Corvette (Bally, 1994)

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Oh no, Corvette is a keeper!

Written by hippochrome, published May 9th, 2013. 11 comment(s).

I've had a long line of pinball machines come in and then leave the house a few months later. When I found the first "keeper" machine along the way, I accepted the fact that the machine (Williams Diner) would be staying for good and welcomed various 2nd machines to take up the realestate beside Diner. A few years later the 2nd spot got filled with my next "keeper" (LOTR), leaving me with one last free area to take the odd machine in and eventually get rid of. This system was good, I liked it, it was working for me. Then Corvette moved in...oh no, Corvette is a keeper!

The 3rd and final spot left for a pinball machine in my house is now the permanent parking spot for Bally Corvette and I couldn't be happier!

This game is fantastic all around. Firstly, I'm a theme guy. It makes or breaks the game for me. There are a few really fantastic (playing) games out there, but the theme is so annoying or ugly I cannot get over and don't even want to play or look at the game anymore. Corvette in not one of those. Back glass, cab, and playfield art all exceptionally done with a perfect sportscar theme. Plus the theme is timeless...the older the game gets, the more classic the Corvettes pictured on the game become.

the next thing I look for in pinball are the toys in the game. I need a couple big ticket things in a game that I can interact with and do something neat with the ball, and is that wow factor for guests and my kids. This game has them. The LT5 motor is wicked awesome. Shakes and vrooms on cue, bounces the ball around inside, is player controlled, locks the balls, and works like a shaker motor when it really gets going. Such a sweet toy in the game and never gets boring!

The 2nd toy is the racetrack. Again it never gets tiring seeing those cars race up the track, and works as a great incentive to make the next shot so you can get your car to win the dragrace. This feature is the major draw for my kids!

Of course the gameplay is the next important thing to mention about Corvette. So far my story just talks about toys and look of the game, but really a pinball machine isn't much if it doesn't play well. Corvette is fast, has lots of shots, great flow, is not a drainer, not frustrating, tons of combos, not easy...but not too hard, and very addictive; giving you the "gonna play one last game, no this one is the last game, ok seriously I'm turning it off after this last game" feeling.

Funny thing is that when I first bought Corvette I spent all my time just trying to earn the Corvette rewards on the playfield by winning all the races. After a while of that I thought this game was pretty shallow...then I read the scorecard and realized there are tons of modes and other neat things to do. Once that happened I had my moment of clarity where I realized Corvette was a keeper!

Unfortunatly there is one glaring downside of the game; the music. The electric guitar, hard rock, music that plays through most of the gameplay is terrible. It pretty much sounds like JD and WCS94, which do nothing but piss me off and a big reason why I've sold off those games in the past. However, there is a cool 50's bop tune that plays in some modes and at the end of the game that redeems this issue. A common complaint about Corvette is that it is too cluttered. Maybe, but I really don't mind. If you've got a varried collection it really doesn't matter, and only makes this game different than the others in your collection; which is always a good thing!

So, conclusion time. I like this game allot. Buy it, add it to your collection, rate it highly on Pinside, and have a great time playing a great pinball machine! Excellent work by George Gomez...even on your first pin game you hit a homerun.

Jorge for President!

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3 years ago
Cool story,glad u found a keeper,I,ll give it a shot if i ever get the chance,I found the same thing with sterns Grand Prix,I didnt know to much about it till i got a chance to play it,an really got hooked.Dont mind car themed pins,there a heap of fun.Thanx for sharing.
3 years ago
Ditto! Mine is a keeper too. Having owned 26 Corvettes since 1974 and currently have 2 Z06's, if this one isn't a keeper then what is?
3 years ago
Great story and I agree. This is one game I wish I could get back.
3 years ago
Thanks for the story! This game doesn't get mentioned much, and it's a really fun game! I've been playing one at a local arcade for the last five years, and now I just bought it for a buddy of mine. I'm jealous he's taking it home! I've been playing it in my garage, though! As a kid, I always wanted a Corvette, but so far, this is the closest I've come. LOL!
3 years ago
Really great story and really nice Corvette you have there.
3 years ago
Great story, and i totally agree with your line of thinking that as the years go by, the more the car "cool" factor increases!
3 years ago
nice story, i like car themed pins too. good luck with it! now i want to play HS.
3 years ago
Great Story. I like the idea of a keeper and an open slot but I know I would be hard-pressed to let go of a good one.
3 years ago
Great Story. I like the idea of a keeper and an open slot but I know I would be hard-pressed to let go of a good one.
3 years ago
Music is key for me. I find I like a lot of games but hate the tunes. Thanks for the write up. Well done
3 years ago
Still looking for my corvette pin

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