Caribbean Cruise (International, 1989)

Caribbean Cruise

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1 year ago
This is a fun cocktail table that offers a nice change of pace from full sized machines. Even though it has a much shorter playfield, the 4 flipper set up offers lots of great shots. The 2 ball multi-ball is fun and hitting the jackpot target is a challenge with both balls in play. The music and call outs are good and fit the theme perfectly. The light show that this machine puts on is actually pretty impressive. I also really like the blue alphanumeric screen in the middle of the playfield. It's so easy to see during a game and I wish more tables offered this. This game even features some cool animations like sailing ships and anchors flying across the screen. The artwork is very 80's, but it's part of the machine's charm.

On the negative side, even though multi-ball is a lot of fun, it's shame that it's just a random reward for hitting one of the kick out holes. It would be nice to have to complete an objective or two to earn multi-ball. Overall, this is a unique machine that plays different than any other pinball I've played and it's a great compliment to a collection. Out of the handful of cocktail pinballs that I've experienced, this is best playing one by a large margin. With less than 400 made, this is a rare machine and I don't ever see it leaving my collection.
4 years ago
It's an oook cocktail, I dug the mario brothers sounds.
5 years ago
This cocktail pin was actually pretty fun with the 4 flippers and multiball. The skeet shoot tagets are fun too. I kept coming back for more.
There are 3 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 1.

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