Black Rose (Bally, 1992)

Black Rose

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Game design: 7.7

Artwork: 7.739

Sounds/Music: 7.085

Other Aspects: 7.789

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Found 92 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 92 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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65 days ago
Great game at a pretty affordable price point. Cannon is fun, love sinking ships and pirate theme is on point. Lots of multiballs but not crazy deep rules. Still a very fun casual game.
3 months ago
Such a waste of a fun theme. The center cannon ramp is such a drag, and the pf layout is simply uninspired to say it nice. One of williams worst DMD games. Don't know why it's held in such a high regard.
6 months ago
Possibly the most one dimensional bally williams dmd
9 months ago
Played it at a meet. Fun game. The ramp down the middle can be a bit off putting for some.
9 months ago
Amazed this game isn't more popular. Cool layout, with lots of planning about how to get from one shot to the next, different things from different flippers, etc. Great ruleset with multiple strategies, each of which weave in and out of the others to give a good advantage to planning ahead. Challenging multiball which requires good ball control and juggling skills. You need to set it up tough though, or it can be really unbalanced. 15s double boadside, 4s right ramp, no letters to start, alternating ramps in multiball... My only real complaint is that double broadside is cumulative, and that the upper flipper/cannon aren't used in multiball.
10 months ago
"Queen of the High Seas"?
Unfortunately, not.

Another "hit 'n miss" title from John Trudeau.
Fun, but clunky.
Good for a few rounds.
The problem with the game design lies in game leveling.
You have to keep things like the cannon ABSOLUTELY level, or the game is just unplayable, with the ball hopping air balls and causing flying ramp shots.
The same goes for dialing in all the ramps.
I REALLY disliked the ramp down the middle of the playfield, as it obstructs the player's view.
The sinking ships gets repetitive quickly (ie center cannon shot), as progress seems uneventful, leading to comments of one dimensional gameplay, which is entirely correct.

When I owned the machine, I felt like always I was battling the machine in a poor way, even though it was in good shape.
If you have not owned one, you probably do not know what I am talking about here.
You won't keep the machine forever, you will sell it, but enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Dots and animations were above average for the time period.
Ruleset is average.
Shots are tight and achievable, but just do not offer the best satisfaction.
Strong flippers are required for both the whirlpool and backside ramp shot.
Artwork package all around is good, but the reds notoriously fade.

Game needs to drop below the top #100 quickly, there are many more better games from the same rough period out there.

Even today, it is roughly a $1800-2000 game.
DO NOT spend an Ebay $5k pricetag on this title, geezus!
11 months ago
1 year ago
Good shots, fun game
1 year ago
Great pinball, good design TransLite, playfield beautiful, gorgeous theme and attractive music, truly one of the best pinball machine ever made in the era of the gold Bally, one of the 90
1 year ago
Awesome game lots of fun. Before I knew the rules it was still fun and easy enough to understand.
1 year ago
Very Underrated game. Owned it for a year and never got tired of it. Hope to have another some day. Always a favorite of guests. Love the theme, layout and gameplay. Video modes get a little old, but still fun. Good flow and love the callouts. When LED'd properly, it looks fantastic. Sound is great too. Sinking ships never gets old. Overall a keeper in my book.
1 year ago
Somewhat of a one trick pony in my view.
1 year ago
That "queen" sounds like a guy. Lol
1 year ago
To be honest I found Black Rose a little one dimensional and quickly grew bored.
1 year ago
At first I wasn't too sure of it, but after played quite a few games I'm having a blast! Great game!
1 year ago
I really like black rose. It's a great game and it's fun to sink the ships. The 3 ball multi ball is challenging to get but worth it. This game is a great game to play
1 year ago
This is a great game with a lot of good shots. Music and artwork are very nice on this machine. When people come to my house this game gets a lot of play. The DMD modes are very fun and my kids love them.
1 year ago
A great and under rated game for sure. Lots of great shots to make and I plan to add this game to my collection someday.
1 year ago
I'm not a fan of black Rose because I don't like the artwork and it gets boring because you can just shoot the middle all day long
2 years ago
Great title really love spending time on this one / lots of shots , fun & probably a bit under rated / traded my Blackwater 100 for it
2 years ago
This is a pretty cool game, but my family and friends like it much better than I do. It is a very nice looking game, but the cannon area makes play unpredictable.
2 years ago
Very good Pinball,design beautiful and happy game!
2 years ago
Great game, VERY underrated.
2 years ago
I liked this one a lot. The cannon was fun and the unique center rail. The only thing is the ball kept hitting the glass more than any other pin I've played.
2 years ago
This was my 3rd machine. I bought it without being able to see the inside and had to drill out the lock on the coin door when I got home. I replaced the batteries and a whole slew of bulbs and once I got playing it, I could not believe how much fun this game is. This thing has it all! Multiball, a cool pirate theme, great music (especially when you are about to sink a ship or have gotten a high score), great challenges, great DMD games, and loading the cannon and firing with the fire button is just awesome! How did they come up with this stuff? This game sees a lot of action when friends are over. The ramps, especially the whirlpool shot, are very satisfying. Nail the jackpot and you're golden for points. VERY fun game and I'm extremely glad that I didn't pass this one up!
There are 92 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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