Bram Stoker's Dracula (Williams, 1993)

Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Game design: 8.174

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Sounds/Music: 7.897

Other Aspects: 8.263

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Found 292 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 292 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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3 years ago
Dracula is a great game , and the voices and sounds are brilliant !
3 years ago
Kind of a one trick pony - stack the multi-balls. But it's very hard to do, and very fun/satisfying when you do. Mist Ball toy is pretty awesome. Tough playing game with brutal outlanes, and wide middle gap if using lightning flippers.
3 years ago
This is one of the best games. There aren't many modes as its not a mode based game. This game is all about multi-ball and stacking them. While this doesn't seem that exciting, you'll find that the layout and the Lightning Flippers really make this game a great player. This is one of those games that a Novice or an Expert will really appreciate and enjoy.

Mist might be one of the best gimmicks put to work in the world of pinball.

Also don't forget to get your bats started on ball 1
3 years ago
I underestimated this game. Always thought it wouldn't be much fun but played it a couple of times lately and I really started to enjoy it. Flow is much better than I thought.
3 years ago
I owned BSD for a few months and really enjoyed it. I have yet to experience a rush in pinball as good as stacking all three multiball modes in this game! The DMD animations are some of the best I've seen, especially considering the age of the game. The sound is spooky and generally fits the theme well. The video mode is really fun and the ramp shots are very satisfying to hit. Sometimes it felt like it was setup to be difficult just for the sake of being difficult though (tough outlanes, lightning flippers, standup targets in the center of the playfield). I would generally have many bad games for every one decent one so when someone offered me a trade deal I couldn't pass it up. However, I still play this game whenever I see one.

Bottom line, if you are looking for a difficult game that is still a lot of fun this would be tough to beat. This game is not for the faint of heart, newbies did not like it at my house.
3 years ago
Being a big fan of horror pins this is indeed right up there as one of my faves. The mist multiball is truly awesome and I love the flow. It's super fun times! Add in the stacking of multiballs for additional points and here-in-lies a winner!
3 years ago
Love this table! While not a deep as some others, the main task of achieving all multi-balls at the same time is extremely difficult and therefore rewarding. Even starting and completing goals like 'Bats' is a challenge. This game creeps me out just looking at it and it's the only one that keeps me coming back game after game. One of my favorites for sure.
3 years ago
Mist Multiball!!!! One of the coolest game mechanics in all of pinball. So awesome. This game is notoriously tough. There is NO wizard mode, so if deep rule sets are your thing, this may not be your game. It's all about stacking Multiballs to maximize jackpots. It has a great layout with very satisfying ramp combos. It's an basic but challenging machine. Those who love it, LOVE it. Those who don't love it... Haven't played it yet!
3 years ago
Pour moi un tres bon flip.
3 years ago
BSD, iike others have stated, is a pinball lover's home game room game. It's level of difficulty is off the charts and it is very hard to build a great score. The good news is this is not random - IF, and thats a big IF, you can hit your shots consistently you will score well - if not, you will die fast and painfully. Lightning flippers are fast and furious...In the run of WPC games BSD is most like Dr. Who (same designer) - its a ramp shot, super-fast game... I have only owned it a month but I LOVE it!
3 years ago
BSD, one of the "love it or hate it" machines. As many who are reading this know, there is no wizard mode. It is all about triple stacking the multiballs, and that is no small task.

Being an avid pinball enthusiast for only a lil' over 2 years now, I purchased this one knowing what I was getting into. This is a "kick you in the teeth" game. You may have scores that don't top 20 mil, and then the stars align, everything comes together, and your scores go into the high hundred millions to low billions.

The art and theme are dark; this is not a family friendly game. Some pretty intense DMD animations - especially jackpot on castle or coffin multiball. Animations are most intense or possibly even gory second only to Tales from the Crypt. The mist ball is the toy of the game, and seeing it in action never gets old - very cool toy implemented to this day.

This game is one of the pinnacles of risk vs reward and a direct correlation to ball control vs payoff. Your skills are dialed in, and your score is only limited by the sky. Your ball control skills are not so good or your aim is off, BSD will make you pay. It can be a bit frustrating at times; casual players just flailing the ball will be discouraged very quickly. This is one of the few pins that once you've played a good while, you'll move to other games and notice a significant increase in your ball control abilities has occurred.

BSD has been a diamond in the rough for quite some time. Unfortunately for those looking to purchase, the price on this particular pin has increased in a frightening manner. I wouldn't say it'll ever really approach strong A-list level; it's just not THAT attractive of a pin. It's one of those games that has a strong following, but probably due to lack of depth and theme will never be a CV/MB/MM/AFM/ACDC/TZ game, and that's not a bad thing. This is the kind of pin that should be affordable to everyone. It has a lot of ball control and flipper skill lessons to teach, and it is one of the ultimate "just one more game..." pins.

Definitely a satisfying title to own, and I hope to keep mine around for many...many years. After all, I believe in destiny :).
3 years ago
Picked up a gorgeous example of this pin. The main toy, mist multiball, never gets old. I love the green lights that travel with the mist ball. There are no other toys other than mist. The coffin doesn't do anything besides acting as a virtual lock for balls.
What this game does better than most is draws a player in to play again for a better, higher score. I've only stacked two multiballs so far. The game is difficult and you must use a little strategy to get the modes stacked.
The theme is killer and the sounds are unique and well done. I love the video mode as well. Led this sucker out!
3 years ago
Good theme, very challenging, and nice multiball play, but the machine doesn't quite pull me in like many other top games do. A decent value game from what I see.
3 years ago
3 years ago
This game is such a blast everytime. It has a very spooky vibe to it, which you don't find very often on a pinball machine. I love the awesome DMD visuals and the bad-ass call outs ( "...cut off her head, take out her heart!" ) !!! Definitely not a family-friendly machine! Also, it's not a game you can just flip away and expect to see 'cause and effect' with every shot. This is one of those games that really commands respect. These are very strict shots that will take some time to learn. The pulsing music really adds to how I think about my shots. It really is a rush trying to obtain the 3 simultanious multiballs! Even getting just 1 or 2 of them is fun in itself. I keep wanting to play over and over again. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the games in the Top 20 list...and i'm ok with that. Mist multiball is the neat feature of this machine. Otherwise, this is straight-foward pinball with a killer look. This is a very serious machine that really takes you into the Dracula theme. Also, I think this does more for the theme than the film itself!

Some may argue that this isn't a good game to have for a small collection. I can see why that can be said, especially for a beginner. However, if you really give it some time and learn what kind of game this is, you'll learn to appreciate it just as I have. After spending some time on this one, you will start to see progress with scores going into the triple-digit millions. After owning a few other pins, this is the only one I own right now and i'm glad to say it's a keeper! I can really connect with this game and I am proud to own it.
3 years ago
I played this game 20 years ago and remembered just how fun it was, even when getting my butt handed to me. The machine had a creepy vibe and amazing music, sounds, and callouts.

Now that I own one 20 years later, I can honestly say that no pin has more vibe nor is just as freakin badass. And getting all 3 multiballs stacked is hard, but a lot of fun.
3 years ago
Great punishing game, and I love the 30 Million call out!!! Glad it's getting the credit it deserves now.
3 years ago
This is my second favorite 'monster' themed pin. The werewolf video - shooting them as they come at you more and more rapidly is awesome. The girl's near orgasmic sigh when she is bitten by count Vladimir. This game is hard, requires great skill and for that reason, and the clever videos, I rate this very highly. I own this game and it is one that I will never release. Odd..., Scubascotti does not like Dracula. He must have been abused as a child.
BTW, did I say Drac is hard? I have played it... maybe a thousand times, and I have yet to kill Dracula in his coffin. I just love this game!
3 years ago
Updated review..

Spent some more time on this, my first impression wasn't great but once you get past the appearance of this ie lack of toys, poor artwork etc its actually quite a challenging game.
Good multi ball action, red dmd is cool & I like the translite, not a fan of the playfield art though looks like a kiddies drawing.

Take away: not a bad game at all, worth spending some time on.
3 years ago
Fun game.
3 years ago
Very difficult, but extremely fun game. The kind of game that makes you want to push start just one more time. Pretty simple rules and not terribly deep, but stacking the 3 MBs is no easy task. Does have much longevity once you start getting the three MBs going consistently. Shot variety very limited.
3 years ago
Hard but has a lot going for it. Cool use of magnet
3 years ago
This is the 2nd BSD I have owned. I missed my first one. Tough shots but the pay off when all 3 multi balls are running is worth it. Great for me and my coffee shop. loops and multi ball. The sounds effects are Great!!. If your looking for your first pinball then this may not be it, but looking for a challenge with a good rule set then buy one.
3 years ago
Ugly translite. Ugly playfield. unbalanced scoring. Ego crushing drains. My favorite game. Who woulda thought.
3 years ago
This is a game for expert players only. You need extensive playtime on this one to really appreciate what it has to offer. The object of the game is the big setup to get all 3 multi-balls going at the same time. Doing so will double (with two) and triple (with three) your jackpot values. This is extremely hard to do and you will have 20 bad games or so to every good one. But when you do have that one good game and get everything dialed in, Dracula has IMO the best multi-ball in pinball. The adrenaline rush you get when Dracula is screaming "Thirty Million" at you is unmatched. Some may say, there are not enough modes. But with this game I disagree. If it was a mode based game, I think focus too much would be taken away from the constant set up. This game is a one-of-a-kind gem.
There are 292 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 5 of 12.

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