Aerosmith (Premium/LE) (Stern, 2017)

Aerosmith (Premium/LE)

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Game design: 8.169

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Sounds/Music: 8.294

Other Aspects: 8.168

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This is "Aerosmith (Premium/LE)".
The other version is: Aerosmith (Pro) (regular version)

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49 days ago
Fun game, and I love the theme. If you don't want a deeper ruleset and like Aerosmith, this is a great way to have some fun.

Not sure if I would ever buy. The toy box is really fun, but after a while my attention wanders a little. I do not hesitate playing at least a game or two when I am out.
51 days ago
super fun with great art package.
84 days ago
This is the only post-1998 pin that I enjoy. It's an absolute beauty, particularly in terms of the sound and music. I don't expect to ever own it just because of the price, but it's on my wishlist anyway!
3 months ago
I like Aerosmith premium/LE more then the pro because I really like the mini playfield and how it changes the game.
4 months ago
Great art package, a lot of content in the LCD, toy box is a cool toy. Those are the positives. Otherwise, the modes are quite bland, reminiscent of early Stern Kiss, they all feel the same, just shoot the flashing arrows on the main shots. Kiss has the cool shot and playfield multipliers that make it more interesting. Looking forward to code improvements to add something more to this game, it feels underdone on release.
4 months ago
This game is an absolute blast. The artwork by Dirty Donny is first class. Gameplay is great. Hopefully this will be my first Stern!
6 months ago
A friend invited my over yesterday to play his NIB Aerosmith Premium. I put about a dozen games on the machine, and I have to say it was incredibly fun to play. The artwork is amazing, the flow is great, the toy box is really fun, and the variety of shots is great. I played the game with the early code so once this gets perfected this game will be right up there with Metallica and ACDC....
6 months ago
I highly recommend this game. The game is beautiful, however, more than that it's really a FUN game. it's the little things, everyone talks about the launch into the toybox & it's great but what draws me in is when the toybox isn't open & the balls fall down that creates the challenge. When you're able to start knocking them in, there's a pause, & the eruption is really satisfying! Reminiscent of Funhouse, the feeling of accomplishment is great. I had a really hard time deciding on whether to purchase the Pro or the Premium because both are great but from playing both at California Extreme, what made me decide on the Premium was the real space between the elevator on the upper playfield & the lower. 'Going down' on the screen, the extra lighting & the fact that I got a better score helped me decide. I felt it was a bit more fun & that's what I really appreciate from games these days. I think anyone would be happy with either. - Ridin' into town alone by the light of the moon...
7 months ago
Underwhelming. Just a bunch of rehashed things from other games thrown in on one game.
7 months ago
Absolutely fantastic pin! Love every aspect
8 months ago
Visually, this game is a stunner. All of the artwork, lighting, videos, colors are really beautiful and make the game a standout for art. Fairly fun to play, too. But the scheme of having each song "mode" merely be a variation of shooting the same ramps, targets, orbits, etc. but in a different order with different color LED arrow-lights (similar to Batman 66) is disappointingly un-creative and ultimately boring; not a great implementation of theme, and not a great rule set. Also, the idea that Stern would do this game without any voice-work from Steven Tyler and Joe Perry is an extreme let down and materially diminishes the game's overall quality. Shifting back to positives: the toy box concept, the ball catapult, and the multiball feature where you can take your three-ball multiball or save up for 4, 5, or 6-ball multiball are great. Also great are the sound quality and most (but not all) of the songs they chose. (I wish maybe two of them were different -- won't say which ones or which omitted songs I would've preferred.) If Stern had done the right thing and gotten Tyler and Perry to do callouts like Metallica did for their machine, then I'd have some serious thinking to do about pulling the trigger to own this game. But the lack of the voices pretty much seals the deal for me to pass on ownership and just play wherever I find it in public or at expos.
8 months ago
awesome game . it rocks !
8 months ago
Fun game with the right amount of rule depth.
8 months ago
Play it and you will see. It's FREAKING AWESOME!!!
8 months ago
Very easy to play, hard to master. Shots are tight but forgiving. The best way to describe this pin is fun!
8 months ago
Great machine, it keeps you coming back for more and makes you laugh ..the perfect machine for any collection
8 months ago
Fun game but a bit over hyped and over rated in my opinion because they added and Lcd.
9 months ago
The game is so much fun to play. I have a LE. The build quality is good. Better the my last game. Seems to have a better clearcoat on the playfield. The artwork on the game is amazing. I grew up with Aerosmith and like the songs. Several
Song are from the Rocks album which is one of my favorite. Overall I really enjoy the game. Easy and fun to play. Not a difficult game like others I own.
9 months ago
Artwork is amazing as well as the video screen. You know when you talk about the looks of a machine first there is a problem. The gameplay and shots are just average. The upper playfield is not much fun at all. There are not enough shots on this one. It is fun yes but not one of the best new Stern's.
9 months ago
I like Aerosmith so I am not turned off by the theme, but am not a fan of some of the songs on the pin. The upper playfield is pretty boring. Right ramp too steep to backhand but not difficult to make with left flipper. Right orbit a tighter shot and seem to be way lower on the flipper than it should be. I feel like I am trying to Shatz the inlane when going for the orbit (flippers were in correct location) Balls coming from the pops likely to SDTM as are ramp returns. Can't remember if the pro had the cool lightshow. Would rather have a pro.
9 months ago
This is a REALLY fun pin. Seems like a lot of copied features and layout elements from other games ... maybe pulling it all together for a better all around pin. The toybox is a cool feature and the 3 to 6 multiball adds some strategic fun to it. It is just something really odd that it plays a lot more fun than it looks. I hope to own this pin someday. The Premium with the upper playfield is better for home use than the Pro in my opinion. It adds more scoring strategy and makes it a little more interesting. I would play either version on location every time. The art is really good, but maybe too much detail ... sometimes a "little" less is better. Art is not a important feature for me, but it is good.
9 months ago
Great new release from stern. Killer art, killer light show, maybe their best to to date. Good code for it to be early with lots of good scoring opportunities. The real BG on the LE is a nice touch. Too bad they have the annoying Jackie voice instead of real band call outs. All though Steven Tyler scatting or some other BS would be much worse the the Jackie voice. Overall a really good game.
9 months ago
An outstanding design job with great balance of features. Excellent art package, smooth shots. Also a terrific music package that enhances the experience with the opportunity it to change up songs relatively frequently. So far, the game has an excellent "just one more" feel to it. The theme works and the game play complements the theme quite well. Even if you are not a huge Aerosmith fan, it still works... If you hate Aerosmith then pass as the band is front and center; that said, no real knowledge of band lore is required to understand this game. John Borg is my favorite current designer and he delivers big time with this game. I am in for an LE...
9 months ago
this table offers more then the pro with its upper playfield. game just feels complete compared to the pro. code seems complete right at release which is nice. fun game with some fun shots. dont like the gimmie bounce into lock though.
9 months ago
Aerosmith is a great machine. Very fun to play for all skill levels. Plenty of shots that feel satisfying to hit with smooth flow. I first played AS pro and immediately was hooked, the toy box air launch and multiball are so cool & the magnet is hyper active.

I bought a LE and debated with myself about the upper playfeild before playing it. I feel the upper playfeild is integrated into the game perfectly. It doesn't take anything away from the main playfeild and adds to the overall play of the game. The elevator lock shoots the ball up to play, hit all the targets if you can and then either drop the ball in the elevator down to the toy box lock or make the upper orbit to start double scoring. Really awesome if you can get this with elevator multiball. Speaking of the right ramp orbit, you can also make that later for double scoring as long as your ball remains in play. The ramp is a bit steeper than the pro so it's a little tougher shot to make but oh so satisfying to hit it's very smooth and loops right around the upper playfeild and doesn't stop the flow at all.

The look and feel of this game is amazing, I like the theme and song choices, they go along with gameplay very well. The light show is top notch too. Top quality game that will only get better with code updates.
There are 29 ratings (that include a comment) on this game. Currently showing results page 1 of 2.

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