Aerosmith (Pro) (Stern, 2017)

Aerosmith (Pro)

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Game design: 7.988

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Other Aspects: 8.01

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5 days ago
A fantastic machine in every sense! Adore it!
27 days ago
Not the biggest fan of Aerosmith's music, but it is a fun shooter. Donny's art is absolutely stunning. Jackie toy box is really really cool. Not a huge fan of the lcd screen or the code though.
30 days ago
My Aerosmith Pro showed up just as they were released early last year so I got one of the first Pro’s off the line. My inclination to pick one up is that I a) liked the art, b) liked the lay lout, c) like music pins and d) always liked Aerosmith (though not a hard core fan). I also have a Met Pro and an AC/DC Prem VE. The toy box multi-ball was pretty novel I thought and it remains a really fun feature.

Out of the box…massive fail for Stern. Both node boards were kaput. There is a known problem with these boards where the D9 diode is soldered to the board with two pins while the rest of the diodes have three. This proved unstable. On power up, the chip burned right off the board. The other board showed no signs of damage and had a different problem. It took a few weeks of troubleshooting and waiting for parts to realize that both boards were duds. But, Stern did get me replacements and the game has worked OK ever since, though very rarely I have had a software glitch that caused the pin to reboot in the middle of the game. Very few updates have been issued so I’m hoping when one does eventually come down the line it will address this issue. The D9 diode issue affects Batman66 and GB as well. You can read the fix here at I would have preferred they sent out new boards that fixed the design flaw.

The game play is fine. You have your orbits, ramps, a scoop, and enough modes to keep you busy as you try and make it through each song to unlock the Wizard Mode—something I’ve yet to do!!! It’s a low scoring game, like Metallica, and you really work for the points. It’s definitely not an AC/DC, but it’s challenging and fun to play. I hear lots of complaints about the lock shot. Sometimes I nail it from the left flipper easily, but like most I have to wait for that opportune bounce. Opening the toy box is an easy right flipper shot. Is it a keeper? I guess it depends on your taste. What I do like is that unlike with Metallica, the band does not make any call outs. I didn’t know much about Metallica and until I bought the pin probably could not have named a single Metallica song, so having the band do call outs is lost on me. I prefer Sparky and even Steve Ritchie taunting me (AC/DC) rather than random band members who I can’t identify making comments on game play. That’s just a personal thing.

The art is just beautiful and and so is the back glass. I picked up a topper from Laseriffic. I have no issues with the LCD screen, though hopefully there is still room to add more interesting animation as right now it's somewhat bland but I'm too busy playing to notice what's going across the LCD. I am lucky in that my wife also likes pin ball. Not enough to play in a league or in a tournament, but good enough for some pinball and a few beers in the game room. She really likes Aerosmith and part of the decision to buy that game was her choice. Who was I to argue?
38 days ago
Love the toy chest ball lock! Not a fan of the LCD screen, however.
44 days ago
This is my 12th game. I was going to buy GoT but it was sold before I could confirm that I wanted it. I have no regrets about getting Aerosmith Pro. Love the LED lighting, the smooth flow of the game. Toy box in attic is great at the start of multiball, starts shaking. I kept saying just one more game. A lot better than the other music pins, I can be opinionated. Look for Aerosmith to make the top twenty soon. Now that Stern has employ 3 more coders, I'm looking for update on codes.
48 days ago
Loved it at first play, but by the 5th game, it lost a lot of the luster. Wish they had "Dream On" or some other better tunes vs some of the choices. You get stuck on the music a little long, but at least you can make a shot to change it. Problem is, once you do it a couple times, you get bored. The ball locking is novel, but that and the awesome light show are really the only high spots. Fun fades quickly.
56 days ago
Probably the most glitchy machine I've ever played. Toy box is cool but glitchy. I like the upper playfield. Feel like they could have picked more and/or better songs. Animations are subpar. I'm not a big fan of the band, but I feel that the theme is probably not deep enough for big fans and not accessible enough for those familiar with Aerosmith but not fans.
66 days ago
Decent machine! I was surprised how well it played - And the Artwork package is awesome, so are the animations - I am not that much of an Aerosmith fan, though - which hinders me to buy one of those.
81 days ago
Excellent pin. Plenty of shots. Right ramp is super smooth. Good rules for modes, MBs, multipliers but hoping for a code update.
3 months ago
I always think a well designed pinball machine needs to stir the senses just by looking at it. The Aerosmith pin nails that objective. The whole package is just beautiful. It’s like a 60s VW hippy bus crashed into a pinball machine. I like Aerosmith, not a huge fan, but this whole vibe is just dialed in! Love it! The toybox is such a new and innovative feature. The only thing not new about it is the familiar Sparky voice for Jacky. I wish they would have gone a different direction for the voicing of this character. The lighting design is gorgeous. Well laid out playfield with satisfying shots. Rock N Roll and pinball are the perfect combo. John Borg and Dirty Donny knock it out of the park again! I would highly consider adding it to my home collection if I had the funds.
3 months ago
Aerosmith is probably my favorite of the music themed pins. I enjoy the band more than Metallica or AC/DC and I like the gameplay the best. Reminds me a lot of Star Trek but the modes are distinguished a bit better. The toy box collecting balls for multiball is a super cool toy and it surprises/impresses everyone the first time they see it. The art on this game is also fantastic. The blue is super nice and the nice detail on the hand drawn art is incredible. Overall a super fun game from stern.
3 months ago
like the music but its not in same league as metallica and AC/DC. it would be one of the first music pins to leave if I have to get rid of one
3 months ago
What a fun game to play! Talk about a game with enough to do to keep you coming back.
4 months ago
A REALLY great game from Stern, regardless of if you're an Aerosmith fan or not. I was surprised by how much I liked it. I'm not a Stern fanboy by a long-shot, but truly love this game.

-GREAT shots all the over this deck.
-The shot into the jack-in-the-box rules!
-Lots of audio modes, as long as you don't mind listening to Aerosmith
-Beautiful artwork! Way to step up your game Stern!
-Upper playfield is cool! Not WH2O cool, but really cool for a newer release.

-The animation is a bit generic in the backbox. Not a big deal, but it's clear it was one of Stern's early efforts.
-Hope you like the band. Also, the artwork is a bit 70s psychedelic, so to each his own.
4 months ago
I've played this game with an open mind many, many times, and I can't find almost anything to like about it.

- The LED lights are used well.
- The lock shot is a new concept to me.
- It has a magnet and three bumpers?
- Gameplay can be kinda fast with some flow.

- The artwork and animations are Aerosmith cartoons.. Nuff said.
- The playfield is a long-worn-out layout of Stern. Zero creativity except the lock shot, which kinda sucks.
- The bash toy is lame, and the jester guy is annoying as hell.
- The lock launch works only half the time. 50% failure on the two machines I've played.
- Aeorosmith's songs just don't have the lastability for me.

I guess if I screwed up and bought this, I'd rate it higher out of buyer's remorse. I can't see any other reason this even makes the top 50. Honestly, I see this is one of the worst machines stern has made in years. I liked my Buck Hunter better.
4 months ago
My first new in box game. Great game, one of my favorites in my 15 game collection.
4 months ago
Fun game - I would play this over a Ghostbusters any day (although I really want to like Ghostbusters the Zombie Yeti artwork is so good and I love the theme). Flows well and feels really nice to shoot. Toybox is a cool toy as well.
4 months ago
Looks great and music is good but just nothing special
4 months ago
It's my first Stern Pro Nib.
Aerosmith ils not my first choice,but i took it and it been a really good surprise .
The artwork is awesome like the musics!
The gameplay is effective and the flow is one the best!
Not dissapointed about the purchase,Only one word:
Walk this way
5 months ago
I had a good feeling with this pin. I'm not a real fan of this band but it track are good for anyone.
It's a good pinball that deserve more time!
5 months ago
Nice lcd, artwork and playfield not whaw, decent flow
5 months ago
Aerosmith is one of Borg and Lonnie's best. The layout is absolutely fantastic - I love that each ramp can be hit with either flipper, the execution of the skill shot is the best as I've seen in any modern game - it's challenging and rewarding, and the fact that there are essentially three different skill shots that are really well integrated into the rules is amazing. I love being able to build my box locks and then quickly try and lock them via the skill shot before the auto fire kicks on. Likewise, if I'm close to getting a lock for the elevator it's really fun trying to get one of those orbit shots via a quick skill shot. The rules are nothing special but they really fit the layout and the theme well. they are straight-forward, but at the same time the little bit of nuance with what is added to the game if you complete certain modes is really well integrated. The game is just straight out fun to play despite it's basic rule set. The art is fantastic despite it being based on Aerosmith. I'm just glad I can tolerate Aerosmith music so I can play this fun game. If it was any other theme or band that actually resonated with me I'd own this pin in a heart beat.
5 months ago
Aerosmith is a fun game it has great artwork, great sounds and music, and the toy box is a cool toy. But, I won't own a Aerosmith because I think it's too similar to kiss and the rules are not that great and it's just toy box all day long no point in playing love in a elevator because it's not worth points.
5 months ago
Love the toy box, great artwork, decent theme integration, lots of information on the LCD screen, challenging layout.

I have problems doing the "lock" shot; I am more likely to lock ball by chance...
6 months ago
Surprisingly fun as a cookie cutter layout. More or less Kiss. Bad geometry for the ball lock. Seems to slopped in more than made on purpose.
There are 94 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 4.

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