Attack From Mars (Remake - LE) (Chicago Gaming Co., 2017)

Attack From Mars (Remake - LE)

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Game design: 8.983

Artwork: 8.944

Sounds/Music: 8.804

Other Aspects: 9.06

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This is "Attack From Mars (Remake - LE)".
The other versions are: Attack from Mars (regular version), Attack From Mars (Remake - Classic), Attack From Mars (Remake - Special)

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There are 46 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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7 days ago
Great art music and sound package. The angle of the flippers seemed off and the center shot seemed awkward and difficult for each flippers. Couldn’t get into the game. I will come back to this if I get the chance.
14 days ago
This game converted me into liking fast and slow pins. Before this one the games I liked the most were POTC, TZ and DI. I played TWD at my local retailer and hated it as the ball was just flying at me and I was just reacting. I like to control my shots. Read on here a lot about speed and flow of games and figured I was in the other camp. Now I like both and have this set up next to my TZ as a perfect contrast. I have had to become better and controlling the ball and the like, but the game has a simple lay out and only the 2 flippers to let you more easily zero in on your shots.

As far as the updated electronics they are amazing - again a huge contrast to the multiple boards and wires in my TZ. When I open that up it is more challenging to work on. With the AFMr there is a simplicity that is great. And the fact the backboard lights and translate are one package is really nice - especially being able to unplug it for more room so no doors are in the way.

The topper is amazing and adds so much fun to the game - a whole new level - literally as the game is taller and there is more to look at as a result - especially for those waiting their turn. I try to glance up more to see it.

The huge color DMD is the perfect size. Although I like the JJP games - I do not looking at them when off. I love the AFMr backglass on the other hand as they just figured out how to make the bottom part of the game more fun to look at with the colored animations. I also love the lighted speakers as those coupled with the lighted topper really brings nice entertaining light to see.

I think it is the right price sweet spot (if $8k can be a sweet spot - sheesh) of NIB/Great tested title/updated electronics game. The newer Sterns kicked up the price but I feel they have taken a turn backwards from TSPP (layout/code) and even POTC (toys) so I don't like their value and JJP sure kicked up quality and toys but those NIB are $1k-$2k higher than this.
21 days ago
Attack from Mars is a pinhead favorite, and for good reason. It's got a great theme with a wonderful sense of humor, and gameplay that is simple to pick up, but full of hidden strategies for the seasoned player. With so few of the originals ever made, it's difficult to find one in good condition at a good price. Fortunately, as their second offering, Chicago Gaming decided to remake AFM, and have packaged it into a fine new machine that isn't just a remake, but a big step up from the original.

On the surface, AFM LE looks like a minty-fresh original with super-bright LEDs added... at least on the playfield and on the translite. But, it's not hard to notice that the LE has an upgraded display and speaker panel, with smaller speakers and a massively enlarged display that is not only in color, but coded in a higher resolution with redrawn artwork. It looks fantastic. The LE also includes a moving topper that looks great.

The LE also has tri-color LEDs for all saucers on the game, though from what I can see, the small saucers only use red and green, and the main saucer only uses blue when it's being destroyed. Kind of a jerky move to advertise tri-color LEDs as an upgrade, and then not make full use of them!

The LE also comes with some trim options, and I went for the black, which looks fantastic. The green that is often shown was too garish in my opinion, and didn't really match most of the green used in the game.

The sound package is great, with a clean and very robust speaker system, and a shaker motor that almost seems to accentuate the bass from the subwoofer.

Build quality is on-point, and the game flips just like you remember... that is after you turn down the flipper coil power, which is waaaay too strong on the default setting.

That's what you need to know about the LE. Chicago Gaming has made a very faithful reproduction that looks quite a bit nicer than the original, while still playing in a manner that is 100% faithful.
23 days ago
CGC did a great job with this remake! I never realized that there were alternate soundbytes on the ramp shots. Fun, simple, and doesn't get old. Currently the house favorite!
29 days ago
Fun game I've played it a few dozen times I think I would probably own one in the le theme it doesn't look as fun as it actually is to play so I only recently started playing it since the new game came out and it keeps me going back for more
33 days ago
Have played the original many times, very fun game but had many other favorites! This game is superior in every way possible! Has moved way up my list!
43 days ago
Fun, fast and an adrenaline rush. Playfield is gorgeous, callouts are magic and sound is unbelievable. If you love a fun and fast game that is funny and appeals to most this is one to play. Absolutely love it!
43 days ago
This machine is absolutely fantastic. The Limited Edition adds to the original in ways that are extremely complementary to the design. The topper is literally a work of art. It is the best I have ever seen - it was love at first sight when I opened the plywood box it is shipped in. The game is definitely a keeper with good humor that never gets old. A true cult classic!
45 days ago
Excellent game, one of my favorites to play
53 days ago
Such a great game, was pleasantly surprised when i started playing it, it is hilarious with all of the call outs. Have only had it for a month, but absolutely love it and keep going back to it. If that changes in the future then my rating may change, but at this stage it is a keeper !!
54 days ago
Never liked the 1995. Not sure how the 2017 is rated higher. SDTM drains are too frequent from hitting the saucer. Playfeild is way too open. The theme is the only redeeming quality.
74 days ago
I received my AFMR LE last month (#456) and I absolutely love everything about it. I wasn't too sure about a 'remake' but CGC did themselves proud. The only flaw is that the ball occasionally jumps the right side ramp and re-enters the playfield typically draining. That notwithstanding, it is a game that I love owning and probably will keep in my collection for a long, long time. BTW, get the LE version just to get the topper; it is awesome!
76 days ago
Great game and I like the remake better than the original. The extra adjustments on the CGC model and the updated lighting, sound, and display are amazing!
76 days ago
Absolutely incredible. They knocked it out of the park with the remake. The topper and massive display are incredible and including little things like mirror blades and a shaker are a nice touch. The game plays so fast and fun. I'll bump my rating up to a ten once they iron out the plunger issues. I'm confident they will ensure everyone has a machine that is locked in. For me personally, MM and Metallica were my favorite games before the remake joined the collection. Those two might be in an battle for playing time because the remake is just that good. Phenomenal.
78 days ago
Best game ive ever owned
79 days ago
This game lives up to the hype, what a beautiful game!
CGC really hit this out of the park, especially with the LE. The big screen, shaker motor and the topper!
Only small issue with the shooter lane but on my game it works now up to 90% of the time.
82 days ago
Amazing game remake !! The large color display and new animations are very well done. The game plays fast and a lot harder than I remember. And the lighting and topper on this game are amazing.
87 days ago
Feel and quality of this game make it hard to get excited about new titles from Stern.
3 months ago
I have owned and restored an original, and this one just plays like it! Solid feel, fast gameplay and the pin is hard.

Same fun as the B/W and the topper and the bigger display make it fabulous.

So indeed, excellent job by CGC.
3 months ago
Love AFMr, we play it a lot. My only concern is last ability, the rules are not super deep. But it’s a lot of fun to play!
3 months ago
I've played the originals. Put it on my list to own, Pre-ordered a LE, waited months. Its a great old game. Chicago Gaming did a outstanding job! My only kick is its too dam bright, kills my eyes in a dark basement.
3 months ago
I have a rather big collection and have a lot of bally/Williams games. this feels like that but new. The lighting and the topper are unbelievable compared to the orginal. Everyone one has there opinions but this game is better than orginal and I am not a b/w hater. infact love them. This thing feels way better than the stern games and I have it right next to an AC/DC premium. This is by far the best game I have There is a reason it is #1. If at all possible upgrade to the LE for the topper. I am not a topper guy but this thing adds to the game and atmosphere while you are playing.
3 months ago
My score says it all this game was always special, but Chicago Gaming stepped up to the plate and hit a GRAND SLAM; play this game and be prepared to be mesmerized by how good it is. ITS A TEN
3 months ago
CGC knocked it out of the park on this one. The speakers are incredible and that SCREEN! Absolutely no reason to get/own an original when the remake is available.

The topper is great and extremely well integrated as well.

Very fun game with great call outs and action. There is a reason this is at the top just like Medieval Madness, it's a blast to play.
3 months ago
New large color display on the LE really makes this game pop, added topper polishes the overall look of the game. Absolutely stunning and remake plays amazing.
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