Black Rose (Bally, 1992)

Black Rose

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Game design: 7.715

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Other Aspects: 7.855

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14 days ago
We have had Black Rose at the house for close to a year now. Everyone seems to enjoy playing it and it does have some good shots, the whirlpool ramp is a blast to shoot both left ramps are challenging and the upper left is fun to loop. The cannon and resulting sword down the middle of the play field fit the theme really well. If I were to knock the table it would be mainly for the pretty shallow rule set and the seemingly lack of importance of the standup targets that are spread across the play field. So while it doesn't have the deepest rule set around it is still a fun pin that has that one more game appeal to it, but if I could only have one or two pins in the house I could see it becoming old pretty quickly.
5 months ago
"Black Rose" is a fun, though frustrating, game. On the one hand, the scoring is complex and the little side-games (swinging to a ship's deck, escaping a shark, etc.) are really cool. However, the scoring is also annoyingly difficult. I can hit the left ramp with ease. The right ramp? Not so much. That and it's a timed combo system so you have like ten seconds or so to hit the next ramp so you can get your points. There's really no need for a timer. The fun is really in the center ramp and the use of the cannon to hit targets you normally have trouble with. Even if you're playing mini-video games on the DMD (which takes away from the pinball game at hand), the games are fun. But what the game lacks in gameplay and scoring, it more than makes up for in style and atmosphere. This FEELS like a pirate game, unlike the plastic, half-assed POTC by Stern. Black Rose is better than that game.
5 months ago
I own a Black Rose, and while it is certainly not in perfect condition, I don't seem to suffer the problems that others list on here. The cannon fires flat across the playfield, get very few airballs - the shots are all makeable, in a really well designed layout and the multiball is one of the best multiball designs I've seen in a modern game. (It could though quite feasibly go on forever). others have noted, the cannon shot could be used much better, and would be on a recent game. The cannon is so well designed that it can hit every shot on the playfield, there just isn't any need to do this. Something like ACDC though, will encourage jackpot, bell and even ramp shots from its cannon (NOTE: the ACDC cannon is not as cool).

The video modes are good, but they're just video modes - and noone really needs a video mode, definitely not more than one.

The scoring seems...sort of imbalanced, but I've not played it enough to really test this - you can get loads of points from the centre shot and from destroying the ships - but destroying the ships is sort of can keep shooting even if you miss and nowhere near as satisfying as destroying a MM castle or an alien saucer.

But I really think the layout is great. The ramps are brilliantly designed, there's achievable (though not dangerous) targets to hit, the ramp down the middle is awesome, don't listen to anyone who says's just that the really good bits don't seem to be used well enough.

Maybe someone could PROC this mother?
8 months ago
Black Rose is a fun game and has many challenging shots the multi ball lock is great and sinking the ships is rewarding and not easy. The area that gets kinda boring for me are the pop bumpers, its tough to get points up in that area and often leads to those nasty direct down the middle ball loss of balls or bounce down the side drains. The ramps are fun and jack pot shot is very rewarding to collect. Overall a fun game in my opinion and worth a try.
8 months ago
This table is very underrated.

It is a great game and even my wife enjoys it! The pirate theme is awesome and visitors to my house always gravitate straight towards the black rose. Sinking a ship still gives me a thrill and the changing music as you progress through the game really adds to the atmosphere gaming experience. The graphics on the dmd could be a bit better, but outswimming the shark is fantastic. I love this pin and enjoy it as much as my AFM. Great toys and a nice flow make this a game that can be enjoyed by both beginners and pin heads alike.
8 months ago
ARRRR...matey! Who doesn't like a classic pirate theme? This machine is more timeless than Stern's POTC and half the price. Lot's of video modes make the machine stand out. The stock outlanes gobble balls a lot. I cured the excessive outlane drains by adding some rubber to the up posts and bending the inlane-outlane divider rail over toward the outlane slightly. With these mods, the outlane drain frequency is now comparable to a modern Stern. Love the pop-up cannon. Love the "swashbuckling" pops. The GI lighting uses a lot of dimming/flashing during play and may not respond very well to change over to LEDs. Using LEDs only in the playfield inserts makes sense for this one. The light show is excellent. Playfield can be rather dark in the back though, so nice to add a couple of spotlights to illuminate the ship. Nice classic pin with timeless theme. Good for a quick game and very satisfying to sink ships.
11 months ago
Great game at a pretty affordable price point. Cannon is fun, love sinking ships and pirate theme is on point. Lots of multiballs but not crazy deep rules. Still a very fun casual game.
12 months ago
Such a waste of a fun theme. The center cannon ramp is such a drag, and the pf layout is simply uninspired to say it nice. One of williams worst DMD games. Don't know why it's held in such a high regard.
1 year ago
Possibly the most one dimensional bally williams dmd
1 year ago
Played it at a meet. Fun game. The ramp down the middle can be a bit off putting for some.
1 year ago
Amazed this game isn't more popular. Cool layout, with lots of planning about how to get from one shot to the next, different things from different flippers, etc. Great ruleset with multiple strategies, each of which weave in and out of the others to give a good advantage to planning ahead. Challenging multiball which requires good ball control and juggling skills. You need to set it up tough though, or it can be really unbalanced. 15s double boadside, 4s right ramp, no letters to start, alternating ramps in multiball... My only real complaint is that double broadside is cumulative, and that the upper flipper/cannon aren't used in multiball.
1 year ago
"Queen of the High Seas"?
Unfortunately, not.

Another "hit 'n miss" title from John Trudeau.
Fun, but clunky.
Good for a few rounds.
The problem with the game design lies in game leveling.
You have to keep things like the cannon ABSOLUTELY level, or the game is just unplayable, with the ball hopping air balls and causing flying ramp shots.
The same goes for dialing in all the ramps.
I REALLY disliked the ramp down the middle of the playfield, as it obstructs the player's view.
The sinking ships gets repetitive quickly (ie center cannon shot), as progress seems uneventful, leading to comments of one dimensional gameplay, which is entirely correct.

When I owned the machine, I felt like always I was battling the machine in a poor way, even though it was in good shape.
If you have not owned one, you probably do not know what I am talking about here.
You won't keep the machine forever, you will sell it, but enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Dots and animations were above average for the time period.
Ruleset is average.
Shots are tight and achievable, but just do not offer the best satisfaction.
Strong flippers are required for both the whirlpool and backside ramp shot.
Artwork package all around is good, but the reds notoriously fade.

Game needs to drop below the top #100 quickly, there are many more better games from the same rough period out there.

Even today, it is roughly a $1800-2000 game.
DO NOT spend an Ebay $5k pricetag on this title, geezus!
1 year ago
1 year ago
Good shots, fun game
1 year ago
Great pinball, good design TransLite, playfield beautiful, gorgeous theme and attractive music, truly one of the best pinball machine ever made in the era of the gold Bally, one of the 90
1 year ago
Awesome game lots of fun. Before I knew the rules it was still fun and easy enough to understand.
1 year ago
Very Underrated game. Owned it for a year and never got tired of it. Hope to have another some day. Always a favorite of guests. Love the theme, layout and gameplay. Video modes get a little old, but still fun. Good flow and love the callouts. When LED'd properly, it looks fantastic. Sound is great too. Sinking ships never gets old. Overall a keeper in my book.
2 years ago
Somewhat of a one trick pony in my view.
2 years ago
That "queen" sounds like a guy. Lol
2 years ago
To be honest I found Black Rose a little one dimensional and quickly grew bored.
2 years ago
At first I wasn't too sure of it, but after played quite a few games I'm having a blast! Great game!
2 years ago
I really like black rose. It's a great game and it's fun to sink the ships. The 3 ball multi ball is challenging to get but worth it. This game is a great game to play
2 years ago
A great and under rated game for sure. Lots of great shots to make and I plan to add this game to my collection someday.
2 years ago
Great title really love spending time on this one / lots of shots , fun & probably a bit under rated / traded my Blackwater 100 for it
2 years ago
This is a pretty cool game, but my family and friends like it much better than I do. It is a very nice looking game, but the cannon area makes play unpredictable.
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