Batman (The Dark Knight) (Stern, 2008)

Batman (The Dark Knight)

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Game design: 7.852

Artwork: 7.754

Sounds/Music: 7.073

Other Aspects: 7.921

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Found 166 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 166 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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57 days ago
Could be better - music is ok but gets repetitive. Lighting is just OK - they could have done more interesting things with the theme.

Good - overall game play. Lots of variation in shots. Rule set is wide, deep and stackable.

Great - theme and TOYS!
84 days ago
Such a missed opportunity, amazing theme equally as good as Spiderman yet Gomez dropped the ball big time with the playfield design, teeter totter ramp and upper playfield are terrible and do nothing but highlight their repetitive nature and slow the game down.

However! There is the crane, possibly one of Sterns best playfield toys and the 3 different levels of code Lyman created for it makes each mode feel fresh and unique from the last. The joker can although the mech itself suchs the shot through the drop target and into the lock is a great shot.

All in all this game is like 2 face half of it is good and half of it is downright bad!
4 months ago
The theme could be more dark/intense and the game play was a little slow on location. Multi-ball was kind of fun. I am a batman fan but would not purchase this machine even at a below market price.
4 months ago
A great pin.

I'll love this pin forever, because it's first pinball machine I have ever played.

The layout is good, Stern could have put another ramp on the game. Like on the Batman 66 Premium version. The thing on the right, where you collect your badgadgets is similar to the "Path of the Dead" from the LOTR game.

The game plays ok, it could have a little more flow.

The amount of toys is good. And all of them look good except the Joker figure. Every time the Joker multiball starts and the Joker turns around, the figure wobbles. Maybe there is the opportunity to put a different figure there.

The artwork in general is ok. The playfield is "photoshopped" like every other playfield at that time. I don't have a massive problem with that. The animations are ok. Unfortunately they again used movie clips for some animations like on Spider-man or Iron Man.

The sounds, music and the quality are good.

The game lightning is ok, the lightshows could be more awesome like on LOTR or Spider-man.

But the game is still a lot of fun and does work out it's theme well.
5 months ago
The gimmicks are good, the best use of the basic Stern table I've seen. It feels like Star Trek and Metallica bought an erector set, though, from a creativity standpoint. It makes up for its lack of creativity with a nice build quality though. Probably the best of that era at stern. Fun to play but not super fun.
7 months ago
Love the crane and the dodgy Batman voice overs in this game.

Th artworks is good - dark like the theme.

Too much plastic on the playfield - what ever happened to Stern metal ramps (like on T3)?
8 months ago
I have played about 60 or so games on BDK and I have to say my first game felt underwhelming but now I Love it. I just bought my own this week and the game has been getting tons of action and even my wife is in to it. I can see some of the complaints with sounds and music but the sound mod changes everything.

I'm a novice player and the ball times are just right for me. Newbies still get beatdown. The multiball options are great and stacking multiballs with scarecrow and joker is a blast, that's when the game gets really good. Single ball play isn't nearly as exciting as a faster game like LOTR or ACDC. This has been a great machine for me to learn to be a better pinball player too. I like how a lot of the shots can be backhanded in. Gotta be careful you hit it all the way up the ramp or it will come right back down the center. I have the sewers opened up completely on the sides, makes the balance feel better. lots of cool mods available. fun theme, great movie, great pin.
8 months ago
Tdk is a really good game, very challenging and addicting. Not the best looking, and the sounds (actors) are quite bad, but I still really enjoy it.
10 months ago
Another good table with a good flow.
Rules are easy to understand.
Artwork and sound are average to my taste.
Solid overall.
11 months ago
what a pinball machine ! ! ! wonderfull a beauty all is good in this machine playffield, flow of ball, sound , attrack mode ! I don't understand why this pinball is not more hight in this classement it is a mystery ....
1 year ago
Ok, now that I have had Batman for a while, I wanted to ad a review, overall it is a simple game to understand, most people that play it understand it quickly. I was lucky to come across custom sound and music software that made a HUGE difference in the game with real call outs from the movies. Game can be fast, stacking up multiballs can really drive up your score, my high score is 403Mil. I have had the game for about 5 months in a collection of 10, I still find myself going to this one first, it has great flow, I have made it to the wizard mode 2 times, missed beating that by one character. You have to change the toys in the machine with the Movie Master toys, makes a big difference, I also added 2 face and Bane to mine, and catwoman on the batpod to the left of the Joker reveal, I also changed that Joker to a bobble head Joker to make the reveal more interesting. The cabinet and backglass look fantastic, shaker does add to the game, I recommend it.. For experienced players it might be a bit on the easy side, but overall I really enjoy it, and was lucky to get a great deal on a HUO one, I plan on this game staying in my collection for a long time!
1 year ago
Batman is one of my favorite games by Stern. Similar to Williams BSD in that it may seem like a simple game at first, but what is done with the little that is there is awesome. The stacking of multiballs is fun and addicting. The scarecrow crane is durable and a great toy for Stern. Love the satisfying Joker target shot. The risk / reward jackpot setup with starting Bat Signal multiball is awesome and really gets your heart racing. By far the worse thing about the game is the rules still need some work. Lucius Fox will be the last light on the playfield you need to get to the wizard mode. He requires WAY to many shots making wizard mode too difficult to get to / boring for this one reason. Also wish Bat Missions were more exciting. Still a great overlooked game by Stern.
1 year ago
it is a nice looking machine, plays fast,good flow,nice lights the crane shots seemed like they borrowed that idea from junk yard? it seemed to get old fast after i kept getting replay after replay... i do like t.d.k but prefer to play orher games,i still give it a thumbs up ... very good job stern
1 year ago
Great theme. Would have expected more form the music. The movie has a great soundtrack....Hans Zimmer rocks it. Missed it on this machine.
1 year ago
One of Stern's best! The fact that all the original actor's faces are on the playfield & being used is amazing. People have made some comments about the voice overs, but I like them & think they flow well with the game. For a fan of the best Batman series, the Dark Knight, the artwork & colors really represent it well. The best multi-ball, a must have.
1 year ago
Underrated imho. Possibly because I've modded with upgraded lights, music and toys, but I really enjoy the game. Could be deeper but once you start tinkering with it as a huo its a really fun game. Musts are sound changes and lights.
1 year ago
Good layout, shots flow well with decent risk/reward
Nice toys
Good rules, except.....

....having to shoot for the bagatelle gets frustrating and comes down to too much luck
Playfield art isn't quite as good as the translite
I think the code may be a bit lacking, but don't have an intimate enough knowledge of this one to be sure.
1 year ago
This game rapidly climbed my ladder of favourites and is already well in side the top ten, since i spent some time getting to know it on my way to writing this rulesheet:

ok, the theme is killer, and they used the best version in my opinion, and focused on the best part of it - Heath Ledger's Joker. it looks and sounds the dog's bollocks, it plays fast and fun, and it has a wonderful feature to it of shot doublers, that was also used in Spiderman but not as well (because the doublers aren't visible on the playfield as lit inserts).

i love my BTDK, it's up there with the very best Stern games (for me SM, LOTR, TSPP and BTDK). highly recommended in any collection.
1 year ago
Batman TDK is fun to look at, and sometimes fun to play - but ultimately it ends up being a sluggish, awkward contraption. The crane shots are exciting and challenging, and the Joker shots are fun to hit. The see-saw on the left side is strange, as are the shots that go to the upper right playfield.

The playfield art actually bothered me, which never really happens - it was too realistic and somewhat distracting. Sounds weird, I know, but it happened.

EDIT: Played again recently - bumped my score up slightly, but I'm pretty sure TKD is maxed out now (can only go down from here).

I'd recommend giving TKD a whirl, but I wouldn't seek it out. However, I did get the impression that the game could grow on me, so 'll keep playing it when I can - maybe my rating will change after I've gotten over some of the cosmetics and weird shots.
1 year ago
This pin is a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I'm glad I was able to add it to my collection. Every time I think I might move it I find another reason not to. Plus my kids love it so it's staying.
1 year ago
Just a fun pin to play, when you have more pins in your collection its ok, not for just one pin collector....thats my advice....the kids love it by the way!
2 years ago
Funny machine. I like the crane mission!
2 years ago
batman is a really fun game with cool toys like the crane and the joker thing spinning around is cool and I also really like the dmd animations on the game and I also really like the artwork and the callouts like why so serious.
2 years ago
Great gameplay - fun multiballs!
2 years ago
"Holy Over-Rated, Batman!"
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