Attack From Mars (Remake - LE) (Chicago Gaming Co., 2017)

Attack From Mars (Remake - LE)

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This game received 79 approved Pinsider ratings and currently rates 8.966 /10


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Game design: 8.938

Artwork: 8.98

Sounds/Music: 8.883

Other Aspects: 9.065

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This is "Attack From Mars (Remake - LE)".
The other versions are: Attack from Mars (regular version), Attack From Mars (Remake - Classic), Attack From Mars (Remake - Special)

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There are 34 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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15 days ago
Great game and I like the remake better than the original. The extra adjustments on the CGC model and the updated lighting, sound, and display are amazing!
15 days ago
Absolutely incredible. They knocked it out of the park with the remake. The topper and massive display are incredible and including little things like mirror blades and a shaker are a nice touch. The game plays so fast and fun. I'll bump my rating up to a ten once they iron out the plunger issues. I'm confident they will ensure everyone has a machine that is locked in. For me personally, MM and Metallica were my favorite games before the remake joined the collection. Those two might be in an battle for playing time because the remake is just that good. Phenomenal.
17 days ago
Best game ive ever owned
18 days ago
This game lives up to the hype, what a beautiful game!
CGC really hit this out of the park, especially with the LE. The big screen, shaker motor and the topper!
Only small issue with the shooter lane but on my game it works now up to 90% of the time.
21 days ago
Amazing game remake !! The large color display and new animations are very well done. The game plays fast and a lot harder than I remember. And the lighting and topper on this game are amazing.
27 days ago
Feel and quality of this game make it hard to get excited about new titles from Stern.
36 days ago
I have owned and restored an original, and this one just plays like it! Solid feel, fast gameplay and the pin is hard.

Same fun as the B/W and the topper and the bigger display make it fabulous.

So indeed, excellent job by CGC.
38 days ago
Love AFMr, we play it a lot. My only concern is last ability, the rules are not super deep. But it’s a lot of fun to play!
40 days ago
I've played the originals. Put it on my list to own, Pre-ordered a LE, waited months. Its a great old game. Chicago Gaming did a outstanding job! My only kick is its too dam bright, kills my eyes in a dark basement.
50 days ago
I have a rather big collection and have a lot of bally/Williams games. this feels like that but new. The lighting and the topper are unbelievable compared to the orginal. Everyone one has there opinions but this game is better than orginal and I am not a b/w hater. infact love them. This thing feels way better than the stern games and I have it right next to an AC/DC premium. This is by far the best game I have There is a reason it is #1. If at all possible upgrade to the LE for the topper. I am not a topper guy but this thing adds to the game and atmosphere while you are playing.
51 days ago
My score says it all this game was always special, but Chicago Gaming stepped up to the plate and hit a GRAND SLAM; play this game and be prepared to be mesmerized by how good it is. ITS A TEN
55 days ago
CGC knocked it out of the park on this one. The speakers are incredible and that SCREEN! Absolutely no reason to get/own an original when the remake is available.

The topper is great and extremely well integrated as well.

Very fun game with great call outs and action. There is a reason this is at the top just like Medieval Madness, it's a blast to play.
57 days ago
New large color display on the LE really makes this game pop, added topper polishes the overall look of the game. Absolutely stunning and remake plays amazing.
67 days ago
Super Game with a Killer LoOk !
84 days ago
I own the LE. Overall amazing package. I believe, but cannot prove, that mine has some weird problem with the orbit lanes that makes even a clean shot stumble. I really love it overall. But I recently played my MMr again and MMr is way more enjoyable for me.
85 days ago
CGC nailed it. The LE is stunning and plays super smooth. Topper is a great addition.
3 months ago
Wow. What an amazing game. I have been blown away by the quality, the 24 month warranty, the inside and interactive topper. This game is too notch. The rules are tried and tested and it is so much fun.

The animations are amazing and the huge DMD is a game changer which no other game can compete with presently.

The manufacturer is a pleasure to deal with and their communication and service has been outstanding. Nvever thought I would give a game a 10 but this game has it all. New comers love it and experienced players like me can’t get enough of it.
3 months ago
Attack From Mars is one of those games I could play forever and always be happy to do so. It's one of the best examples of what a really great team can do with a relatively simple layout.

The Pros: A great game that focuses on skills and your ability to control the ball. making your shots is imperative as missed opportunities turn quickly into dangerous situations. Rules are set so that you can really make the most of opportunities that the table presents to you, if you can execute the shots. The theme is incredibly well executed and the whole package comes together like few others. The extra ball award is my favorite pinball animation, ever. Doug Watson did a great job with the art package as well as voicing the martians. "C'mere, tasty human!"

The Cons: Expensive! Limited production means that operators are still looking for this game. Fortunately parts are readily available... making your purchase even more expensive. Strobe Multiball may cause epileptic fits.

The Takeaway: If I was stuck on a remote desert island, this very may be the one game I'd choose to be stuck with. It's challenging, it's fun and it never gets old. Brian Eddy was only credited 3 times as a designer, but what a threesome it is! The Shadow, AFM and MM! All in all, a dmn fine game.

The more I play this game, the more I love playing it. It is not the deepest game, but the way it is set up, it gives as much as you put into it. If you play the game well, your score will reflect it. If you do not play the game well... PLAY BETTER! And while the wizard mode is not always the best way to get monster scores, it is very worthwhile and gratifying to play and Rule the Universe! When I can, I always try to stack Martian Multiball with either the Saucer or Total Annihilation. A true player in every way. Find one and play it whenever you can!

Pinball Satisfaction Personified!
3 months ago
I want one so bad !

Can Afm be more awesome ? Yes AfmrLE :)

The add-ons are awesome !
3 months ago
Game is really fun. The topper, speaker lights and color dmd look great. The mirror blades also look cool
You really get your monies worth. Solid build. Small
Issue with lockdown bar powder coating. Stamp showing in metal. Other then that machine plays and looks great.
3 months ago
To be clear, I've always felt that the original AFM was the best pin of all time, and perhaps the most copied. I try to be objective and take into account the following things for each game; the era in which it was made, the appeal of the theme, the simplicity to learn, difficulty to master, ball times on average (not too long, not too frustrating), whether or not it makes you want to keep putting quarters in the slot rather than how it stands up at home. Given this formula, my favorite game for the last 23 years (STTNG) falls short. But that is another review...

AFMrLE surpasses AFM in almost every way and is now my new favorite game. I'd pour quarters into it on location and I ignore the other games in my collection now that I have it at home. I'm sure all of you are familiar with AFM so it's unlikely that I need to get too detailed on the original design. I'll just say that it is the pinnacle of playfield design and programming. There are clear objectives and excellent flow. If you've never played it before you can quickly figure out how to blow up the UFO yet there are goals for the experienced player that are challenging to achieve.

The differences between AFMrLE and the original are (mostly) improvements. The lighting is much better and it has the look of a modern game but retains the 90's feel. The light show with the color changing saucer LED's is unreal. The shaker motor is so well integrated that it makes you wonder why it wasn't included on the original. The larger screen is an obvious improvement and I like the new animations. But like the topper, the new screen doesn't have an effect on gameplay. They are just fun to watch while you're waiting for your turn. Flipper response feels excellent and if anything this new version plays faster. With all of the adjustment options I see no reason why you couldn't make AFMr play and feel like the original if you wanted.

If I have any criticism for AFMrLE, and I truly am looking for things to complain about here, it's the strobe and the sound. The LED strobe is bright enough but because I can see the reflection of each individual LED from the strobe board on that beautiful clear-coat, I prefer the original. This is just me being picky. I bet it isn't long before somebody actually measures the light output of the original vs remake. Lastly, the sound quality is good, not great. This is more a complaint about the sound being stuck in 1995. The speaker upgrades for AFMrLE are excellent and it sounds great right out of the box. Much better than the original cheap speakers. But, there is a bit of distortion to the speech that let's you know the compression is over 20 years old. I have to wonder if PPS or CGC had access to the original sound files and could have cleaned them up. I only mention this because if you compare AFMr to Monster Bash, the sound on Monster Bash is far superior and it sounds like it was made yesterday. It's hard to believe only 3 years separate AFM and MB. Again, I'm reaching here.

Can you take an original AFM and mod it to the level of AFMrLE? Just about and if you have one I wouldn't sell it to buy the remake. But having the option of a new copy of an all-time classic that comes fully modded out of the box can't be beat. If I were an operator I'd buy an AFMr and make sure I emptied the coin box regularly.
3 months ago
I had the original AFM but this remake is awesome. Love the topper, brighter lights, the enhanced sound, the great large color display. I workmanship and quality of this pinball is first class, great job.
3 months ago
Classic pinball action in a new era cab. What's not to like!
4 months ago
If you've never played AFM, then you probably need to drop what your doing and find one.
They are fast ,fun with a great theme and Chicago gaming has only added to it.

If your on pinside I'm sure you've played an AFM so I'm only going to talk about the remake aspect of it.
The LED's throughout the playfield really brighten things up so you can see every nook and cranny. The saucer LED's are amazing and really add a lot to the game. I stripped the whole playfield down before I even played my first game. in order to add a protector in order to help it out when it on route.

I have to say this was the first playfield I've stripped and put together that I enjoyed. Everything was solid, I think there was one GI LED that was out, but other then that no loose wires or screws anywhere, almost unheard in a NIB game.
The larger LCD display was a great idea.
Loved the topper, don't think I've seen one with so much going on.

If your looking at reviews and wondering if you should get one, then I say without a doubt you will be happy with your purchase. That being said the only thing I hate about the way they are manufacturing now is all the SMD components. So far they have proved stable in my MMR but we are in year two at the time of this rating. They are building these boards specific to every game which sucks. The other thing is they use one ginormous board instead of breaking it down into maybe 4 smaller boards. I couldn't imagine what it cost to replace the main board on either of these remakes.

Right now you have a choice to either get a new one or an old one without the issues listed. For me a made more sense to get a new one. For most of the pinball community it would probably make sense to also get a new one. The only people I could recommend an old one to, are people who enjoy board work.

I will be in line for future remakes, and I think Chicago gaming is probably one of the best manufactures out there. Their Q/C is unmatched by anyone including IMO Jack, I base that mainly on the issues I've had with WOZ light boards and the few other issues I've had with that game. Haven't gotten close and personal with their later games. Chicago gaming's first remake was solid as well as their second. Wish I could find a vacation America, just to check it out.
4 months ago
Perfect 10... Topper is amazing!!!
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