Batman 66 (Stern, 2016)

Batman 66

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This game got 43 approved ratings and currently scores 7.577 out of 10 points.

This ranks the game #108 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.


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Game design: 6.722

Artwork: 8.591

Sounds/Music: 7.446

Other Aspects: 7.467

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There are 19 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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10 hours ago
Played this game at a local pinball expo. The spinning toy was a total gimmick, and not fun to shoot. The ramps feel cheap and boring to hit. The crane was annoying when active. Just a poor and un-fun layout overall. Code won't be able to help the fact hitting the silver ball at thinks on the playfield is just a snooze fest.
6 days ago
Actually not a bad game, not at all like TDK really except the crane and left orbit/targets. Quite fun and looks nice, new screen is nice as well. Didnt like the spinning disk with the car on top on the main disk - should have been a drop target IMO, but over all a fun game. Needs better code, but that should come, only real complaint is the price, if it was pro priced I may have considered one.
19 days ago
Played at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. A refreshing and fun design. I'm not much of a fan of LED displays, but it seemed to work well with this game. The playfield was very bright and attractive. I kept on returning to this game to play more. I wish I had more time to explore it fully.
30 days ago
A lot of fun. I love the show, so I may be a little biased.
32 days ago
Batman 66' is the newest game from stern featuring their new platform.

The Pros:
This game looks, sounds and feels GREAT! While the design is pretty much the old Batman with the upper left hand side of the PF redesigned,it is very well done. The toys interact very well and the different angles of the bash toys at the top of the game mean that the same shots give very different results. Multiball is king, but these rules are in an un-refined state. Still lots of fun to play. This game feels great. Stacking multiballs with major villians is great and where I found my biggest scores. I like this layout better than the original batman. The ramp toy and dead space in the center of the PF are gone now. The music is spot on and this game would be perfect in a tiki room!

The Cons:
While I enjoy the rotating platform that features a rotating platform within it, I just see technical issues and problems in the long run with wear and reliability. The premium is the old pro. Is it just me, or did I not see a wizard mode yet? Only time will tell as I get to know the game better and more updates are released! I had more than a few airballs off the left ramp to the back and right hand side of the game. Those ramp trails have to be habitualized!

The Takeaway:
I thought that The Big Lebowski did a great job of integrating a licensed theme into a pinball game. Stern just stepped it up a notch. Yes... Stern has done a great job with this table. Now, I didn't get a chance to play the LE, but I did get to see one and it looks absolutely stellar! I look forward to seeing more games like this from Stern. Keep up the awesome work guys!

na-na-na-na... na-na-na-na... PINBALL!
33 days ago
I own the Premium of this game my first NIB pinball. I can comment because I own not just played it. I agree with comments on the code seems rushed but it is still a big step in development of pinball the integration of video with game play is excellent but you have to like the theme. The campy old batman is part of the fun if you don't like old batman you won't like the game.
The game is fast the art is amazing on the whole game. Yes it is high priced but I like that I am paying that for a new Spike system versus games that were built in the 90's that are great but need a whole restore. If they make a remake of Attack from Mars like they are talking about you would have a great new game.
The game will get better over time as they recode.
36 days ago
This game obviously isn't finished yet, but I think it's a lot of fun right now. My score will probably increase if the code gets better. I won't complain about the price since when games start costing 3x something like a TZ or IJ, they wouldn't be on my radar no matter how great they are. It's pretty clunky, especially the left orbit and turntable. Shooting just about anything on the turntable doesn't feel great, especially when it gets caught in something up there are just loses momentum. The art package and LCD look great (miles ahead of TDK), although I wish there were more callouts. What's there is fun to listen to. My favorite is "Shall we Robin? Let's Batman!" at the start of multiball. Scoring seems fun, although I don't fully understand the rules yet. You can get 100,000,000s from a single jackpot or end of ball bonus, which is always a lot more fun than slowly grinding up score.
38 days ago
Got a chance to put some good time in on an LE version of the game. The game was obviously rushed to get out for the 30th anniversary milestone, and it suffers greatly for it. Some of the problems will get cleaned up over time via code updates, but some are permanently baked into the design.

First of all, the LCD integration and presentation is nearly perfect. The size of the screen, and the placement of the screen, is far better than what anybody else has done so far. It's nice having it lower on the backbox, so you can glance up easier. You have to look too high and take in too much screen space on JJP games. Stern absolutely nailed the screen. They just need to clean up the moments when it's displaying the old DMD dots, which will obviously happen with updates.

The art looks fantastic as well. I wish that the artist could have used the machine as his canvas instead of providing a file of clip art, but they did great with what they had to work with. I really hope that they give the artist a shot at doing more art for a future title. While the colors look oversaturated in pics, they look great in person.
I have mixed feelings about the music. There's good variety there, the melodies are solid, but the jazz style is a bit rough. It could grow on you over time or get more annoying, but that's just a personal preference thing. Probably not a deal breaker for most people.
I'm not even going to critique the code, because there was so much missing. Certain things do absolutely nothing, and there's obviously a lot of things that are going to change. The game is surely still in beta, and it has a long, long way to go. Ran into quite a few bugs, but again, that's all WIP at this point.

The real bummer is the actual geometry of the game. That left orbit is awful. It's partially blocked by the blue nub, but even if it wasn't, the angle of entry on it is bad. The ball enters sharply, so you rarely get a smooth transition form the main area to the orbit, and you get rattles. It's just poorly laid out and the orbit entry needs to be lower.
The left ramp is nice when the ball stays put, but it flew off often during play. Moving the nub from the outside of the ramp to the inside seems like a bad idea, as that ramp shouldn't be tightened up any more than it is. I love the shape of the wireform. Very pleasing to watch the ball roll along. I know there are fixes for the ball flying off, but that's insane that it left the factory as it is. That ridiculous nylon tie also got the ball stuck in the left orbit more than once. WTF IS A NYLON TIE DOING THERE?!

The turntable is a mess. Not a good shot on any side. On the magnet side, you get really goofy action, and there's too much dead space. The sides with the targets have dead space around them too. The spinner side is the worst, as the clean shot just dumps with a thunk into the orbit, and a spinner hit barely spins the Batmobile because of the dead space around it which causes the ball to deflect back into the spinner before it dribbles down the middle of the playfield. Often times it would tell you to shoot the phone and not have the phone facing you. The phone is also ridiculously loud and annoying. The ball often got stuck on the lip of the turntable, and it causes airballs too. Neat idea, but bad implementation.

The right ramp is weak. it's this tiny little climb up, which often gets made by ricochet (a ramp should never be a ricochet shot!). Feels ok to hit though. Feels good to combo from the left ramp and vice versa.
The right spinner is really poorly integrated. That target right behind it often stops the ball and causes it to roll back through the spinner. Other times you get just messy action as it bounces around up there as the ball has to make a sharp direction change right after hitting the spinner. Feels like it was just tacked on for no real good reason.
The half scoop on the right was a little odd. Feels like a full scoop would have been better. We had a screw fall into the spot and had to pull the glass to get it out.

The right orbit is the best shot in the game as far as entry goes, but it's still not as smooth as most orbits should be. I noticed that a lot of orbit shots fed into the slings often rather than coming reliably to the flippers. I hope that was just a problem specific to this machine, because that would be an unforgivable design flaw.
The gadget stand ups should have been drops. It's a shame that they went cheap there. Oh, well.

The game just geometry problems that aren't going to be fixed by code. Yes, the game will get MUCH better as the code evolves, but it's never going to be a smooth or great shooter. Gomez has really struggled to get a smooth game out the door in recent years. Transformers, Avengers, and now this are all rattly and kind of janky in their flow. I don't know what happened after Lord of the Rings, but everything since then feels pretty much half baked. Maybe he's not getting enough time, or maybe his attention is divided, but B66 definitely feels underdeveloped in many ways, mostly on layout. Had to pull the glass off often throughout the night.

I fear that this might be a casualty of just hurrying a game to production. It's not Avengers or Transformers bad, but it's not going to settle very high in the rankings of modern Sterns. Do your magic, Lyman, because this game needs it badly.
40 days ago
Its a fast and fun! I bought the LE. And received LE#66. No issues out of the box. Yeah code is only .68 but it will only get better with Lyman's magic. I think this pin gets bashed because of the price. Only time will tell with new code updates.
42 days ago
Lovely game. The screen is fantastic. I found the game challenging and welcome the two flipper set up.
45 days ago
What an embarrassing flop of a 30th year celebratory special anniversary pinball machine. Total clunk-fest, incomplete code, the turntable is slow and really nothing more than a rotating target bank, the crane has been used before, and it's debut on Twitch showed how prone to breakdown and stuck balls it can be. It's absolutely shameful people were sent machines that can't even be played without replacement parts, and the service is at the owner's expense or up to them to do.

Come on Lyman, you can polish this turd, everyone is counting on you even though the code you released was embarrassing. Hahaha, lol.

P.S. - who the hell puts a stupid crane in a game based on a TV series that never had a crane in it? Not only that, but we've already seen that crane in another Batman game. What a joke.

(edited to be calmer, difficult to describe this game and Stern's quality issues without a lot of hatred)
50 days ago
As usual Stern delivers a half finished product, this time also drastically increasing the price.
At the same time recycling the toys of TDK.

So you get less for more, job well done.
59 days ago
At first glance, this homage to the Adam West Batman TV show looks like a campy, candy-coated re-theme of TDK. However, the rules and theme are sufficient to make 66 a different and fun game. And, that LCD is so pretty. The TV / phone / spinner toy is cheesy but in a nostalgic way (better than the gloomy Joker on TDK), and the playfield is decent but a little too open (even considering the room needed for the crane). The shots feel smooth and the game has even more lastability than The Dark Knight, but ultimately is a bit of ball-getting-stuck-in-the-spinner mess with just regular, average play (even a bit dull at times... I spelled GADGET, now what?). The LCD and the campiness give it style points, but the lack of shots and other complaints like those made about TDK still loom in the background.
61 days ago
Beautiful to behold, gameplay is sweet and will only get better with some more quality coding.
This will be a classic, I play this machine at every chance I get.
Just played code .70 this thing just keeps getting better.
Edit: the fact that this sits outside of the Top 100 means nothing, a lot of hate-rate for this, maybe the price was too unsettling for some. Move on and play some smelly relic from last century!
63 days ago
I'll give you my perspective so far as a placeholder review and I'll update this rating after the code develops further, so please don't be overly discouraged by my initial score. It's early and hard to call this an 8 or 9 given the code infancy at this time. Also, there is no pro model, so this game will probably have fewer ratings than usual, as most will end up in collector's homes. Basically, the goal is to capture the four main villains. It has an interesting skill shot similar to the roll overs of TWD, but only by timing of flashing lights, not actual roll over mechanisms. A couple of shots to the orbits gets the Riddler ready to go, hit both ramps for Catwoman, the center shots by the magnet for Joker, and scoop shots for Penguin. Once you have a villain ready to go, the spinning main toy will turn the Batphone to face the flippers and you get a call from Commissioner Gordon, which has to be answered by hitting the center shot. Answering the Batphone puts the villain in play, reminiscent of the television series. The code isn't very developed here, but each villain's mode has different music, unique video clips, and certain shots that lead to their capture, along with some pretty nifty clips of their capture and being thrown into jail, though we need much more variety in that department. There really aren't that many shots required to the spinning center mechanism and I'm not sure how the scoring of those shots works thus far, or the value of the spinning Batmobile in particular. I think hitting the sides of the Batcomputer opens the ball lock up for balls from the right orbit, three of which start a multiball. One strategy is to try not to have to capture the same villain again before the others are completed. So, sometimes you have to NOT answer the Batphone which is a little more difficult than it seems due to so much side to side ball bounce action and how hard it is to get control of the ball. Otherwise you can get a lot of Penguin action (that mode is fairly complete, based upon fighting the crane similar to TDK) due to the ball falling into the scoop randomly. As of this rating there's no reward for capturing all four of the main villains, the gadgets don't seem to be implemented, nor are the minor villains. However, there seems to be huge potential for improvement here and some code possibilities similar to TWD with walker bombs (gadgets) and a variety of mini-wizard mode possibilities (major villains, minor villains, seasons, perhaps even gadgets). There are some season inserts, so possibly another future avenue to pursue is collecting each season's minor villains.

Now, is it worth the $10K I paid NIB? If it were just another of recent fun Stern games, I'd say definitely not, as TWD, MET, and GoT are all much more reasonably priced. In my situation and probably many of the buyers though, it's the nostalgia of the theme that reeled us in based upon watching the series in our childhood. So, it was a grail theme for me. I think it'll improve a lot with the gadgets and minor villains implemented, but I wouldn't go so far as to predict that it'll ever be a Tron or MET. Still, I'm happy with it, as I love the theme, art, sounds, clips, etc.

Other points: The QC at Stern was terrible with this one. I bought NIB and found a handful of screws, washers, etc., hardware all over my playfield, as did many people. The Batmobile seemed to come off of most games and required gluing the screws in. Spotlights should have been installed on the lower playfield and weren't. The plunger spring was far too weak and had to be replaced with a stronger version. More time should have been spent securing the ramps better and ensuring no air balls off of them. Also, where is Batgirl? She's prominent on my backbox, a large playfield plastic, and the translight, but I haven't seen a peep of her in the game yet? Fortunately, none of these issues were show stoppers and I have been able to tweak and improve them on my own, though they are embarrassing for a special anniversary limited edition and so expensive of a game. My playfield has held up nicely thus far, so I've not seen abnormal dimpling, damage, or ghosting. In fact it's shiny like glass. This rating is based upon code .65. I'll return in a few months once the code is fleshed out a little more.
65 days ago
Spent about 45 minutes with this. Pretty machine. Just did not enjoy the play at all. The ball just kind of bonks around. The spinning bat mobile is silly. And not fun kitschy silly. Oh well. A pass for me.
70 days ago
Love the theme and call outs. Very fun. I would definitely like to own.
82 days ago
The cabinet monitor is terrific. Brings the joy of the show to the player in an interactive way that makes the game really stand out. At home it's a joy to behold and brings a smile to everyone who comes by. The machine is simply a work of art. I'll need to play it more to fully appreciate it, but after just a few games it plays in the top 25% of games that I've enjoyed. Maybe not my favorite yet, but certainly the most beautiful. I'm honored and proud to own one.
85 days ago
I have finally seen a match on this so callled new game...
It has very good art, and layout!
The villains battles are a little bit easy, but there are many risky shots in the game ( so that makes them fun to play)
The sounds is pretty good on the game.. You get the feel that you are participating in the tv series!
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