Centaur (Bally, 1981)


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Game design: 7.902

Artwork: 8.62

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Other Aspects: 7.979

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Found 91 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 91 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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8 days ago
This was my first machine and I love it. The artwork and color scheme are unique and the sounds are sort of creepy and cool with the reverb.. great game
20 days ago
This is my #11. Slightly unfair rating.I had a very creepy paranormal experience with the unit I played, it was possessed by a murder victim who was killed in front of that particular machine. (According to my Girlfriend who had nightmares about the game) The Spirit came home and creeped me out. We had to use sage and Florida water to get rid of it. Nothing to do with the game, but this game's symbols are runic, and latin and all sorts of dead languages which make this thing a reliquary. I Broke the machine by accident apparently releasing the spirit of the person who died in front of it. It is very enticing music and creepy sound effects. Reminds me of something out of hellraiser or bad porn (Heavy Metal) from the 70's artwork. One of the best game play games though...very straight forward. Do not have arguments in front of this...it is designed to store negative energy...by accident???????? Played it the next day -- NO issues, both in person and on PS4 Pinball Arcade. The most paranormal pinball game.
41 days ago
Blacker than black. The most metal pinball game ever. If the most metal kid in your 80s High School class, has nothing on Centaur.
45 days ago
I don't own this game in my collection, but when I have played it, I always things it is great, for the time period and even today! 5 ball multi-ball, inline drop targets, cool sounds/voice, and I love the creepy feel/visuals.
3 months ago
Great sound and interesting layout with the divided targets.

If I owned one, I would definitely swap the balls out for colored, the B&W playfield drives my eyes nuts, but still love it.
3 months ago
I am a sucker for in line drops. This machine is not a classic for nothing. Very challenging set of rules if done right. Order is everything.
4 months ago
This is a great sounding game with the cool reverb and was ahead of its time. The way the playfield GI goes out when the ball is launched for multi-ball is exceptional and when I played the game on location could not figure out where the balls came from.

Great use of sequential drop shots to launch an orb or to light the release target. Out-lanes that reward nudging and a magnet that can give you a sneaky extra ball. Many ways to start a multi-ball and love the inline drops for the queens chamber with 2 ways to score. "Only single value?" is just one of the ways the game taunts you.

Not as deep as todays games of course and the home ROM really helps keep the scoring down. I bought this game because I always played it on the rare times I found it. This is the first Bally SS game for me and a nice surprise was how easy to troubleshoot.
5 months ago
Brutal. Reminds me of Lemi. Art and Theme are unparalleled. Weird as ***. Soundtrack, eerie, creepy, and the way it narrates to you is like you were playing against a demon in a chapter strait out of Enter Player One. Would take the layout of shots and complexity of scoring rules over new tables any day.
6 months ago
What a sweet game. Classic looker and player.
7 months ago
Classic bally pin with iconic monochronistic art package.
8 months ago
I didn't give this much of a chance initially as I figured it was old and boring. Once I gave it a chance though it blew me away.

It's all about multiball. There isn't really much to shoot for though beyond ORBS but it's a cool concept. Once you get 5 balls going it is a lot of fun.

There really aren't any gimmicks to it or toys. It's pretty simple and straightforward with solid gameplay but the art and sound are spectacular. It's just a solid game and I want to add it to the collection ASAP.
12 months ago
"Release POWER Orbs"!
Not to be confused with the Inder, 1979 game or Cyclopes from Gameplan, 1985 (also a really good game).

Absolute rock solid Early Bally game.
Notable for its black and white artwork on the playfield, backglass and cabinet.

Challenging game for multiball, which many players did not even know it had, as the balls are "hidden" underneath the spring steel flap.
Getting the O-R-B-S targets in order to add a ball is a tough challenge.
Completing the "Queen's Chamber" is even more difficult.

What really set it apart was the "Say it Again" Reverb module.
When it works correctly, it really adds to the depth of the sound.
If it not rebuilt and PROPERLY adjusted, it sounds like a garbled mess (hence comments of "I cannot understand what the game is saying")

Significant price increases in this title in the past 15 years.
Day 1 Mylar saved a lot of original playfields from destruction.

A must play if you are an Early Bally enthusiast.
A must have if you are an Early Bally collector.
Some new collectors will not "get" the game, which is highly unfortunate until later when you do and it costs $8k absurdity. At the current rate, this will be around 5 years or so.
1 year ago
I don't really like or dislike this game, i'm not sure what all it's even about. The voice just says "Destroy Centaur" and it's like why? also the voice with the echo is hard to understand. The artwork on the game is very good and looks super.

what the goal is or how things work I have never figured out. but over all the layout is pretty good and it's a interesting play. bumpers and drop targets and some random multi-ball but the game just doesn't feel all that interesting with out some idea of what the plot is.
1 year ago
Pure target shooting game. First game I fell in love with. Someday I will own another one.
1 year ago
While I appreciate the art on Centaur it's not my favorite. That being said the gameplay is fantastic. I always play Centaur when I come across one. Love the shot and features in the game and considering when it was made it was definitely ahead of its peers feature wise.
1 year ago
I really like.centaur it has good rules, good layout, and good sounds and callouts but I do not like the theme or the artwork.
1 year ago
It has some of the coolest artwork of any pinball machine in my opinion. But opinions differ and my wife absolutely hates it, that the only reason I don't own this machine.
It has a fair number of toys on the field, unique outlanes, multiball, a decent flow and great sound. I wouldn't want to own this game for the fun factor alone. It's fun but there're better machines out there. The artwork and the sound are what separates this machine from the rest. The only con is that sometimes the silver ball is a bit difficult to track against the black and white background.
1 year ago
This table really surprised me. Looking at it, I really enjoyed the look of the playfield, but something about it made me feel like I wouldn't enjoy it -- and then I played it. Centaur is a classic table for a reason. The rules are quite simple. Really what you want to do is build your multiplier with the top three targets, and knock the ORBS targets, preferably in order to start a multiball. That's really the gist of the table -- simply do that and your score will build and build. What makes this game feel so great is that the machine will periodically demean you when you make poor shots. The four ball multiball on this table is good fun, and isn't especially difficult to activate.
1 year ago
So much better than a fathom IMO
I rated higher for the artwork even it's not really my taste but i recognize that is art.
The problem is the same for me, too slow for me.
I suppose a great game for its age
2 years ago
Centaur is a machine that has some of the best art that I've seen in a pin. The wonderful black and white art is still stunning to this day. Even though this pin is over 30 years old, the art and dark theme make this machine feel very fresh. I love how the red accents on the inserts and posts contrast with the artwork. The audio on this machine is decent, but it doesn't live up to the high standard that the visuals set. While I like the reverb heavy taunts, the music is just okay and is a little on the repetitive side.

The rules are easy to understand, but there's enough depth to keep the machine interesting. Getting multi-ball by hitting the "ORBS" targets requires some very precise shots. This is not a machine that's beginner friendly since just shooting the ball around the playfield isn't going to net many points.

While this machine is fun, I honestly feel like the gameplay on this machine is a little dated. While good, it just doesn't live up to the wonderful artwork on the machine. For an early 80's pin, it's a lot of fun. This is a visually stunning pin that can make a great showpiece for a collection.
2 years ago
Love this game, a real 'cult classic' and such a oddity. The black really sets it off. Love the Orb multiball that potentially if you can bend physics a bit could go on forever. Sound is also great, that deep reverb is awesome. An early solid state game I'd love to own one day.
2 years ago
The game looks nice, but it lacks the challenge I look for in a game.
2 years ago
this was my grill pinball that I had been on the hunt for five years. I sold it in less than six months
2 years ago
For its time this game was packed solid with features. Completely addictive game play and some of the coolest sound effects ever. One of my absolute favorites.
2 years ago
not for me
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