Black Knight 2000 (Williams, 1989)

Black Knight 2000

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Game design: 7.446

Artwork: 8.037

Sounds/Music: 7.725

Other Aspects: 7.709

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Found 117 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 117 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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16 days ago
I hate doing negative reviews, especially on pins which some consider "classics". BUt I played this game over the weekend and I just don't get how its rated higher than many of the classic games I grew up playing in the late 80's early 90's...
29 days ago
Excellent audio in this pin, and a multi-level playing surface adds to the enjoyment of this game. It gets the adrenaline pumping with the music and Black Knight taunting you. If you see one, play it! It's pretty awesome!
45 days ago
I understand that this pin was ahead of it's time but after playing it and comparing with newer pins it just does not stack up.
5 months ago
The best system 11 for me, very fun.
6 months ago
Very fast game. Great artwork, sound, themed music and lights. Could use some more targets, scoring on lower play field, as it seems the goal is just to stay on the upper play field.
10 months ago
Can't get enough of the music, love the upper playfield and layout, art is fantastic!
1 year ago
Black Knight 2000 is a flashy, crappy reboot of one of the best early SS's ever made. It doesn't shoot or feel like Black Knight - it feels like something worse. Concept beat to death - thanks for trying, Williams.

I don't understand the hype or the appeal, and I'm no purist when it comes to sequels, redo's, and what have you. If BK2K didn't say "Black Knight" on it, I would still think it was a dull game. I don't know how WMS managed to ruin a great idea, but they pulled it off. My advice: play Black Knight instead.
1 year ago
I want to own this game again. It was my first pin. I suspect the music and speech might be a bit polarizing. I love them.
1 year ago
Best music and light show ever! Such a cool game that I wanted for a long time and finally found one in pretty good shape last year. I immediately updated the speakers and added a subwoofer to make the audio even better. Considering what era this machine is from, both the audio and lights are amazing. I love the theme and the artwork as well. I think if this was my only machine it could get quite repetitive and tiring but in a medium to large collection it is great! I really feel I nailed an LED conversion down well with this one too which makes it look even better!
1 year ago
I am not a fan of black knight because its a one shot game and the mystery is to random.
1 year ago
Game Design: Overall, this game is excellent, however I feel as though too much emphasis is placed on the upper playfield in an unbalanced manner. Game goals are simply to lock balls by bashing the drawbridge. If the ball falls to the lower playfield, then a left ramp shot from the right flipper is needed to bring it back up again. This isn't a bad thing, but one could make the argument that this game is a "right flipper one shot wonder." Sometimes it gets to the point where using the left flipper feels awkward--like you're doing something wrong. It would have been nice if the designer could have placed more rewarding shots on the right hand side of the lower playfield to balance things out.

Artwork/Sounds/Music: Artwork is good. It's what you'd expect from a game of this era. A futuristic medieval horseback rider that steals things is certainly creative. It doesn't make sense, but then again, who cares! Sounds and music is where this game really stands out. Considering sound limitations at the time, this game leads the pack in terms of what could be done. Even today's new games lack the memorable music experience that this game delivered in spades.

Overall: This game is fast, fun, and easy to understand. While it does have it's flaws, they're by no means deal breakers. Left kickback, and right magna save are nice additions, and timed drop targets pay a nice homage to it's elder brother. I just wish the playfield was more balanced.
1 year ago
Some may criticize it for being a "one shot game". All I can say is: if you can keep making that shot every time, you gotta love it!!! Plus: BEST pin music EVER!
1 year ago
I was very excited to get this game. I'm a huge fan of the original BK. I was very dissapointed with it though. Right flipper is way too repetitive. This game does have one of the best sound packages in it though. Awesome theme song! I didn't keep this one long. Top Playfield has an awkward shot to hit the ball lock ramp and all the nudging gets old quick.
1 year ago
The difficulty of this game is not hard unless you have an amputated right hand, the ruleset not complex, but that is not what makes it so special. Its the music, sound, and light show. It has a ridiculous amount of relay boards used to control the flasher effects and solenoids, more than most machines of the same era. The only machines that really rival it in terms of sound quality design are The Machine (BoP) and Swords of Fury.

EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to find one in collector quality condition due to most of the machines had factory installed FULL mylar on the playfield that causes bubbling and cannot be removed without damaging the playfield. NOS playfields are practically non-existent. The double knight loopback tunnel is wicked fast. Drop targets reset is the same trick used in the original Black Knight.

Best owned as a augment an existing collection.
If this is your only game you are going to get bored really fast.

"You got the POWER"!
"The Black Knight RIDES Again"!

This is MY NAMESAKE, for a reason.
I have a full size back glass image tattooed the size of a Frisbee on my back (without the text).
Can you spell R-A-N-S-O-M?

Old Simple 2005 Review:
True pinball COLLECTOR'S (not players) game, Phenomenal techno-orchestrated music (IMHO).
1 year ago
Fast, furious and rewarding a very good table. This one makes you sweat cause the ball comes back soooo fast its ridiculous!
1 year ago
Looks good, theme is cool
The shots that are there feel good....

...But you can damn near play the whole game with only one flipper button.
Not much to shoot for from the left flipper.
1 year ago
This is a real tough table.
1 year ago
i wanted to play more, this was a really fun machine, it was hard for me, but im sure if i played more i would have gotten the hang of it, its a must play game !
2 years ago
Decent game. I really wanted one for awhile, but I moved on from that. Good to play when you see one. Game really feels cut in half. Seems like I was just spending my time going for the upper playfield. Great music. Nice looking game but I just couldn't connect with it to the fullest.
2 years ago
BK2K has a unique layout, but immediately what you think of is the music, callouts, and backglass which are basically the undisputed best of the era (of all time probably?). This game is one hell of a looker and the theme song is the catchiest jam in pinball. The light show backs it up too.

The gameplay is difficult. The safest strategy is to just ram it back up to the top and go for multiball and hurry-ups. Nudging the WAR lights is a fun and fairly unique feature. I'm less familiar with lower playfield strategies because I'm not good enough to keep the ball in play very long down there, which seems like a common sentiment with this one. It's right flipper heavy too, which is well documented.

Honestly I'm not sure if I would absolutely love it without the awesome theme, looks, and sounds, but it is fast, fun, and not leaving my collection anytime soon.
2 years ago
This game is among my favorites. Any review I give will be obscenely biased, so I am not going to delve into any details of the game :-). I love the music, playfield, light show, and flow. When I first started collecting machines, this was my first must-have. If you ever find one at a reasonable price, you will not go wrong snatching it up ... it's very difficult to get sick of the overall game.
2 years ago
Nostalgic game for me plus mine is near mint. Love this game. Upper playfield is a cool feature. Call outs and retro music are a big plus.
2 years ago
One of the Games I'd like in my collection but lower on my list
2 years ago
I did not play this table in its heyday and that's a damn shame. I think if I had come across it in the 80's I would have been completely blown away and would have dominated my arcade time. As it is, I played it for the first time last summer (2014) at Funspot and spent at least 2-3 hours trying the beat the Black Knight.
The playfield is a great update to the original Black Knight minus a left side magna save. As to be expected in any Steve Richie table, it plays fast and at times chaotic. I spent the majority of my first 10 games just trying to keep the ball on the table and setting up 3-ball multi. There is a great skyway loop that feels very rewarding when executed. Especially if you can use it to set up a bridge shot. Approach the drop downs with caution. Hit them at the wrong angle and it's a quick trip to the outlanes.
The music is a big hook for BK2k. It’s absolutely outstanding for an 80’s table (hell, for any era table for that matter) and matches up perfectly to the action. The call outs, "NO WAY!" , "GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!", make me smile every time.
Overall, the high risk/high reward style of play and a/v presentation make this one addicting machine.
This is the table that brought me back to pinball and has given me the bug to start collecting.
2 years ago
Need to play it some more to firm up my opinion. I didn't play it much at the time when it came out, I guess that says something.

UPDATE: Played it some more. Don't know why Steve Ritchie bothered putting the left on this one, there's no use for it.
There are 117 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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