Batman Forever (Sega, 1995)

Batman Forever

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Game design: 7.695

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Other Aspects: 7.75

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There are 76 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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42 days ago
I have owned this game for about 2 weeks. It is my first Sega/Data East game and I am digging it! It is my first widebody and DMD- solid game! The DMD Rooftop challenge is fun and the ramp angles keep you on your toes. I can not wait for the color DMD to become available this year as it will really add to the overall coolness of this game. After reading about DE/Sega games on this site, I was not sure how I would like this game. I can say with confidence that I would own another D.E./Sega game without reservation. The family is enjoying it and it is keeping me up late at night playing “just one more game”....
8 months ago
If the sound had more variation it will be great, over all a cheap version of Indiana Jones with some fun features.

The cave exit and the multi ramps are my favorites, the video game mode is kool too.
12 months ago
Cool widebody design. Really is the poor man's star trek with the 3 ramps. 20x bonus is a little imbalanced. The ball lock is pretty sweet. The game is fun but I'm not sure if it has the lastability.
1 year ago
You know that girl who is exactly what you would expect? This is Batman Forever. I expected a fun, fast paced game with a wonderful theme and this is what I got. I particularly enjoy the wide body and having a young Nicole Kidman on my pin doesn't hurt!
1 year ago
Yet again like a lot of SEGA games overlooked and underrated, easily one of the best games to come out of SEGA. Tonnes of shots to make on the playfield with a couple of unique feeling shots in there, if the theme had maybe been Batman Returns this game would get a lot more love.
1 year ago
Very fun machine to play especially if you enjoy a lot of ramp, ramp combo, fast pinball action, hot pop bumpers and changing targets. If you like slower pinball, this game might not be for you, but you will love it if you like fast action. You do not need to be a Batman fan to love this game.

There are a lot of targets, 4 Ramps and two orbit shots that can be tied together in loops that are well integrated into the modes, and themes. You need to be alert for missed shots; they can come back at you very quickly.
The game is tied very well into the Batman Forever theme on the layout and on the DMD animations. Very colorful lighted game, but a little on the darker side in the upper play field. Many game within game modes (i.e. 7 Themed Gotham Events with DMD and Playfield Integration, Batwing, Roving Lighted Batwing targets that lead to Circus Countdown, 3 and 4 Ball Multiball and finally a very hard to attain Forever Mode). Some times a little clunky with some shots that don't register (ie the minicamp).
Overall this machine is an excellent value for the cost relative to many machines out there. Assuming COLOR DMD comes out, this will make this a really nice machine for the money and open up options for replacing an almost unobtainable DMD.
1 year ago
Not my favourite, but its a pinball to play on
2 years ago
Overrated, not really a fun game to me. Kinda cheap look and feel.
2 years ago
Difficult shots abound on an open & fast flowing PF. Timed objectives are insane. Don't change the flipper coils, learn the sweet spots after you've dialed this KGBeast in. Best Batman pin in the biz. Batman stays forever in my collection.
2 years ago
This game is much better than it gets credit for, there is a ton going on, the movie was so so, but they did a great job with the theme on this one, lots of ramps, and challenges in the game, oversized DMD, fast, and just a fun game to play, with easy to understand rules, it is great for beginners and a challenge to beat for seasoned players, best Sega ever, and deserves more credit than it gets, I can see a point where this game is 5K to get one..
2 years ago
Batman's playfield is beautiful. The overall artwork is quite nice on this despite being made for a horrible movie. I truly enjoy the flow of the game. Balls can be quite long but are enjoyable as there are a lot of rules and tasks to this game. Lighting could be better. My workaround was to add an LED strip behind the back playfield plastic and that's helped a lot. Sega got it right with this affordable pin.
2 years ago
Scoring is a bit strange, but one of the coolest looking games ever made, hands down.
2 years ago
A very underrated game. My favorite game was I was 17 (1995). I'm not a huge fan of the movie, but I think Sega just got it right in the way the theme is uses. The cabinet artwork looks great. Playfield artwork is great too. For a 1995 machine, the game is loaded with rules. The way the wire ramps are used, I don't think we will ever see again. From a cost standpoint, you get a lot of game for a low cost. Upgraded speakers makes the game come to life.
3 years ago
Batman forever is an awesome looking game with the green ramps and the bat jet cannon is really cool and the artwork is really good.
3 years ago
Just started to give Sega more play time. This is a very nice game.
3 years ago
Great pin from a decent batman movie. Love hearing all the different celeb voices during gameplay. The ramps are complete fun and look awesome under blacklights. We enjoy superhero/movie themes.
3 years ago
Decent game, but still fun!!
3 years ago
Probably the best game of the 90s
3 years ago
Movie sucked, but Batman Forever Pinball has a lot going on! There are a ton of shots and the ramps are very well done. The playfield artwork is awesome, but the backglass and cabinet are just so so IMHO. Got mine recently and am very happy I did. One of the better games for the money.
4 years ago
Not too impressed with this game. The gun feels cheap as does the machine. A color DMD adds to it but not enough to own one.
4 years ago
DOts are good Great ramps good SEGA
4 years ago
Just added this to my collection (in mint condition); great game!

It is now in a collection with the Medieval Madness, Attack from Mars,Scared Stiff and Twilight Zone.
When comparing to these I have the following pro's and con's:

-beautiful widebody; I love the green metal ramps
-Batmobile kick-out ramp very well done, very original
-Plenty of shots and game modes
-Big DMD!!! Awesome!
-The cannon for shooting the ball is AWESOME! (Like STTNG)
-Love the green colors on the ramps

-Well, the quality is definately less that Bally/Williams. Occasionally the balls fly out of the ramps, or smack into plastics. I am sure something will break sometime soon.

-The shooter pistol is of a typical 'made-in-China' quality. Bah. I was surprised it didnt break yet.
-Not necessarily a fan of the comic, but this game is great!

So summarizing I think this is an excellent game and if it would have been made by Bally/Williams it would definately be a top 30 game (better build quality).
The jumbo DMD makes it really stand out in a collection of pinballs.
4 years ago
All I can say is wow.... Amazing game, especially as a Batman fan- and I haaated this movie.
4 years ago
Features on this pinball are awesome , rules are great , art is excellent . The batwing cannon is a lot of fun , the batcave is fun how it throws the ball like if it was the batmobile , and the best feature it's the animation . I played it on location in a trip I did to Sacramento , and man I want one so bad ....
4 years ago
"Hey Joe, let's take a STTNG, move the jets to the left side, and remove the spinner".

But they didn't do that at all. This game by what would normally be considered "Sorry Excuse of a Game featuring Bad Sounding Monotone Tracks" instead does an original idea with a good ruleset.


- Lots of great shots to make. I like the vertical kicker that leads to the Batcave. I also like the insanity of all the shots, could beat Whitewater in how it's presented.
- Much better game than DE Batman, with deeper rules and an awesome multiball.
- The game would have good flow...


- If it wasn't hindered by Wet-Noodle Flippers (tm). This makes the left ramp impossible to hit, and the right flipper overall just a mean-spirited joke. Please mod all your games!
- Impossible Super Jackpot Batwing shot is impossible.
- 20x bonus is SO unbalanced it hurts my fingers every time I get it.
- The gun handle looks like it came from a Cracker Jacks box.
- Habitrails (esp. the one leading out from the Batcave) often get hit by air balls and suffer other damage due to how low they are.
- Batwing often fails at registering the ball.
- Batcave is just a waste of time and missed play field opportunities when Lock isn't lit.
There are 76 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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