Bram Stoker's Dracula (Williams, 1993)

Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Game design: 8.169

Artwork: 7.785

Sounds/Music: 7.876

Other Aspects: 8.25

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Found 300 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 300 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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2 years ago
I had to own this game before I could truly appreciate how great it really is. Playing it on location I looked at it as just a quarter eater. Lots of very short frustrating games. When it's in your collection who cares if you have a bunch of lousy games in a row. When that one game all comes together when you stack all three multi-balls, or at least two and kill Drac, there is nothing better in pinball. Artwork, music, sound effects, mist multi-ball and animations are top notch and make for a great package. Not a deep game by any means but very challenging with many difficult shots that you have to hit consistently to be successful. Beginners and casual players will probably be frustrated with this pin but for someone with at least moderate skills it will be very rewarding. It's the ultimate "one more game" pin.
2 years ago
I like this pin very much! The atmosphere is really excellent! I love many game options as video mode, magnet, easy EB after eight loops and very nice Dracula in the coffin.
2 years ago
This is my favorite pin , especially like the most ball !
2 years ago
This is the most frustrating pin I have ever played. No way I could ever own this title. My buddy got one and sold it in 3 weeks. They usually have lots of opto issues, so if you buy one make sure they all work.
2 years ago
The only gothic pinball machine made by a mainstream pinball manufacturer (Frankenstein comes close, though). Goth clubs were still viable in the 1990's when this game was made, and it was in many of them. Great respect for the theme. Sounds and music are good. Playfield can be frustrating, as this game is known for house balls and feeds to the drains that the player has no control over. Flippers must be extremely powerful to have a chance of hitting the left ramp reliably, and that's the key shot in the game. As for the rules, there's not much to do. Build towards the 3 Multiballs and start them as close to simultaneously as possible. It's 3X playfield if you have all 3 going at once, which is the best possible state to be in while playing.
2 years ago
Very tough pinball machine, simple but with the x factor. BSD is really targeted towards an adult audience, as well as the movie by Francis Ford Coppola. It is almost frightening really playing this pin alone at night. The gameplay is just fantastic: very simple things to do, but it's making adrenaline running and always keeps you on your toes. And, the most important thing to me, it has terrific lastability. This is its magic: it's simple, but never gets old. Overall, this pin excel in two very different aspects: it's amazing to play and it's also very fascinating. One of the very best ever.
2 years ago
Dracula plays like a vanilla game - but its theme and sound kept me playing longer than the design and kinetics warranted.

I found the ramp hard to hit on time, and there were some other flow problems with the PF layout. However, the ghostly magnetic ball drag is a well-placed and creative feature - freaked me out the first few times through. Good thematic integration.

If the game wasn't so awkward, I'd give it a higher rating. I'd recommend playing it to anyone - you might have better luck than I did. Dracula isn't on my wishlist, but I don't pass by it without playing on location.
2 years ago
Great theme. Great callouts and animation. One of the best toys ever.
But most of all great feel and flow mixed with some fairly challenging shots.
Every time I play it, I have a hard time pulling away.
2 years ago
Owned one for a couple of years, and it's a nice game. A little limited as far as rule variety - 3 multiballs to achieve and they can be stacked for large scores, apart from that, not much more to go for. Mist Mulitball is legendary and when seen for the first time is a stunner. Still enjoy knocking that ball off the middle of the playfield. The game is well played after dark in the dark, with sinister music and is very atmospheric. Not a keeper in my book, but worth playing or owning for a while.
2 years ago
You are safe with me! I did not like this game at first, once you learn the shots and stack your first multiball you are hooked. Defenitely a "one more game" type of machine.
2 years ago
Gameplay is great and truly unique.
3 years ago
A tournament favorite (and feared) machine. I played this table quite extensively at a friend's and at the yearly Dutch Pinball Open. The one thing this table oozes is atmosphere. Quite dark, sinister, great sound(s), call-outs and music. It also feels like Dracula is your host for the game and that makes it a bit more personal (although he is also a bit of a sad character). DMD animations are great and really complement the gameplay. I love the start of Mist Multiball in which you have to shoot at a ball that is magnetically carried over the playfield as if it were levitating. It's even possible to shoot that ball away only to have the ball you shot it with catched by the magnet. Funny stuff (but not when you are going for that HS). It's a big drain monster so you have to be very precise and especially avoid that dreaded target bank in the middle of the table. The left ramp shot is very smooth when the table is set up right, and makes you feel king if you loop it just a couple of times. Scoring is a bit of a hit/miss thing. It's very uneven because a potentially highscoring mode ("Bats") gets carried over from ball to ball and if you stack a couple of multiballs, scoring can go through the roof. So get a high Bats at the first ball, and mostly you defeat your opponent, even if he objectively plays better. Those couple of games that really go well like that will have you come back for more! A good example of a table that does nothing really spectacular but is defintely more than the sum of the parts.
3 years ago
BSD is a great game that doesn't really work that well in a small collection. It has a simple premise that, while it feels amazing to pull off (the triple stacking of the multiballs), doing this repeatedly with little other variation turns into a very "grindy" kind of affair. After owning it for a little while and playing it into the ground, I found myself yearning for deeper experiences that allowed me to do more than play video mode as a side option.

Don't get me wrong--BSD deserves every bit of respect it currently gets. It just needs to be experienced on location or in a larger home collection. If you only have three or four games and you play them a lot, BSD will likely get old (left ramp, left ramp, left ramp, bats.. right ramp, right ramp, right ramp, right ramp, lock, lock; left ramp, left ramp, castle lock.. start mist, do this for all eternity, or so it feels).

Sound-effect wise this game nails it with some excellent sound effects when super jackpots are attained and when movie sample callouts are played. The music itself, while memorable, doesn't stand the test of time as well as the SFX due to the archaic, synthesized nature. The cabinet art is excellent, whereas the backglass is so-so and the playfield art looks like it could have used a little more detail to truly stand out.
3 years ago
just have it.and i think its gonna stay for a long time.really addictif.
3 years ago
i have owned a lot of games and this remains my favorite. I wont go into why as it has all been covered. I will always own this game assuming nothing catastrophic happens to me...
3 years ago
Dracula is a really fun game its very fast has great artwork its also a great theme the coffin is a neat toy and the mist ball floating is very cool
3 years ago
A fine game that replicates the movie well, but fails to provide anything unique into the domain of pinball.

- nice speech from the movie ("I am... Dracula")
- interesting habitrails
- multiball easy enough to get
- simple rules, you get the hang of the game quickly

- playfield artwork is a tragedy
- backglass artwork could have been better
- cabinet artwork has nothing exceptional
- abundance of lightning inserts...
- overall lack of toys
- haven't seen a lot of mods for this game
3 years ago
Bsd very underrated Pin not as hard as people put it out to be Super fun
3 years ago
About to own my 3rd. BSD. Every time I sell, I need it back in the line-up. I think this is a super theme that never gets old. Very dark and will kick your ass. Mist feature is one of the most rewarding shots to make. LOVE NEVER DIES!!!
3 years ago
Awesome theme, and well executed. Not super action packed but still decent.
3 years ago
Best Horror Theme on Pinball.Nice Multiball Stacking.Great Ramps a lot of Action on this Pinball dont Forget about the Wolfes Dot Matrix Game Great and Legendary. This Maschine is underrated.
3 years ago
BSD is like MSF, ie WTF, why the long name? it's Dracula, and it's dark and cold and cruel and mean and fanbloodytastic.

some people don't like the look, they say it's depressing and dark, but not me. i loooove the dark blues and deep blood reds. i adore looking at Ron Jeremy in his coffin (I had the model painted and altered on my second one to look more like him, complete with a golden dildo award), it has the best video mode in all of pinball for me in the wolf-shooting scenes (maybe a tie with shooting jetskiers in FT), the sound and speech callouts are wonderful and completely original and authentic (they went to Gary Oldman to get him to record custom speech for it), and this game is just so mean and difficult that it keeps you coming back again and again.

the magnet across the playfield makes Mist Multiball a completely original feature. the Coffin Multiball is reasonably tricky due to that steep little ramp around the coffin; and the Castle Multiball is extremely rewarding, especially when the devil women on the DMD screech and wail at you, eyes bleeding as they screech about the winds or Matt Vince or something like that. you can almost imagine them clambering out of the screen to come and drink blood from your neck.

when all three multiballs come together, and you manage to get a big rats and bats bonus on ball one, then get a huge double castle jackpot, suddenly after 29 games of this machine kicking your arse, suddenly on that 30th game it's your turn, and you rack up a big score in the billions and feel invincible. then next game less than 20 million in total again. it's that rare one brilliant game that keeps us coming back. Dracula is a magnificent game, not many better. dark and moody but magnificent.
3 years ago
What a game. Tough as nails. Frustrating. Not welcoming to newbies at all. But when you get that one game where everything goes right: wow. For me, it's the biggest rush in pinball. For that reason alone, Dracula is one of my favorite games.
3 years ago
I freakin LOVE this game. Its the only pin that was a MUST have for me. I love the movie and I love the pin even more. Super creepy, super fast and super hard. Keeps you coming back for more!
3 years ago
It is hard to pry myself away from this game. The one more game factor is huge with me. It's a fun, fast and brutal game that has me constantly cursing it's very existence. With that being said, it has one of the ugliest backglasses I've ever witnessed.
There are 300 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 4 of 12.

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