Batman 66 (Stern, 2016)

Batman 66

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Found 41 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 41 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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4 days ago
I finally got a chance to play this at some length, and was a bit surprised on several fronts.

First off, the lack of delivery on the theme. The video clips used are...boring. This was an exciting show, and there's lots of shots of, say, the Penguin looking one way followed by the Penguin looking the other way. I got well into the modes of this game and watched other players for quite a while, and it's hard to believe the missed opportunity here.

The playfield layout has some problems. The frequency with which I got balls stuck in the rotating thing below the phone was strange. Waiting for a randomized ball clear is not helpful for the Fun Quotient. And the game seemed a bit unbalanced, with a lot of busy features stuck around the bumpers without an interesting visual payoff.

The bottom of the playfield is open, and there are toys spread around the game, which also gives the overall art design a very odd feeling. There's not a lot of either focus or flow.

I have a feeling the novelty of having a screen and live video was distracting, and having not studied Jersey Jack's examples well enough, this is that came out.

The basic sequencing and software design seems fine, and that's the game's salvation, but I'm still astonished at how ineffective the use of the Batman ethos is in the game features. More humor, Biff, Bang, Pow, and maybe just a little more Bat Girl and motorcycles and flaming bat mobiles and so forth?
25 days ago
This game is bright and fun because of the theme but lacks depth.
25 days ago
This one had to grow on me. I hated it at first with the code that it was released with. I've given it several more plays at locations over the last few months with newer code and it is pretty fun to play. However, the playfield does seem a little empty and there isn't the "wow" factor that other pins have. They did make good use of the new LCD. It is Batman 66 style campy and that fits the theme. The crane ... design came from a previous Batman pin, so my thoughts on that are that they should have come up with something new/different for a main gimmick.

Overall, not bad and would probably have one as a "filler pin" if it wasn't so blasted expensive (more so than normal). Not worth the high price tag compared to other pins in that range. So I will just keep playing it on location occasionally for the fun factor that it does bring.
48 days ago
Take a great layout, and awesome toys from The Dark Knight. Splash some colour, ruin the rules, make the game in a rush and call it a boutique offering; and you get Batman 66.

The game just took a dump on what could have been an amazing theme integration. It lacks programming (may change in future). The toys and gimmicks are a rehash and the turn table is NOT as amazing as people try to say it is.

The game is boring, and makes me glad to have a Dark Knight instead.

Save your money.
51 days ago
Very mixed feelings about this game. The theme is excellent, and Stern did a few good things implementing it -- primarily the bat-phone and the videos. Artwork is fun. Game-play is decent. Chasing the Penguin crane is fun. I really want to like the game more than I actually do. Sadly, it has an abundance of negatives. First, the coding and rule set are very weak. I hope Stern improves them. Second, seemingly the parts and assembly are cheap and inconsistent. Not only have I heard other people say this, I've seen it myself because there were breaks and/or malfunctions on two of these that I've played. Third, I have trouble with the fact that Stern basically recycled the playfield from The Dark Knight. That was cheap and un-creative of them, especially when this theme deserves so much more. Next, Stern claimed that Adam West and Burt Ward voicework is in the game, but I've played it many times without hearing any. Finally, given the deficiencies of the game, Stern's over-hyped marketing of it and inflated pricing for it leave a bad taste for me. If the rule set, videos, and call-outs improve with new versions of the code, I could see myself liking the game much more.
52 days ago
I don't understand this games rating . It must be from backlash against Stern. It represents the next generation of Stern pinball. The display monitor is awesome. The perfect size. It gives a new liveliness without reducing the backglass art to the point of insignificance. The throwback to 1966 is so cool. The artwork all around completes the feel we so loved in the tv series. The uniqueness that each SLE and LE have means that there are enough differences from game to game that it has to excite true batman fans. With the passing of Adam West , looking at the autographed play card brings the realization that this pinball is a true milestone in Americana. Pinball is a unique American cultural artform and this pinball is the perfect iconic piece. The game play is similar to previous Stern Batman pinballs but that is ok. They were good, this is better. When the bat phone rings it puts you in the game. I have to believe that as time passes this will be considered a high water mark in pinball.
52 days ago
Ok, the playfield feels empty but the flow is good.
Shots are smooth, the crane well integrated. Rules are decent even if I did not all understand clearly.
Better game than I thought when I played it the first time.
58 days ago
Game is spot on in campy, authentic fun. LCD and artwork excellent. Machine shoots great, and just a very fun pin. Code is too early to properly assess end product, but more than enough in place now for enjoyable gameplay. Everyone that visits loves this machine....
72 days ago
Played this game with my brother in Chicago a few weeks back and we were both blown away. Caveat it by saying we're massive fans of the old TV show so the music and screen animations were right up our alley, but this thing is great. Still need to figure out what's going on with the alternate villans but the thought of capturing Vincent Price's Egghead is amazing.

Game was fun, fast, cool toys.
78 days ago
Game is fun. Code very early for sure. Missing a lot. I still enjoy the game. Will only get better!!
82 days ago
Im not sure but I was extremely disappointed with the game. Perhaps my view will change after playing it a few more times... but my first play I was taken back by the lighting , layout and beautiful artwork/color scheme. I just couldn't get into the game. Im still a fan and prefer late 80's and 90's pinball.

Played more over the weekend, the machine I was on the ball got stuck in the carousel prop every other time I shot up there, or it go stuck up by the pop bumpers somehow.
3x the ball somehow careened off the corner of the first left side post, popping the ball over the shield and immediately drained. For how much this thing costs it seems to have a lot of quirks and errors. Gameplay never seemed fluid to me. Perhaps it was a bad setup IDK.. was very disappointed.
3 months ago
Overall, a fun game. However, it has a few areas where balls got hung-up and stuck repeatedly. When a ball got stuck, you could either risk a tilt, or the game would eventually consider the ball drained and end it (rather than kicking out another ball).

It might not be a game that would be in a collection long-term, but it's a pretty good location game.
3 months ago
This game is awful. It looks great, but playing this is like nails on a chalkboard. How can Stern release a pile like this. The toys on the playfield are always breaking off, and when the ball hits something it feels like they will explode. It's a damn shame Stern put this out and have the balls to charge $8800 plus! Are you serious? This machine shows that Stern is just out for the money. Very sad.
3 months ago
If you look up the word "Clunky" in the dictionary it has a picture of Batman 66. How they could take a game like TDK with some of the smoothest orbits and scoop shot, recycle the layout and make it shoot so poorly is beyond me. So many orbit and scoop rejects from solid shoots, the flimsy left ramp and the Batcomputer turntable mess. The code is non-existent, the price is through the roof and the game just isn't much fun to play. We have one on route here for $.25 a play and I still don't get excited to play it. Everyone says, "it will get better" "will be epic" etc, etc...but all the code in the world can't fix the design issues. So much potential with the first LCD game and the theme, but it's almost a total bat-flop at this point.
4 months ago
Fun for a few games but overall a bad game.
Decent game for in a bar...not for in your home collection.
Playfield full of cheap crap.
4 months ago
Theme (7/10) I never watched this show as a kid. I recently went back and watched it a little. I admit, it's pretty good. I never knew Batman was originally a tongue-in-cheek, campy thing. I like that approach better than the modern, more serious take on it. So, it's a better theme than I originally thought. Not nostalgic for me, but still not a bad choice. I'm eating some crow on the theme.
Art (8/10) It's very colorful, which integrates well with the theme. The playfield art is a little too crowded for my taste, but that seems to be the trend lately. The graphics displayed on the LCD are stunning. I'm really impressed by Stern on this point. With their notorious issue of slow coding, I figured this would be a weakness. It's not. It looks great, and very professional. They don't overload you with information like WOZ or Hobbit. The screen adds to the experience, but doesn't require your constant attention.
Gameplay: (9/10) It's a fun game. I like BMDK, and it's pretty similar. I understand them wanting to reuse the crane idea, that's a great toy. The main shots are fairly simple but rewarding. The "lazy Susan" mech is kind of interesting. It does quite a few things. Nothing mind-blowing, but it's a pretty good addition. The Bat-phone ringing sound is annoying. Please, pinball manufacturers, stop using this sound. The only think worse would be the sound of a pager beeping and vibrating. (cringe)
Code: (8/10) Getting the main 4 characters is simple and fun. I still don't completely understand the "minor villains" part, but it seems to add some depth. The code seems fairly complete, if a little shallow. Hopefully, the depth will come with updates. Certainly in a very playable state already.
Overall: (8/10) It's a nice game. I don't love the theme, but that's a minor gripe, and wouldn't keep me from buying it. It's fun and engaging. I give Stern a lot of credit for doing such a nice job with the LCD coding on their first such game. One of Stern's better games lately. Not quite on par with Ghostbusters or GOT, but better than Kiss, Wrestlemania, Mustang. Unfortunately, my favorite local arcade (1up Colfax, Denver) isn't getting one because of the Premium pricing structure. C'mon, Stern, give us a Pro model!
4 months ago
Good game but not a great game. Code is the only thing that can make this one a winner, so hopefully Lyman comes thru! I bought an LE and had sold it within a few months. The extra cost and hype around the anniversary stuff was nothing but a cash grab from Stern and it never sat right with me. Here's to hoping it does get polished up and becomes a fun game. Has potential but has a long ways to go!
4 months ago
This game still needs a fair bit of code to be added but I absolutely love the game. The artwork is as good as any machine i have seen on a cabinet, and Catwoman is puuur-fect! Would have been nice if it had a glass back glass but still looks great. Playing wise the ramps are nice but as i said it needs plenty of new code at this early stage.
4 months ago
This game would have got a perfect score if it was ever working properly at my location. The right flipper always sticks.. For days the bat phone could not be answered. If it works it seems like a bad ass machine. If not, just another labor of pinball love.
4 months ago
Only played a few games, but discovered it to be more fun than I expected. The ball got stuck twice in the turntable, but a ball search released it. The playfield was heavily dimpled and the wooden shooter lane was chipped... Very surprising for a new game. Great theme.
4 months ago
I wasn't expecting to like this one as much as I do. Just serious fun!
4 months ago
Played this game at a local pinball expo. The spinning toy was a total gimmick, and not fun to shoot. The ramps feel cheap and boring to hit. The crane was annoying when active. Just a poor and un-fun layout overall. Code won't be able to help the fact hitting the silver ball at thinks on the playfield is just a snooze fest.
5 months ago
Played at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas. A refreshing and fun design. I'm not much of a fan of LED displays, but it seemed to work well with this game. The playfield was very bright and attractive. I kept on returning to this game to play more. I wish I had more time to explore it fully.
Edit: Visited at a local venue. The game doesn't seem to have longevity because I found myself getting bored.
5 months ago
A lot of fun. I love the show, so I may be a little biased.
5 months ago
Batman 66' is the newest game from stern featuring their new platform.

The Pros:
This game looks, sounds and feels GREAT! While the design is pretty much the old Batman with the upper left hand side of the PF redesigned,it is very well done. The toys interact very well and the different angles of the bash toys at the top of the game mean that the same shots give very different results. Multiball is king, but these rules are in an un-refined state. Still lots of fun to play. This game feels great. Stacking multiballs with major villians is great and where I found my biggest scores. I like this layout better than the original batman. The ramp toy and dead space in the center of the PF are gone now. The music is spot on and this game would be perfect in a tiki room!

The Cons:
While I enjoy the rotating platform that features a rotating platform within it, I just see technical issues and problems in the long run with wear and reliability. The premium is the old pro. Is it just me, or did I not see a wizard mode yet? Only time will tell as I get to know the game better and more updates are released! I had more than a few airballs off the left ramp to the back and right hand side of the game. Those ramp trails have to be habitualized!

The Takeaway:
I thought that The Big Lebowski did a great job of integrating a licensed theme into a pinball game. Stern just stepped it up a notch. Yes... Stern has done a great job with this table. Now, I didn't get a chance to play the LE, but I did get to see one and it looks absolutely stellar! I look forward to seeing more games like this from Stern. Keep up the awesome work guys!

na-na-na-na... na-na-na-na... PINBALL!
There are 41 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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