Batman (The Dark Knight) (Stern, 2008)

Batman (The Dark Knight)

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Game design: 7.874

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Sounds/Music: 7.051

Other Aspects: 7.937

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Found 177 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 177 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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5 years ago
I like Batman, the Pin however is just ok for me, maybee with an update it might be better, but for now it is just ok!!!
6 years ago
Fun game. Plays like a lot of Gomez titles though I love the Crane
6 years ago
Played this a lot, the title draws you in but if you are a true player it just get's stale.. fast. Long ball times, and the crane gets old (I had a lot of center drains off of the crane shots, but you have to hit them in the locations that cause the drains). After about 20 plays, I didn't find myself caring to play more.
6 years ago
Batman:DK is a pretty decent game, but I really am not happy with the sound package and how they handled the theme. The music is pretty lousy (particularly the main theme which is repetitive and sub-average. It is almost like they tried to SOUND like the real theme, but didn't want to get you get this bastardized version of the theme).

The voices stink, too. You get "fake Batman impersonator", and "fake Alfred impersonator", and then top it off with "fake Joker impersonator." Yee....haw. There are SOME quotes directly from the movie, but they are generally softer than the rest of the quotes.

They seriously couldn't get more voice clips from the movie? If that was the case, at least hire Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill from the animated series and have THEM record a couple voice lines. Instead it is just sucky knock-offs that take me right out of the game.

So, the theme is a mixed bag. There are very few DMD animations from the movie, so you get a mish-mash of "hand-drawn dots" and movie animations. I don't quite get either have the license to make a Batman pin, or you don't.

The saving grace is that the gameplay is pretty decent. Shots feel nice and solid, and the crane is a nifty toy. The ruleset is reasonably enjoyable, with a mid-range goal to shoot for and a wizard mode that I will probably never see.

The cabinet is really nice looking, too.
6 years ago
Great fun, terrific theme, one of my favorite Sterns...
6 years ago
Pretty solid game, but certainly not better than IM. The crane is cool, but has been done too many times. Too many repeated shots. played it on location and dumped a lot of quarters, but not up to SM, IM or other superhero themes. Would be fun to own and mod.
6 years ago
The crane may be one of my favorite toys, great theme.
6 years ago
The crane is my favorite toy in pinball.
6 years ago
Played a long session on Batman Dark Knight today. Definitely sold on the machine. I love stacking the Joker and the Scarecrow multi-balls. If you can do it when you've doubled one of the jackpots with the skill shot and maybe got a multiplier x or two it's like the say on the Sopranos machine, "Biig Poiints". That and the mini wizard mode, "Bat Signal Multi-Ball" is awesome I love that you can get greedy and run the jackpot size up before cashing in the multi, of course you always risk the drain! Super fun. Will put more time in for sure.
6 years ago
Played this at the MPLS airport. I wasn't really in to the overall theme of the game. Shots are okay, very Stern, but not a lot of interest on the play field.
6 years ago
I was very doubtful about the crane, but ended up loving it. Very solid game if you play one in excellent shape. Some very nice playfield elements.
6 years ago
Fairly basic layout and middle-of-the-road rules prevents this game from becoming more loved. Crane is a fun toy and it works dependably.
6 years ago
Good game. Stern seems to have a formula, approachable games with depth to keep the better players interested.
6 years ago
I loved playing this pin. I wish there were more of them out there. I love the crane no matter how gimmicky it may be. Plus, "The Dark Knight" was the best of all the batman movies!
6 years ago
Never spent too much time on one, would love to get more play time on it. Overall a great modern Stern, fun and challenging.
6 years ago
Game has grown on me over time. Love the theme. While I think they could have made this game SO much cooler with all the options available they did a great job implementing all the characters, although a little more use of two-face would have been a major plus.
6 years ago
BDK kicks ass on all cylinders. Perfecty executed with the theme and just plain fun. This machine should be considered with the best of all Sterns. I have read some of the lower ratings and just say WHAT! A true classic!
6 years ago
I played a BDK that was Loaded with CoinTaker's Best , and it also had a FF sound system installed.. I got into the Game .. It was set on 3-ball and it still wore out my hands/finger's.. I want and am Currently lOOk-n for 1.. The Crane with the ball is Awesome.. ETC....... B_R
6 years ago
Best Stern pinball out there.....Crane is great, todder is fun!!! Hard pin to master. Great voice calls, just wish there was more of the Joker!!! Newest Code from Stern is a must. Great pin overall
6 years ago
The Crane is the best interactive toy you can have. The gameplay is pure fun. It's a beautifull machine, but it is a must to exchange the joker/scarecrow and batman models with better ones. The Code and the rules are good but one update would put it on the top.
6 years ago
Despite the fact that some of my Stern bashing best pinball buddies didn't like it, I had fun! Not like SM or IM, but I'd be happy to add it to my collection.
6 years ago
I am sure I was colored by the shape that the machine was in that I played, but this was not a hit for me at all. In a word, I found myself quite bored.

Just could not get into this one. Theme is important, and I love the new batman movies, but I felt removed given the poor voice actors. Why not just use more voice samples from the movies? "Batman" didn't even sound like C Bale. I preferred Iron Man's use of a generic voice and Jarvis mixed in with voice samples from the movies.

Didn't mind the crane at all, but the Joker toy felt lame.

Decent playfield layout, but overall I was unimpressed.
6 years ago
Toys do not get any better than the crane! While the Batmobile "teeter-totter" and the "Joker Can" may not be as well loved, I find them to be neat additions. Also, I find it funny that so many people complain about those two features, yet look at how much the "Costco" version was hated...which just took those out. Weird. Anyway, BDK is a pretty awesome game that captures the feeling of the movies perfectly. It is on my someday list!
6 years ago
I did find this a little dull and it certainly didn't grab me and make me want to play it more. I love the theme and the crane was quite clever if a bit of a drain monster. The joker toy that reveals itself looks cheap and seems like a major waste of playfield space.
6 years ago
one of the better ones I've played in a wile
There are 177 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 5 of 8.

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