Cactus Canyon (Bally, 1998)

Cactus Canyon

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Game design: 8.167

Artwork: 8.261

Sounds/Music: 7.737

Other Aspects: 8.223

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There are 172 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 days ago
Cactus Canyon has an above average art package and a great theme. The playfield design plays well, but is not original and similar games have been much better in the past. The sound and code were never completed and it shows. The game is too easy and mediocre for a B/W game. By far the best thing about it is the quick draw drop targets. This part of the game is very neat and implimented well. I feel they should have brought out the enemy personalities to draw you in. Something similar to the quality of MM, CP or Capcom's Kingpin. Battling each member of the gang, having them talk to you leading to a final showdown with Bart was a missed opportunity. The backglass characters also is a disconnect as most are missing from the game / dmd animations etc. What we have is a game that was rushed out the door and never finished and it feels like it. No final bionic Bart, random quotes that feel forced and parts with no music at all. This game commands a high price because it's rare, and not because it's a must have pinball masterpiece.
11 days ago
Played this for the first time last weekend, and was the only pin I kept wanting to play again and again. Loved the callouts and unique toys. Somthing different to what I'm used to and I loved it. Hopefully can own one if they re-make it.
31 days ago
Overrated pin. Fun to play but shallow and repetitive overall. The rare factor makes this a game which is higher rates. Still a great game but not top 40

On the good side it is very original and the play is fun and dynamic
Super playable and a keeper if u can afford it but not a top 40.

On the plus side it's very flowy and satisfying and tHe sounds and art are top notch
37 days ago
I don't like the play field layout, lots of repetitive sounds, and the artwork doesn't do anything for me.
3 months ago
I love cactus canyon, and I'll never part with it...
...but yeah, they should have finished it. Please someone make a CCEE ROM.
4 months ago
Literally the only thing bad about this game is that it is unfinished...the art, layout and sound are all superb and it only lacks in software depth. The theme is great, we'd had awesome Medieval, Alien, Arabian and Circus themes so a Western version of this classic game style was a welcome addition. The toys are great and work well, and the more ramps the merrier as far as I'm concerned! The lastability is a little weak again due to the software, but this game is very rare and very fun all the same!Always love giving it a go at Chief Coffee in London, as you just don't see them around. Drop targets are also fantastic - glad these came back for 24, Ghostbusters, Mustang etc., but they've been used best here!
4 months ago
Full disclosure, My scores are based on a nice CCC. I'll never understand why people complain about the guns blocking the playfield, they hover right over the slingshots and only partially hamper vision to the flipper lanes. No big deal at all as you don't need to see all of these lanes; if the ball is coming down the lane to flipper you should be well aware and skilled enough to time your return shots. In fact I think the guns are actually tactful. Awesome theme, great colors, perfect sounds and nice animations. No too giving on multiballs and it's not a drainer, but not easily mastered either. Well balanced machine and The CCC setup is very sweet; a beautiful machine overall. Will probably keep in my collection forever!
4 months ago
This game made me play it again and again. Some games might have more to offer but as for fun, this might beat them all.
5 months ago
I only had the chance to play this one night, but I fell in love with it! I know it is a very rare machine, and that the code is broken, which would affect replay value, but I would like to see this pop up in Seattle sometime soon!
6 months ago
This rating is with ccc
6 months ago
Love this with the continued setup. Theme, shots, humor. All on target!
Cheers Hombres
6 months ago
Played it at PHOF. Awesome gimmicks, fun game. I don't know if it would be so appealing if it wasn't as rare; I think it would probably fall short in its "lastability"
7 months ago
popular game. I don't get it. played it extensively. still don't get the allure...
9 months ago
Playfield drops are great! Why aren't the GB ones as good?
11 months ago
Great game. Nice original theme. Some great shots and modes.
1 year ago
I think the game is pretty fun. Great theme of being in the wild west. IMHO very difficult (maybe it was the table at Pinball Hall of Fame in Vegas). Still, I enjoyed it.
1 year ago
I rate the CCC

The CCC Version is an awesome update for CC.
You got a lot oft new sounds, modes, dmd aanimation and stuff. Love the AvC mode - which is well integrated.

The game is now perfect for me. Far better then normal CC.

+ music and call outs
+ a lot of new modes
+ dmd animations
+ theme
+ cool layout with the Bad guys standup targets

- a bit repetitive
- bashtoy "Bart" is o.k but not special
1 year ago
this games is not for me easy and fast boring play was good at the time but todays more exceting games
1 year ago
What a fun game! I hope they make a remake of it. Nice artwork and lost of cool shots. I love how the hat flies up when I hit the outlaw or the foam on the beer. The gun fight is cool when the targets of the bad guys pop out of the field. Overall the machine is pretty easy but very entertaining.
The one I played had the 2 guns in the lower playfield which are blocking the view. I though to myself, what a stupid mod. But looking at pictures it seems to be part of the game. That's why I rated "lighting" only as a 2/6. Why you would want to block the view of the ball near the flippers is beyond me.
1 year ago
I am rating this with also Cactus Canyon extended installed.

I am addicted to this game!
Both classic and extended are awesone.

great music
funny callouts
I like the theme but this is personal taste
Lovely flow and layout. Easy to play
Stand up targets are epic. Love shooting the bad guys

The extended version adds much more modes, multiballs etc. So if you get bored by the regular version you can play this.
Drunk multiball, the exra polly missions and the colorDMD implementation are done very, very well!

On top of this there are a bunch of cool extra's like several party modes.
This is epic! Switched flippers or reversed flippers. Awesome fun with friends.

-Can be easy and perhaps boring if you only have the normal version
1 year ago
Great original theme, the rules need finishing, great shots, hard game to master
1 year ago
I had a good chance to play multiple games on this machine during my last trip to the Pinball Hall of Fame. I can't speak to it's lastability, but in terms of fun this game is right up there. Each shot felt very rewarding with some type a physical movement for completing a shot. For some reason, I really enjoy little details like the beer glass moving after striking the target.
1 year ago
Here is one of those simple layout games that just begs to be played over and over again. I am by far not a fan of old west themes, but this one had to be in my collection. Why? Because it's fun! Plain and simple. The flow is spot on, the jackpots aplenty (similar to medieval madness and monster madness) make me feel like I'm on top of the world, and the callouts are hilarious and seem to never get old. Add in the fact of the drop target shootouts being one of the most amazing things put in a game, alongside 3 other fantastically implemented toys that scream "hit me" and you've got a sure fire winner.

The art package is stellar, and the colors are pure pinball heaven...with my only gripe being the somewhat barren backglass art. It's not bad so to speak, just not really in the same league as something like EATPM or Mystery Castle, which are two of my faves. I love the art in the very back of the playfield and on the back wall. Vivid, and perfectly lit!

Many will say that the software is a big miss since it wasn't fully completed... but it really isn't that big of an issue to me. I haven't found any real noticeable bugs, and the only part I wish had been fully finished would be during match and while entering initials. I do wish it had more depth with some of the rules, but I'll just upgrade it to Cactus Canyon Continued and call it good if it ever truly eats at me.

Yes, I agree it's super expensive for being such a simple game, but the value of something like this is always based on collectability, and this one truly is mega collectable due to it's very limited run and the fact that it really is Bally/Williams last game (I don't count Pinball 2000 as it just never resonated with me). I never thought I'd even come close to getting one of these games due to price, but once you get to a point of collecting games, you always find a way as I've found out.

In conclusion I'd say you gotta try this game out if you haven't already (and Pinball Arcade doesn't really count as it's just not the same feel). It's one of the pure and simple "fun" games in the world of pinball that I wish WMS would have never given up on.
1 year ago
Finally had a chance to play one. I really enjoyed it. If they were not so expensive I would definitely try to pick one up. Solid game.
There are 172 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 7.

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