Batman (The Dark Knight) (Stern, 2008)

Batman (The Dark Knight)

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Game design: 7.872

Artwork: 7.705

Sounds/Music: 7.087

Other Aspects: 7.942

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Found 172 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 172 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 years ago
I really like this game the crane is cool!
4 years ago
Love the crane mechanism. Love the Joker toy. Hate that lame upper playfield thing (like the Path of The Dead in LOTR). That Batmobile teeter totter thing is fairly lame also. This game sure looks cool though. Sounds are great. The only way I would add this to my collection is if it were priced right (half what most are asking).
4 years ago
BDK is a great game for both new and experienced players. I say this because, at face value, a player immediately notices the joker drop and the crane. So a new player will probably keep shooting at the Joker, starting a MB that way, or will eventually hit the crane scoop, starting the crane which they will shoot for and eventually start MB that way. Other than that, a new player could probably care less about the other features of the pf. A more experienced player who has bothered to learn BDK's rules will be in for a much different experience. The game has alot more going on than it initially shows. Without going in depth on too much, the biggest key to high scores on this game in the mine multiplier. Without skillfully using the mine multiplier, a good game may net 100-150mil. Using the mine multiplier to your advantage would make the same game doubled to tripled. Activating and choosing which shots get multiplied is a really neat idea, however, this brings me to my complaint.

To start the mine multiplier, you must shoot the two white targets about 5 times. Sounds easy enough, but the positioning of these targets are very dangerous and will either lead SDTM or into the slings and possibly down the outlanes. So while I love the idea, the only safe time to start hitting these is during MBs, but the problem there is that you might activate a lane you don't wish to multiply due to all the balls in play.

Moving from gameplay to pin features, the crane is amazing. Most people hate the Joker can, but I kind of like it since it signals to me when my super Jackpots are going to start up. I just think it's silly that first you see the Joker charector and then it spins to a picture of his face. It would have made more since to be a picture of Batman standing over the Joker or something victorious looking. As for the Batmobile see-saw, yeah, not much sense to that one.

The only big negative I give this game is for the speach. It simply makes no sense why they clip some speach from the movie, yet also have voice-overs. The voice-overs make it very confusing to know who is even talking as most sound the same and are awful. Since there are a number of speach clips from the film in the pin, why not ONLY use speach clips from film??? I'm sure there's some reason for it, just have no idea what.
4 years ago
This game is not for me. No offense but the new Stern cabinets feel cheap and plastic to me. But with that said I dont mind the play of some of the games. Just the play fields look like they are from Toys R Us. Games lack character. Just my opinion.
4 years ago
I got the chance to play this game in a private collection today with a Sub and it is awesome...The game has the coolest toys and playfield. It feels like a much better Junkyard but with awesome sound and multiballs! If you haven't played a well maintained example you should because it would blow your mind. There should be more love for this game....
4 years ago
This had the potential to be one of Stern's greatest pins with so many things done really well but unfortunately so many things were also done really wrong. Pros: the crane is possibly the greatest toy ever especially at the second level and beyond. Although it doesn't serve a great purpose, the bat mobile teeter totter is also a neat feature. The flow of the game is pretty good. Cons: the lack of original voices is a real shame. So much more could have been done with the Joker instead of having him just appear from behind a rotating cylinder. In addition, the rule sheet is not overly complex. The most recent upgrade really improved the quality of the game but additional upgrades would be welcomed.
4 years ago
Found one in arcade an played it , surprisingly fun, Like the crane and the multiballs. Has a good dark theme. Not sure I would buy one but it sis a blast to play.
4 years ago
Now that I've had the opportunity to play this game a bit more, it is a real stunner. One of the last Sterns built before cheapness really set in (Avatar, Iron Man). This thing is a substantial machine, metal ramps, etc. Quality, quality, quality.
4 years ago
Batman pinball games do not seem to have the best history as far as being translated into pinball games. This one continues the trend... as does the Batman Lite model.

The Good:
The game flows well as any of Gomez's games. The crane is the BEST variable target toy I have ever played. It's so good that it's all I want to go for when playing this table. Mick Jagger just does not cut the mustard on with his own RStone variant.

The Cons:
This game "Feels" shallow. Another victim of production schedules that don't let rule makers/coders do their job properly? The Batmobile ramp serves what purpose? Oh, what could have been... The batmobile hurry-up billion points exploit spoils every other scoring strategy on this deck. C'mon guys... it's called location testin'!

The Takeaway:
This could have been a really cool game. It seems to suffer from Gomez Mnemonic syndrome as many of this designer's games do.

Note: The cheaper version of a sub-par game... a C2S ratings first...I don't think i'm even going to talk about the good, bad and takeaway for the lesser version of this design. The Brunswick mindset should have died in 1978.
5 years ago
There are things about this game that are awesome (crane), and some things that are not so awesome (Joker toy)
5 years ago
fun game
5 years ago
I'm with everyone else on this one. The crane is awesome! Especially at level 2, when it's dancing all over the board. This is when you really need that multi-ball A lot less complicated than most of your modern machines. Except for the side drains, it was way too easy to make me feel challenged.
5 years ago
Not as fun or deep as a lot of other sterns...
5 years ago
The crane is one of my favorite gimmicks ever in pinball, though the Joker toy is kind of pointless. The voices can be a bit cheesy at times but they still amuse me enough. I love it every time Scarecrow says "JAAACKPOT!", as repetitive as it can be. Nice overall package with excellent use from both movies.
5 years ago
What a stormer of a pin. Really, really exciting table with tons to do and loads of challenge.
This has to be one of my top 5 fave pins of all time.
The voice-a-likes they have for the sound are crap though. The only real downside to an excellent game.
5 years ago
crane is cool, but i feel that the mulitiballfeature is out of place......
5 years ago
After the code update, this game is now pretty good. Batpod multiball still feels out of place and looks like it was just thrown in there. I like the rules, but the scoring is very unbalanced with the 3x and 2x multipliers. Could have been so much more, but I do like it the way it is.
5 years ago
Not my favorite. This game feels cheap and the design is clunky. the crane is cool.
5 years ago
this is a good game overall. One of my favorites from the newer sterns. It's still no LOTR's but it's good.
5 years ago
It is fun, easy to get multi ball. But not a machine for me.
5 years ago
I like Batman, the Pin however is just ok for me, maybee with an update it might be better, but for now it is just ok!!!
5 years ago
Fun game. Plays like a lot of Gomez titles though I love the Crane
5 years ago
Played this a lot, the title draws you in but if you are a true player it just get's stale.. fast. Long ball times, and the crane gets old (I had a lot of center drains off of the crane shots, but you have to hit them in the locations that cause the drains). After about 20 plays, I didn't find myself caring to play more.
5 years ago
Batman:DK is a pretty decent game, but I really am not happy with the sound package and how they handled the theme. The music is pretty lousy (particularly the main theme which is repetitive and sub-average. It is almost like they tried to SOUND like the real theme, but didn't want to get you get this bastardized version of the theme).

The voices stink, too. You get "fake Batman impersonator", and "fake Alfred impersonator", and then top it off with "fake Joker impersonator." Yee....haw. There are SOME quotes directly from the movie, but they are generally softer than the rest of the quotes.

They seriously couldn't get more voice clips from the movie? If that was the case, at least hire Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill from the animated series and have THEM record a couple voice lines. Instead it is just sucky knock-offs that take me right out of the game.

So, the theme is a mixed bag. There are very few DMD animations from the movie, so you get a mish-mash of "hand-drawn dots" and movie animations. I don't quite get either have the license to make a Batman pin, or you don't.

The saving grace is that the gameplay is pretty decent. Shots feel nice and solid, and the crane is a nifty toy. The ruleset is reasonably enjoyable, with a mid-range goal to shoot for and a wizard mode that I will probably never see.

The cabinet is really nice looking, too.
5 years ago
Great fun, terrific theme, one of my favorite Sterns...
There are 172 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 4 of 7.

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