Batman (The Dark Knight) (Stern, 2008)

Batman (The Dark Knight)

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Game design: 7.872

Artwork: 7.705

Sounds/Music: 7.087

Other Aspects: 7.942

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Found 172 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 172 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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6 years ago
Quite fun to play. Excellent lighting. Backglass ok, but not great.
6 years ago
Played this machine at a pinball festival and the first time all I did was go STDM, after that I started to get a feel for it and had some fun, has some neat features/toys... probably not a top 5 Stern machine but a decent machine
6 years ago
dont want to play it anymore good average pin but not top 5 stern i do prefer Spiderman LOTR Elvis or Shrek
6 years ago
The crane is a really fun toy. The Joker is a bit of a let down. It really doesn't do anything. A lot of ways to get multiball. The lighting was excellent. The backglass is could have been better. Overall, it was a fun game like IM but I think more could have been down with it especially the Joker. I still don't see the purpose of the Batmoble ramp thing on the left.
6 years ago
The moving crane shot is a lot of fun and comes into play often. There's plenty of furious multiball action and decent depth to the rules. It's one of those games where you need to have 20 minutes to spare to play through most games, so I'm not sure how it would hold up for most in a home environment.
6 years ago
good game lots of fun teeter totter slows game down to much. Joker toy adds nothing to gameplay. Crane steals the show!
6 years ago
I have the Costco version. The scarecrow crane is a lot of fun but its the only meaningful toy on the machine. Long ball times and the multiball play makes this a fun machine especially for beginners. The ultimate wizard mode is hard to reach and maybe next to impossible for a regular player in 3 balls but a good challenge for experienced players. General illumination is fair at best but I guess "dark" fits the theme.
6 years ago
A real fun game to play, the crane is an awesome feature, would love to own this game one day.
6 years ago
This is a quality pinball and a worthy of some attention although some aspects could be improved upon, maybe too many multiballs, theme is pretty dark but the clue is in the title, crane is cool, ramp toy is pointless and just takes up space, joker screen is also naff, sold mine after a few months and don't miss it although I would like to play again at some point, maybe best played in an arcade and not as a permament addition in your collection.

SM or LOTR are probably a better bet if buying a Stern for home use
6 years ago
The only things I don't like about this machine is some of the artwork on the playfield is kind of generic and the ugly ugly ugly Joker and Scarecrow action figures used as the toys. There are much better ones they could have used. Other than that everything else in this machine is just awesome!! The crane toy is the most fun interactive toy in any game i've played. The Joker can doesn't do much but has so much potential for mods to be made for it. The multi-ball's are extremely fun and trying to set up for the dbl scoring along with stacking the multipliers is pretty tough to do. This one isn't a drainer like some other machines but it is super fast when set up right and flows very nice.
6 years ago
Poor game all around, waste of a theme!
6 years ago
our first NIB machine. Played at a pizza parlor in Breckenridge and had to have it. In a lineup with LOTR, AFM and 20 EM's, it holds it own. Actually is more popular with players in their 20's than the other two. Yeah, the joker in a can maybe is a little hokey but he really impresses the newbies when they first see him. We added a shaker motor and that added a new dimension to the game. Don't think it is overused while playing and it helps build the excitement of the game, imo. I have not played enough games on the other new Sterns to really formulate a valid opinion as to which is best - SM, IM, TDK, Tron, etc. The few games I have played on SM and IM - I prefer TDK. I played on Tron for the first time last night at Joystix and the one game was fun fun fun. So that may be added to the lineup when we see the LE's. Personally, I think TDK should be given another look by those who slammed it in the past. If sales prices are an indicator, the prices seem to be climbing slowly on TDK and we might have a winner here!
6 years ago
I really enjoy the pf layout, the mb modes, and the scoring system on this one. a good stern with long ball times to mix things up. love the theme and toys.
6 years ago
I like the strategy in this game.
6 years ago
weak left flipper at the arcade, played for a long time and many games, set to 5 balls. the toys in this machine were just a big let down. aside from the crane (which was really cool) the joker thing that spins was kind of pointless as was the bridge thing. playfield was well done soundalikes were lame though. DMD animations were well done as well. maybe i'd be more into it if i owned it, but even in the arcade i was beating it pretty badly (granted 5 balls...)
6 years ago
Hmmm. Not really sure what it is about the game that I don't like. The playfield setup feels good and well laid out. But no shots feel satisfying. I feel that the sound is lacking in that regard, and the artwork is terrible. It should be said that I love batman, and I love the movie the Dark Knight. I also love George Gomez games for the most part. This one just doesn't come together, and the combination of sound, art, and easy difficulty make this really disappointing to me. It just feels like a blank playfield that was themed batman after the fact. The crane is cool, but what does that have to do with anything? Only played a few games on the original DE machine, but liked that one more.
6 years ago
This game plays really nice!
6 years ago
I found Batman TDK an almost great game. The theme, lighting, and especially the crane are amazing. At first glance the playfield looks a bit sparse, that is until you get to see the crane in action. I enjoyed TDK more than most modern Sterns I've tried. The one I played was next to a Spiderman, and to me, Batman was a whole lot more fun. However, those who like lightning fast play, may want to look elsewhere.
6 years ago
I had always sort of overlooked the new STERNs. After playing Shrek I decided to buy one. Batman seemed an obvious choice, one came up so I bought it without ever playing it. How risky can it be, I thought to my self. As luck would have it, not at all. This game is amazing. Fun and gratifying for beginners with a deep rewarding rule set for experts. I am typically a bit of a ramp man. The bigger and better the ramps the happier I am. Batman only has one ramp but somehow it doesn't bother me. The playfield might look a little sparse but trust me it isn't. The crane toy and various multiball modes work beautifully and really benefit from the space. It all just sort of flows and you get a real feel that you are purposefully progressing through the game. I have software version 2.94, I never played the game with the early versions so I can't comment on them. However it appears to have a fully functioning rule set and doesn't feel unfinished. My only downer is that the VUK is a little week.
6 years ago
I like how the crane moves the captive ball like target around. I would like to own this one some day.
6 years ago
Good fun to play,love the crane .Pleasently surprised ove rall
7 years ago
Batman was a surprise in that it was just so much fun to play. The crane is excellent. Certainly had me wanting one more go each time. I am not a big fan of the back glass as I prefer having no actors faces adorning the screen. Batman is not a theme that excites me but this is now a machine I may consider for my collection due to the fun factor. I do have a slight worry over the quality of some of the playfield as parts looked a little flimsy. How about a LE version? No actors on the backglass, chrome trimmings, get rid of cheap looking Joker can and replace with a Joker than interacts with the game. Also where you spell BATMAN, make all of these drop targets......much more fun. I am not a Batman fan but would buy a LE Batman if they were to make one. Make the Joker like Balrog in that you can hit it at certain times. Played it more since first review. It does not have me wanting to keep coming back to it. Good for a few games though.
7 years ago
I enjoyed it on location, but it wasn't until I picked one up that I really discovered what it was all about. The code update did wonders for the game. It often gets labeled as a one-trick pony because the crane is really the only interactive toy, which I understand because the Batmobile ramp and Joker can are purely aesthetic, but it really has a lot of strategy going on if you're into that. Honestly, I find it to be LOTR lite...gameplay, rules and layout are similar, plus it has multiple "wizard" modes. If you play one that is setup well, it's an awesome game, IMO.

This game could be perfect if it had the voice calls from the movie and a little more going on with the Joker and Batmobile toys. Final version of the code does wonders for the game, though. If you played it early, play it now with v2.94.
7 years ago
There are some things I like about this game, but overall it's just way too easy. Not one of Stern's better efforts.
7 years ago
Artwork is good but I think they should have left off some actors from the backglass. Do they really have to put every actor in the movie on there? Quotes were ok but the stand in actor's voices sucked. The crane toy is awesome but the tilting crane/bridge is useless as well as the Joker can. Gameplay is very fun though and fast. The lightshow is real good too. What I didn't like; Balls rolling back down the ramp will drain SDTM. The Scarecrow VUK has a jamming problem if more than one ball goes in the hole, which is easy to do but seems to be fixed in the newer code. Game is much better with the new code. On my wish list.
There are 172 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 6 of 7.

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