Aerosmith (Pro) (Stern, 2017)

Aerosmith (Pro)

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This game ranks 2nd in the game group "Aerosmith". The group itself ranks #15 in the Pinside Pinball Top 100.

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Game design: 8.027

Artwork: 8.739

Sounds/Music: 7.903

Other Aspects: 8.082

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4 days ago
Surprisingly fun as a cookie cutter layout. More or less Kiss. Bad geometry for the ball lock. Seems to slopped in more than made on purpose.
10 days ago
A real players game. Modes within modes. A heap of ways to combine things. The wizard modes are a quite difficult to reach and are a bit hard when you get there, but that should keep interest. Art of course is great. Nice open playfield with challenging ramps. Fast and flowy but with pitstops for a breather. Great game!
14 days ago
Awesome art work.... all around a fun pin....
22 days ago
good fun game
22 days ago
Beautiful game. Has a cool 70's retro vibe about it. I'm not particularly fond of Aerosmith as a band but it fits the game well. The LCD animations are fun. Code needs work. All the inserts function but it has several annoying bugs & inconsistencies. Sometimes I regret buying it due to software. My TSPP, FGY & LOTR never reset & never feel incomplete, glitchy or abandoned. Cannot honestly say the same for Aerosmith. I enjoy the game but I'm dissapointed in Stern's coding & unlikely to ever purchase an early release in the future. It seems only VE's are worth buying now days (VE's are usually very polished & coded)
28 days ago
I think this game is the perfect balance of fun and challenge. I have spent quite a bit of time on this machine and still think "I can do this better, I have to play again". The lock shot and right ramp are a challenge, but rewarding when you get them. Picking your song gives you options but not enough to confuse you. I wasn't a huge aerosmith fan but the music is great.
32 days ago
Can't wait to play with the premium
33 days ago
This game is fun to play. At first I didn't like it at all. Then played it again a few months later and thought why I didn't like it. Great multi balls and good flow. Only thing sometimes SDTM from pop bumpers. Good shot selections and but none are too difficult. Artwork and theme is awesome. LCD display doesn't distract from the game play like I have seen on most others. Just gives you the info you need. Not a big Aerosmith fan.,only like some songs. Could have put a couple more songs in. The only thing is with the song selection it is the same shots just in different orders. Overall a fun machine to play and would consider owning one, but Met Prem would be first.
47 days ago
Has Good flow, and good rules, but great art and great music!! ( Like Caucasian2step said, it has good rules and a interesting layout... ( Question to a player who rated Aerosmith pro/ LE higher than Batman 66) ( how is this game, that does not have as many interesting bash toys as Batman 66 has be rated higher? Also, How can Aerosmith pro be more fun if the love in an elevator shot always fires the ball down the middle?! I like the game more than i like kiss, cuz it has a normal lock, and better rules ( love the timed double scoring when you lock a ball.. Missed it a lot since Shadow an Indy 500 came out!!
57 days ago
Good solid game. Needs a bit code fine-tuning but really good so far if you like the theme
60 days ago
I played a pro and next to the chest there is not really anything else for toys. Art is great, has the real nice rockband 70 style. Music is good, if you like Aerosmith then you will like this the best. The game is fun but not more than that. Good machine.
60 days ago
Aerosmith is KISS on roids. Very similar ruleset, with some cool addition. Awesome Dirty Donny art. Thank the lord they used 70s Aerosmith music, back when they were cool. :)
69 days ago
Can't stop playing this game. It is so fun! Trying to get all 6 balls locked in the Box is just great. Has everything that a pinball should have, especially the fun factor. Highly recommend!
84 days ago
I played this game for the first time at the Pinball Hall of Fame here in Vegas and fell in love with this pin. You just get so much for a pro version. I also love the option to gamble/trade up to a better multi-ball. I love the art, animations, sound, lighting, and the modes attached to the songs. It just has a fun factor that's missing from a lot of the new stern pin's. Then there's the fact that my wife loved it, so I bought one!
87 days ago
Aerosmith, love it and hate it. the toy box is cool gimmick. frustrating when ball doesnt go into the box. Shots can be very difficult sometimes. pop bumpers love sending ball stdm for the drain. Artwork is awesome. multiball system is great. take the 3 or go for another.
88 days ago
I enjoyed playing Aerosmith at an arcade I just discovered. The game is lively and like the ball catapult into the box. There is a lot of random play at the top of the play field that makes things interesting. I felt like I got a good value for my quarters.
3 months ago
I have had an odd path this this game. At first, I hated it completely and just couldn't care for it at all. After playing it more and more (I'm stubborn with games I don't enjoy), I started to enjoy things about it enough to keep giving it another chance. Right now I'm in a place where I can enjoy playing it, but so many things actively annoy me with the game.

I usually give a game a pass on theme. It's usually one of the least important things, but the music is aggravating here. Aerosmith just grinds my nerves. Jacky is way too vocal, and let's be honest, he's horribly annoying as well. Small doses of Sparky worked on Metallica, he's too much here. Then there's the magnets. Borg has got to ease up on the cheap drains from his magnet bash toys. There are times when the ball will fly so hard from a magnet that it's completely impossible to save.

On the other hand, the ramps are good fun and the shots are great on the game. Shots through the orbits feel great, and I love the skill shot to sneak in a free lock. That right ramp will never feel good to hit clean.

In the end, the game will probably have a flash of popularity and will wane over time. The code is pretty thin, and there aren't many indications that it will get much deeper. It's a fun location shooter, but there's no way this would last long term in a collection unless the person is an Aerosmith fan. Better than KISS, but still low on the Stern music pin rankings.
3 months ago
This is a decent game that could have been much better. Its too simple. Not enough toys and it needs them. I dont get the whole Jackie thing. Its a cool toy box but that is it.......
3 months ago
Not a layout revolution but immediat pleasure.
Good flow (better than LE version). instinctive rules. great sounds and musics.
Nice animations. (the toy and LCD). Great job on LED illumination.

Thanks Dirty Donny for killing "photoshop artworkers".

Hope update and new codes would make rules deepest ^^
3 months ago
Amazingly fun game. Even if you dont particularly like Aerosmith, the game is a fun shooter, awesome toy box multiball. The lock shot is not as easy as it seems.

Very similar to kiss, but just plays so much better.
3 months ago
The game is fun period. The main toy and the gamble to increase your multiball before you drain is well thought out and the scoring seems balanced and you need to know what you are doing to score well. Having said all this I really wonder how much more Stern can cheap out on the build quality. It feels like you will rip the legs of giving the machine a few good bumps. Hard to give a bad score for the game because it is a blast to play but new buyers be aware these are starting to feel really cheap.
3 months ago
The cartoonish look put me off initially but the the theme is good and the machine is fun to play. Does the job for a few plays... at least !
4 months ago
I've finally been able to spend some proper time on Aerosmith and i'm inclined to say it's one of the best music themed machines out there. I personally prefer it to AC/DC, because although it fulfills many of the same tropes - picking songs, changing songs, tours, albums etc. - the multiballs and rules really make it pop much in the same way Metallic does. Ball locks are a big thing in this game - something AC/DC definitely lacks, and the main toy the 'toy box' is spectacular, and 90% reliable. I love the way you can play a 3 ball mulitball or risk losing it in order to lock up to 6 balls, and I feel this feature is executed better than on Mustang. The art on this game is perfect - just hoe pinball should look! (Again, miles ahead of DC). The display is also pretty good, as I was expecting not to like it. I prefer it to Jersey jack's displays, because rather than over complicating things it just shows you what you'd expect from a DMD, but more HD, colour and animation. I'm a drummer myself and it's great to see the drummer on the display do the fills in time with the music! Overall, a solid new pin and even though I only know one Aerosmith song really well, I will put money in it whenever I see it!
4 months ago
This is a top pin. I mean think about it. Its only anpro model.
Lightshow, music, ART on playfield and cabinet is unseen of. Shots, different multiball modes, spikes new soundsystem. Lcs screen. Ohhh man this pin is great. All metal ramps. Perfect clearcoated. Hole cliffy protector, cliffy ball pop protector from fabric. Well that was all the pros.
Oh did i mention, gameplay is great also?

Cons, havent found them yet.

Again, this pro is good, like met pro was back in the day.

10/10 for sure
4 months ago
LOVED IT! When this came out I thought, na, not for me. I liked Aerosmith, my first concert was Aerosmith in around 1979, so I liked them. As a pinball I did not think so. I ran into one at a location while I was traveling and thought, what the heck...
I had no idea about the flying balls and thought, wow, I think I may like this game. Easy to understand rules, shots were predictable and I had an idea of what i was to do to proceed through the game without a book to read. I am thinking about making this my first Stern and my first NIB.
There are 70 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 3.

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