Black Hole (Gottlieb, 1981)

Black Hole

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Game design: 7.775

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Other Aspects: 7.788

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There are 112 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 months ago
This is a classic solid state game. Everything coincides with the theme: voice, background sound, cabinet, backglass. Good shots, only wish there was a ramp added just to the right of the black hole entry shot. Actually, I purchased a vivak playfield protector for one of my black holes and installed a ramp glued to the protector and I have a switch mounted to it that is wired to the left ball lock for crazy ramp points. With the ramp it's a 10, but without it it's still an amazing piece of pinball history.
4 months ago
Very interesting layout ,love the 3-d type animation of the back glass. Very hard to get multiball but this game is so different from a flat table game that it’s worth the investment...would love to have seen a topper for this game and more appealing cabinet art....
5 months ago
Love the three level aspect, but the bottom PF is tough to see if you're not 6ft tall. I like the "black hole" element... hit the drop targets or lose the ball coming out. A good add to the collection. Love the infinity BG.
5 months ago
Very difficult machine. Slower upper pf feels 70s and fast lower pf feels 90s. A good one to own due to its difficulty, will improve any player.
7 months ago
Some might think it's only about the lower playfield but actually it has a lot more going for it than just that. One of the best pins of its era. Really fun and challenging.
9 months ago
Love this game. It's always a challenge to enter the black hole (descend to the lower playfield). Once you are here, there is no other solution than to succes with targets, or you will loose the ball. Getting a "Re-Enter Success" is always stressing, but also stimulating. The switch at the outlet of the tube has something diabolic.
10 months ago
Excellent machine. Very, very challenging. Hard to get Multiball.
10 months ago
Total classic and among the best of it's era. Black Hole with that subterranean level that obsessively must be gotten to. The speech sounds like a garbled Stephen Hawking but then again that's fitting given the nature of the theme. I could play this for days. Great to practice on Pinball Arcade virtual recreations because you can get plenty of practice in on the lower level playfield so that you aren't thrown off when you get it on the real machine.
11 months ago
One of the most difficult games to consistently master. Very decent player with surprising varied tasks to complete. With refurbished boards or Pascal's or perhaps other aftermarket replacements, a solid and challenging pin.
1 year ago
Black Hole was another machine I discovered playing virtual pinball and had the pleasure of finally playing in real life at last year's California Extreme. The game is deceptive in that it feels simple but takes skill to truly master. It has a really cool retro space theme that reminds one of Disneyland's Space Mountain (and even has this cool "humming" soundtrack, reminiscent of the main loading room at Space Mountain, that plays as you play) and a really deep blue color scheme which looks even cooler in a dark room. The main gimmick is the upside-down mini-playfield below the main table where you accumulate points in the "black hole". Very cool idea that inspired several modern tables including "The Twilight Zone" and "Congo". The only con I can think of is that the ball feels like it moves too slowly even when you give it a good whack with the flippers. The main bumpers and pins are also stretched out too far on the board so there's a distinct lack of targets to hit. No ramps, either, but that's not really much of a complaint. The table is very fun to play. This is far better than "Haunted House" because it keeps things simple. I will probably take some heat for that but it's true.
1 year ago
I have only played this on location, and never in tournament, but I love how challenging it is and how often I end up swearing and berating the machine with insults. ( I would never hit a pinball table...) But I keep coming back for more abuse from this difficult machine.
1 year ago
This is my #4 Favorite game, I am trying to find one of these at a reasonable cost. I am having lots of fun with this on Pinball Arcade. I would like to find one near San Jose to play...
1 year ago
One of the best early 80s games.
1 year ago
Classic Gotlieb...The Black Hole!!
A great game, I am constantly challenged at trying to achieve multiball at this game.
Sometimes it can be tough, but also very rewarding! Definitely this game was ahead of its time with the lower playfield when it was released. Very unique, very cool. If you are into the older classic games of the early 80's this game is a must have.
1 year ago
This table is just to bare for my tastes, the secondary reverse table is neat but everything is a long shot on top. One of those tables that I never see anyone play on league night.
1 year ago
A classic gottlieb pin. The animated backglass is stunning, and the crude sounds are great. The game is built around the under playfield gimmick and it serves to keep you coming back to it well enough. Although it's big brother Haunted House is a much better overall game. Black Hole feels like a warm-up for HH.
1 year ago
For early SS pins, this one knocked it out of the park for me. Do ground mods if not done! Very hard to get multiball. Mine is on 5 ball play and will hand most folks their tail! Set pops to sneeze sensitive and it gets the ball flying with the asymmetrical layout of the game. Artwork fits well. Better than HH for me.
2 years ago
my only gottlieb but the best for me !a really good multiball with a huge atmosphère!
I'm fond of's a drug captive ball...
2 years ago
I really don't care for the early solid state pinball era much at all. It's my least favorite pinball time period for pinball, where the layouts were largely uninspired, the rules just slightly better than EM's, and the sounds were really bad...

The guys who did Black Hole got it right, however. It is wide open, but really fast, there is a lot of sling and pop bumper action along with pretty clear objectives that are pretty hard to complete. The lower playfied just pushes the whole package over the top, and makes it one of the best solid state games ever made.

I'll expand on this review at a later date...

- I got a request to expand on my review, so I will now -

It's a great looking and playing game, well ahead of its time. Multiball is really hard to achieve so it's a treat to finally get it and it is crazy to have the balls going on both levels. The sounds and lighting are good and fit the theme really well. A couple years back I thought I was going to have to trim from 30 games down to 9. Black Hole was one of the games I was going to keep. I recommend this game, even if you don't really care for the era the game comes from.
2 years ago
Very interesting lower playfield to play. Backglass is fantastic to look at. Widebody is not crowded and has fun shots. overall a great game from the early eighties.
2 years ago
"Re-entry attempt has FAILED".

One of the best known Gottlieb System 80 machines for a number of reasons.
Absolutely the "Number One" of all the Gottlieb System 80 machines of the entire series.
Set the new standard for cost per play, which was 50 cents at the beginning.
The game before "bulletproofing" was a real PITA for operators, which is the other reason for it being notorious.
The tube kicker was poorly designed, and the improper grounding on all System 80 machines caused coil shorts.
It can be a hard machine to work on as well in regards to lower playfield, as the it is not operator friendly, and the lower playfield essentially has to be removed from the cabinet to be properly worked on, trying to "flip it up" does not work out real well...
It is a tight fit into the cabinet either way, and alignment is very important, or the ball is not going to make it back up to the top playfield.
Owners you probably already understand.
If you do not, there is your simple technical tip for the day.

Very challenging to maximize score multipliers.
Very challenging game for high scores.
Very challenging to achieve proper multiball.
The shot to the lower playfield through the spinner is always satisfying.
The game as large as it is is very fast especially with the rebound kickers and seemingly overpowered pop bumpers on "super power" voltage setting.
If you rate this game less than 6.5, it probably because you just completely terrible at playing pinball.
Improve your skills, and give it a try in a few years, you will find you were mistaken.
If you cannot find a real machine, use Pinball Arcade, it is $5 title.
This will increase your "pinball IQ" for next to nothing in cost.
Most new players have a love or hate relationship with this machine, mostly because they do not understand the ruleset.
The flipper on the upper left side is IMPORTANT to scoring and multiball.
Learn how to USE IT.

Artwork for all areas is superb (backglass, playfield, and cabinet).
Rotating disk in the backbox with double mirrored backglass and lighting is hypnotic.
Ruleset is SOLID for the era.
The reverse flipper lower playfield design was innovative as used, it was not just a "gimmick", it set new standards.
Contender for many modern machines even today.
Better than 80% of all modern Sterns.
A "keeper" for every collection, as long as it maintained, corrected and if you like the era.
2 years ago
want to be a better player? black hole is a game that will challenge you. you will become a better player just by spending time on this game. its fun and not the usual layout for its time.
2 years ago
Another impressive looking Gottlieb machine of that era which wasn't all that much fun to play. The double flipper on the right doesn't do it for me. If you lose the ball on the lower PF it drains into the right outlane. WTF?? Other than that you have a 2 target banks in the upper PF to aim for plenty of pop bumpers and a captive ball. Poor flow and a poor layout just didn't do it for me, sorry.
2 years ago
This game is tough! You have to hit standups to light the locks, then lock a ball on both playfields, if I drain I lose my upper lock, if I drain out of the lower playfield without re-entry I lose my ball, then if I finally achieve multiball it lasts all of 8 seconds! And in those 8 seconds, what do I score!? Jackpots? PF Multiplier? No. NOTHING! This game is not for babies who want easy scoring!

This game is more about the G-Force Accelerators, where your goal is (again a TOUGH goal) to hit the black hole drop targets in order, which multiplies your lower playfield. At that point I think the score is all lower playfield. The bummer of black hole is an uninteresting upper playfield. Are there any scoring opportunities up here? Did I miss something? There's widebody's worth of space which mostly amounts to the upper ball lock and the G-Force drop targets.

The game is one of the best lookers around, the backglass is all the way iconic and seeing the lower playfield is cool. It's a just OK player I think though.
2 years ago
Another difficult table, I nearly scored this one a little higher. Black Hole is a table that was a first for many things, including being the first fifty cent pinball machine, and the first with an inverted table within the table. With Black Hole, like many older machines, there isn't any type of story line. This table has a lot going on. Not only because it has a second table that can be played on (and, needs to be played on), but because it's just a very, very fast table. When you get the ball shot up and bouncing off the side panels and bumpers, the ball moves really fast, and you really need to be alert to prevent the ball from shooting itself right out of play. This table took me a little while to get used to, and I'm still not completely comfortable with it, as it's a bit intimidating. Your best bet at getting a high score is to, simply and probably stupidly put, fling the ball towards the top of the table and let it bounce around to trigger multipliers and the like. After that, it'd be wise to try locking balls, and taking the ball to the second table to work on what ends up being your bonus, as there's no other bonus applied after your ball's lost. Black Hole is an intriguing table due to the added inverted playing field, and super fast game play, both of which also make the table more difficult and more fun to play.
There are 112 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 5.

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