Batman 66 (Stern, 2016)

Batman 66

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Game design: 7.406

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Other Aspects: 7.906

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Found 59 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 59 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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25 days ago
AMAZING GAME! I cannot believe that this game is not finished, code wise. It is a thrill ride already.

Perfect implementation for the feel of the original 60's show. Adding the mini villains harkens back to the eccentricity of the show and each villain (represented by a different former TV star). I have already learned to groove the two ramps in ever increasing combos. Game has great toys with the moving bat cave and the crane, etc. Sounds are superb as is the LED-changing lighting.

Cons? VERY few. Not a huge fan of final score screen...mystery graphics are meh. Otherwise, this game is so deep and incredible.
28 days ago
Releasing games with little to no code is bad form. I know it's getting better but yuck.
36 days ago
I’ve only just started playing BM66, but I was pleasantly surprised with the smooth gameplay. I feel the colors and art are great, and the campy videos, callouts and theme are perfect for this title. It’s easier than the new Star Wars, and more straight-forward. It’s almost simple, except for the cool crane, borrowed from BM Dark Knight, and the spinning wheel supercomputer. The spinning wheel toy is silly, but I’ll admit it works on this game. I didn’t experience the odd angles or difficult shots others have described. I also didn’t get my ball trapped anywhere. I feel the shots on GB are much more difficult.

I need to spend a few more hours on this one, but my initial impression is good. It’s a silly, campy, family-friendly game that isn’t especially innovative, except the spinning wheel target is a nice touch. It’s a beautiful looking game, and the one I played had the latest code update, and I must say I am impressed, if not blown away, by this fun Stern title. It’s definitely worth an hour in an arcade from time to time, and it may be a decent pin at home, especially for a family. (I need to learn the rules and depth of code). The new video screens are fantastic too. Both on BM66 and SW, the size is perfect and the image quality is outstanding. There is more quality here than I expected, but I wouldn’t say this one will become a classic.

The bat-phone ringing to start you off is immersive! The quality of the final code will really determine how this one is respected. It’s got the looks and features to be a keeper. *update. Played another few rounds on this one and I do see where people feel the game is a bit cheap feeling. It feels like the cost of the amazing digital tv screen may have required less money for a solid-built game. The new Star Wars, which I played right next to it, feels similarly cheap. Don’t get me wrong, they both have ALOT going for them, but Batman is a very plain, fan layout with cheap metal ramps and flimsy materials. The new Walking Dead, also by Stern, lacks the new tv screens, and feels much sturdier and higher quality. IMHO. It looks great, it feels and shoots just OK.
36 days ago
Really enjoy this game more than I thought I would. Really like the clips they use. Game us fun and entertaining.
41 days ago
When this game hit the market, all I read was people bashing the game. "Code not being complete, It's a box of lights, etc." After playing this game for an hour straight, I keep on going back for more. Although I purchased GOTG LE first, this will most definitely be my next pinball. Go do yourself a favor and go play one in the wild or from someone you know. Setup makes big difference from game to game.

I will add this, Pinside is the last place I know go to for recommendations on what IS and ISN'T a good game. I've driven beautiful cars that IMHO are clunkers, and those that are despised being a treat to drive. Do yourself a favor and play it. Not just once either, but give the game some time and I believe that you might just agree with me.
51 days ago
A nice machine to look at but not much fun after that.
- the videos are repetitive and boring
- the ball gets stuck a lot in that rotating thing
- the layout is uninspiring, 2 ramps, a couple of bumpers, that rotating thing and a crane all packed into the upper field
- lacks flow
I played a few games but couldn't get into it.
52 days ago
We got a chance to play this game and we loved it! The theme and gameplay are great. The revolving target and the crane are awesome toys. We are looking forward to adding this to our collection soon.
69 days ago
Batman 66 is a great theme and the artwork on this game pops like crazy and it’s awesome. I love the sound effects and fallouts that are in the game currently. Not the deepest code, at least not yet, but it shoots well and is a good time. With some updates this will be a fun game.
71 days ago
more people need to play this game. it's a great game. most people dog it because of early code. this is a sleeper game because everyone wrote it off early
82 days ago
Everyone needs to give this game a second chance. Its getting really deep, ton of risk reward and the overall package is amazing. At first some of the angles and shots will throw you off but a game or two and you'll love the flow
3 months ago
Best theme and game from Stern hands down!
3 months ago
very fun game. one the best sterns. i'm not sure why so many people hate it. it's a bit the easy side.
3 months ago
New .81 code great and game will be a 10 when it gets to 1.0!
5 months ago
I do think the rotating carousel is a unique idea, but there seems to be some odd spaces where the ball ends up getting stuck. I remember seeing something similar on a game being designed by JPop and Ben Heck. I hope someone tries this again, because there is potential there. Unfortunately this wasn't a hit for me.
6 months ago
I love it! When fully coded should be dynamite! More w/ the minor villains will surely come and etc. to make this the Stern Anniversary smash hit they intended. Penguin's crane is an uber toy and so fun to try and hit to end the Penguin mode. Which ties in well w/ the fact that the game's modes make sense, and that is important as pins are pretty darn complicated these days. The spinning mech is great! It is unique. It is inventive. It is colorful. It is fun. And it works well and w/o hitches or maintenence required for what seems to be a pretty complicated device (knock on batwood---Catwoman). Speaking of - love the cool, smooth jazz Catwoman music! Also, the Shame music is western groove groovy! The main theme music is 60's groovy! And King Tut's music brings old-timey Egyptian themed fun! Very good, well thought and perfect overall game music. The game has 2 ramps, which I consider a big plus in pinball. It is always a blast feeling the speedballin' of ramp to ramp. Playfield art is good and cabinet art looks great. Would've preferred hand drawn pf art, but still is very nice. Overall great game and underrated by the community primarily bcs/ of finished code anticipation, which should improve upon the current lack of minor villain integration and the low number of callouts and video clips.
6 months ago
At the time I'm writing this, BM66 sits 118 spots lower than Star Wars, which to me is insanity.

No, BM66 isn't an all time great machine, and it doesn't come close to being as good as the classic B/W machines... but at least it shows a little bit of effort on Stern's part to do *something* a little different. Unlike Star Wars, it's not a total turd. I don't know if the game will improve with better code or whether Stern considers this code to be complete or not at this point, even where it is today, it's an entertaining game.

If I had a complaint, it's the need to look at the screen to find out what target you need or what's going to happen next-- callouts would be nice.
7 months ago
I finally got a chance to play this at some length, and was a bit surprised on several fronts.

First off, the lack of delivery on the theme. The video clips used are...boring. This was an exciting show, and there's lots of shots of, say, the Penguin looking one way followed by the Penguin looking the other way. I got well into the modes of this game and watched other players for quite a while, and it's hard to believe the missed opportunity here.

The playfield layout has some problems. The frequency with which I got balls stuck in the rotating thing below the phone was strange. Waiting for a randomized ball clear is not helpful for the Fun Quotient. And the game seemed a bit unbalanced, with a lot of busy features stuck around the bumpers without an interesting visual payoff.

The bottom of the playfield is open, and there are toys spread around the game, which also gives the overall art design a very odd feeling. There's not a lot of either focus or flow.

I have a feeling the novelty of having a screen and live video was distracting, and having not studied Jersey Jack's examples well enough, this is that came out.

The basic sequencing and software design seems fine, and that's the game's salvation, but I'm still astonished at how ineffective the use of the Batman ethos is in the game features. More humor, Biff, Bang, Pow, and maybe just a little more Bat Girl and motorcycles and flaming bat mobiles and so forth?
7 months ago
I want to like this game. The theme is great, the clips from the show are awesome, the playfield is cool, however; I don't know how to play this game. It is confusing, which has turned me off from playing with consistency. I would need to study the rules more to determine a more detailed rating. From my first impression, I'm not impressed.
7 months ago
This game is bright and fun because of the theme but lacks depth.
7 months ago
This one had to grow on me. I hated it at first with the code that it was released with. I've given it several more plays at locations over the last few months with newer code and it is pretty fun to play. However, the playfield does seem a little empty and there isn't the "wow" factor that other pins have. They did make good use of the new LCD. It is Batman 66 style campy and that fits the theme. The crane ... design came from a previous Batman pin, so my thoughts on that are that they should have come up with something new/different for a main gimmick.

Overall, not bad and would probably have one as a "filler pin" if it wasn't so blasted expensive (more so than normal). Not worth the high price tag compared to other pins in that range. So I will just keep playing it on location occasionally for the fun factor that it does bring.
8 months ago
Take a great layout, and awesome toys from The Dark Knight. Splash some colour, ruin the rules, make the game in a rush and call it a boutique offering; and you get Batman 66.

The game just took a dump on what could have been an amazing theme integration. It lacks programming (may change in future). The toys and gimmicks are a rehash and the turn table is NOT as amazing as people try to say it is.

The game is boring, and makes me glad to have a Dark Knight instead.

Save your money.
8 months ago
Very mixed feelings about this game. The theme is excellent, and Stern did a few good things implementing it -- primarily the bat-phone and the videos. Artwork is fun. Game-play is decent. Chasing the Penguin crane is fun. I really want to like the game more than I actually do. Sadly, it has an abundance of negatives. First, the coding and rule set are very weak. I hope Stern improves them. Second, seemingly the parts and assembly are cheap and inconsistent. Not only have I heard other people say this, I've seen it myself because there were breaks and/or malfunctions on two of these that I've played. Third, I have trouble with the fact that Stern basically recycled the playfield from The Dark Knight. That was cheap and un-creative of them, especially when this theme deserves so much more. Next, Stern claimed that Adam West and Burt Ward voicework is in the game, but I've played it many times without hearing any. Finally, given the deficiencies of the game, Stern's over-hyped marketing of it and inflated pricing for it leave a bad taste for me. If the rule set, videos, and call-outs improve with new versions of the code, I could see myself liking the game much more.
8 months ago
I don't understand this games rating . It must be from backlash against Stern. It represents the next generation of Stern pinball. The display monitor is awesome. The perfect size. It gives a new liveliness without reducing the backglass art to the point of insignificance. The throwback to 1966 is so cool. The artwork all around completes the feel we so loved in the tv series. The uniqueness that each SLE and LE have means that there are enough differences from game to game that it has to excite true batman fans. With the passing of Adam West , looking at the autographed play card brings the realization that this pinball is a true milestone in Americana. Pinball is a unique American cultural artform and this pinball is the perfect iconic piece. The game play is similar to previous Stern Batman pinballs but that is ok. They were good, this is better. When the bat phone rings it puts you in the game. I have to believe that as time passes this will be considered a high water mark in pinball.
8 months ago
Ok, the playfield feels empty but the flow is good.
Shots are smooth, the crane well integrated. Rules are decent even if I did not all understand clearly.
Better game than I thought when I played it the first time. Great shooter.
9 months ago
Played this game with my brother in Chicago a few weeks back and we were both blown away. Caveat it by saying we're massive fans of the old TV show so the music and screen animations were right up our alley, but this thing is great. Still need to figure out what's going on with the alternate villans but the thought of capturing Vincent Price's Egghead is amazing.

Game was fun, fast, cool toys.
There are 59 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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