Bram Stoker's Dracula (Williams, 1993)

Bram Stoker's Dracula

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Game design: 8.174

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Sounds/Music: 7.897

Other Aspects: 8.263

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Found 292 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 292 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 year ago
At first I was just like ok whatever about this game, then after giving it more plays and understanding the rules, I was instantly hooked. I had to have one. Found one and I play it multiple times a day. It's a keeper for sure.
1 year ago
A beautiful pin, except for the weirder than weird translight. This is one tough game, the risk on a couple of shots does not equal the potential reward. Easier to avoid those shots and shoot for the ramps or up the middle. Mist multiball is a great trick. As with the rest of the game, it isn't an easy shot to make--but rewarding when you do. Ron Jeremy in the coffin is weak. I would have done something different with the coffin altogether, like having the lid fly open, rather than just having Ron take a snooze. I really like the theme of this game, but the game play is so tough I would think twice about owning one. Heck, unless it was on free play I wouldn't drop quarters into it--they go fast. Lighting is dim and dark, but that fits into the theme of the game. Music is pretty good, as are the callouts. If you are looking for a tough and dark-themed pin, this is probably the one you seek.
1 year ago
Great Fun, brutal game that makes me keep on coming back to play!
1 year ago
I had only played this game on Pinball Arcade before I bought it and didn't like it very much. After owning for a while, I see that it's a great game. Very tough and not for casual players because of the quick drains, it keeps you on your toes and you constantly have to be ready to save the ball. The music, sounds, and lighting are very atmospheric. The art is very good on the playfield and cabinet. The backglass is a little weak but with the right lighting, it can work. The rules are great and coupled with the difficulty, makes it feel like a significant achievement when you can stack all three multiballs.
1 year ago
The backglass is very unique looking and stands out in an arcade, but it was a swing and a miss. They tried to do gothic and dark, but the design is just ... weird. The playfield art however looks great, especially the gothic building sculps for toys. However, the main feature toy, the coffin, I always thought they could have made a little more interesting/animated and give more detail to. As for the playfield layout, it is very unique and difficult, which works with the Dracula theme. You should have a hard time defeating Dracula. However, after a while you will learn the unique shots on this game (including the difficult right ramp shot) and the ruleset on this game is on the shallower side, so the game can start to feel repetitive as you master it.

One of the few pins from this era not to have any original callouts. The sound clips from the movie do work when you make your shots (and the sound effects are awesome), but they do get a little repetitive. Never was a fan of the music on this game. It sounded too electronic and dated for the game's time period, and it's just a little dull and repetitive.

If you are looking for a fast, challenging game just to try to put up a monster score with stacked multi-balls, this game is for you. If you want a game with more flow and lots of objectives, go for another title. If you need another darker themed game in your collection, can't go wrong with this one!
1 year ago
Pinball by the horrible theme for a game, too sad and gloomy, in those years Williams has produced all its best pinball, both in design and in the game, this did not give the best of himself
1 year ago
Dracula is a fast game, I like the theme, but am a bit annoyed by the sounds. The rules are not that difficult. The mist ball is a real nice gadget, also video modes are a nice addition. Personally, I do not like the backglass. The game is a solid machine, good rules, you can't go wrong with this one. Not one for my collection, for now.....
1 year ago
Originally not a fan; due to its theme. The game has however grown on me. Music and sound is excellent. Game flow and rule set are also excellent. Art isn't my favorite but is well done. Very smooth game play and fun factor is high.
1 year ago
Just added this machine to my lineup a few days ago. maybe have 30 games in. Quick ball times for the most part.....and yes, the game can be brutal. Enjoy the videos. Fairly simple rule set. Certainly not complex like the modern Sterns. But once in awhile, everything clicks.....and the stacked multiball points roll in.
2 years ago
BSD is pretty awesome. My favorite straight forward game. Still challenging to stack multiballs and really get a next level score. Fast and flowy and for some reason really damn fun to play again and again.
2 years ago
BSD is an exciting machine to play with a great "one-more-game" feel. Game times tend to be short and the rules are not very deep but the excitement of stacking 2 or, if possible, 3 multiball modes and being awarded big points is incredibly enjoyable.
2 years ago
i realy enjoy this machine ,it plays fast ,smooth and very very good flow,the coffin is sweet,mist ball is awsome, great multi ball mode ,red dmd, nothing bad to me except i dnt care for the back glass that much its jus o.k, oh and the drac in the coffin is cheesy looking,,small flippers makes it harder to save the ball down the middle,i can live with all of that, all on all great game..for me its a keeper on game play alone..dnt pass up a chance to play it!!
2 years ago
BSD is a true test to your skills, you have to be good at nudging, doing dropcatches etc to get a good score. The ramp shots are one of the most satisfying in pinball, especially when you get the three multiballs going. The callouts are second to none. However, after owning it for a couple of years, I sold mine, so the lastability in a smaller collection is a bit questionable. Other thing is, it can be a bit unexciting multiplayer game, since it's such a feast or famine machine scorewise.
2 years ago
Overall BSD is a fun, yet difficult pin to master. Lightning fast, and the shortened flippers make it even more challenging. The only thing on this game I would have changed is the Ron Jeremy looking Drac that sits in the coffin (and making the Mist ball feature more reliable). It seems that is always getting caught or malfunctioning, particularly the receiving gates. I owned mine for a while, and have regretted selling it ever since I did. Morbid theme and display graphics, and the call outs are just plain spooky. Love it. I sincerely miss this game, and plan on getting another as soon as funds and space permit. Welcome to my home!!
2 years ago
BSD is a just OK layout with some SUPER cool rules. The Bats/Rats bonuses can be pretty significant and count after every ball, so you want them as early as possible and you don't want to tilt. But this game is mean, forces you to shoot deadly standups, and has lightning flippers. Whenever nudging you have to weigh the risk of losing your Bats bonus by tilting. Stacking the 3 multiballs with 10/20/30m jackpots would make for an OK game, but the way they're implemented makes it so much more interesting. Mist Multiball is the most interesting. Not only is it a cool toy, but because it's the easiest one to start you want to bring it in last. There is a lot of risk/reward to think about when starting multiballs, especially on ball 3. Do you start Mist and risk not getting all 3 going? Or do you keep building the other 2 multiballs and hope to bring Mist in?

Relatively simple rules, there's nothing too crazy, but it all stacks (literally) together perfectly. You won't be achieving triple multiball every game and it definitely has the one-more-game it factor.

Also the Dracula doll toy is super dumb.
2 years ago
Really fun game to play
2 years ago
Two words: "Mode stacking". This is game were knowing how to play it makes it worth your while. The gimmicks are nifty like "Mist Multiball" are impressive, but the blood red DMD and animations and sound clips are seal the deal for quality. Not the best first pinball choice for a collector due to difficulty, and not being family friendly. Very dark theme, like it SHOULD BE. Quality is WAY better than most modern Stern SS games.

Old Simple 2005 Review:
"Mist" Multiball, Stackable multiball feature, Blood Red Dripping DMD, Top Notch sound selection
2 years ago
I had to own this game before I could truly appreciate how great it really is. Playing it on location I looked at it as just a quarter eater. Lots of very short frustrating games. When it's in your collection who cares if you have a bunch of lousy games in a row. When that one game all comes together when you stack all three multi-balls, or at least two and kill Drac, there is nothing better in pinball. Artwork, music, sound effects, mist multi-ball and animations are top notch and make for a great package. Not a deep game by any means but very challenging with many difficult shots that you have to hit consistently to be successful. Beginners and casual players will probably be frustrated with this pin but for someone with at least moderate skills it will be very rewarding. It's the ultimate "one more game" pin.
2 years ago
I like this pin very much! The atmosphere is really excellent! I love many game options as video mode, magnet, easy EB after eight loops and very nice Dracula in the coffin.
2 years ago
This is my favorite pin , especially like the most ball !
2 years ago
This is the most frustrating pin I have ever played. No way I could ever own this title. My buddy got one and sold it in 3 weeks. They usually have lots of opto issues, so if you buy one make sure they all work.
2 years ago
The only gothic pinball machine made by a mainstream pinball manufacturer (Frankenstein comes close, though). Goth clubs were still viable in the 1990's when this game was made, and it was in many of them. Great respect for the theme. Sounds and music are good. Playfield can be frustrating, as this game is known for house balls and feeds to the drains that the player has no control over. Flippers must be extremely powerful to have a chance of hitting the left ramp reliably, and that's the key shot in the game. As for the rules, there's not much to do. Build towards the 3 Multiballs and start them as close to simultaneously as possible. It's 3X playfield if you have all 3 going at once, which is the best possible state to be in while playing.
2 years ago
Very tough pinball machine, simple but with the x factor. BSD is really targeted towards an adult audience, as well as the movie by Francis Ford Coppola. It is almost frightening really playing this pin alone at night. The gameplay is just fantastic: very simple things to do, but it's making adrenaline running and always keeps you on your toes. And, the most important thing to me, it has terrific lastability. This is its magic: it's simple, but never gets old. Overall, this pin excel in two very different aspects: it's amazing to play and it's also very fascinating. One of the very best ever.
2 years ago
Dracula plays like a vanilla game - but its theme and sound kept me playing longer than the design and kinetics warranted.

I found the ramp hard to hit on time, and there were some other flow problems with the PF layout. However, the ghostly magnetic ball drag is a well-placed and creative feature - freaked me out the first few times through. Good thematic integration.

If the game wasn't so awkward, I'd give it a higher rating. I'd recommend playing it to anyone - you might have better luck than I did. Dracula isn't on my wishlist, but I don't pass by it without playing on location.
2 years ago
Great theme. Great callouts and animation. One of the best toys ever.
But most of all great feel and flow mixed with some fairly challenging shots.
Every time I play it, I have a hard time pulling away.
There are 292 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 3 of 12.

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