Attack from Mars (Bally, 1995)

Attack from Mars

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Game design: 8.843

Artwork: 8.557

Sounds/Music: 8.386

Other Aspects: 8.971

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Note! There are multiple versions of this game!
This is "Attack from Mars". The other versions are: Attack From Mars (Remake - Classic), Attack From Mars (Remake - Special), Attack From Mars (Remake - LE)

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4 days ago
Another one of my absolute favourites. The theme sound and game is so much fun. Looked for ages to get one and now have a original release beautifully restored one.
14 days ago
One of those titles that I never spent much time with until the past few years. Something about it never drew me in with it's wide open simplistic playfield....however, once I got a chance to sit and play this beast for more than just one or two games, I realized what I had been missing. Great call outs, fun theme, hilarious modes and bonus shots...and nothing is more satisfying than destroying that saucer. A great title that I hope to own one day.
23 days ago
Maby little overrated.The first 20 times i played it i didnt understand the greatness. Maby i have to give it som more time and chanses!?
26 days ago
One of those games that has become the reason I keep coming back to play. Addictive, fast, dynamic and full of pure and simple fun. The lighting, the sounds, the theme, it's all there. Plus, who couldn't love the scoring on this game. Billlions!! Just adds to the hilarious factor. A game I gotta put in Horrorhouse Fest, as well as in my living room. Which brings me to the fact that I know I'll be owning the remake once it finally releases, but I had to start here by rating the OG cause what would a remake be without an OG.
31 days ago
This is one of the games that got me into pinball. Bashing the ship, seeing that extra ball animation, the theme. This is a number 1 game for me. Cant wait to own this.
45 days ago
Just an awesome fun game
52 days ago
Awesome game. Great animations and beautiful artwork. Destroying the first saucer is pretty easy and gives beginners confidence, however achieving 'ruler of the universe' is very difficult so the game is good for beginners and experienced players. I have upgraded the speakers in my game and it sounds fantastic...the bass is great and makes playing it a much more immersive experience.
57 days ago
This game never gets old and is always the most played game when I have people over. Fast, fun and a great theme that is expertly integrated.
61 days ago
Very solid all around. No wonder they are making it again. Fun shots, easy for all ages to figure out, sounds might get a little repetitive. Has something that appeals to all players.
64 days ago
This is a great game, surely a top 10. I think it gets too many ratings, and that puts it higher than it needs to be. It's about the same as CFTBL for me in terms of being lastable and fun, despite simplicity.
69 days ago
One of my favorites. I think I prefer its sister game MM a bit more, but AFM is definitely a keeper. The playfield is very open, and deceptively simple. However, the game really makes you think about your strategy and approach. I own AFM but I am intrigued by the new remake... it seems like a color DMD would be very a cool feature.
83 days ago
This game is hit or miss. Either your on point with your shots and doing well, or your draining real fast. The theme is excellent and the call outs are funny to listen too. The shots all feel satisfying to hit, and the rules are pretty straightforward. The super skill shot is easy to hit. I might buy one if the price comes down soon, otherwise I'll buy the remake.
3 months ago
I really like this one. I like the depth of the ruleset, and the modes are varied and just plain fun. There are a lot of different multiball modes, which I enjoy, and the game makes surprisingly wide use of a single central toy (the saucer). My wife and daughter are both casual players, and they both really love AFM. I find most games of this era to generally be a bit dark and hard to see in normal lighting unless they've had LEDs installed, but AFM is an exception. I'm a fan of LEDs, and I still think they are a worthwhile upgrade for AFM, but aren't as necessary. I also find the Martians' design to be irresistible. The callouts are fun and clever, and the overall musical theme and sound design are solid, but are also subject to some of the technical limitations of the time when the game was produced. An upgrade to a color DMD really helps this game shine as well, as some of the animations on the monochrome display just cry out for color. Martians need to be green, after all! Finally, the extra ball animation is my absolute favorite of any pin I have ever played, with only Monster Bash coming close. This is one game that for me has never gotten old. AFM is on my very short list, and I suspect I'll pretty much always have space for it.
3 months ago
Love playing this game. It really has it all imo. Theme, animations, sound, gameplay etc. There is so much to do that it never gets old. Shaker motor and color DMD really take this pin to another level. Will definitely own one day.
4 months ago
Attack from Mars is a great game

Awesome layout by Brain Eddy (Unfortunately he just did 3 pins)

All the shots are great, especially the shot with which you are able to destroy the saucer.

The rules are easy and easy to master too. May be a little repetetive after some time, but still a great job by Lyman Sheats.

The amount of gimmicks is well balanced not overloaded but still enough. All the little saucers, the martians and the mothership look great.

The game plays fantastic. Especially the ramp for the lock-shot plays well.

The artwork is excellent. The playfield, the cabinet, the animations, just everything. And the backglass is great as well it looks awesome. It makes you really want to play the game.

The sounds and outcalls are awesome. For example: "Super Jackpoot!".
The music fits to the theme and is kind of repetetive, but that is ok, because the track usually changes fast during your play.

The lightshows are great. For example the lightshow for the extra ball.

The game is great fun, though it is very repetetive after some time you play it.
5 months ago
Another classic that plays real well and just has this good "feel" to it. The shots are logical, and so is the basic ruleset. I think this machine is one of the best tournament-machines, due to the simplicity and also speed of things, while there still are different strategies and ways to attempt a decent score. This machine is high-risk in general; it is very easy to lose control, so it makes for exciting matches in tournaments where the player is forced to take considerable riskier paths if he/she want to go for a really good score.
The super-skillshot feature is also quite cool because it adds a strategic element to the play right from the get-go. The voice-acting is also hilarious and so is the theme in general. And the strobe multiball is awesome! Big thumb up.
5 months ago
A classic for a reason. One of the best games out there at integrating humor into the theme. Easy to understand rules. Satisfying gameplay. Terrific all around machine.
5 months ago
Super fun for a bash, but gets a bit repetitive. I did own it, but it didn't stay long.
5 months ago
great game
6 months ago
Arguably, one of the best games of all time. You wil have to be on your game to reach the end of this one. Perfect playfield layout, great speech, and just a blast to play.
6 months ago
It has an open playfield, is well implemented, is fast, and is fun. I've only been able to play few games on it to date and immediately understand why it is a classic. I spent a lot of quarters on AFM and other pins tonight (ghostbusters, avatar, batman dark knight, star wars, and world cup soccer). Ghostbusters was a bit more fun. GB and AFM were heads and shoulders above the others...followed by WCS.
6 months ago
Afm has it all. Theme, layout,rules, sound, quality. One of my favorite pins all time. Really nothing bad to say other then the price tag. Will never leave my collection!
7 months ago
It's a good game, but it's sequel Revenge from Mars is better. This one is a bit too highly rated.
7 months ago
This is a fun game. The gimmicks are a little humorous. Lighting and artwork are good. The game play is fun and initially engaging with the gimmicks, but gets repetitive. I'd play this on location every time I see it, but probably would not own it in my collection because it would loose the fun factor too soon. Playing it on location is still fun.
8 months ago
Good game very fun...
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