Corvette (Bally, 1994)


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Found 61 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 61 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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85 days ago
Fast And furious. Great flow. Not a SUPER deep Pin but gets you coming back again and again. Car theme / Interesting toy / Dmd game you do not see often/ if you like Short Ball games do to being so good , this will be a satisfying game. End goals are Not that wow-ish
4 months ago
Corvette is a unique beast of a machine. Made back in 1994, this was when wide-body games were getting some decent attention with DM, STTNG, and TZ all having been previously released packed full of toys and goodies. How does Corvette stack up? Let's take a look.

The cabinet and translite look really sharp on this game. The blends of reds with purples on the cabinet look really sharp, and I love how they have an older Corvette on one side and the newest (at the time) Corvette on the other. That shows some paradigm thinking rather than the same ol' "left matches right" artwork. Translite is very busy - maybe a lil' too busy. Love the malt shop throwback portion of it on the bottom left, and it's pretty cool how the "upcoming Corvette" is hidden in the translite artwork that only shows up when a very specific objective is completed. That is pretty awesome.

The playfield artwork is solid as well - the artwork has a very streamline look to it. Everything pops and flows extremely well. All the plastics are vibrant and give off a very wide variety of moods and settings.

Talk about a stuffed game here - 3 ramps, 1 diverter, 1 drop hole, 1 spinner, 4 habit trails, 2 main toys - holy smokes! Rumor has it, this was originally intended to be a wife-body game; however, last minute it was changed to a traditional playfield. All I know, wow, there's a lot going on here.

Sounds and music are so 90s in a good way. The music is very "cruising guitar music" that would be ubiquitous back when 30 minute car television shows were more prevalent. It's almost like - surfing rock music - if that makes any sense. It has a touch of Joe Satriana in it, and I love it. There's some ragtime piano music in certain modes as well - just what a hilarious yet fitting blend of music. Call outs are pretty cool - definitely some "bass" callouts whenever you do anything with the LT engine.

Speaking of the LT5, let's talk about the toys. The LT5 is a pretty cool combination of rubbers, and a set of solenoids that rock a platform back and forth with an LT5 engine cover over it, and it is a VERY cool effect. Well incorporated into the game, and it is the start of locking balls 1 and 2 before multiball begins. The other main toy is a 2 car dragstrip that runs nearly the entire length of the playfield. The player controls one while the machine controls the other. It is incorporated into 2 different modes with one of them being a "player control" shift mode using the flipper buttons. Overall, two very cool toys. I dread anything going wrong with the engine though. Seems like when it goes down, it is a very precise mechanism that cna be hard to get back on its feet. No experience from me on this one.

Flow is pretty solid overall, and the game can be punishing - especially with only 1 ball saver per game - so use it wisely. Modes are varied and pretty well thought out. It is fun to collect cars from such a wide variety of years.

So why didn't it stay in my collection? Well, I was gunning hard for a BSD at the time, and I had collected all the cars to see the new 97 Vette displayed in the translite. Not to say once I beat a game I let it go; I was ready to let someone else try and enjoy it for a bit.

Overall, Corvette is a really fun and entertaining game. I would definitely consider getting another one down the road; I would just need to have it in a bit of a bigger (7-8 pins) collection. In a collection of 4 or less, I needed to move on. Like a ride in a real Corvette though - it was fun while it lasted!
5 months ago
This is a awesome game especially for a car enthusist .very cool toys with shaking and reving engine and drag race race up right side .very fast flowing playing game lots of ramps and orbits .can be a really fun game for good players or can be fairly challenging and frustrating .the the different races and video modes are neat .
5 months ago
"Attrapez-moi, si vous le pouvez." (Look this up, if you don't understand the meaning)

An underrated title like Indianapolis 500 that is starting to finally gain momentum in the collector community.
Wonder why?
Its another George Gomez design, like Johnny Mnemonic!
Probably will price spike like Congo did in the next 5 years.

It has a balanced ruleset and good shot selection that reward a quality player.
There is a reason this game is used over and over in tournaments.
Game ruleset for scoring is solid.
Artwork for the most part is above average, and appeals to most car collectors.
Miles high above Stern's Mustang in terms of build quality and performance.
Toys are solid with the "revving" feature of the engine, moving engine, and car chase.
Gameplay is fast, and you have to be on your toes.
Flailing = ball drains.
Overall, if you like I500 and HSII: The Getaway, this is a perfect complement.
Rarely seen now on location.
Just watch for the game specific parts, as they are hard to come by now like most lesser production machines.
Worth every penny, if you are a Corvette collector.
I am looking for another example of this machine.
1 year ago
I have play a lot of pinball and i dont understand why corvette is not on the top 20 pinball machines. Its a verry fast game with a lot of ramp like the gateway or f14 but you have pretty cool toy in extra. Corvette motor is shaking ball and the toy car make a drag race when you hit ramp, its a 2500$ to 4000$ game but i think is better than manny 5000$ and + games. A verry good game for the evaluation price. In the 3000$ range i think is the number 1 game. I have buy one and i think i will never sell it!
1 year ago
Fun and nice to look at
1 year ago
Underrated game IMO. Really fun and a good addition to the collection. My only real complaint is the wide range of musical styles in the game, everything from heavy metal to hillbilly with smooth jazz thrown in too.
1 year ago
Catch me... if you can!

- Some of the best flow since High Speed! I love shooting the orbits over and over for big points.
- Tons of unique combos that actually matter in score, as they are scored when you collect them and during your bonus countdown. Be sure to keep a list of them!
- Really good music. Multiball & high score themes are especially good!
- Animations look nice, some of them (ie. Car Awarded from Route 66, Jackpot) are really innovative and cool.

- Kickback target often leads the ball right to the left outlane, essentially wasting your lit kickback.
- Engine ramp can often result in rejects, and typically doesn't divert the ball to the upper flipper when it's supposed to.
- Not that bad a game, but not too good either.
1 year ago
Speed......Flow.......Action......did I mention SPEED!!! Yes, it is F-14 Tomcat fast and if you are a Chevrolet person this is a must own!!! I played it on a business trip in NC and said to myself this is one that I HAVE to own, sure enough as fate would have it I added to our collection recently. The motor revving is what attracts any gearhead to the cause, and it pushes you for more as you learn the flow of the game. It is definitely a players game because hitting ill advised shots will drain your ball fast. You better be lightning quick if you want to master this vette!!! I absolutely love this game, it rocks and if you get the chance play it for yourself! You will want another quarter just to keep up!
1 year ago
Corvette is a fun game it has cool toy like the car motor and the racing cars and it also has good rules but I never really like the layout of the game or the artwork.
2 years ago
Corvette is a super fun game with great flow. Not a lot of depth or tonnes of modes, but a few ways to build towards the main goals, and the modes that are there are lots of fun.
I kind of consider it a Tron-lite.
Great animations, good use of music, and some very satisfying shots. One of the few 90s Williams machines that haven't inflated out of an approachable pricepoint, so grab it while you can.
2 years ago
This one is fast and looks great
2 years ago
I bought Corvette on theme alone and was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoy it. The raceway/dragstrip is an awesome addtion to the pin and brings in some unique gameplay. The LT-5 is a pretty cool toy as well. I love the piano music at the end of the game!
2 years ago
I own a 'Corvette' machine and I find it a challenging and tremendously enjoyable game. The artwork is stunning both on the cabinet and the back glass. The playing field has so much detail it is a credit to Bally for creating such a fantastic machine.

The ramps are not only challenging to become proficient at scoring high on but also fluid in providing their smooth game style. The 'Route 66' feature, and bonus round, is particularly hard to master. Once you have it, it is a dream run for high scoring. The 'Crossed Flags Dragway' is brilliant! The source of so much celebration and the focus of many a despairing groan. The multi ball feature is well played out on the top screen as you store balls in anticipation of their final release and all of the ensuing mayhem. An oft ignored feature is the 'Big Block' revving engine which has surprised many onlookers when I have caused it to red line and quickly rack up the points.

All around this pinball machine ticks the requisite boxes and ranks proudly as pure entertainment, to the extreme. The audio is of very high quality and the soundtrack beats a thrumming V8 note to warm the heart. My three daughters love to play too and all have grown curious about Corvette motor vehicles as a result. They each have a favourite model and even speak of owning their own muscle car one day. They should be so lucky!

I hope to score my much coveted 'tenth' bonus car and to play the special stage which goes with it. I have heard it is something else. I must be content with my high score as well as lots of hours trying to crack that elusive goal.

'Corvette' ranks, to my thinking, beside 'Black Knight', 'Indiana Jones', 'the Simpsons' and 'Medieval Madness' in the top five pinball machines. The rankings on this site suggest otherwise but my tastes differ from many. It must be said, all pinball machines have a place in someone's heart. My inner child couldn't live without them.

"Hit the pits to start a race!"
2 years ago
This is one nice game. The flow is what makes it up, it plays as smooth as butter! The engine and matchbox cars are both neat aspects of this game, as well as a lengthier ruleset than most. A win-win game.
3 years ago
A very fun car-themed game with some fun ramps to shoot at. My favorite part is the drag race and hitting that perfect shot to win the race. The shaker on this is very applicable as the engine revs. Collecting the cars is a good challenge.
3 years ago
If I owned a vette I would consider it, just like Mustang if I owned one, Nothing REALLY special on these games, I guess the v8 motor shaking is kinda cool
3 years ago
One of the better car themed pins out there, can be good fun.
3 years ago
Just recently added this to my collection, but have played it a ton and wanted to add my thoughts.

Flow...that's where this machine CAN rule. But, if you miss your shots, you're going to be very disappointed with the gameplay. I think that's one of the biggest features of the game, not the cool engine toy, the ramps, cool controlled kickback etc, but just the game play itself. If you brick a shot, odds are you're going to be very out of control and will have to work hard to get back under control, and most likely drain an outlane.

Critical to good play is to capture the kickback whenever you can, out of control gameplay is common on this machine, so eliminating one outlane, even for just one ball save, is very important to getting big scores.

A lot of people play for multiball, and it's fairly easy to capture by hitting the left loop and then the engine toy. But, if you don't hit the jackpots at the inner loop and skid pad, it's not really worth it, and multiballs don't last very long at all. I generally play the game for the goals, hitting the pit stop to start racing modes and collecting cars is very fun and is pretty unique to Corvette. Enter the race mode and then hit the shots to move your car up the racing strip on the right hand side of the machine. It's gets more difficult as you move on, but that's what the car parts collection part of the game does, it gives you a bonus in these races and also race day, drag race mode where you shift gears to win. You can score a lot of points in these modes, 90 million isn't uncommon.

So in summary, it's a super fun game, fast and brutal. Has both flow and shots, if you hit your shots they turn into flow, if you don't...brutal...
3 years ago
Excellent game with great challenges, very under rated game IMO.
3 years ago
This is a machine I had little interest in until I played it. It has fast, smooth-flowing gameplay with a compact-feeling and fairly unique layaout.. The LT-5 toy doesn't do much for me, but I love the car racing toy, despite the fact that I can never watch it as the races require intense concentration. I find the machine to be punishing in general with brutal outlanes, but it inspires me to try to get better. Overall the aesthetics are just OK. A great player's machine!
3 years ago
Top half of the PF is annoyingly covered with stuff and it's hard to see the ball coming out for the left upper flipper, but overall it flows well and plays extremely fast. Decent.
3 years ago
A few months ago I bought a Corvette thinking it would be a nice addition to my collection since I love cars and didn't have a car themed pinball machine yet. I didn't know this game so I had no idea if it would be any good.

Well, I must say this is an amazing machine! George Gomez did a fantastic job back in '94! The gameplay is wicked fast, the music and sounds fit the theme perfectly and the toys are the best I've ever seen on a pinball machine. Who would think to fit an actual racetrack on a pinball machine?? I've absolutely fallen in love with this machine and I don't think I would ever sell it. In all honesty I still think my IJ is the best pinball machine ever built but this one gets scarily close... If you ever think of buying one, don't think twice!
3 years ago
Not a bad game, the playfield seems cluttered and in your face........could of been done a bit better but its enjoyable not a keeper for me.
3 years ago
Corvette is a great game - super fast and great combos. Find the racetrack kind of cool. Super rewarding to complete "Catch me" mode with combo shots. Wizard mode a bit hard to get to and it could be better. It was actually my first game - have played like 1000 times - does not get that many plays anymore, but it has a special place in my heart.
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