Aerosmith (Pro) (Stern, 2017)

Aerosmith (Pro)

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Game design: 7.812

Artwork: 8.728

Sounds/Music: 8.001

Other Aspects: 7.896

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There are 33 ratings (that include a comment) on this game.
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1 day ago
Very sharp and slick looking, but there are people that dig the art theme and some that don't- I am far into the "don't" camp. The jester guy(Jacksy?), I couldn't take it. And he keeps popping up. The basic feel is you're playing pinball while watching Aerosmith videos. Even if I was a huge Aerosmith fan, I can't believe this wouldn't get old. The toy chest, air launch lock is a nice touch- when it functions. I'll permit the powers that be to make one more rock themed pinball- Led Zeppelin and it better look Tolkien. Ok, maybe Van Halen- no Sammy!
3 days ago
Very good machine great audio and playfield!!
6 days ago
These Rock and Roll themed Sterns just do nothing for me. This one is better than Metallica and Kiss, but not up to AC/DC level. Plus it feels just like every other Stern. Light the arrow, shoot the arrow.
11 days ago
Another nice stern offering. A lot like MET though. Still very fun and of course I love the music.
12 days ago
I really like this game. Gimmicks are excellent. Love the toy box. Does miss a bit, which is aggravating, but still a blast to play. It's got a better look and feel than Kiss. I would have put Dream On. Not sure why that song is not there. Maybe too slow? Kiss has Black Diamond which starts slow. I would have found a way to put Dream On in the game. Needs more than 8 songs. As with anything, the same songs get a bit repetitive. Call outs are solid. Overall an excellent play. I would highly recommend this game.
14 days ago
Here is an example of a theme I hate but was saved by the fun gameplay. Can't wait to see how this progresses
24 days ago
Aerosmith Pro review:

John Borg did a good job designing all these shots. It feels like a mix of Indiana Jones and Metallica.

I do not know all the game rules. But they seem to be a little repetetive.

Jackys Toybox, which gets loaded by the airborne kicker is a great idea. Even if it is like an improved "Arc" assembly of IJ mixed with Sparky of Metallica.

I don't especially like whenever the bumpers are put in the left or right middle of the playfield. It kills a lot of the flow and opportunities for good shots. But it's OK.

In my opinion the miniplayfield makes the Premium/LE version a lot better than the Pro version. Mainly because you get a lot more ball control in general. I somehow miss that on the Pro version.

The game plays good but it could use some more flow which partially gets kind of stolen by the bumpers.

The artwork is a matter of taste. I like it. It is similar to Metallicas artwork. Obviously due to the fact that it both is done by "Dirty Donnie". It seems like he has really put a lot of effort in it. By the way Stetn has put great animations on the machine. Although I'd also be satisfied by the normal DMD animations.

I am not a huge fan of Aerosmith but the music is good and is very fitting to the gameplay. The quality of the sound is good and in my opinion better than on most of Sterns previous systems.

They used the lights good, and the game has some cool lightshows but until now it isn't quite as good as on GOT.
Maybe Stern improves that in the further programming.

Like I just mentioned, the game is kind of repetetive but it still is a lot of fun to play it! If you've got the chance to, play it!
25 days ago
I was totally jaded about new pins. This one is so fun, the analytical part of my brain just shut down. I do think Jacky's callouts could get old in a home play setting. Metallica had a lot more audio variety, with the band, the Snake and Sparky. I'll update my rating when I have more than 10 plays on AS, but my first impression is: hell yeah!
31 days ago
Aerosmith is a beautiful machine. the lock is great with a ball launched in the box toy. Just the skillshot seems meh. There is no easy shot and no tough shot. Right ramp is the less easy for me. I also like the way as you can choose the number of ball to go with multiball.
When you lock 3 balls you can choose to play multi ball or pass to add another ball till 6 possible. The con is the toy box can be quickly full especially if you play with several players. Multiball scores big points.
You start by selecting your song (mode) which are timed.
I don't know if you can stack in this game but I guess yes and the code could be awesome.

Based on The 0.75 code.
35 days ago
Seems like a fun pin. My review is based upon approximately 30 games on a pro on location with the call-outs turned up nice n' loud. Has that 'One more game factor' (ask my fiancee, she begged for another loonie to play a final game herself).
I really enjoy the 'Love in an Elevator' multiball as it is a challenge to get. The bash-toy is excellent, and the launching of the ball into the Toy Box is a new thing for me. This worked perfect on the Pro I played and it blew me away even after a few hours of play.
Code seems fairly advanced for a few months post-release. Really enjoyed my time on this, notwithstanding the fact that I am not an Aerosmith fan at all.
Bottom line for me: I enjoy this pin and will feed it when I see it on location. Well done, Stern.
Pinball is fun, and this is a fun pin to play.
36 days ago
Early reviews of this game in the wild were on target: to me, it feels like a bad retheme of Kiss. The playfield somehow manages to botch geometry that worked so well in Kiss, so shots that ought to feel really good seem bizarre when they don't work. The box toy is cute but doesn't work about 30% of the time on both machines I've played, and frankly the code that supports it doesn't make a lot of sense. Of course the music is good and the artwork is great. The LCD adds nothing. Art and theme don't save this game and I can't imagine anyone would keep it around at home for any amount of time though it might do well on route.
37 days ago
Fun game but not great.
It feels like a Kiss with more code.
Lock is cool when it works (25%)
I don't like the artwork.
38 days ago
In pinball, many designers re-use layouts to make improvements. Taxi > Diner, etc. This layout is Kiss2. I am disappointed to see a 2nd Kiss game with nearly an identical layout. Having said that -- this is an improvement on Kiss.

Action/Per/Minute: good. there's nudging and lots of action -- not too much stopngo.
Backhands: unknown. didn't try any
Bonus Multiplier Goal: unknown how to build it
Dink Donk: not bad. a little in a the middle.
Drops: none on the pro of course.
Drops Sweep: none on the pro.
Extra Balls: i know of one that lights up, no idea how to earn it.
Flippers: 2
Goal -EB/BC/MB/Jackpot: there was a MB jackpot - no idea what the shot was.
Hurry-ups: no idea.
Inlane Lane Change: yes. there are blue dots to earn, no idea what they represent.
Inlane Ramp Release: it's ok, not fast not slow
Inlane Swoosh: don't recall any, but I can't imagine why it wouldn't be good.
Jackpot/Bonus Collect: no idea.
Lane Change: none. No 1-2-3 lanes
MB Earning: easy to get for an advanced player. 1. hit joker box 2. lock ball middle top -- repeat 3x --
MB Fun: VERY fun. lots of space and lots of ball save during MB -- I think the game tries to make it go longer.
Metal Ramp: none
Nudging: yes - good nudging
Orbits (Repeatable): yes, but on the game i played, the left orbit fed SDTM. That needs adjustment. Not sure what the ideal is here...
Outlane Fun: good stuff, you have the blue dots to move, and the ceiling is high, so you can get good bounces here.
Pops: good, they feed random action to middle, but they aren't very "helpful" or "hurtful" so rather "meh" but not BADDD since they don't hold up the ball. That's #1.
Rules (time/order): don't know any rules yes.
Shots (total): 11 - good amount of shots.
Skill Shot: yes. short plunge = 500k
Slap-Saves: very good
Spinners: two, and they sound good.
Stop'n'Go: not bad bro
Taunting: can't remember - was in a bar - couldn't hear it too well.
Toy/Gimmick: very cool - the ball toss is great, and how it doesn't ALWAYS go in the box is fun.
Voice / V. choreography: not sure - need to try in a home environment. I am thinking that it may not have the magic of Metallica with the great choreography.

ART: great artist. too busy. too many colors. odd color choices.
SOUND: no idea. not a fan of the music. left like only 8 songs.
DISPLAYS: great use of a display
FEEL: felt very good, but typical stern balsa-wood feeling being so light.
OVERALL: good game. improvement on Kiss, but not quite Metallica.
38 days ago
Aerosmith is Kiss Deluxe. Don't care for the theme. Art is good, but playfield is too crowded. Need to do more with the LCD animations. Gimmicks are fun. Upper playfield is a waste of space. Prefer the Pro. Better than Kiss.
39 days ago
Donny did a great job with the artwork but he's becoming a bit of a one trick pony as MET and PBR and now Aerosmith all look the same art-wise. Gameplay is poor out of the box as the out lane posts are ridiculously gaping and the nature of the game creates clear shots down the outlanes. Even closed up they're way too gaping. Shots are very tight also creating slight frustration when trying to get up even the right ramp for instance. Game does not flow well and unfortunately it'll be compared to MET; in which case MET is far better for flow and overall game lastability.
39 days ago
Feels like Kiss all over again for me. The art is cool but way too busy. Can't listen to Stephen Tyler's voice for more than a few games. Toy box does. Irving for me, shots feel too easy.
42 days ago
I was all set to buy one of these until i played it. Started to lose interest after about 6 games or so, Most of the play is pretty straight forward and while it has a few gimmicks overall i wasn't all that impressed. I think that they nailed the theme and i love the artwork, very cool, but i really didn't like the joker and the call outs during the play. I would have thought that maybe the band would have been a bit more involved.
Summary: Overall a fun game that i would play if i see it out, but not one for a collection as i would tire of it too quickly.
43 days ago
Actually a really fun game and I dislike most sterns for their cheap cop out to pump out games. Alot of fun, call outs get old cause the jack in the box is lame. Music is good, gimmicks and toys are fun. Surprisingly easy for a stern. Artwork is above average but below most 90s pins. Fun game but my opinion is purely from a location stancestors. Time will tell on home side
48 days ago
Wow this game is just "Pure Pedal to the Metal Fun,Everything just Rocks, compared to AC/ DC Asmith is better however if you like AC/DC's you love Asmith. I saw somebody rated this game a 6 and probably rated the Jetsons a 10.
Bottom line: if you like Rock music
If you like Pinball
If you like Aerosmith this pin is a winner!!!!!
49 days ago
I am not a big fan of the jester's call outs... and that is my one and only complaint. I absolutely love this game! Crank up the volume and enjoy!
49 days ago
pretty bad game wise but it is a nice piece of art.
53 days ago
Update after 15 days and almost 20 hours , very good Stern , better than Kiss , rules aren't deep like GOT , but super fun pin with nice atmosphere and gameplay

316m on aerosmith pro max opened outlanes very sensible tilt ( 257m beginning thé 2d ball )
55 days ago
I'm well pleased with this purchase. It has an open playfield with I like - not crowded like GB. Song selection is good but if you don't like Aerosmith you should maybe wait for something else. Stern has shown it can create good music pins with AC/DC, Metallica, and AS so I imagine they will eventually add a band theme to your liking if you can wait. Game has a great "just one more game" appeal. Shoot for what's lit up and you'll do well. I usually opt for the LE or premium version of pins but in this case I don't believe the extra money is worth it and switched my Premium to PRO. I imagine this pin will increase in value like AC/DC so best to buy now if interested. Game is challenging enough to make you a better player - right ramp and right lane must be hit precisely but there are easier shots like the toy box.
Animations are very good and screen size and placement are excellent. You can play and watch at the same time which is hard to do with WOZ.
Game would be better with earphone jack.
58 days ago
This game is just pure fun and hits on all cylinders; I'm not a big fan of AC/DC, because it has very limited shots to it, but this game here is just so much better. Has some killer toys and a killer layout. I was expecting it to play similar to either Metallica or kiss, but it plays nothing like either. Not to mention it has some awesome mball action with love in an elevator and toys in the attic. On top of all of that it has some killer animations and in my mind is best use of the LCD display to date, because it feels more retro like a dmd, but yet enhanced. If your not into the theme it just won't matter because this game has that magical feel to it. So find yourself a Aerosmith pinball and get ready to rock.
61 days ago
I really like this game it pulls you in and its great fun great music puts you in a good mood! My wife and I could not stop playing it! The ball flying into the toy box is very cool! This game is a great value with the big monitor and awesome sound system with outputs and RGB changing LEDs brand new in the mid 5K range is pretty nice deal. This is going to be my next pinball purchase just need to decide between the PRO or Premium with upper play field stage. The real deal seems to be on this PRO model almost 2k more for the premium not sure if its worth it I will have to play it first to make the final call. Anyone looking for a fun new pinball with a music theme has to check this Aerosmith pinball out!
There are 33 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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