this is not a game I would want to own based on my personal experience with it.
6 months ago
Shocking, Startling, and Amazing!! This game is very addictive. Takes a few games to figure out the rules. Game play is pretty deep. You’re in a drive in movie and some guy starts creeping in on you and your hot date, so go out and beat him up. The “Move your Car” bit is classic. Of course you have to kiss your date to progress to multi-ball. Challenging to keep your ball in play. Unique skill shot, very challenging. Call outs and humor are top of the line.
6 months ago
With additional lighting modifications to illuminate dark areas, and upgrade to LEDs (which in these case works with the drive-in theme), this game is a must-own. An extremely difficult grind to multi-ball, only to suffer through more heart pounding shots to get the jackpot, but when you do OH WHAT A FEELING. This game can be played a number of different ways...taking advantage of slide modes, move your car hurry-ups, left ramp collects, snackbar shots, and more. Such a unique and challenging, but satisfying game that has help up 25 years. With mods in the works to replace aging creature holograms, I expect a near term bump in price and desire to own this classic DMD!
6 months ago
Creature is a great game it has a great theme, good artwork, and good sounds. The hologram Never gets old such a cool feature.
6 months ago
Very Nice game an realy original theme. A lot of Nice shots and ramps. Beatifil Creature hologram. Love iT. :] very collectble pin word every penny
7 months ago
I have played this at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas several times. I was drawn to it because of the high ratings it receives here as a top 30 pin.

Honestly, I have no idea why this pin is rated so highly. The theme seems decent but I don't see the appeal.and found it boring and kind of dumb.

Another highly overrated pin IMO.
7 months ago
This is a legend ! love this pinball but only when the hollogram works :-)
Seriously, a great machine and fun to play.
8 months ago
Classic game! And very difficult to find on location, so always worth a play. This game has a very unique layout and art package that just oozes nostalgia. I love the ramps, and the way that the best ramp is only available during multiball. The hologram is awesome, it loses it's affect after dozens of games but the initial wow factor it offers is great. Music is cheesey in a good way, and although speech is a bit repetitive, nearly every callout is a Pinball classic. That being said, lastability could be a bit questionable in a small collection, as there are only a handful of modes that all occur linearly depending on how many times you shoot a certain shot. Nonetheless, good game.
8 months ago
Possibly the most well implemented theme of all time. Perfectly captures the 1950's setting. What did licensing this in the '90s have to cost, two nickels? Game needs additional lighting (LEDs, spots) to illuminate the beautiful artwork. Find hologram monster? Save girl? Does it get any better? Only two ball multiball, but hard to keep multiball going regardless. Hologram can fade and be expensive to replace, but a fine game to own.
8 months ago
Cool game . Lots of things to cover up the ball moving around...just sayin..The ModFather
There are 339 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 14.

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