Attack from Mars (Bally, 1995)

Attack from Mars

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Game design: 8.866

Artwork: 8.592

Sounds/Music: 8.405

Other Aspects: 9.01

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This is "Attack from Mars".
The other versions are: Attack From Mars (Remake - Classic), Attack From Mars (Remake - Special), Attack From Mars (Remake - LE)

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15 hours ago
What a fantastic game! The Martians theme is well done. I enjoy games with longer shots,great flow, and ability to choose which parts of the table to score from. This one checks all the boxes for me. I was fortunate to pick up a copy that was routed it’s entire life by a great operator. It has the usual cosmetic issues (cabinet fade and stroke of luck hole wear) but it plays absolutely perfect! It’s easy to see why it’s one of the highest rated Pinballs and was chosen to be remade. Play and enjoy!
23 days ago
Great flow...nice and fast. Humor..destroying the ufo is great!
Like the theme.
36 days ago
One of the best fan layouts ever, with fast-paced action and fun, timeless humor in the callouts.
36 days ago
AFM is a good game but I have never liked it because of the artwork and I wish it had more toys.
60 days ago
The game has a great replay ability factor. I keep wanting to play and get better. I love the theme of this game.
66 days ago
highly over rated pin. the theme seems to be the best of the game, being so original, but overall its just ok as far as playability and fun

the good: great shots available; the game reacts really nicely to shots hit, and the shots are not too difficult. i like the speed of the game and open layout, which makes it very fun to just run and gun on your shots.

the bad: a bit repetitive after a dozen games. the goals are not apparent, and the game becomes a bit random and chaotic quickly. this is also an overpriced game for some reason. not a top ten pin, let alone #1. the lighting needs work; it is too dark and the field is almost invisible.
70 days ago
Amazing. Very similar to MM in many ways I find with the overall Alien theme over Medieval. Bash the ship. great depth and humor. awesome title a must own. so glad the remade this one. only small gripe is that the bottom playfield art seems just a touch bland being so grey compared to MM.
73 days ago
A true classic. I owned an original and really enjoyed it but it does get a little stale after awhile. I have a small collection so this had to go back out the door but I do miss it. Shots felt great, strobe effect was awesome (and something the remake dropped the ball on frankly), the theme is one of the best ever.
76 days ago
Very fun addictive play! Lots of long shots up the play field. Another one for the wish list...
81 days ago
Great fun, great original theme. Fun right away, but hard to master. Love the giant DMD on the remakes.
81 days ago
This is a decent, fairly repetitive game which I get bored of quickly. Maybe I haven't played it deeply into the rule set? I hesitate to say it, because I know people love this game, but it's too simple and silly for my tastes. Overrated, but still a nice game.
85 days ago
It's a good pin
88 days ago
An other fun machine, a bit repetitive as Medieval Madness though !!!
89 days ago
Love this game...The new AFMr LE is awesome. To many new things to list,, The topper, lighting and new display...WOW !!
3 months ago
I can't stop playing this game, its so much fun and the animations and sound clips are awesome!
3 months ago
My ratings are based on the AFM Remake SE. If you liked the original you'll fully appreciate the fantastic upgrades to the SE like the amped up sound system, metal flying saucers, larger color dot matrix panel, color changing speaker surrounds, along with the tri-colored changing main saucer lamps. The game is wide open shooting mayhem.

Great game gets even greater!
3 months ago
Super fun game if you're not worried about competitions. Its prophetic that they put Katelyn Jenner between the flippers. Animations and callouts are great shooting the saucer and jiggly martians never gets old. NO ONE MESSES WITH THE USA!
3 months ago
Finally got a chance to play this. Definitely has its positives and negatives. On the positive, it's fun and on the easier side. Getting higher scores and longer games doesn't take a lot. Which is kind of the negative. The game is simple. It's a self-esteem game, as most of the shots are easy. I wish it were faster.

It has good flow, the sounds are really good and can be hilarious. For my money, could use more going on with the playfield. Good, solid pinball game, but kind of overrated for where it's ranked on this site. I'd rather spend my time with Simpsons Pinball Party or TZ.
3 months ago
I really don't know what to say other than this is the perfect pinball machine. From art, theme, sound, music and play. It's real difficult to find fault in this one. Even the sound of the music calls you in. Especially the aliens' speech, which are humorous and engaging. All the shots have great flow, both the ramps and the orbit are incredibly fluid. Plus, the saucer is such a rewarding target to hit. The playfield, itself, is a glorious light show. Game play-wise, the rules are simple for any novice yet they are challenging enough for even the most skilled.
3 months ago
So much fun, want to play it again as soon as you drain third ball. The spaceship toy is super fun. Lots of shots, unique playfield, wide open but not sparse. Funny, beautiful, and classic. One of the best.
3 months ago
AFM shows you that you don't need to have a million things crammed on your playfield to make a great game.
4 months ago
I like the game and I think it's fun but let's be honest if it was a new stern game that came out it would get bashed for not having enough on the playfield. While it's fun it does get repetitive.
4 months ago
SO. MUCH. FUN. Your goal is take out four or five saucers hovering over major world cities. Each flying saucer toy rules. They "hover" near the back with their little blinking lights and you can't help but be charmed. Beating the main saucer over and over is always satisfying and gives you a hell of a light show which turns off all the other lighting save for the upper saucers and gives you a strobe that blinks as the saucer "explodes". Great stuff. The only cons are the game seems too simple and there's not much else to do except blow up the same saucer over and over. That and you can score 100 million points just by hitting a target and letting the ball drain. I've never played a game where your final score is an average of 2 billion points. Maybe that's the joke, I don't know, but it's odd to be able to score that many points on a table. It doesn't feel like you've "earned" anything. Even still, this is a great, fun game.
4 months ago
It's repetitive, but that's its shtick. Simply one of the greatest pinball machines of all time. The theme is timeless and progressing through the modes always feels satisfying. This is one of the tables that sets the standards by which I judge other tables.
4 months ago
One of my favorites.
There are 509 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 21.

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