Cosmic Gunfight (Williams, 1982)

Cosmic Gunfight

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There are 5 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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“As others have stated, there needed to be more of these produced...based on the machine itself and not the theming. TOUGH top of playfield ball lock shot is key, along with the sequential targets. I get to play this in tournament play and look forward to it every time it shows up. Great, underrated machine!”

“Very unique theme to to say the least, doesn't seem to translate into the table art though. Tough shots to lock balls, not easy at all...require some real skill. Overall not bad, wish it had a cooler theme and better and brighter artwork.”

“Very enjoyable old school SS, Fun game and very cool Backglass.”

“I like this game !!”

“Cosmic Gunfight is another game I got to play a few games on this weekend and I have to ask, why weren't more copies of this game made?

The Pros:
Skill is required on all shots and I have to say... they are all over the PF. The 3 sets of drop targets that need to be hit in sequence from one side to the next are well thought out. I don't remember a timer on these shots, but that would make it even better. The standup targets on the left need you to use the left flipper button to toggle the rows, it also lane changes the left lanes at the top of the PF. The right flipper changes the lanes on the top right of the PF... very nice. I got confused a few times and missed my lane change because I used the wrong flipper to change the lane at the top of te game. The lock lane and the lane to the upper right rollovers are narrow requiring precision shots. When this game is tuned with new rubbers, active pops and a waxed pf... wow.

The Cons:
Hard to find due to rarity.

The Takeaway:
This may be my new favorite single level Oursler table up there with the likes of Barracorra and Defender. A true skills playing game. It's amazing that all of this game fits into a single level PF. Some people do some people do not like the artwork. All I know is that I'd like to ride one of those horses...”

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  • There are 5 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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