Champion Pub (Bally, 1998)

Champion Pub

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Game design: 7.874

Artwork: 7.927

Sounds/Music: 7.426

Other Aspects: 7.751

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Found 145 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 145 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 day ago
WOW, very fun machine, for all the family, near perfect for me. a lot of great toys.
26 days ago
Like PunchOut! but pinball. Fun little training games to vary it up. Quite a different design than a traditional pinball but the theme works. Interesting and fun.
38 days ago
Good fun game that has a few different toys and things going on as you play through the game.
It does get a bit repetitive just attacking the bag/fighter to progress though.
3 months ago
I use to want CP real bad. Finally got to play a nice example of this game. It was fun at first got kinda boring.
Just not for me. Dont see long term fun factor on this.
3 months ago
New owner. Very happy with this machine. Great execution, call outs, toys, flow. Excellent build quality from Bally.
3 months ago
You need to punch not to think should be the perfect pinball :)
4 months ago
Top machine. Nelwly added to my collection.
4 months ago
Have owned this machine for 10 years once you activate the skipping rope you will be hooked
4 months ago
It may not be a traditional pinball game but there is no denying that it's a lot of fun...although I haven't played it enough to say whether it gets old or not. It's definitely original! I like how they incorporated the ramps to deliver head shots.
5 months ago
I like the toys on the playfield, not comparabel with other pins. This is just something else, not the fastest flow but it has really nice toys. I like this pin a lot. Not the best pinball but very original game play.
6 months ago
Champion Pub: this is a tough game to review. While it's not a bad game, it's not a great game either. So much to do on it, but so little that's actually fun. Who wants to play jump rope in pinball?!

Not my most favorite pin, but definitely play it every time I see it at a friend's. I could take it or leave it, but at the price it currently fetches, I'm leaving it.
9 months ago
I will own this machine untill.I die
9 months ago
This game is absolutely spectacular. There is nothing else like it.

If you read through the ratings people will say it will get boring or that it is easy but it makes me wonder if they actually played the real thing or just played it on Pinball Arcade. I was operating under a similar line of thinking until I played the real thing.

Amazing. The toys aren't gimmicks but actually vital to the experience. Seeing the boxer turn around for the first time to fight is an eye opening experience. It makes you wonder where pinball would be today if WMS didn't stop producing machines after this one.

The game is not easy. I have been playing it over and over and find it a challenge and I'm not someone new to pinball. I'm not a wizard or anything but I play quite a bit. It has plenty of modes to challenge anyone. Like anyone here has actually completed the Ultimate Challenge.

There are complaints about scoring regarding betting points later in the game. I can't even get to this point and neither can anyone else that has played my machine so what's the big deal? Plus, shouldn't you be rewarded with big points for making it that far?

The point ultimately being not only is there plenty of depth and challenge but it's FUN! This is the definition of a fun table. Casual observers want to play after seeing it in action. My entire family is hooked. This is the type of pin to get anyone to love pinball. It's just got that kind of wow factor and appeal. I can not think of any other game that elicits such a joyous reaction so quickly.

Once you factor in the rarity, the sound, the fun factor, the humor, the playfield, the art, the toys, and how easy it is to pick up yet how much depth there is Champion Pub is unrivaled. It is just so innovative and fun I wish the designers were able to keep things going.

It's never leaving my collection. If you can even find one, scoop it up before someone else jumps on it. It's brilliant.
9 months ago
I've only owned this game for about a month now, it's a great game to play every now and then. I got it because I played the VP version, and since I like unique game I had to get it. I think they did an amazing job with the toys. Reminds me of mike Tysons punch out. The toys and/or the sounds are probably the best part of the game. The one thing I would of done differently is have like an outer orbit shot or something else to shoot for after you finish training. The game does get repetitive, but then a lot of titles in the top 50 do to.

I've only beaten the 4th fight once, but I heard after that you bet a percentage of your points on next fights. which totally messes with who is actually better, mainly who is willing to bet more. Going to look in the setting to see if there is anyway to limit or get rid of that aspect. The other thing I thought was messed up is they left out the gate for the danger zone. Which means there is a whole other small part of the playfield that doesn't even get used. I installed the gate on mine, works great. all in all its a fun game that doesn't get enough credit.
10 months ago
fun game initially that i can see getting old quick
1 year ago
I got allot of drains SDTM because of the punching bag. Cool game though, but not one that I would buy or own.
1 year ago
Artwork is beautiful and timeless. Great toys and lots to shoot for. Unique ramps add the gem of this game. A real beauty.
1 year ago
Champion Pub has some good concept work behind it, and it has some really neat toys and features. The jump rope, the speed bag, and the up post between the flippers (a nice homage to the EMs like Honey, etc. that employed this mech). I've found that Champion Pub can get a little repetitive after playing for awhile, but it has that "it's a kind of boring until it isn't" feel to it. When a fight starts or when the toys are activated, the game gets pretty exciting. It doesn't quite call me to it like the Sirens, but it is a fun once-in-a-while game. The vid mode with the spittoons is somewhat off the mark (but still thematically appropriate, I guess) and the angled short ramps can be more of a hindrance than an asset during most normal game play.

It's not high on my list, but I'd let it eat up some square footage if I got a decent price on it. Play it in the wild if you see it - it's worth checking out.
1 year ago
One of the best games i have played. The amount of toys and things to do on this game makes it a ton of fun. Artwork is good all around, great theme, and good shots
1 year ago
Champion Pub is a really tough game to rate, because it's full of gimmicks but they're really COOL gimmicks. The jumprope game is freaking awesome! Is it awesome the 15th time you play it though? Not really, at that point I just want to play some pinball. Even has playfield geometry has a neat gimmick where you can leave the ball at rest on the center post and take shots directly at the jabs.

I'm rating this on a pinball site though, and as pinball it's pretty mediocre. You're shooting at toys and mini-games for the most part, it's like Pinball Circus in here. It's very nearly at an Orbitor 1 level of "Only good for a LARGE collection".
1 year ago
This game is unique and awesome. It's always a challenge and the ability to become a stronger fighter is a super cool feature!
1 year ago
the toys are diffrent,pinching bag,jump rope and fight the boxer,great boxing theme,not the best flow but fun to play i dnt have over 30 plays on one but found that i do enjoy orher games more ,it is fun to beat up the boxer and i wish i could find one and play it more,the old lady liked it so i wanna say thumbs up,would i buy one probly not but wont pass up a chance to play one...nice game
1 year ago
Pretty ordinary game that tires quickly. Very innovative toys and cool theme.
1 year ago
This game seems underrated by many, but I love the theme and gameplay. Really fun! Not very deep otherwise, all focus is on fighting different brawlers from around the world. Could've expanded it a little more maybe because its kind of "narrow"
1 year ago
This is what I call the "overloaded playfield toy" pinball machine.
Jump rope, heavy bag, punching bag, boxer.

Gameplay is very straightforward with "bash the boxer", but does have some strategy with scoring.
The use of an actual backglass (not the translite remake) makes the game unique.
Getting through all the boxers and "building up up your training" can make for some long games, especially with the video mode and other "game flow interruptions".

Low production for a reason, it tanked due to its release period at the end of the WMS/BLY final "second golden age" era. It ended with a slight overstock due to cost point...

Sound is excellent, music is repetitive.

Best suited for a LARGE collection of machines.
Hard to find NOS parts for everything.

VERY HEAVY machine, and needs tender loving care to keep running properly and be "dialed in".
Definitely not a pinball machine that lends itself to every type of player.

"10/10"? You have to be $#%@ing joking...
There are 145 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 6.

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