America's Most Haunted (Spooky Pinball, 2014)

America's Most Haunted

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Game design: 7.966

Artwork: 7.233

Sounds/Music: 7.72

Other Aspects: 7.895

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Found 69 ratings (with comment) on this game

There are 69 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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16 days ago
Real shame that more people don't have a chance to play this game more often ... great layout, good ruleset, challenging, fun game. For the first game from a new pinball company, its an amazing effort.
38 days ago
AMH is a surprising gem. Lots of fun for basically a fan layout. Reminiscent of 90s B/W games. The right orbit has some issues, hard to hit smoothly, but the jump is interesting. Campy humor in the modes and callouts. Silly theme, which turned people off initially. It sort of grew on me. It has issues losing balls into the apron area. Apparently, it was hard to keep working well on location. A great game for home. I suspect this will turn into a cult classic. Time to grab one and keep it. Will be tough to find in the future. My top candidate for a game that will appreciate in value.
86 days ago
Looks nice and played good for a companies first machine.
3 months ago
Hard to find and worth the search. The humor isn't for everyone but made us laugh.
3 months ago
Played and felt cheap. Couldn't get over the general feel. Sounds and humor good. I'd play it on a bar setting. Never own
4 months ago
Total amateur hour machine, comes across like DIY. Some might call it 'Boutique', I say no thanks I'll pass. Rather put up with the annoyances of GB than this machine..
5 months ago
Not bad, but not reliable enough, doesn't feel solid enough, and not scary enough for the name / theme. All in all, a decent effort for Spooky's first game. It does get playing pretty fast at times and it is fun. I do like it, just not enough to want to own it.
5 months ago
Now with the new, and final, code updates, this game is just a great game. The game plays fast and hard. Its deep with code. There are so many different call outs that they never get repetitive. The layout is original. I love this game and I've owned one for at least a year now. The only things bad I can say about it are the jump ramp could have been made to shoot a bit smoother and the right kick out is annoying during multiball since it will just shoot it right down the drain if you don't know that its coming, which is hard to keep track of when you're in multiball. To me, this game is destined to be a classic and will be a sought after game the more people get to play one.
5 months ago
I have seen a few of these when traveling and always go straight for them and played them. I wish I would have ordered one new when they were only 5K. who knew. I will say they do feel a little cheep but a fun game for sure I would like to own one day...
7 months ago
My overall ranking doesn't reflect it; but of the current Spooky titles I prefer America's Most Haunted. The rules are perhaps not quite as innovative, but I'm a fan of the straight forwardness of this game, basically: investigate a location, with repeat shots, until you unlock a battle with the ghost that haunts that location. It's simple, but effective.
9 months ago
i do like this game for what it is, garage made with lots of issues
10 months ago
I purchased AMH #15 used and have had it in my collection for about a year. I bought it without having played it based on the theme, limited nature and the reviews and videos posted by Coast 2 Coast, Buffalo Pinball and others.

Pros - cool and interesting shots (like the jump ramp, hellevator ball lock, opening door and basement subway), varied rules and objectives that allow for different strategies, funny animations and audio clips that are campy, great service and support by Charlie at Spooky. The modes are extremely varied and present more than just "shoot the lit shot" through story animations and audio clips.

Cons - backglass is not great in my opinion, some ball sticks (especially if the game is not set perfectly or is nudged enough), game is darkish out of the box.

The game is not leaving my collection any time soon. I play it all the time and folks who come over to play gravitate to it instead of other games in my room.
10 months ago
This game is fantastic. But the ability to play flippy ghost is one the most amazing things I've seen in a pinball machine. Also, there is an elevator which is cool.
10 months ago
Didn't feel right looked unfinished felt clunkey
11 months ago
Owned the game for about two months now. I like the shots,the call outs, the lighting and the code. It does have a different "feel" but that is not bad just different. The game has a campy type theme and that is pretty cool. The code updates from Ben are excellent. Here is a guy on pinside discussing his next steps and looking for feedback. That in itself is special. I had to fix a couple of servo problems but now that everything is working I really like this game. Support from spooky is top notch.
11 months ago
As much as I want to support new pinball manufacturers like Spooky, I think this game is a cheesy clunker that should be put to sleep like I was playing it. The swinging door and the ghost shots were terrible, the rules were irrelevant and the game played like molasses oozing down the drain. I wish the new company all the best, but try again, please.

I wouldn't let this take up space in my house, and I recommend watching someone else play, but *you* shouldn't waste your time ;)
12 months ago
Finally got the chance to play this gem...and I'm pleasantly surprised! AMH is a very good game. The artwork initially turned me off, but this game is a player. The geometry of the game is fantastic. The only drawback would be the kickout hole, which is incredibly unreliable. So unreliable that they had to program an autosave after every time the ball kicks out. Knocking the ghost around is a lot of fun, as is watched the ball go down the elevator for multiball lock. The game definitely has an "unprofessional" feel to it (it doesn't play anything like a Stern, Williams, Bally, etc...) but not in a bad way. It just feels...different.

Not a fan of the green DMD as all the animations are hard on the eyes. Seriously at this price, where is the LCD?

All in all, not a bad effort. In fact, it's a great 1st effort from a company that I truly hope to succeed and get more games into the marketplace! Highly recommend you giving this one a try.
1 year ago
Game is alright, call outs are terrible.
1 year ago
Had a chance to play this at Zapcon. Overall, a decent game, but not overly impressed by it.
1 year ago
A fun game and an overall good first effort from Spooky. However, the lighting is too dark and it is impossible to see what is going on in some locations of the game. The ball disappears enough without having to wonder where it went due to poor lighting. The T-light is really lame--could have been so much better with just a little more imagination; the cabinet and playfield art are OK--nothing that really pops. I did enjoy playing the game and will drop a quarter into it if I find one on location (or more likely just hit the start button at a show). I can only imagine how hard it was to build this machine from the ground up, could have been so much better (just look at the artwork on their next game as an example).
1 year ago
Have played this game many times at the Pinball Wizard Arcade. The sore point on this game is the backglass, which is one of the worst in modern pinball IMO. The colors look faded, and the color choices of these strange blue, pink, purple, and green pastels just do not work. The image is not one that will draw players of any age over to the machine, and is not one that people would call great art to frame on the wall. The image fits the theme/gameplay and that's about it. The game has a lot of toys, but the problem is they look like they were ripped out of a playskool haunted house toddlers playset. I understand that the game is trying to be a little goofy, but too much goof makes for a game that's trying to make up for its shortcomings.

The sound on this game is great, with "spooky" sound effects that startled me the first time I played it. Some of the call outs are the funniest and best in a pinball machine in years (like the tongue and cheek ball jokes). As for gameplay it is quite fast and brutal, but the layout of having the ghost in the middle causes a lot of SDTM drains. The game has a tendency on a few of the shots to send the ball so fast to the flippers that air balls are prominent. Rules-wise there is a lot to accomplish, but it's not always obvious what your objectives are, or what you're currently trying to shoot for. The scoop on the lower right is just way too powerful (which is why a ball save is coded after it ejects).

Great to see new Pinball Manufacturers coming on the scene. However, this pin does not have the same look and play-feel as a world-class game manufacturer like Gottlieb, Bally/Willaims, or Stern. However, it's a game with a deep ruleset, and challenging, fast gameplay that I would still choose over other new games created in the last few years.
1 year ago
Fun different type of game, enjoyed it , wish if we're readily available for sale and I'd buy one.
1 year ago
Very fun game. What a great first pin from Spooky Pinball. Had a chance to play their a Rob Zombie pin and liked it even more. Bright future for this company.
1 year ago
I got to play this at a local collector's house. I got in about 5 games in his garage.
I was really impressed, and proud of Spooky for this being their first ever release.
Does it look like a home-brew pin? Yes.
Does it play like one? Not really. The ball travel is exquisite, as one would expect from any new pin.
The flippers had "something" off, and I couldn't put my finger on it. Perhaps they were too spongey to launch, or they were too slow to retract into zero position. Not sure. Just not the "same" as Williams games (80s-90s)

Sound package is strong, although I'm not a fan of all the constant talking. Not at all. I prefer sounds over words in general.

Most important is the layout, and shot flow. Game is a little stop-n-go for my taste. Gosh I wish the left orbit shot would pass through and return to the flippers, but instead you wait for it to come out of the scoop.

The ramp-jump is a neat shot, and the hellavator is neat too.

#1 most important thing is that it shoots well. I have no idea about the rules and how well this lasts as a keeper in a collection.

Bottom line, is I give big props to Spooky for this being their #1 pin. It's a VERY good start.

I don't even give the "average" art package as a down-vote on the pin, why? I'll tell you why. It's an original theme, and they are in a very corny way capturing a recent theme, and this is what good art does. In 30 years, this game will have a LOT of charm the way Firepower or Black Knight might have to many now.

Well done Spooky!
1 year ago
A very unique and great game by a small company. Very fun challenging and nicely done. Refreshing to have a small and new company make such a great game!
There are 69 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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